The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 5, 1948 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 5, 1948
Page 10
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Russia, Romania Sign Military Pact I'- Mutual Aid Against f Aggressors Pledged ,' For 20-Year Period Bjf Edward V. Roberts {United Prrw Staff Correspondent) LONDON, Feb. 5. (UPI— Radio Moscow announced today that Russia has signed a mutual aid military pact with Romania binding bolli !. countries to fight against any as' gresslve threat from Gennany "or «ny other state." ... Soviet Foreign Minister V. M. Molotov, tn a statement on the treaty, said it was directed against "fomenters of a new war from the imperialist, camp." The treaty runs for 20 years. It • will be renewed automatically every five years unless it Is renounced a year* before the end of tlie Ili'e- ycSr term. In event of af-'gres.sion against, either country, the treaty provides I or COS15 '- C ''C cited as the reason -specifically that "the other con- '° r tr "' increase requests. : trading party will immediately ren- ' rl > public service conimis.skm, ai- der, military nnd oilier assistance '«•'' ~' 7 <l ->.v.s ol henrinsw. granted | J>y all Die lilcans at ics disposal." )»•••' 37 per ITIII of the incivascs. Political observers expressed lie- | TllP telephone company took the lief the Soviet-Romanian treaty 1 l -' se '" <'"mt. cniitvnitiiiK that Hie ! was the forerunner o( other ire a- eomintssion decision amounted to tics binding Russia dircctlv to the ' confiscation ol property. other states of the Balkan Con-1 • federation. The Balkan slates al- i ready are bound together by nn in- ' Bids on VA Hospital •BLYTHEVILLK (AUK.)' COURIER NEWS Telephone Rates Argued Before Georgia Justices ATLANTA, Oa., Feb. 6. (UP) — Three -superior court judges today considered the Southern Uell Telephone company's appeal for bixli- «'!• rates in Oorsia willi the wnra- ing liiifiing in (heir Mr- , tj, a | i|| C | r decision might affect the lite of every rate-pinking agency in thu nation. Special Attorney Prnnk Olemeiu ot Nashville.. Tenn., closed hi.s arRii- mimts for the GeoiKin Public Service Commission \vitli the warning thai "this is a case of national significance and will be a landmark in nnd administrative Police In Germany fail To Locate Frit* Kuhn, Who Fled Dachau Prison MUNICH. Kelj. 5. <U£')—Gennnii police threw a diacnet Ihroughout Ihe slate of Bavaria today to recapture Fnlz Kiilin, onelline leader of the German-American blind In New York who e«a|>ed from Oac- lian prison Tuesday under mysterious circumstances. Police were placed on Ihc alert last nlRht after a 36-hour search /ailed to uncover any clues that mlfiht lead lo Kuhn's'hiding place. The notice said they were making a concentrated search in the Dachau area and that the Dachau camp had been placed on an alert to prevent additional escapes. American authorities maintained ni.ixic.ncc. (il iinncls-off policy since Kilhu was The telephone company is .seek- , held lor denazification trial by Gerins court permission 10 put into ' mans in a Gorman court. fleet full-scale rate increases re- ! fused by (he Public Service Commission aficr 13 months o[ inves- Sonlhern Bell a.skeii lor hike.! that would bi-inu in $:t.150.<K» extra revenue each year in Georgia. HiEh- Arkansas Senator Plans Debate on Marshall Plan Sen. John !,. McClclliin of Cam- tlen. member of the Committee of Expenditures In Executive Depail- nienls and Public Works, will uphold the affirmative In n debate with Sen. C. Wayland Brooks, R, II!.. clMilj-mim a! the liules «nd *•!ministration Committee nnd member n( (lie Appropriations Committee, Tuesday over radio Mai Ion WON, Chicago, at 0:30 p.m. The flcbale subject will bf "Should Congress Adopt ilie Marshall Plan?" SCARE tricalc system ol interlocking treaties among themselves. See German Thn-a! "The contracting parties pledsc lo take in common all possible measures lor elimination of any threat of aggression belnn repealed on the Part of Germany or any other slate that should join Germany eithci ny eer directly or in any other way," Moscow said. The broadcast said Russia decided to conclude Ihe treatv u, accordance with Ihc aims nnrt principles of Ihe Uniled Nations orcanl- zalion." "The contracting parlies declare they also intend to take par! with the utmost sincerity in any international actions aimed ni establishment of peace and security ot the peoples and win contribute their full share to the cause of these Irish tasks," Moscow said. Generalissimo Joseph Stalin nnd Molotov were present al the si«n- tiig ceremony In fhe Kremlin, fhc broadcast said, with Romania represented by Prime Minister Pet'ru Pauker*" d Porc ' 8 " Minl51 " Ana Molotov Insisted the treaty will be. carried out In conformity with the principles of the United Nations and for this reason "will be ac claimed with satisfaction not only by the peoples of the Soviet Union and Romania-but also by nil true friends of peace in other countries. In Haste and Will Get Nowhere, Gazette Insists ,r7 J n I i rTLE ROC!C Ark - Po" 5- Hii •T Arka » S! <5 Gazette said editorially today that a move bv Southern Democratic lenders lo se cede from the party was a "pian conceived in 'anger aiul blind reaction and would leaei nowhere. The Gn?e(te devoted il s entire e^ditonal section-two columiw-to Its stand, almast diametrically on- posed lo that ot Arkansas' Gov •ocn Laney. . "The South today can no more stand alone as a political entity than it could In John C. Calhonti's time, the newspaper said. "The effort to break the political ti-s that bind us to the national political system can only result in the loss of our voice in national affairs" How To Hold FALSE TEETH More Firmly In Place Do your false teeth annoy and embarrass by slipping dropping or wabbling when you eat, laush or talk? Just sprinkle a little V<\S- TEETH on your plates. This alkaline (non-acid) powder holds false teeth more firmly and more comfortably. NO gummy, gooey pasty- taste or feeling. Doesn't sour Checks "plale odor" i denture breath). Get PAS-TEETH at anv • drug store. - To Be Opened Mo.~*ay LITTLE HOCK, Ark, Feb. S. - iUPi--Hld.s on Utile Rock's 58,- ! OOO.COO Veterans Aciininislralion ! liospltai will be upenecl by U. S. ' Knjjineers here Monday afternoon. Oisllici EilBinecr Gerald E. Gall- I oway .said that approximately 15 j iScts of plans and specifications Inrt! I" 1 ™", l i c< ; n s ""' l ° fonlrm-lors In- nart j i crrs t P( | | n hlddlnt; on Ihc plant. Driver Pleads Guilty Basie nievins was fined $25 and costs in Municipal Courl this morn- ins when In- pleaded guilty to n Some Democrats See Chance to Override Tax Veto WASHINGTON. Fob. 5. IUP) - .idiiiinist'-iiiloii fuici's gave the lii'- piiblicaiis n M-M chance today to • naci a lax leduclion bill, biit a rankiiiR Democrat .said they'd bel- ter hold the cut u> $4,000.000,000 a year. The qualified forecast of an even chnnce for pa.ssa!-e came from Senale Democratic ix>,ider Alljen W. Barkley ol Kentucky. Since Presl- dei.t Truman is expected (o veto any sizeable tax reduction, Barkley Apparently believed there was an even chance that two-thirds of Ilie Senate would support whatever tax Mil is pnssed. H was S'.-n. Walter p. George. O.. Ga., former chairman of the finance committee, who warned that the Republican majority in Con- liari ijetter lower Its tax reduction sights lo $4.COO.OCO.OBO. The bill passed by the House Monday would trim income levies by $6 500,- COO.OCO, "It's been my opinion that Die bill will have a better chance tl pared down to around about Oiceo'o Contractor Gets Big Levee Repair Job U'lTLE ROCK. Aik., Feb. 5.— IUP>—Two construction firms were preparing lo slarl on separate levee projects today, following (he lel- Hng of contracts by the u. S. engineers here yesterday. The largest contract, awarded to Murray- Ax- Cox and Sherry con- stiiction compnny of Little Rock, will complete a project in Conway County Levee Districts Nos. I. 2 and 8. The total bid was (220,781. The smaller contract was let to Mears Construction Company at Osceola lor tIM.Mi. H includes embankment ntul (Iralnagp work In Gardens Boi.tom levee District. Livestock CfMPPED thats a job ior'Com/y'ond "'.' the MENTHOLATUM TWINS ST. l.OUIS NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. Feb. 5 (UPI (LTSDAI — Livestock: HOBS 9,200, salable 8,000; uneven, barrows and gilts Slno $1.25" instances $1.50 lower limn average VVedncstlny. Sows 75c to (1 lower; 180 to 250 Ills. S25.25-S25.15; top 525.75; mostly for 230 Ibs. down. 250 i to 300 Ibs. S24.25-S25.25; a few early I $25.50; 300 to 325 Ibs. S23.50-$2I.25". 1 160 to 120 Ib pigs SK.50-il925; sows J450 l_bs. down S22.25-S23; over 450 jibs. S21.75-522.25. Stags S11-S19. Catlle 3.000 salable 2.500; calves 700. all salable; few small lots medium lighl tt-ciglll slccr-s S23.50-JS6- | odd lots medium heifers and mlxe:l I yearlings S20-S23.SO; these about I steady, but continuing on Ihe easy side. Cows selling $20 and above, almost at a standstill under Jower bids wl[h offerings below $20. opei;- IJIR fully steady. Common and medium cows S18-S20; canncrs and cutters $!5.50-sn.50. K'cmlinyfd Irani l"a/re J) Dixie democratic prolcsls against President Truman's civil rjghu pro- Rinm took on more concrete form lu one .slate, parly leaders said liey woiilfl wiilidold campai?n linids from the national parly aiid In another slate Republicans made open overtures to the disgruntled Democrats to join force. 1 ; Arkansas' Gov. Ben LOIICV announced nllor a conference wit'i Democratic party heads that money raised by the Jefferson-Jackson Day dinner in Little Rock would be I withheld "until we see further d«. I velopments." I At $15 a plale. the dinner scheduled lor Pel). 19 is expected to raise $10,000. In Atlanta, » Republican leader' laid out the welcome mat to Democrat.* fuming over Mr. Truman's proposal lor ami-lynch. ami-Jim Cniw and anti-poll tax legislation Roy FoMi-r, chairman of a Geor- ' Kia Republican group, said "ihen- js plcJMy o! loom at the top in tlie Republican Party in u ve so,,th " Koster said the South'would never "be, Ireaied by Ihe Republican : Puiiy nke it is aboul to b« treated by Ilie Ui'inucraiic Party." ! "1 believe the Republican sland i on tivil tJ7li(.s will be rnortf in keep- ! ini wiih state's righLs," he declared. An Arkansas Democratic commit' leeman. Or. R. B. Robins, of Cam- fiCM. openly denounced the President and suggested Ills stale join a "Dixie- Parly" Ihat mighi supiwrt I former Secretary of Slate James F I Bjrncs or Sen. Harry Byrd, D., Va. a.s a presidential candidate. ' Inciea.sin.s rumblings indicated that the suoject of an open Southern revoll against the Democratic Patty would come up at a mating of the Southern governor's confer- | cnce this weekend, at Waukulla Springs. Fla.. near Tallahassee. Two Voice Opposition A reprisal stand seemed certain of com-fdotatkm despite the determination of Govs. Millard Caldwell of Pioricla and Jim McCord ot Tcmicssce lo confine the meeting to Us original purpose—planning for reRioiial schools for professional education In Ihe South. Tli« governors of Alabama, Arkansas. Georgia, Maryland, Mis- sisslgiul, Norlh and Soulh Carolina Tennessee, Texas and Florida will attend Hie niecling, as well as high officials ol Kentucky, Oklahoma and Virginia, There were to be no representatives from Louisiana or West. Virginia. Former Oof. Mils Arnall joined the ranks of those opposing a party split yesterday and predicted that in 1948 "Hie Solid South will be solidly Democralic again." "The South has nothing to gain from Republicanism except grief," THURSDAY, FKBKUAKV 5, Arnall said. But in South Carolina, the stale Party cxe;ulive. committee scheduled a "showdown menllng" Jute, tiiB month on the question of civil I'Jgms policy. Siatc Chairman William P. Bas- xiu called '.he meeting after receiving a letter signed by 50 leglslativ requesting th« session. "OMat40,50,60?" — Man, You're Crazy jo^cM'o'ir itpelTnoiKirK!* *re i*[>py &l 7n. T* J,'!"' 1 '"*" f^Hiiit .lue f >-,kl>' io'l>T<iVi"u'k 1 orrr<ln fry «lav N fn . "rrt «co-Jamlfd ' Mit flnjf'iOe. |'^ M all rti-.ig stores everywhere — In !} Blylht-vJIle, al Kirby Drug. j|j • Surplus Army Shoes • Combat Boots • Overshoes • Rubber Boots Anderson Sllue Slioj) i Clothln/; Start .'ilf. E. Alain Sf., Blytlicville Delinted coHon Seed • Wlmn luting raw winds cut lips, leave Ihcni dry nnd crncknil ntitl so painful il UVCH liurtn In Hmite-quickl C.T!| fur Misn n lain ing CCHII- forlmg Compiler nnd minly Mcntluti. 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Here (01 Mu-fust time ni ,l.c rallies, possible - {tt "'<il .i« ; iinsldi*tuil>in 8m , 15 c- yon'ie sliiddcd gainst vibvaiion ynnr imlrr in ,,L BUMS the one and only ^_ WITH AIL THESE 'CATUDCS * WIJPA.SHIflOFD »fDF + SAflTY-tlDt »/MS *HI-POISfD F1SEBAU POWf« * «OAO.«irE (A1ANCE * 8I6ID lOtQUl-Wtf *auAotuncx COIL sfitNoiNo *fttx-fir on smos * SOUND-SOME* roP IINING 15.r" ^'' K^J~-,;, . *OUOMArlC SPAIK ADVANCC *TIN SMART MODE1S * tODY (r HiHH LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Walnut and Broadway Telephone 553 WHEN 6CTTE fl U I I 0 THEM Attention, Soybean Grower , Blytheville Soybean Corp. ' 1800 W. Moin Blytheville Notice to Our Friends and Customers BLYTHEVILLE GARAGE 21B LaCledo Slieel Norlh Unliinson Gin Complete Auto 4697 and Tractor Repairs / PHONE — 1 / Krank Ashl>.v and Kric Hall, Ownc Cotlon Moore, Trad or Mechanic STUDEB AKE RS T Now In Our New T U Modern U D Service Department- E (-Sloam-Hcaled For Your Comfort) • ONE STOP SERVICE • WASHING & LUBRICATING T> « K CHAMBLIN SALES CO. K Jti TJ STUD EB AKE RS FM Sales Stndehaker Service R Riiilroiid & Asli Streets I.ex Ch;iml)lin 1'honc 21!)r> Hill Chamblin FARM (|p LOANS Home Office, Newark, N. J. OK» TKMf FKOMPT CLOCINO LOW »AT1 C.U.I.. WRITE OR Stl RAY WORTHINGTON 11.1 8. Third St., BlTfheville, Ark. S«rvln|[ Thij S^rlinn 7S Yrarn Authariied Marmaft Loan Solicitor lor THE PRUDENTIAL INSI.'RAXCK COM PAN V OF AMERICA AUTO UPHOLSTERING 307 East Main Phone 519 We specialize in SEAT COVERS. HEAD LININGS DOOR P\ ELS. FLOOR MATS and all interior trim of a rar straws a, S id a 1ab rr ic| Charm "^ """'* l ° yOUr ™ Wilh «»» Col °' F.VF.RYTHING T,\ILORKI> TO FIT AM) INSTALLFD AT XO EXTRA COST So Economize and Patronize THOS. J. LILLY & SON Drive in under the S i K n «Aul<, Top Shop" and Wow for service. New Get Yours Today! FILTER B£9 VACUUM - --••,M,,._.HUI: r-t\_f dirly bag to «»P'V ... NO heavy weigh, | e Push oround' Geli oil Ihe way u°dt, low i a ,nit ur ». C| eani , ug[ liVf magic. Du>ls from floor to ^^ ctiling. 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