The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 5, 1948 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 5, 1948
Page 12
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' PAGB TW1LVB Conservation Of Food Urged Committee S«ck« Co-operation of Mistco Homemaktrs North Mississippi County hame- rnAkfrr* have been asked to cooperate with .the Citizens Food Committee In conserving food !n order til at we t/\»j have food fo share with our hungry neighbors abroad, Home De monstratloii Agent Gertrude Bond Mid yesterday. Dr. Henry O. Sherman, nationally known nutrition expert, is of the opinion that reducing consumption of wheat.- meat and eggs by the •mall amount urged by the Citizens Food Committee should have a beneficial effect on the health of the normal Individual. "You need to make only a few e«sy adjustments In meal patterns to Include a wider—and a wiser— lue of foods that are in goodjsupply," American diet Is higher In protein he stated. Pointing out that the thati in calcium, riboflavin and Vitamin A, he says we can well leave out-some of the, meat and eggs and ndd more fruits anfl green leafy vegetables to our dally diets. Homemakers should make liberal use of turnip greens, coll.irds, Chinese cabbage, lettuce and other green leafy vegetables, also canned vegetables and fruits In their family meals, the home demonstration agent explains. Milk and butler will also help provide necessary minerals and vitamins. By carefully planning the family meals to include these foods and by practicing conservation practices the homema,ker can save scarce foods and at the same time provide balanced meals for her family. Some common practices for con- Mrvlng food are: ID Cook vegetables in a small amount of water. Save and use the ! liquid which is lelt over. ; f2> Pare or sernpe vegetables and ! fruits as thinly as possible. (3) Cook foods until done but do not overcook. (4) Do not add soda to vegetables when cooked. (5) Save stale bread and use for dressings, puddings, bread crumbs *tc. t6) Plan meals carefully to avoul h«ving foot! left over. BIA'TIIEVIiVLE (ARK.) COURIER KEWS Peanut Butter Is Protein Ace Fish Provides Protein Needed in Daily Diet By Claynor Maddux NEA Staff Wrilrr Protein belongs i n every well- planned breakfast, especially for aclive workers and children. How about fish Try some delicate and tatty recipes. Fish Flakes in Ramekins (Serves fi) Two cups cooked fish, naked, 4 tablespoons melted shortening, 4 tablespoons flour. 1-2 teaspoon salt, 1-4 teaspoon nutmeg. 2 cups top milk, 1 tablespoon lemon juice, 2 hard-cooked eggs, chopped 1-2 cup flaked cereal, crushed. Blend melted shortening, flour, Mil and nutmeg in a saucepan, stir in th« milk and cook until thickened. Add the fish flakes, lemon juice and eggs: place in individual oiled casseroles or custard cups, cover with crashed cereal and bake 30 minutes in a moderate oven <350 Give each child Ills own jar By OAVNOK MAimOX Nea Staff Writer reminds and peanut Butter ,-,,<> sources of good protein, wlih I the price of meat so high, many homciuaker.s are using more pcn- "tils in recipes to gel protein In their menus without' breaking Die family bank. Make pcnnut butter cookies often, dive each child his "own , name" cooky Jar. Lot him go to i it for his after-school stinck with ! a glass of milk a fine source of ' protein.i I Peanut llnttcr Otuklc.s ! l.ll.-ilies 4 doreii rookies) One-half cup butter, 'i cup peanut butter, -'c cup sucar. 1 ens. beaten. 2 cups flour ] , teaspoon ; salt. S teaspoon baking ponder, 1 1 te;t.s|X>on cinnamon- I Cream together bmler and pi'a- | nut butler. Add sugar and con- I tlnup creaming until blended. Add j ei!R and mix in thoroughly'. Mix I and sift remaining ingredleiils and ' for protein-rich cookies, add. ClillJ rloiiBli if it l.s Urn soft to handle. Roll 'i-inch thick, and cut with cookie culler. -Sprinkle tops with chopped peanuts. Hake in hoi oven i400 decrees P.) itfull:i.v<«s Jllitli Taffy (Makes 70-80 |ih>res) Two cups li^ht molasses. 1 ten- spoons vinegar, 1'^. lab)es(XM>ns shortening. '.. teaspoon salt. [•• Ifrisnocm baking sodn, 'i drops oil of peppermint. Cook molasses and vinegar, stirring constantly, to 260 desires P. or until a little of Iho syrup dropped In cold water becomes brittle. Remove from heat and add shortening, salt, and baking soda. Stir until mixture ceases to foam, then s>our Into a greased or oiled pud. When cool enough to pull, drop ueppei mint on it, T'\m pull the- cnnrty until it Is light in color, and begins to harden. Pull Into two long strips and cut, wllh scis-sors into 1-inch pieces. Planned Menus Help to Lower Cost of Foods Here's a sheaf ol jnejius b.i.sed on current market, sound nutrition and xood eating: FOR BREAKFAST. Orange slice;;, farina wllli raisins, toast and mar- BHrine, coffee for adults, ;nilk (or children. POI5 LUNCH: Vegetable soup, Brillert sandwich, hot milk buveraxe for all the family, apricot tin r.s. FOR 1JINNKR: Broiled flounder M-illi lunar xnuce, baked iMlalocs. creamed pens and onions, cole slaw, bread and margarine, lemon meringue pie on graham cracker cm-it, coflcc (..• lea for adults, milk for children. FOR BIIKAKFAST: Mixed citrus degrees F.). ri»ni-r»rii Cirlilillr Cakes One ' 2 pound cnn minced clinns. drained, '-1-1 cup silted ail-purposo flour. 1-2 cup yellow coin meal, 2 1-2 teaspoons baking powder, 1-2 teaspoon sail, 1 egg. br-alr.n .liquor Irom clams plus enough milk to make 3-1 cup liquid, 3 tablespoons melted Int. Silt together the flour, bakint! powder and salt. Combine ihe clams. e»£. liquid ami melted lat. add to the dry mixture all at once, and mix until all the flour has been moistened but not until the batter is smooth. Hake as regular pnddle cakes and serve with butter or fortified margarine. Meatless Tuesday Menu BREAKFAST:' pineapple and grapefruit juice, clam-corn griddle cakes, butler or fortified margarine, colfce. milk. ) LUNCHF.ON: Casserole ol red \ kidney beans. Bermuda type onions, j Kreen pepsjers and canned toma- I toes, heated French bread, half I grapefruit, lea, milk. DINNER. Tomato juice cocktail, | fish ilake.s in ramekins, canned i peas, baked potatoes, raw carrot I Pledge-to-Flag House To Be Memorial MF.l.ROSE. Mass. (UPI—the Up- hnm House, built, in 1103. is betilK rebuilt here us a memorial to Jamc.i Bailey Upluim. amnor of "The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flatt of 1 Ihe United States." The home was built oipinaliy by Phlneas Uphatn, one of the earliest settlers in Mclrose. James Hailey Uphnm wa.s one of his descendants The Upham Family Society is sponsoring the restoration and expects to spend 515.000 before completing the project. Tn addition to its sugars honey contains us its minor components a , considerable number of mineral con | stltneiHs, seven members of the B ; vitamin complex, and ascorbic acid I Recent research shows that honey •contains some lolic acid. sticks, apple pie. coffee, milk. Arkansas Grown Riceland Rice .................. Ib 19c Xpert I)c\ ilsfixul or i White Cake Mix 3 Tall Cans Pet Milk 41c Kor Delicious ^Jravy Anytime Wilson's B .V. 29c Home Dressed Select Hens Ib 59c Aged Wisconsin Cheese 5 Pound U - Ib 65c FREE! FREE! Shopping Hai,'s will l,e iriven Salnrilay In all our customers at a demonslra- liiifi of King Cotton Sausage Ib65c •' • "M»i»i ^» \.'/.. ,1 HIT •« - - REXJELLY 65' TURMP GREENS 12 Nesde's Evercady „, HOT CHOCOLATE MIX 5 ; Sr'okM'^ > « ^^ for tv Duke's Pure and Unct>olve<l MAYONNAISE pin! 4? ENGLISH PEAS Sm "!i£' e ' 25' CITY SUPER MARKET Uk/» r » L4_:_ ... 1G9 West Main —We Deliver— Phone 2668 IrnJt. Julco, sJii'cdded wheat hot milk, tonst ami margarine, cot- fee, milk. FOR LUNCH: Cream ol pra IOIID 'uso Sunday's lamb bone), nrannc iind BiaDoJniil salnrl, nra)\n,n ciAck. PIS. milk for all tlic family TOR OIXNKR: GIPCII peppers Mill fed with lamb and rice, pars- Icy carrots, stcamoil kale, bran muffins, margarine, fruit ge).iij ;i n.j t >, c'li.stard snui:i\ cof/oe or tea milk FOB BHEAKFAST: Orange Jnfci- •.vith pulp, buckwheat pancakes with syrup, coffee, milk. FOn LUNOI: Uat-oJi and peanut, butter .sandwiches, mixed raw veK- etable bowl, apples or other tresli fruit, mitk for all tlie family FOR DINNER: Spanish ciiu-ken stew or low-cost fish of »j<> dav whitinB stew, parsley potatoes, cu- ciiml.cis, onion anrl rndisli relish, bread and margarine, biitterxcotcli puitding. coffee, tea, milk FOR IJHEAKFAST; Slewerl dried Jnilt, poached egg on tnasl, coN fee. milk. FOlt LUNCH: Cream of putaio soup (croutons iLsins stale bread), livor ppsie sandwiches on whole w)ie:it bread with lettuce pears, milk for all the family. FOJi DIN.NKn: Acorn wiuash with mixed vegetables and Iniu-heon meat, grape-apple slaw, bread and margarine, chocolate, cup cakes, coftee or lea, milk. Monday 1 * Menu BHKAKFA8T: Sliced bananas, I ready-to-cat cereal, toast, butter or; fortified margarine, marmalade, corice, milk. LUNCHEON: Yankee bean soup, un.suKi.-d cruckei.s, tomato and !iH- ince s.-ujdiviclie.s- on thin bread, peanut cookies, tea, milk. OINNK/H: Tomato juice, sliced cold pot roast, potato cakes (from leftover mashed ixnatoes). creamed cabbage, rye bread, l/mier or fortified margarine, sliced oranges wllli coconut, coffee, milk. TfTURSnAY, FFCBRUART B, Arnall Decries Dissension in Demo Ranks ATLANTA. 0.1., Feb. 5. <UP| _ Former Georgia Gov. Fills Arnall spoke out yesterday acainst a growing rebellion among Southern Democrats and predicted that in 19-18. as In previous years, the "Solid Sou;IY will be solidly Democratic Arnall. who is considered one of the Soiitlr's chief .spokesmen for liberalism, suid in an interview he intended to vote for Piesidem Truman and the Democratic Partc | ihis year and added: ' I "Tim South lias nothing to gam from Republicanism except srief. "In the general election in 194B, the Solid Sovilh will be solidly Democratic rvtain." lln said .houevor. that it would be a "grand idea" if the Democratic Parly would select a Southerner this year as a candidate for vice president. When pressed about his own possible candidacy, he .said: "I'm not looking in the mirror when I *ay lhat." The chubby ex-chief executive said he was not a candidate for any otfice "at the moment," Honey is a energy fond. Since seventy-live to einlity per cent, of it.s composition Is .sugars, honey has an energy-producing value second to few foods. Honey and lemon juice provide a sootlilng and easily prepared home remedy used for relief of iliroat-tlckiing coughs. Combine equal parts of lioiiey and lemon Hart's Special Sweetheart VALENTINE CAKE Six Delicious Flavors JELLO Durkcc's Shredded COCONUT SI. 00 Grade "A" Fresh ..... In»o35c COUNTRY EGGS - 4-lb. Carfon $1.15 PURE LARD Campbell's l(j oy, can PORK & BEANS 16 Admiral ion Cup-'I'esled COFFEE lb ,,,49 CliHimin 1(100 sheet toll TOILET TISSUE 10 Hunt's No. 2 i/ z tan SPINACH t ,,15 IJritc West No. 2'/, cviit PEARS 35 All I'optilav liramls CIGARETTES C(n T American Heatilv 10 «>•/, i-iin PORK & BEANS 9 i\o. 1 t;tll can FRUIT COCKTAIL 25 Star No. 2 can APPLESAUCE Jf ,, r 29^c Si/.e Ivory FlaKcs of IVORY SNOW 38 l.arfce Si?.e Mox DREFT K ,, Does Kverylhinjr !ox WW Large Hox 38 C Enter The Oxvclol Contest OXYDOL l.arjfe Si/e F5iir IVORY SOAP . aror 39< Soap «!' Beautiful Women CAMAY , I!irs 21 Self liisint; VICTOR FLOUR Wa /4 25 II) box PRUNES <3 5 Tall Cans PET MILK 3r ,,,41 PINTO BEANS 32 Calumet Ui o/. c;vn BAKING POWDER 18 "America's .Joy Smoke"' PRINCE ALBERT C(n . 5 1 13 I'cvelv Tall Cans EVAPORATED MILK 35 Hrook's 1 1 o/. hut lie TOMATO CATSUP 18 Joan Of Aft KIDNEY BEANS..*,. MO «.n13 c [load Salad Worthy—rirm Heads LETTUCE Crispv Jumbo CELERY S ,, k 15 Garden Fresh RftDISHES ,, K1 ,.10 C Hich In Iron SPINACH I'vosh- GREEN ONIONS Bch 7i e Full Of Viiamin "A" CARROTS Fl((1 7 Red Ilifie TOMATOES ,,,29 8 II) mesli Ijaji ORANGES 39 10 Ib mesh bin; GRAPEFRUIT 45 C Box Delicious WASHINGTON APPLES -Suitkist California LEMONS Fine Flavored Emperor GRAPES ,J2i e Fiill-O-Jiiice Fresh COCONUTS Ib 12i c U. S. Nn. 1 Red Triumph POTATOES J0 Ita 59 e U. S. Nn. 2 ]{ed Triumph POTATOES ,00,, '2 8 ,,, FROZEN FOODS Fresh Frozen Cherry, Apple, Peach or Boysenberry Pies ea. "Nothing Like Deviled Crabs - ea.32(fe Frigid Dough Cloverleaf Rolls Doz. 21 i Birdseye Sliced Sweef Strawberries - Pkg. ARMOUR'S ROLL SAUSAGE Makes Any Breakfast a Delightful Treat JQ J jfij A Favorite! SALT PLATES - - lb.39< Fresh Dressed HENS , - - - Ib. Fine Flavored PORK LIVER - - Ib. Dairy Fresh COTTAGE CHEESE Ib. Liberty Cash Grocery Low Prices Everyday

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