The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 5, 1948 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 5, 1948
Page 5
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THURSDAY, FEBJiUAHV 5, 1048 DenazificationHit As Hate Breeder Martin Niemoeller Raps U.S. Plan and Enlist* Church's Aid FRANKFURT, Goiimim Fol, 5 <W> - J':usH)[ Martin NViiiwllw holicvcs thai Antcrlran rlriiazificsi- lion Is "sowiiiR nr« .seeds- of Jiuircil" and has fortmirteu Unhor-u, min- i&lfrt to take any funlm- ,,„,., ln Ulf> prosr^in, Niomoplln'j cii-iiimciiuior. was tile inosi trunk criticism j<-i nl((( j ( , „( Unilfd Stiilps policy Dy a | ljg] , j German. It mine j,, [],,. ' (oi . m „, „ loa-wo.rt iiiisioral Icur-r read from (he pulpits Sunday ol all Pro- tpslant Laitlmnn climclio.s in the Hrsspn-Nav,at] Synotl. of which Nipmooller is prraclrni. Nirmtx'llrr (icdarprt nip rtcua/i- rir.-llimi la« had become an lin]jlp- mt-nt of rcvi-nsp and, ns an attempt to pui-xo National Socialism, hud colJi,|isrd all down Die Hue. ••Out- people have not liet-,i led iilonij tlie )«,•), O f auijicjiiriit bin down the road in reprisal and Hie lien- seed of hatred udicii luis been *O',MI hn.s -iiown pi-olu.sely." Nic- mnelle! 1 said. He ordered Ltii iicn'an pastors 10 take no more pan in denazifica- tion jMoceeoin^.s and church mem- tier.s *n leliiiin from volunteering to pro>ecme or 10 act as a jjfo.seett- tion vnlnexs. Lit- I'mkT I'ressurr "Hundreds of thousands yield tm- der tile constant pressure to . . . lie." he said. "The old system of stuilt for ki!,h and kin ha.s returned." "Tens of thousands have lost (heir work nnti their rircily bread to await in imeinmeiU camps either sentencing or, long after sentence has been pronounced, their liberation." Niemocllev said. N'ietnoeUer said although his church supporter! denazification al the start, it warned tlie law mignt ea.sily lead to impenitence. "The cliurcir.s fears have more than come Hue." he said. Thus. Nicmocllcr followed the lead ot the Communist Parly of Wllert- , lemberg-Badcn which several Hmonths ago withdrew it.s members from denazification tribunals and .prosecution .staffs. The program, sponsored b\- U. S. Military Governor Gen. Lucius 13. Clay, is carried out by Germans, nlthouah the military government reviews sentences. In the pnsl. the American system has been criticized as slow and /nil oC loopholes [or Nazis. It also has been praised as the most thorough denazification system in any occupation zone. Niemoeller was thrown into Dachau concentration camp for his outspoken criticism of Hitler anri, during the Wai. his pica to apani ferve 111 Germany's armed forces was ignored. Al the time of his libera'ion by American troops he defended Germany's role in the war. Aid for Fish Bonnevilk dam, on the barrier of WashiiiRton a.irt Oregon, is equipped with fish ladders, to detour tlta salmon one mile around the dam ~ so they can ?o upstream to spawn. On Mystery Trip BLmiRVlLl.E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS 6-Year Mystery Is Solved; Missing $10,500 Found in Wrong Deposit Box Loss of Another City i feared by Arc HIGHLAND PARK. I!.. Keb. 5.—* 'Upi— A six-year mvstery Invofv-i ilia Waller Hank's missing MO.SIW was solved yesterday with il\e disclosure thnl Mrs. Karl Meyer, wife 'T a nmed Mil-neon, had put the money hi her deposit box by jnh- laxe. Officials of Oils fashionable Chicago suburb said Iliey were Inves- tlKnlina. hut thai there was no In- dic-alion that there had been anv man. died a(- si- Petetsburp, Pia., In 1U-IB. In 1941. he asked Hie First NntloiiRl Bank here lo gel for Wm '21 S500 bills. He wauled tlip money ', to buy a farm. | The hank checked the serial numbers when II uirned (lie money over to Hank, who deposited II ill Ills safety deposit box. At lensl lie ihmighi ]-P did, Bui «)„.„ |,e op- ; eneri the box a. year later Ihe money \\'fiK gone. I Three weeks ago. bank lellers i ChonCCry said Mrs. Meyer, a l-esular c.uslo- i -Josephine Hall vs. Ralph mer. came in lo dopasit $(1000 in | s "' 1 lni divorce. r-(Xl bills. While Mrs Mnrtha Vier- RUt/. a teller, munted Hie inonev. said U would I urn thr monev over to Hank's estate. Mrs. Meyer's limbanrt.^-ho Is supervisor of Cook Couiny Hospital in chlcano, salrl liis wife wus in the bank vault hvo days ader ]lauk reported the low' H,. said lhat Hiutk must huve rij-opped I In- nullify, \vhieli «-ns iti an envelope, \vhile pull hit,' IL in p.irentlv scoopeil 'up Hi,, envelope coiuniiiinc the money while- s.irl- h>K tln-ouuh her mollier's papers. Meyer snlrt the money must huvo lalii nnniittced in the vault lor a year. Hank sued the bank in l!n:i mul a jury held the bank responsible, bin Hi.- next year an appellate conn reversed the inline and sent the rase bark for retrial With the Courts , Hall, Maile Bernb'e, r , r.s. aie Bernbe, | looked over her shoulder aiur gasp- i ed. The serial numbers were those 17 Enlist in U.S~ Army "/ Die iiiissliiR bills. Mis. Meyer told bank ..uthorities tliiit (tie money bat! been In her deposit box for years. Slie turned previons''.-,.'^.'.'!^/.'.'.^'')!.'''^^ A rim' !!„ !!_? M ' 5I)(I snd the bnnk Ni ' v 5' "I' M»ri"P Corps, he sai,l. ' Seventeen men enlisled at the U- S Army and Air F'oi i-c Rcciuit- mc Station in Cily Hall here <lnr- iiiK January, stall St'i'nl. Don C Seal, lecruiier, amiouiiced lotlav. Ten ot these men had ser\cd NANKINCJ. 1'Vb. S (DPI- Seint- official icpiiils from Mnkdi-n yesterday said Communist attacks dui( inn the lust four dnn h.-n-e forced Nntionalisl iroop.t ],i the l.laoyuni: > urea bark Into the Inner defenses of Ihe city. (IOV.M turn nl minileis Ml j,| (hey ] foared l.lnoyiiilK, a stralecir nitl Islillion III miles Rmilh „[ Mukden n"Nbl Miff.'i (he same fnte as Hsln litun, which the Heds ci\plure>i liiM «vek. 'I'lio Ciimilluilisls flnirKi-il iiice-.s-. antly intn Nallonnllst defei^es out. side Hie my, ilispntclics .said. ^ Ciiiirier News Want Ads. How To Relieve Bronchitis Creomulsion relieves promptly because R (-oe.s riclit to tho sent of fh' trouble 10 help loosen nnd pxpt (tenn Inden iililegiii, oJid aid irattir to sootiie nnd heal rnw. tender In- named bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your drmjulat to tell yo:; boltlu of Creomulsion with tha mi- I derstaiidini; yen must like the way | quickly nllnys Ihe consli or you nr, o have yonr money back CREOMULSION .orCoujhs, ChcsfCoWs.Bronchifi Above is Prof. G. E. Bcrvc-n, I {;uned S^veriish cancer spccr.ilist (whose recent myslcr.y Ili.eM to Moscow (o dent an unnamed patient kindled nncotilirnied L c- pov[5 that Stalin was critically ill and dying. FRESH BLOOL A MUST FOR FREE ENERGY Do yoii fwl like you Art, Itrd to * (frier • vcrytlme you trr to do nomethinR/ If w, (lon'i lei. a low blood count hold yov down when you may rrlrue v)br*nl «nrrRy to every muscle, nbre ce!l Every day—every hour—nun Km* «r finf rcd-Wcod-wIls must pour tlrth from »e marrow- of your bonns to rc- niao* those that *rp worn-out. A (o«r blooa c*unt may RRect you in scverAl n-ays? bo nppeute. unriprwelghC, HO energy. & run-down condlllon. lack of resistance to hifcctton and <ll'>erwe T °v^£* . r *'* 1 r * 1M ro ' J milB ' t *«"p «P yourbkxx! strength, Mtdlcnl authorltlrs by KHKlyslH of the blood, hnve by positive proof *hi>wn that SSS Tonic u mmar.ln^Ly elective In building xin tow btood Ktrongth In non-o.ganlc nuirl- tlon*l Rnemli. This Is dno u> the Sss Tonic InrmulB which conlaJn* specliU iind potent srtlvatlng ln(crrd!ent* ^^Also. SSS Tonic hrlpn you cn;oy the •pod you rat by Inrrpa-Mng the cafllrlc T«restive Ju're when It l» hon-or R anl- CRliy toalUIIeorfcftnty—fhva thenCom- nch win hive lUtto ovvino to get baiVr with pft^, bloat and give off that «our lood toMe. Hon'l, wnlt! EnrrfflT* your body with rtch, rrrl-iilood. K,«rt on KSS Tonic now A^ vigorous hH/otl BurRc^ throuchoni your whoJff hwJ.r- F.rr&tcr rrwhncsn nno strength FhotiM make you cat hettr- nlprp better, trol hotter, wor* belirr pl*y hct.t«r, hRvo a hMlihy cotro 1 K!OT in your skin--firm r>*h nil otit, hollov p!»ces. Mfllloni of bo(,t(o8 *old (Jet • botlle from your riruK sior«, £SS Toi>] help* Build Sturdy JIcaHn. Mr. Penney, 1 have a problem... . . . Speed to I'cnney's! Your I'in Money Rtiys Problem-Solving 2.79 OWN Balance Next Fall! 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Bench - $7.95 pi "" G.G. HUBBARD 119' 5 INC. Furniture

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