The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 5, 1948 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 5, 1948
Page 9
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THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 1948 Republicans Quickly Capitalize On Democratic Split Hoping to Rush Passage of Anil-Lynch Bill JJLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIKR WASHINGTON, Feb. 4. •wiftly today to capitalize on man's racial rights program. House Republicans go, behind Mr. Truman's call for ant,-lv,,cl,in, legislation and promised quick action. ' A House Judiciary Subcommittee* planned to whirl up hearings on an nnti-lynchlng bill Immediately and recommend its approval to the tull committee. Chairman Earl c Michener. R., Mich., said the full •tommittee probably would approve W! next week and send It to the House floor. The Republican majority presumably has enough voles lo forro it through the House. But ,-lllti- lynch legislation In the jmsL always has bogged down in the Senate on a filibuster by Southern Democrats Southern Democrats were fighting mod about the whole business. Publicly they threatened to bolt the Democratic Party. Privately, they IUP'—Republican politicians moved Democrat split over President TTU- Rents Will Jump If Control Ends admitted there really wasn't much they could do jibont it. OOP Chairman Mak« Meanwhile, Chairman Carroll Feece of the Republican National Committee seized upon the North- South s|>lit to heckle the opposition. "The current revolt of Southern Democrats against Mr. Truman's civil rights program is additional evidence that the so-called Democratic Party is really an aggregation of splinter parties with discordant and mutually antagonist-: aims and purposes," Reece said in i statement. "With the Moscow wing of the party already departed to the left and with the racially- intolerant wing now threatening to go of In another direction, it looks like the PendcrBast-spllntcr wil be all alone by next November.' 1 He refered to the third party boll by former Vice President Henry A j l W&llace and Mr. Truman's asocia- i rcnts lions with the late Tom Peildergast, Demoncratlc leader'hi Kansas Cits- Mo. Walter While, "cretary of the Na. tlonal Association for the Advance- Housing Expediter Gives Examples of What May Happen WASHINGTON, Feb. 5. t|J.P.)_ "St^^^tenu]^ 1 ",^ ^.u would jump an ls allowed average of at least llle reilt cmtral to expire at the end o/ this month. Woods recommended to the House Banking Committee that rent control be extended for at in It '*'° V<li "' S *' ith 1110I ' P lplHU Republican and Democratic leaders agree that controls probably ml be extended in some form. ' Woods gave the committee one example of what he thrm K ht would happen if rent, control Is allowed lo lapse on Fob. 23. He said a landlord testified before the Senate Banking committee last week that he wanted only to gel a fair return on his Investment. Woods said he learned later however, thnt the landlord had notified his tenants that If rent control is allowed to expire their would be increased from per month to S75 a month. Woods said liis regional office in Dallas, Tex., reported that some tenants there who agreed lo the crease under present - C reae uner nvn mont of Colored People, urged House | b en pa y ng thefr en on the *rov«l of antl-lynchln B legislation , or 10 { h5 O f the mon h He - - , -„.,. UJ HIV IIIOLJ1.I1 until he benate: their landlords notified them rc- tne House. HE I cently that they had violated their lenses by not paying rent on the first of the month and that henceforth their rente would be "again and again catches up with testified before the judiciary subcommittee. Harlem vs. the Southland White described Mr. Truman's 1 higher, mesage of last Monday RS "courag- j eous and clear blueprint" for civil I rights. i _. . Dixie Democrats, meanwhile, teed i tOUCOf/On Vjroup Meets of again against the civil rights ' program 'on the house floor. R«p. Eugene Cox, D., Ga., said one man told him the President's message" reads like a p'age from the Daily Worker (Communist daily newspaper)." "And rememberins that it sounds like the platform of th« Communist party, I could say nothing," Cox shouted. "The Harlem district of New YorK still is wielding more influence with the administration than the entire white South. Walter White still finds it possible to make some people dance to any tune he calls." _Re;>. John Bell Williams, D., Misr.. . 4Q 1 :} that "those who are prone to • bmsh of the remarks of Southern ' Democrats are making a serious mistake." "We're not going to stand idly by and watch the South mongrelized," he said. 'The Spring ol 1<H8 is the best time to have a wholesale Spring liousecleaning in the Democratic Party." CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo.. Feb. S —The Pemiscot County branch of the Association for Childhood Education held a monthly meeting Monday night at the Deering high school. The principal speaker of the evening was Supt. J. F. Taylor of the Deering schools, whose subject WHS "Trees." Education Association., convention in Chattanooga on 'March 19 on "Why I Want lo he a Scliool Teacher." Miss America to Judge South African Beauties MEMPHIS. Tcnn., Feb. 5 CUPi_ Barbara Jo Walker, Miss Amcrira of 1347, disclosed today that she almost couldn't accept the invitation to fly to Johannesburg, Union of South Africa, to help select "Miss South Africa." Barbara knew that the trip would interfere with her studies at Mamphis state so she asked College President J. Millard Smith for advice. II was agreed that Flora Rawis dean of women accompany Barbara as tutor during the two-week trip starting March 4. Barbara is considered an outstanding student. She will return in time to speak to the Tennessee Perfect Service We pride ourselves on our courteous, prompt service. Terfect foorf plus pcrfccl service equals the pcrTccl meal Elliott Johns, Owner Johns Cafe •109 West Main Phone 3,900 FOR RENT Store Building on Main St. 50 feet wide, 140 feet long on the first floor. 60 feet by 75 feet on the second floor. Total: Nearly 12,000 Square Feet. A wonderful location for any large retail store. Will lease for long time on reasonable rent. \ Write Box ABC % Courier News Co. Peace Officers Invited to FBI Training School CAKUTHKKSVILLE, Mo, 1-Vb. 5 -The low enforcement training school will begin Iwf Monday nnrl last through Saturday, (or officers of Peniiscot County, and adjoining counties. The school Is going sponsored by Sheriff John Hosier, and city Police Chief Albeit Wiilkcr. niul will be under direction of llic SI. Louis office of the Fedcrnl Bureau of Investigation. An Invitation has boon extended to nil law enforcement officers of Scott, New Madrid, Dimklln. Mississippi. Stoddard and Cape Oirai- cieaii counties in Missouri, and 'o the Blytheville police, the sheriffs office of Mr.sis.'lppl County. Arkansas, to also sttend tlie various sess- IOIIF, G. II. Morris, .ssieclal auent In chnrgc of the f'ni office In St. Louis, will furnish the Instructors an I lecturers, and also special equtpme'ii and records inert In the lessons ami demonstrations. The sessions will be held in the afternoons of each day, except Saturday, when the final session will be held in the morning. The Southeast Missouri Peace Of- British Army Repels Arabs In Syrian Garb JERUSALEM, Rh 5. (U.P.I- A government spokesman satri last ntBht that Hrltlsh forces were reported to have repulsed an invasion ! of North Palestine yrsU-rdny by Arab bands In Syriim "uniform anil carrying JYcnci, ,ifios. The government spokesman Charles Tliittford. , vl jrl one Aral) I wus killei! and s j x were curmirrd • accordlnu to police reports of tlie I Incident, whu-h lacked final ion- i (Irmalion. | Imports of the thrust n cm-is I lip | bordfr followed persistent reports ' of clnmlciiino rni.vlnBs by Arabs I Into Pnlcstinp for th e last few | weeks. I Assnml l-:atin< • III 1801. In Marnn, oa., a busl ness lot was snld by Tliomus Cal- ItiRhan for the coiuldprallon ol "three square meals a day for seven years.' iStote Parole Board [Grants Two Furloughs I.1TTI.E DOCK. I'd) ilir ler of HelMstlnu County, who hud been .si-nlruccd lo two years for buiBluvy nnd assault lo kill, m,d Alfred Presley of Polk County, who •i -jlwd Irn-n sentenced lo one year for PAGE NINE on an effort crlinin: '• -.'•"«!"», o.t p.uoJCS H[H[ f ( 1« . . j. uvo iiirlntiKhs yi'Mmliiy. Feb. IS in MlSSOUfi "liUis me now ln-im; mauled "ARUTHKRSVlUjE, Mo Feb 6 omerurncy hails only, in nn I -County officials announced here n nit down on repented ' y<"-t' 1 v<l:iy that, deadline for MI,,. 111 "'H'nsr-s. Mimi motorlsls to pin'L-iuis,. |) 1( . ,„,„., UK iiarnted wns l!ud lul11 M1 »"Url Mntr automobile 11-j "I I'liillips County, who was l ' r " M ' 1 ' l'"d bmi c.Mi'ndal from Kei>. ted of mnrilcr in'tin- second l '" l "'- v lr ' lh '" I'Vbrnni-y IRih. Alter I ami M-nti'iired to li\,. vem.s lialc> ' nllj ' Pnnlsrol resident 'iiiiicni in .lime, 19li>. In'i-on'. ( "" lul "'in'rallnp. a vehicle on 1017 ••^ will be subji-i-l lo in rest. u u -y CALL 4627 ly, wh yi-ars \ ri'm ; lian t Irnrctl and K m |),iiol<>d Indiuied: nuin K,i(. y ,,r r.arl.uid Coun- o Unit been M-ulencod to (wo In, ImriJary und nuuid lar- Doctors Re-appointed 1.1TLK HOCK. Ark, l-'eb. 5 tUPi •-Ciov. Hen l,:iney lodny iianoum-rd lt',l,,",T"v"V' '"'." "';'"" ' : "--;"»' v-iiDinilnliiiciii of two mom. b .'. 11 M '. c -"'"'»k ol Kt-bas- n to the Hint,. \\ aun \ „( lle,,]U, fur four-year let ins. They were Dr. .1. <•. Ciliidilrn of Hantsdii anil Ur. I fleers Asboclatlon will hold a miiir- I lerly inectlns Friday in coniicetion with the training school. Reading From Our Menu: Special Luncheon Choice of 3 Meats Or Fried Chicken One Vegetable Combination Salad n RUSTIC INN Our Dining: Room Kacililies Are Available for Private Parties . . . Afternoon or livening . . . Phone 2202 BARRETT HAMILTON, INC DISTRIBUlOR SEAGRAM'S 7 CROWN. BLENBCO WHISKcV.^^ F,ool. 65JSG,,!,, Neuh.l Spirit. Seaeram-Dislillers Coi|ioiaiion. Chryslei l)uil(Jln8. New Yolk For Lower Cost Insurance '••• • HOME • AUTO • BUSINESS Arkansos Mutual Aatncv * Ark. C *; x^' 1 1< Arkansot Mutual Aa. % *1 W. ],. Tamke, Mgr. . ' \,j Isancs HldB., Blythcville, n* MM H&CVM setvict twm tec you* Still & Young Motor Co. ni. ..„ Lincoln-Mercury Dealer Phone 3(79 Hlylhevill* Ark. 112 Witnut ^ DAVID B. ANDERSON MASON CONTRACTOR Brick Work of Quality lluilor Work and Kcninilclfn); a Specially llO'/i E. Davis St. Phone 4641 ~tlierm)J948 A FINE CAR MADE EVEN MNER: GM Hydra-Mafic Drive optional on all models! Today, Pomiac announces a series of notuhle ailvanccrncnls in the car trial has already won ilic wholehearted endorsement of more than a million owners and friends. foremost among these advancements is the srcat Oener*] Motors HyiJra-Alaiic Drive- now offered as optional equipment nn all I' cars. I'onliac is the lowest-priced car in the world to provide this great mechanical masterpiece —which shift* pears automatically, and completely eliminates tlic ilmclj Coupled with this engineering iriumph is a striking improvement in hc'.miy and luxury. (\ew emerior sinarlncv, CMcniis t'rom the new radiator grille to the streamlined rear bumper. Interiors, too, arc remarkably improved. Lpnolsterics arc more beautiful and arc expertly blended to achieve new attractiveness and charm. Instrument panels arc finished in i. smart design adapted from i|u,irtcr-savvcd m.ihouany—and an adroit use of chrome moulding adds a deft touch of modernity. F.nflmc ami clm\sis havr been refined wherever possible—hut they rcm.iin, b.vitally, the same engineering masterpieces which have become synonymous in the automotive industry svith Kooilncss and dependability. 'I here are many more ihinjjs wi- mull! tell yi>u arvnii the new Pontiac, for there arc countless improvements which add to its tradiiional quality ami value. Rut we (eel that, for those \\\io hir/u' I'omisc, we need only say— — here is, by far, the most ttamijul Pontiac ever built — lirrc is tlic most laxurioat Pontiac ever built — here is the most (icficntt.thlc Pontinc everbuill — and it ts now available wiih GM Hydra- Mntic Gn-,c—'rational at attililhuil rail. V*'c wish only in add that it is here—on display in our showroom—mil that you are most cordially invited to see ai\d inspect it. 126 South Lilly St. SMITH PONTIAC CO. Phone 4371 "My Joints Feel Rusty" c,M~u l \"i? m Ct "",' a ' Wlt " •™" r l ' c " llh - Ooclan cull It Aillirltls runt say thai, 11 , mly i, c n gK rt>vatecI by IniDi-tinu-r kl.lupy climltmllmt. M RIly physiclwa recommend tbls rmlnrt.1 m ,, 1Prn | Wl>lcjr ^^'™ to eliminate |],c sys tc,,,lc wn ,(c«. Order a caw TODAY— Cull nr write tmlay for FREE booklet. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main «nrl Division Ulytheville, Ark. "Eat a Bonne* at Barney's" A Delicious Buttered Steak Sandwich BARNEY'S 25* 2006 West Main Street Phon* 3647 FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY EXCAVATION S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLDG. BLYTHEVILLE ARK. ATTENTION FARMERS! TRACTORS & EQUIPMENT FOR SALE Mew and Used 1—1DIS (New) Model'M Farmall 3—1018 (Newl Model R F:mn;itls 1—1016 (tlscrtl Model n John Deere 1—1911 (Used) Mnclrl A .lolui Drere 1—1!)46 tllscil) Moilcl A .lolin Detrc I—1916 (Cscill Ford Tractor 1 194(5 (irjrfl) Moilrl C Allis-Chilmcrs Many, mjiiy othrrs arriving tach week. We can furnish •Imort any eoufpmtnt needed. They are price* for quick Ml*, UnM on bt arranged. Come. In and s»e these before yea boj! BUD WILSON AUTO SALES Coroner of Main at Franklin Phone 2037 Bud Wilton Jess Horn.r

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