The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 5, 1948 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 5, 1948
Page 13
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THURSDAY, FKBHUARY r>, Meat Trimmings Valuable, Too Scraps Have Value And Wise Cooks Find Variety of Uses Much emphasis Is be!n K placed »t the present lime „„ meal in,,, mings Experienced homemakers know that tli c use of these bits of meat and lal I, one of the best ways to get full value from meat Those J., s t beginning to u.,,., 1 , 1 "^ are of homcmakiiig will do well to follow their leadership * Helm Staggs food authority, has Dumber of suggestions for Hie jp- of these meat trimmings Because they are rich in meat tiavor, they can be used to distribute flav- w tluoLshoul other foods more bland in flavor. Just as important as the fat and meat runmln E s are the drlpplivs eft when meat Is cooked. Tbcse. loo. can be used to contribute meat flavor Another advantage to using (rim- niliiBs and drippings | s 1)er i !aps more Important than Ihe flavor 5,"'| S ' tsays lll ' s home economist. nat L? the increase in "staying Power' noticeable In Ihe foods. In other words, as is characteristic Wjin all meal. tj le feeling of satisfaction stays beyond the lime when Jiiingcr would ordinarily be present. In general, meat trimmings come from a piece of meat that is trimmed before It. is rooked. A fca-. however, may comc from meat that « already cooked, when the larger, edible portions are gone, and the smaller pieces near the bone are trimmed. Thc uncooked meat Is Usually cooked lightly before it Is used, in this form, it may be added to meat sauces: casseroles of macaroni, spaghetti, rice and noodles' made Into croquettes and meat balls; or Included In scrambled BBS, or dressing or stuffings Fat trimmings should be cut Into small pieces and rendered slow or -•• *•"". mc.v merely crisp, not burned. Whei the fat has been cooked out of thi trimmings—the remaining part "cracklings." as they are ofteu called, may be added to sauce.5 c/Jjffdcrs. quick breads and muf- fi-W. and liver patties. Drippings add richness and flavor lo a wide variety of foods. They may be used to season cooked greens, or l o fry potatoes They may be used us the basis for a meat sauce, or as the shortening i n some of the most popular family foods such as corn bread, spice cakes nnrt cookies. As the shortening in crusts for some types of pics, such as peach and apple, they also add extra Interest. A Special Apple for Teacher i-^v£y£^ ^v'-v^v^^^^ BLYTHEVU.O: (AUKQ COUIMEK NK\VR War fspionage Coses Reviewed for Kiwanians Vnntu Sriirlook O f Jdncsboro sprelal jiBoi-.t of ihc Federal Hurcau of Investigation, spake on Unman loiiiiRC yesterday noon at thc sftekly nicciliiR of the Kiwanls Club In Ihc Hotel Niiblc. Mr. Hemlock (old of three r.s|>iim- aite cases during the past war. Jack Ilanue ol Jnticsboro, lleulen- ant-novei'iior u( Klwanls- District 1C, prcsentKl a ccilltiratc to pa'.t pifsldent Jlmmlc Sanders for (n<j club's work In nrhicvliiK Us membership quoin las! yoar. Other Kucsts tit the mrrllui; wen Mississippi County SlicrKf William Herryninn. Sli,-r!ffs Deputies Kr- wln Jones Hint Holland Alkcn. all , Qf Hlyllu-i'lnlle, Tom Jones <>( Jnnr.s- •'boro and K. M. Lashbrook of Ulyllir- T*fl> »ppl« make Valentines for (eicher. By Ciavllor Maililux NEA Staff Wrlkr The Northwest abounds in apples. That means good fruit for your family at lower cost. So use apples frequently in your budget menus theso days. Lit Ihc youngsters make their own talfy apples to give to their favorite learner on Valentine's day. Or at least let them do the dipping themselves. Taffy Apples (Makes 121 Two cups extra sweet, white syrup. 2 teaspoons butter or fortified mars-urine, 1-2 teaspoon salt, 1-16 teaspoon baking soda, 1-2 cup evaporated milk. 1-2 teaspoon vanilla. 12 wooden skewers, 12 Washington Delicious apples, washed and dried. Heat extra sweet white syrup, butter or margarine ami salt lo boiiuig. Dissolve soda in mill; im,i add very slowly to mixture. Continue boiling lo firm ball stage or •e 250 degrees F.. stirring frequently '" Add vanilla, insert wooden skewers in blossom end of apples. Dip apples into hot syrup; remove and twist to spread syrup over apple evenly. Dip in chopped nuts or coconut, lace on waxed paper to cool. Prom the new book. "Secrets of New England Cookinp." comes this breakfast hint for using armies. fconomy-Mmded Cooks Using More Cabbage Cabbage to a reasonable and wholesome food. Bread crumbs should not be wasted. Sausage meat is in the lower price category and onion sauce gives character to any dish. Those are good reasons lor rcpeai.lnif thc following InidBCt- stretchlng recipe. Danish Stuffed Cabbage IServrs 61 ix cups soft 1-2-inch enriched ' lCl cubes ' 2 C "P5 <! Pound) .sausage meat, 1 teaspoon salt, 1-2 teaspoon celery salt, 1-4 teaspoon sage, 1 large, head cabbage, 1-3 cup butler or fortified margarine, 1 cup dry bread crumbs. Combine soft bread cubes, sausage meat, salt, celery salt and sage. Slice the top off the head of cabbage. Scoop out center, leaving a. firm shell. Fill cavity with bread mixture. Place top of cabbage, over opening. Secure with toothpicks or string. Tie in cheesecloth. Place in * large Kettle of simmering water. Cover and simmer slowly for one. hour. Remove from kettle and take Apple Griddle Cakes (Makes 24 medium-sized cakes) Two cups scalded milk. 2 cups fresh bread crumbs, 1 lablcspoon melted fat, 2 eggs, separated. 1 cup Hour, 2 teaspoons baking powder, 1-2 teaspoon .salt, 1 tablespoon maple syrup. 1 cup chopped apples. Turn the hot milk over the bread crumbs, add the melted fat and let thc mixture set until thc crumbs are very soil. Rub through H sieve or mash to a paste. Beat the egg J'olks until light and add lo the crumbs. Sift the dry ingredients and combine with the bread paste. Add the syrup and mix thorough- off cheesecloth. Place stuffed cabbage on a platte'r and' remove to'i?. Melt butter or margarine in a skillet. When hot. add dry bread crumbs and brown. To serve: cut into wedges and suoon onion sauce over each serving. Top with buttered bread crumbs. Onion Sauce (Yield—2 1-4 cups) One and one-half cups jiiincetl onion, 3-4 cup boiling water. 1 1-^ cups mill;, scalded, 1-2 tea-spoon salt, dash paprika, 1-4-teaspoon flour, 2 egg yolks, beaten. Place onion in water. Cook until tender. Drain olf liciuid. (There .should be one cup of pulp.) Combine scalded milk, onion pulp, salt, paprika and mustard. Cook for five minutes. Combine flour with beaten egg yolks. Gradually, beat hot onion mixture into egg yolk mixture. Cook for five minutes. \ is better | than a thousand, words ly. Heat (lie egg whiles and fold in mid quickly silt" In the chopped »p- ple.s. Bake on a hoi griddle. Honey l.s MillabU- for Infniil fed- ing, ncsearch lias .shown thai lionoy seems tu have n bcnclicliil influence upon the retention of calcium by yomiR Infnuis. • • * Honey wiumed with milk mid poured ,->ver bicaklas.1 cereal is A delirious, nudilions treat, ^^^R^^."" For Delicious low-Cost Meals! BUD A PRODUCT OF ANHEUSEft.BUtCH THE BEST QUALITY RICE fS LABELED RlCELAND Grand Mayrose Better When You Choose Mayrose _t_ * BRAND RF irom MAYHOSE TEST KITCHEN Rolled Rib Roast of Beef Place the Mayrose Brand rib roast on a rack in an open shallow pan in a moderately low oven (325° F.) (Use no water.) A mcac thermometer is the only true test of doneness, but (he following table of "Minutes per Pound" ij a useful guide. | HDIUM l Cut Minulet Per Pound 3 lo 5 Ibs. 33 min. 37 min. 42 mln. Minuloi Per Pound <• lo 8 Ibt. 29 min. 33 min. 4O min. Tnlernol .Tomporolura (Maol Thermomelcr) MO' f. I6O'F. 170' F. MAVROSF Home Kconnmi.i REMINDED: n, , om . Mane,. «»„,.. (Hi tiiBMrt auclily mial tuodifcli lucH «> . . . Ma w .« P«, P 0 ,l So«xig. Morion C.llo-Wraop.J Fiorti, on<) Mar'«l« ReoJr-S«ft# Hgm. Alfc tor Ilitm by nan< . . . MA.YROSE. ST. IOUIS INDfPfNDfNT PACKING COMPANY THE LITTLE RED HEN SAYS: iviogei ]', SS s are ns good i\a w\, >•-- • — CERTIFIED U.S. GRADE "A" SEALED AND DATED THE SAME DAY -cln. - - - - Doz.57< CHEESE LOAF 2 ,,,!!, 93' EATMORE , b 37 Windsor Cluh Fine Wisconsin JMnr«»rinp BLUE BONNET 11( 43 Miii'Kiirine SPOTLIGHT COFFEE Kroger Hot-Doted. Fresher. TEA BAGS ;,' 15 DIME BRAND K VI) Condensed Milk N :J 3 Ib. bag $M5 CHERRIES AAc Krogcr Red Ripe v>,,,.,,vjut.n jnuit • HiMwIllBW cnn & f APPLE SAUCE 2 -•» KroRer Flavorful RED APPLES 5 - 59c FLOOR DQil ^^^ ^^ ^^^ Extra Fancy Delicious and Wincsaps. Grapefruit 10 f 39c Juicy Seedless. ORANGES 81? 39c Sweet Juicy CAULIFLOWER - - - Head19c U.S. No. 1 Compact Sno-Balf. TOMATOES - - Tubeof4-29c Fancy Select Firm Red Ripe POTATOES 50 2.39 27 C 27° 25 .f Ih tin Avondale CRISCO iVtgetable Shorenlng PiJRE LARD ,',: Firm White PRESERVES ',; 25 Kroger Peach QUICK OATS ',', 18° Kroger. Cook In a Jiffy SODA CRACKERS Ll b 39 Kroner Always Fresh £. U.S. Washed Selected Red Triumphs. 09 — -- , --- _ Chuck Roast - ib. 52c U.S. Graded good or choice— Thurs., Fri., Sat., only Sirloin Steak ib. 69c U.S. Graded good or choice, Thurs., F r f., Sat., only BRISKET 0' BEEF ,,35 U. h. Graded, flood or Choice LAMB SHOULDERS 45 Sfftiare Ctil UMBSTEW ,35' Neck or Ri-casf Kroger Bread Bordo Grapefruit Juice 46-ox. Con 15c Ronco Macaroni O c or • .& Spaghetti Pkgi. SCHOOL DAY PEAS 2 r 23c No. 4 Si*v« less than •) I y 4 .\b. 12c a pound. f_ Looyes ANGEL FOOD CAKE 59 Kroger l.'t-Kj;i; Recipe LAYER CAKE C1 67 (.hocrolnlc Nul Di'vil'.s l-Vxifl CINNAMON ROLLS ,, ke 19 Kroger Fre.sli Kvky FIG BARS Km bass v SAVE over 40% on Household Institute Waterless Cook ware Here's an ExampU of How You Savt: 10-inch Si39 With Only I Card Price Without Card $2.78 60E S l 12 C •199 LAMP BULBS Westlnghouse CIGARETTES Save on All Popular Brands LAVA SOAP 2 „„, 21* Gels Stubborn Grease CLOROX Qt 15 c Use for Bleach and Disinfectant ,23' OCTAGOH So»p Powder CANDY BARS 3 „„, 13° All 5c Varieties PEANUT BUTTER ;,! h 63 Kroger Magic Mix CORN BEEF HASH „ 33 Armour Ready-Fixed Food SALMON Standard Chum BEANS Great Northern .tali can 2 )b bag 43 C 35 C

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