The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 29, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 29, 1947
Page 3
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FRIDAY, AUGUST 29, 11M7 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Pemiscot Expects Big Cotton Yield Missouri Crop to Be Much Larger Than for Last Year CARUTKERSVIU.B, Mo.. Aug. 29. — Missouri leads all the major cotton producing states in the percentage of cotton ginnors supporting the cotton industry's battle for markets, N. W. Helm of this clly, chairman of the National Cotton Council's Missouri unit, siated lo- clay. Mr. Helm said that 90.2 per cent of the stale's 184 active cotton gins have pledged their support to the campaign for Increased cotton consumption. He added that the state also stands high in other phases of the Cotton Council's finance campaign. A total of 02.5 per cent of Missouri's cotton warehouses are pur- ticipating in the Council program as are 100 pc.r cent of ils cotton merchants. Mr. Helm stated. Mr. Helm forecast a larger cotton crop in Missouri in 10-17 than In 1046, citlnj! the 310,000 bales produced in 194G, and basir.n his 1947 forecast &n indications over the state as a whole, to be about 375,000 hales. He said the value of Ihe stale's 1946 cotton and cotton seed crop was $22,417.000. and ,Milh an estimated increase for 1847 of about $5,000,000, this would bring the total antici]ial«l 10-17 Mifjmri cotton crop to about $27,000,000. I'emiscot County is the largest cotton producing' county in Missouri, and one of the largest in the nation and world. Ex-Chief of White House Secret Service Detail Tells of Caution Exercised to Protect Presidents By FRANK MJSAZEK , United Press Staff Correspondent ! WASHINGTON. Aug. 29 (UP) — Michael P. i-MIke) Rcilly,' chief of the Secret Service White House detail for four war years, said today he found American "mils" a greater threat to the President than Axis fanatics or n rare Yankee traitor. In his book, Rellly of the White Hoi'se, published today—as told to William J. Slocum—Ihe late President 'Roosevelt's wartime "shadow" .said Iherc are tens ot thousands of mentally - unsound citizens "who would love to shoot the President'' regardless of his name or party. In an unusual disclosure of secret service steps to thwart both "mils" and enemy agents, Reilly pictured a security system on which, soon utter Pearl Harbor, he determined to "shoot the works." It entailed such Buck Rogers devices M seeing-eya doors., vest- pocket radio transmitters, talkin;; fences, and Goiger counters, as well as a secret service White House detail of 70 men. publication oi Reilly's story reportedly displeased incumbent sec- ret service agents. Chief James J. M. I/mey. declining to discuss the book said his aents a forbidden for pub- book, said his agents arc- to keci> diaries or write licaiion. However, they can quit and then are free of restrain'.. RciUy resigned, after scrvlni; Rcilly resigned, after serving at Mr. Roosevelt's elbow from Dec 8. 19«. until April 12, 1915, w lioii the President died at Warm Springs Oa. State to Have Diamond Mine in Operation Soon LITTLE ROCK, Aug. 29. <UP>-Within a year. Arkjnsas will have an operating diamond mine near Murphrecsboro. according to State Legislator Talbol Field, Jr.. of Hope. 'He added the prediction that soon tourists would be permitted to visit the mine, which is located in an ancient vo!-ano. Field said yesterday he based his predictions on the results of a law suit in Chicago, lil.. where planebuilder Glenn L. Martin won an extension until September of 1948 of the mining lease. 'He found nothing," Rei'.lv reported, "but a secret service 111,111 must check all credentials. Even death's." Dutch Treat at Scout Jamboree v FREE — Hillbilly Hand- Free Ke;il old time music FAIRGROUNDS AMUSEMENT PARK WATERMELON PATCH Free—Flcnlc Groniid.s—Free All Inside tilt- Park 'Irod 011 cither before or after their :crms. Rellly said he spared no exi«nse lo protect Mr. Hoascvell, not only from tiltuck by gunriro, bomb, pol- son or snuotnge. but from fire, drowning, nut o accidents nnd plane crashes. Among his disclosures: Of 40.000 tellers received at the While House monthly. 5.COO threatened either lo punch the President's nose to shoot him on sight. Each was Irnced. A I lie wns kept on all "nuts" known to have hinted they inijjlil harm the president, 'Bin cities house many insane, and Los Anceles had "more nuts per acre" I him any other, All wore watched when the President wns to upbear. All food for Mr. Ronsevcll not bought by the White House was analjml by the Agriculture Department. Much spoilage was found, bin oiCy one case of poison. A ILsh sent from Cuba had been poisoned ™ route, apparenlly by n crunk who saw the address Incoming packngo.s—vvhicli might contain bomb.s--wwi' X-rnycd, then opfncd. before iidmls-sion. Because it could not be Identified by the X-ray, a bundle of recordings of Winston Churchill's speeches, sent l)y Chin-chill himself, was shattered (is a Mispective explosive. , "I told PJDR ol his loss," ilcilly said, "mul he resigned himself to it rather easily." Mr. Roosevelt's fii'sl armored car was Al CapDiie's. The treasury 'had seized it. .Built at Rcilly's orders were two Packards and two Lincoln's capable of withstanding. In both body and glass, heavy machine gun fire. The Packards cost $7.600 each. The Lincolns were rented from Ford lor S500 a year. Admission to (he White House wns clnsely restricted. Even Cor- dcll Hull, then secretary of stale, DELL YOUTH Contlnud from Pace 1. tlie corner of Ihc (ruck bed next lo the cub, and cam* to u slop iihoul 12 feet from (he bridge railing, he said. The Impact lore the left side of the cur completely away, scnttcring wreckage 20 yards down the highway. F|y| 118 B | llss f rom i hc ii cft (| v ear struck the rear of the Ash ear which tmd already crossed the undue ami had reached a distance of some GO feet uway. The lefl front door of (he car was thrown 12 yards behind Ihe wreckage. The impact pi Iho collision pushed the truck bed nine Inches back on Us frame. WIHincliain was thrown from the car lo the pavement approximately live feel from the automobile, wllli Crum being thrown free of lh<> wreckage and partially under the left side. Thrasher was thrown to the rlBht of the car on a ditch embankment. AU three of the youths were riding In the front seal of shuwcd hh pass. Though anenl.s llkrd Mrs. Hoosevrll immriiNcIv, somr <i[ |,rr Irftlsh friends soarrtl them "half to death." Nouorty approached the President wllh hands In pockets. This wasn't protocol. H was protection. Agenl-s were equipped with a liny device that buvzed at Ihc presence of hidden suns. Aboard the Iowa en route lo Cairo, (Mr. Ko.sevclt narrowly escaped jxuslblc death at American hands. A torpedo was fired Inadvertently by n i-onvoylng destroyer. Had the To',va not made a 90-drgrec emergency turn the missile would have, .smashed into Ihe battleship under the president's cabin. In motorcades, two inviolate rules gultled the pre.sldcn'/K body guard: Never leave the president's side, and. In case of attack, get "flesh" —as much of it a.s possible—between the president and danger. Every man on the detail knew he was expected lo die If necessary. PAGE Ihc I'wr. Truck Drlvrr Culls Amliubrice Mr, Powell staled Hint tollowlni:' the aiTldc'iil lu- pulled his truck back on Uic highway mill run to his home, some 200 yards uway mid .sinmiiniu'd nil ambulance. Oruiti WHS (lend when Hie mnunhinct' arrived. WlllluKhniii niul Thrasher were urouBht tci walls Hospital here and Tlirnslier w:i.s released lifter icrclv- liiB aid imiinmit. '1'linislier sliited Hint following the ucddont he walked mound lo (lie left *ldi> ,n Hie wrecked automobile where the Injured men were lying nml tliul cniiu clutched Ills throat mill suld. "Oh, Clinrlcy. look," Hint then f,!uni]H-d »vor. SherilV's Di'imlles Holland Alken mid I'.'iwln .Icmcs. who Invesllijalod Ihc ne.clrtent slnled Hint lire nmrk.s from Hie WiUiiii'lmm air wore visible some '20 yards from where [lie cur llnnlly slopped, IndirulitiK Unit Wlllhiuham hud irled to stop the vehicle, evidently siielna thill he would crasli iiuo (ho reiir of the Ash car. rimcra! Tntiioi row InvcsfiBiUlon of I lie accident WII.H still ntidcrwiiy lids niornlnn Mill 1111 clmri;cs Imil Illed uuaiusl i'owcll ut IK loilay. .stnle I'aliol- tniiii C. H. Miinlitoincry iiuleil in the investlfialloii of (lie accident. Crnni's drill h wns I he .second truffle falnllly In Mississippi Ciuinly in Ihc last flvp days and brought (he. tolnl (radio ((pains In tlu; countv thus fur this yrai lo in, Finn-nil services loi the yonlh will l>p condiifled nl 10 o'clock lo- inorrow mornlni; in die Holl l<'n- Hngo Po]lhRmn t center, Dutch Boy Scout from The Hague, proudly displays liis model gliders to American Boy Scouts Paul Meyer, left, of Port Atlhur, Tex., and Gordon Carl, of Port Nechcs, Tex. They were among Ihc 35,000 Scouts from aU over the world attending the 10-day international Jamboree al Moissons, Fiance. National C. of C. to Hold \ Ho t springs, Public Opinion Meetings LITTLE iROCK, Aug. 29. (UP) — The regional office of the National Chamber of Commerce is going to sponsor a series of lour public opinion conferences^ in Arkansas next month. The subject of these speech and forum programs is: "The means of preserving the American economic system.' 1 The schedule for the conferences: Sept, CARD OP THANKS We wish to express our appreciation and thanks to each and everyone who were so kind during the illness and death of our father and husband. We especially wish to thank Rev. p. H. Jernigan and choir of "Calvcry Baptist Church". And also the ones who sent' flowers. Sadly missed by all, Mrs. W. H. Ocan & Children Oldsmobilc GMC Trucks FOR COMPLETE SERVICE * Spray Painting • Body Work • Wheel Alignment • Brake Adjustment Complete Line of Accessories FALL TERMS AVAILABLE USED^CARS When yon look for a B ood used car. Ihc first thing you want to know about, is its previous Ircatincnt . . . b.v tills you can usually determine the cars true value. Here at LEE MOTOR SALES we endeavor to buy lor resale, onlv those care that have been city driven and arc in Rood mechanical condition. We feel that our cars arc better than average and st.ind behind every sale, n you arc on the outlook for a truly good Used Car, il will pay you to sec us! • • ' * ' Complete Line of Farm Trailers Lee Motor Sales East End of Main Street Easy GMAC Terms Phone 519 Sept. 13; El Dorado, Sept.. 23; Tcxarkana, Sept. 24. Jonrsburo, ami SALIBA CLINIC OPEN Dr. Saliba has returned to Blyrhcvilte and will resume practice immediately at his clinic lo- cated at 128 East Kentucky. BUSINESS 1 WILL LOOk OP FOR THOSE WHO, ARE LOOKING IT UP/ ". . . anil Ihc Inllis always drnpnhi' III to luiik over llu- stuck hi ,,,i r slorc, •'Inil lurcaln-values llml can't be lintl Ami always i-omt? hark for more! ANOUNQNG The Opening Of. BOB GRIMES' MEN'S STORE, inc. 313 West Main Street .lusl in lime for full mid your clothing needs! Bob Grimes' Men's Store opens lumoiTow, S;ifiml;iy, August 3Uth. Don't it! All new styles, new slink of Hie finest makes in "men's wearing apparel. 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