The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 29, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 29, 1947
Page 5
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FRIDAY, AUGUST 29, 1947 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIKU NEWS PAG£ Truman, Hartley Feud is Brewing Dispute Involves Administration of New Labor Law Ily CH.Altl KS II. HKDKOI.n (I'nitcrt Tress Kt-atf <'.arrrs)inndriil) WASHING'IXJM. AtlB. W. <UPi — Wiiiirinan rretl A. Hartley, Jr., of tlie House Labor Commiliee today drew the- line for a battle witii PrcsitJetit Trunun o\'er administration of the Tu!l-It;irttev labor law. He [ormally reciiieslcd the National Labor Delations Board to dismiss all ifls unfair labor ]irac- tice case:; pending under the Wagner Act unleFs the unions involved I lie non-Communist affidavits ami financial information as required under tlie ne.x act Hartley's action pushed tlie boar< toward a major policy decisiot ^'hicli it hits postponed over sinci the new lav: was enacted over Mr Truman 1 :-, veto. The NLRIi'.s final • i'111111(4 in tin's issue promises in' 'ouch off .several la-.v suits testi'i:; ! the constitutionality oi the act. ' '. •Mr. Truman has directed the 1 board to make its rulmi'.i as it ! *ee.s them and to lake no diclalion J from the .special Senate-House i committee created to supervise -id- ministration of Hie lasv. Hartley is vice-chairman of this committee. , The NLUB was obviously nettled i by the announcement of Hartley's I jump intervention on an Important poll- i fined cy matter still under discussion, a I said it would make no comment muil it had .studied Hartley's re- j ipicst. There were same ni^ns. however, that the board was moving toward formulation of the policy desired by Hartley even before the congressman acted. Hartley Acts (in Complaint Hartley mads his request in a letter lo the board after reeicving a (amipluhil ircm John F X. Landris;an. attorney for Radio Cnm- municatioiis Assemblers Union. I tic. Landrigan objected to an NI.RB oi'der issued last Thursday, a few hours be!ore the Taft-flart- ley act went into effect. I andri^an';-: union ..von a collective bargaining election at. the linrrtson and .Jersey City. N. J Attempts Suicide ' >Jo Iniu' i'. a?.. lt:Il. \oUl Nt-\v .sbov.'n lirt'e \\\ an . :i hotly blank^l. tN polite, "JusV one 't^eticy irurk after offict'i's Tc(t:plioto.i niovo- sip ol bcov, otlitov.s ami then I'm U 0 * 1 ^ ltl d liitn off a 17lli story Irtlne niul con- Russians Reject Baruch Proposal Atomic Bomb Control Plan Unacceptable, Gromyko Declares plants of the Radio Corporation nl \ LAKE 3trCCES3. N. Y.. Aug. 29. f-UPi Kussia rcjo;-it'U the Western poi-vers 1 detailed blueprint for a world aiomi? conr.rnl ayt-ncy today : because it is bused ou iht" "omnpMe- ili'vs, mines and other nclivities. CJromyko flaLly "t'jpctcd llie lluiory of inU'i'iiuiunuxi ci'.vueiHlup, nian- ni^t'tiu-nt- nnct licensing a.s priuci- pies which "cto not' follow :%t. nil ironi the of establishing \vor!rl i siicmic eonifol." The United Stale:;, fallowed by ! Bfiiain. Pj'ini^o, China. AusLrnlii.i, i nmvcil and Canada, endtn.sed Hit- jplariK on (Wednesday. t They represent the first pro])o.sed i rules and regulations Jor iiiterna- tional control, jnanageinent ami I ownership of all the world's dangerous atomic energy .stockpiles and facilities and represent un exten- ot the American atomic control in August, 194!i. Tne Uiiit- c<] Klectrical Woi-kcrs 'CIO» chnrg- ftl I lie company with unfair labor piiiciices because RCA announced it. lia<l decidetJ Vo vccognizc tne incUjieiulcnt union ;i few weeks before the plectiun was 'scheduled. ]y unacceptable" i -mi'ipies of tlie Statvs ulomie control VHc United pi'ogram. Soviet Delegate Atidrri Gioinyko delivered tlie (.'^ppi-U'd Soviet edict to meii'-bei's ot the UN Atomic Energy Commission. Grcmyko's si)eceli sirongthcncd ^ The NLR13 voted 2-1 last Thur.s- j belief amon? atomic* eoturol cxpei-ts, Grade Crossing Crash Fatal for Three Teen-Agers PARIS, Ark.. AMR. 20. (UP)-Three teen-aiu-r.s, two ^irl.s and a bay, were fatuUy inuircd ui^Ut when their cur crashed Into a stationary railroad coal <'!'r at a clown- town crossing here. The Kirl.s, Carolyn Shirley and Murlha Jane Daniels both IG siti'l of Paris, died in u hospital .shortly the crash. The boy, Nationalist Mob Parades in Cairo Police Fire Bullets Into Air to Restore Semblance of Order C.MKO Am:. W. (UP) — Police fired imo i lie '.in- toil«y lo break >')> n mas:; demonstration 111 cenlmi Cairo In K>>vpiiuii iinliuimllsU i.lKiiHin- sl..! W ns nihilist (he United Nation:, i-Yciirlty Couiieil. 'I lie umilire dispersed u lliroiv^ lliul .warmed into Mallka F.iiloa Square a!lei nnon Moslem prayers shrining "].<IM<; Live Revolution" nml "Dcnvn vviih Imperialism. 11 lietuie the police fired their g'ms, Ihry iuul attacked lite crowd with sticks. Tlie demonstrators retaliated uilh a volley of stores. A final police chaise scattered them down u side street. The diamnMralors were protest Inn (allure ol the UN colillell to ijive n!l-om bacLini; to Kgjypt'K effort-i to ;;et Dntish trooiK nut of Hie Nile Valley r.ili.'e line:, at F.irlda Siiniire leading to Hliciiheuril'.? Hotel and tin liishiomiWe shoppint diMrlcl. |ne- venled hundreds of demonstrators ' from joininj; a match ol :>OD Irotn tlie lAlaz'uir Mobile. Col. Kalali Ilarb 1'nsliu. leader ol tlie YOUIIK Men's Moslem A.ssoc.ia- lldii, «i:rki'd the demonstrators lo a hii;h enunuuuil iiiich willi u fiery condemnatiiiri of the Security conn, eil and a call for n nationalism music in iiust, the British. Tlie mass protest meeting followed minor demonstrations outside the Alazbar Mosque and other places tlmiujil'out the city lifter lite 'Mcslem noun prayers. Police broke n|i Use MiK-.ller meetings without viclejuT. Yugoslav Authorities Arrest Istrian Priest TIVIEBTH, MIB. 29. <UP>~TIIC Viitoslay-eoiitrolltd ATI news aij- ency reported today tlml Slefnn Cek, pnrlsli priest of Lanlsthle In Islria Imd Vx?en nnesled by Vuii- oslnv authorities In connection with the behcndliiK of (he Rev. Mlro mtsellcli by a mob List Sunday. The agency said Cek was a "fti- nalie" aiul had been arrested because he allegedly organized a "church defense euard" which lire- vented former inirll^ans and Communists from iMirticlpalAnu In confirmation ceremonies. The offlcUU Yugofclnv agency 'l'im- JiiB reported from llelgrude that. MS|jr. Jacolj Ukrinir, who was Injured In llK' in lack In wlik-li litise- Heli was killed, also was under arrest :ind would lx' turned over to the conrl.s. Livestock Too Lot* to Classify ST. LOUJS NATIONAL STOCKYARDS; Aug. M. tUP)- -Livestock'. llojis: 4.20D; ,siilab:e 4,000; barrows and nilts steady lo 26e higher.- Piss fully asc hlijiitr; sows very spotti'd. but stciid; as nn nverngc; few best li|jht liogs, 28.00; other Kooil und choice 180-240 Ibs 21.50 Ui mostly 21.15; '250-210 Ibs 2C£0- a7.f>0; lew loads 2S.>) Ibs. 2C.OO; 130- ;ro ib-, 2i.oa-2u.oD; ioa-i20 its 21.001'303; top sows 23.15. Culilo 2.-IOO; salable 1,200; calves Pl'O all .salable; nieiiKer Friday re- teipts (indiiiK otak't (ieiierally steady In cleanup (rude; town iimklni; with very few steers oflered; odd- up about «u pei 1 cent of .supplies lol.i medium n*h llghl weight steers. l,;«3-2tt,tl3; few good heifers .ind bnteher yeirrllngs, 24.50-2ti.fJO; •nediiiiu kind 17.50-23.00; odd-hnatl Hood cows around 17.50-1H.00; com- non and medium beef cows, 1K.DO- 10.0(1; dinners nml cutters ll.tiO- 13.01). Kent wfcvc* krlnc «n »n tneteue n the death : r»l* of. » oomJmmUy from sunstroke, 'h»a{ '. mid..oilier For Sato New (i flume ' |l. outTKmnl taatnr. Wuril I'hone a Hi>frlm>nitoi . but his injuries \yero not considered .serious. Qlficcis said thai, the i|vmi'U't was retinnins; Iro mUic Paris swlm- niiiiH pnol about II p.m. when (hey struck Ibe coal car which was nn- li^lHed anil halted -across the highway. The automobile belonged lo sioti 01 me ^inici tcaii aioniu; cuiuioi .m-n m^ L.HIVU. »ni: ,,v^j, i,> proposals first laid down by Her- liobby Hoke of I.ittlu Hock nurd M. Bnruch 15 months ayo. The security conn::il called a special jueeting tor this afternoon mennwlnle in an attempt to brush away the confusion created yesterday by Colombia's action in tho Aiislo-EgyptiBii dispute. day to uphold tlic CIO union's com- j however, that the months-loop ne- plaint. It ordered the election set | gotiaMon:, \U)ich prcciufcd tlie ma- dieil en rotile to a Little Rock hospital. A fcmlh occupant ol the ear. 14-year-old Tommy Wood of Paris, remained in a Paris hospital today, Wanted Allen Pickard's EAST END SHOE REPAIR SERVICE Surplus Supplies Army Goods • Shoes Kee us for (h« very tent In Army wirpltiK Kliww. Nearly mem—Ht- boill—To H« iKcknilt. Hnmlrais fur sale. Quantity Prkis Anil- ubk. 112 Lilly V-> Blk Soutli StMCt East Main WANTKN IMiMI<:i)IATKI,Y (if j;ixxl i-hnnifiei 1 io st'i-vo a; nvuli' siutiiin mKi 1 . Sn|H'f visorV (.'it|>acil.v,)roii(t juiy— limn hours. Apply I'lullips iSltilor Coni|>iiny. No jihonc culls please. S 2i( tk' 0 'i lleke who was visltinj; wllh vVood. Wood WLLS di'U'iiiK, officer. 1 ; said. Fnnciiil airangt.'nients were not completed. A NEW HOME FOR SOMEONE is now finished. Come out to ROLLISON'S SUB- DIVISION and look it over. We like it, and we believe you will! O. S. ROLL1SON Camp Moultrie Drive company aside and directed tt> cense recognizing the independent union and giving effect to the con tract it had signed with it in July. 104F). •I. andrifitm came here yesterday to request Robcrb N. DonJiam, NI..RB general counsel, to intervene in the case Denhani advised him that sincn the case was <Ieci<lecl Jjy I lie bonrtt prior 1.0 A115. '2'2 it is out of his jurisdiction. Lantlrit-un then went to Hartley. Harik'y called the hoard's action "nn atj-ccions decisio]i." "Tbe board has made a decision which will react to tho benefit of n union not complying \vith the law/' Hartley said. "I have rc- ciue.slcd the board to give the CIO l:i tir 20 davs to obey the law or cttsm.-.'S the case. "Thr- same policy oiiglit. lo apply lo nil the other pomiinj; case.s." Readers 1 Views Editor Courier No\vs: If and when \ve t,-et »as. we hope our district, the thickly populated Pride Addition, can be included in the distribution system. Thanks Tor the editorials. Louis B. Turner. •jority blueprint had brouuht forth ! an idea whi:h m:iy t!o more than anything c-U.e lo produce ultimate agreement on the to control the atom. The idea wus tho principle of a \vorld\vide quota system whiuh would stipulate in the proposed worKI atomic conifoJ ti - e:Uy each nation's ."-'hare of atomic raw maU-riais,. lin- i.shecl aiumic' iuel and iht plants and facilities for producing the fui'l. It would mean the control axHhov- iiy itself would Jtave power only lo .supervise carrying out the quoin.;, b'.Jt not to elian^c them. I'lan Offered 15 Months Afjn In Hpnoiui^inf; the basic American atomic control ijrograin as presented 15 months ugo by Bernard t M- :Baruch, Groinyt-o said today that the .six detailed documents outlininy proposed powers and sco]:c ol Hit- world tontrctl agency were bu.svU Kirictly on the Harucli pLin. Since Riixsist .stjll cannot, acrept (lie liiutrrlyui^ i>re:ej)Vs of the Ravtirh pkui. (."iromyko .si>kl, it cannot ae- ce|)t pro;: OK it I. 1 -' buill on the ir.'une- v.urk ol ilui.t plan. TJie blueprint rejected by CJromy- ko v.ould ynmt tlvj worUl agency Ihi' rii/ht to inanngt; and own dan- ticrous atomic energy facilities and raw oiatenals aiul the right to license governments to operate facil- India-Paktstan Officials • Use Planes to Curb Mobs NEW DELHI, Aug. 29. (UP)-The joint India-Pakistan defense council announced toniyht that it had decided lo employ military aircraft in an effort to halt rioting in slnfc- tnrn Punjab. The joint council represents the •combined forces .of^lhe .two, new 1 Indian dominions. i K issued orders to shooV on si»ht 1 any armed mobsters caught in the 1 act of committing crimes. For Complete Protection Against All INSURABLE HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. POLLARD AGENCY ' Giencoe Hotel Bldg. 124 W. Ash St. SELL Your Car While Prices are HIGH! to h SHELTON ! * Motor Company ! 119 W. Ash Phone 438; For Honest & Dependable PLUMBING SERVICE Call H. FRASER Dial 3289 513 Lilly St. PITCHES IIPBANK LEVELING !?iRB/#TE ROADS ^i^.-V.': OR ANY ' Jree &stima£e§ S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLDG. BLYTWEVILLE ARK. • Phone, 3646a>ut2525 LOTS OF FUN FOR ALL AT THE OLD CAR DERBY At the Mississippi Co. Fairgrounds Sunday, Aug. 31,2:30 p.m. AND EACH SUNDAY THROUGHOUT THE SUMMER THRILLS! SPILLS! FUN GALORE! • Full Racing • Stock Model Program! Racers! See the Jalopies in Action! ADM. 60c Sponsored fay Dud Coson Post 24, of the American Legion Are Found at Dixieland Cafe Try This Delicious Taste-Thrill Fresh Reelfoot CRAPPIE 35 DIXIELAND CAFE "«v v Highway 61 North at Holland, Mo. Phone Steele 17F22 ^ PROFIT Ry Read in ff the Classified Ads Every Day! PROFIT By Advcrtisirtff In The Classified Columns When You Want To Bui/ or Sell ' Ads Placed by 10 a.m. Will Appear Same Dan Ail Classified Advertising Payable in Advance Phone 4461 Blylheville Courier News >>>>>>^

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