The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 5, 1948 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 5, 1948
Page 3
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THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 5. l<V)g Thyroid Cancer Team Finds Wrecks New Both Rightist and Leftist Cells to Complicate Research BLYTHRV1U.R (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Car (EDITOR'S NOTKj This is cancer research.) of n on the -NKSV YORK. Feb. ha, dLsr c,* lh , SiW , Such a dr.srrjntion «a Ohr of tlie M-'fil!ist.s of rnid learn" .it .\Yw Ymk's '.Memorial Ho-spual for cancel and allied rtis- Tne difference bet ween (lip two groups, lie said, is simnle Th" thvioiri ti'Mir-. -ni r "rioluiin"" are move conservative, ho said They [nlloiv the pattern of Ihc original thyrojd iKsuc and tlierrforp. .ire Ihe ones that tenri to function as the patent Elnnd. Thou- who have ihyrojd cancer may consider them.=clvcs lucky if thpi? r;tnc([ >^ i n the "riehtist 1 ' 21'o-^p. Only about 15 prr cent of thyioid cancer patients are in this CKJIIO anil tl-.f.v can be helped with radioactivp iodine, a by-prorilirl of Ihe atomic energy ovens at Oak Hld^c. Tenn. Til.Mold a Tiny Claml Ihe ihyroid j:lr.ntl is located just bHov: Ihr Adam's Apple in the neck '•lid weichs Ivnply ,-vn miner. It, ha,' the nil important duty of manufacturing a rompomid which is active in rcculatms the utilization of oxygen for human needs. Tile Ihytoid makes the compound Ihyroxin Irom iodine which is picked tip tro.ti the blood stream. Tne Memorial Hospital "thMnid team." composed ot" physici: iirterna! medicine cxpcj Is./patho- lopists and technicians, is studying the thyroid and iu relation to dioactive iodine from all angles. Trie team is tre.\tmi- only the most carefully solpcied psiicnt.= some of whom have '.lie most so r:ons lyjie of ihyroid cancer. Iii studies ai the 1 Momofia'l ahd other hospitals, including Massa- chnsett.s General Hospital. Bristol: , which is roopcrntinpv in the mem- | orial project, it has-been found that "left, of center" cancers the.L have from the neck can be made in some rases lo pick up iodine. 'Fwn Tlu-nrii-s Advatire<l .Such a phenomenon has occurred in some rases following'complete removal of the original gland by snrgm- or by massive does of radioactive iodine. In a significant number of cases the cancerous thyroid tissue that had spread to other parls of the body began to collect iodine. There have b<fm two theories ;... vnnceri on what makes the- spreading tumors show an increased cap- acily to collect radioactive iodine The first theory is Hint Ihe normal thyroid in the neck was ".stcalh. all the iodine ihat was licinp laken hv ihe patient, leavine little or none lor ilie ilistrnt. tumors. The otU-r theory is thai removal of t;ic mlg- n>.-.! claivi crc^irr: n itoic! for thy- roiri hormone in which the distant cancer responded by attempting to assume the function of the parent l>r I'Al'l. 1-. lleil J'rejR Science \Vrilrr yrlirlil l.'ijji i,y I'nKrd IVrsM v 'U.f'.i-RfscaiTh ireatmrul of tlijroid cancer Sivpfl |jy j . , he •thy- " The ntemorial scientists presently do not know which theory. l. f either, is cor.ect. but are hoping thai, the second theory is. right. If such a theory can be proved to be correct, then a most important step in cancer research will have been made. That would mean that a cer- laii) c.incei-ons Bt-mvtn could be mgrio to revert toward a normal function. Tomorrow; How 10 drink a glassful of e.vplorlij3f! atoms. Misuse of plcctrtcity ransrri T 500 fires In (lie Unitrri Stato.s clnr- Inc IfHS. BROS. 9EEK TASTES EVEN BETTER THESE n W THAT'S iECAUSe H | /T'S 81E ft0 ED Gnesedieck Plan for Seaway Under Attack By New Yorker WASHINGTON. Hob S <UPI Ren. irvui? M, JITS. n.. N.Y., sniri lodav any bctirtils Iron, pans of [)><• Dmimwci St. Laurence- sr-awnv would lx> mot ARC lo whcjlr. Ivcs sLissesU'd ihul iiisirad of ihe .'C-a-.iAy. Hie .stair of \c«- York and tlic Canadmn Drovincc of Ontario <lf prrniHlr-ri lo rlcvoloii joinlly llli- poiciulal electric power or Ilir- SI. Lawrence River. n« sa | ( | 1>OW |, 1 Wis tlie one- rtp.5n.-iWc lc.i;iir<? of ihe Di-opospd improvonienw rmitcmpUI- rtl by ihe resolution licint; conslelor- cd by [he Senile. Tire Nc\v York .sennlor said that lire S72n.COa.000 Si. Lmvrr-ncp prn- ject of 1hc few iiKUIcr.s npnil winch hr :m,| („., <•!„,.„ | n ,. llr i. Gov. Tliimw.s E, Dowov o[ N'o-.v York, rtrv Tronsporent March of Dimes Coin Containers Prove Great Temptation Printers Strike Causes Merger than offset by da.n-!f£U;;;, (| 0 America,, economy as a 1 1,^ 1 *^' °' and wrecked a i\cw car. hi ATLANTA, fin., Feb. 5. iUt>> --. , The March of Dimes lolks arc learn- i ">K a hard lesson in ixsyrlinlOKV - - i money HIM:, c.-tn be .seen shotiidn't i c 'ell in public places. It's lixi 'cat n temptation. Th!s >i'ar. the people who r-iUn money Inr Ihe. Inliinnle 1'aralvsts' l-'oiillilaliim Incd a new rollertlnj: .'•tiinl. On drim slore and re.sianr- .inl rnmiiris acrn\s flip nation, ihev placed lies( receptacles iiuicle of iransparcnl plastic, for rionaiinns, The psyrholOBK-al Idea was that people would WHIU to make a co'i- Iribuiion if i hey coitlil jee Ihe moimims prle of nickels, dimes nml (luniters linn others had glvon. Hut Ihe idea barkflrcil plenty. City pohcp leporled loltny that from .inn. 15 ihroiiKh Jan. 3l', ll of mine thin 2,000 little boxes vino stolen by persons who bccuim- mine leminril 10 tnKe the money tliau add to it As " lv " l! '- the,Georgia Cliap-cr •• in"o' "•' tllp llll: " iulr fa.uiysls Kcmnrta- nvo others broke in o imaiuiir I'a.uiysls Kimnrta- . O.. mo or sa "s room >°» <°»<>»«^ .».« dimes „,„„„,„„ pRiuoiis r.^c-njird. ins NKA Tholn. i motor Milo.s room 1,1 . ~ • "'"" ensums seconds, slole ll'',^ v "' fl '* ]^>"^ "«»»''* thai a .!,.„• ^.,, i.i. ..,,.,, tuotahly will not IK; rcrtivered. ''• Thrf.s lln.s yrar have fnr nnlrti!.- tanced those of previous yeais when i-lixvi'd ronianieis were used, officials said. Jtu!. they lamented, the trouble probably could not l>e con ret r-d 11.1- Ul next vear's campaign Marls. March ol Dimes officials in New York liii iiiiiin the pla.sllc moricl fur nniveisal utc tills jear after pu:- li.iK one on a trial IIUM-S there for (wo work*, in ihal shnn time, they collerlcd about $m. CamiMlm officials SH-IC hayc Four Irans.-oillinejiial hiuhnaw cross Avizona casl and west while the Can.Kl;. to Mexico htchw.r.', n iiotiJi rind sovuh nsieert. Deivey JOUR lias favored 1hc seir.vuy proposal. Ives said he fell s:roi,j;]y tluit development of pmu-r lesources of the Si. I,,r.crpi]ce uatild be worthwhile, but funnily us siiolic that Ihe seaway would be "an inexcusable wasic n[ monry." Marthall Field Will Combine Morning Sun And Evening Times OincAdo, Feu. 5. HUM Mar- snail Kiel,! chained yeslerrinv ihat a ly|iesetu-rs' shiki- ilRalUsl' Chi- ciiso's dnlly newspniwrs vvaj "» Mi-oiiB conlrlbiithiK factor" io his merce,- Ihls weet of 111* innnili,. •Sun and afternoon Times. I-:IRO KcderullD.i of Labor ivhl.-h said Ihat the Iwo paper.; hud IIP"— "ml n cliance lo sh ()w . wh,, , hl , v could do undrr nnrmnl rouilti|,,,, s I lie slnke l>eiian shortly nfler 1-ielcl the Times'mid bo- Kan produciiiR both papers from the Tunes plant. The loiter was rend at Ihe Prd erallon's nu.nihly , m .ei tnK )„,,. iiluhl and was broadcast, over Ihe .'pflrriil inn's radio station ulon s with a reply by .loin, ,|. p|] c |, p.esidont ,>f H,o sirikhiK Clilcuiiii ly|>"f.r»l>hlcal Unoln The si,net Ohlcai'.'o pupers. Ihe Sun nml Times. Omly News. Trlb- —• niie, Her.ilil-Anirrlean and or ConiiiKirr. Have ninHmml pub KliliiB by nsliiK A Piiolo-riiitravl,,!! we.,, x i,,f e , hf printers slruck I'lleh ,11.1 nol deny Held's stalr- i-iils Inn. said (he 'publisher^ ..,.,,. verse should he „,, objeel le.wm („ 'ill nlher, who plun llnlon-biisttn.. " ••Union pni|)),>y ft , ,„„, |,, K .,,,j, were the ChlcjiRo .Sim's t.Wesl rlers and leinleis." I'lleh said "l p ield should h nr( , iecoi;nl,i'd (\ lstl ' He <((,( n,,i. |,|s nl ,, ml , v ,.. ll|¥ ,; now -,0 per eeji|. on,, of )>i., tml WHS Is none, ills cHsimii,; rale nia.y snoti >>r HKI DPI- rent If |,' P <.<„,_' itnui-s to [luht, unions." loci>|its...eiisoi| wlll.out "doMiiK" VlJrJfff PAGE - TfUtEM NERVOI(S.RESnKJ du« to thit functional 'middl«-ji(a' cause? Arr yon lvi wi . nn the M.MI 38 >n,l II /<-r fuini hoc :insh«-A. [*-H »r> try |,y ( |u K. ntlkltatir* \ Umi|tnkine| lo rcllcvf mc>» "•yntju ^^rui^-H^H^ri si-rs '""',^o«-h, t ,. IV 1" lirll) tHill.t in, rtii'iiiVr. """"••• I W» arrnt nifdl<-ln» «lpo nt.luu ih|» ,|.«lTr». ""•'»'«« !>«» Wlml Doctors c.ll R Mom.chic l'llHh.1,,-. Unliu,,,,,',,,! ronl.|,,,,, 0 J?..'',"'*' 0|.liurii -no l,»l,u.| n , i m ,, s , 1rllgJ . j Lydia E. Pinhham's VEGETABLE COMPoilii 4 r Kcyrti ers workers had (lie richl psyrhotos answer, after all. The Nes.oos prof- nr.rd .and Kol-thr closed conuln- HEART « We Cupid Thrives On Our Candies: • Russell Stover • Hoflingsworth • Morris Valentine Boxes conspired with cupid by collecting a pulse-stirring selection of Valentine Gifts . . . destined to go straight to the heart of every lovely lady. There arc oil sorts of boxed, exquisite toiletries of all types and an enchanting assortment of novelty gifts. So help those love-arrows reach their mark by choosing her special Valentine gift today! — Assorted Priced From FAMOUS PERFUMES NEWEST COMPACTS A " Metal 50 Priced From 3 Piece FACTOR TOILETRIESET Rouge, Powder and Lipstick Plattlo Box... Give To The March of Dimes! 1.00 Size Drenc Shampoo 89* THIS ICE CREAM 4 Piece CUTEX MANICURE SET Complete manicure outfit Leather Case WRISLEY BATH SOAP Superbe - Box of 4 COTY PERFUME Famous Odors Large Size Ironized Yeasr Tablets Builds Full Rich Blood! Alka Seltzer 49 C Creomulsion $1,15 Solution ".'i!!" Antiseptic, full pint 49c SI.25 Size New Peruna . . . /crhsl's FORTUNE'S FAMOUS Cold Tablets . . 25c Gold Seal Pints Ion Si/c " C Black Cherry 35c Bayer Aspirin 75 C BWTHEV!LLE LOWEST PRICES ROY WOODS- OuHtttJOK-RALPH Friday and Saturday Only! $139.95 «* $169.50 $49.50 ' lovliVl)< «Kv«d 14JC targ« <t|m y»llaw gold diamond fair* In fi Free Credit Terms $69.50 $175.00 $135.00 loll- ' 1 lU- .HaraonJ, , ml- .IramoOti lk^ (.„]., diamond. taig* c«nt*t dlairv«rYd ftankid by 4 >ldi di» \ Greater WATCH Values /.'. .'"•'' ^^ -;'.'."'.' • '' * *' S wlld"T! 4 '' 9 !^ $22.95' V "%19.95 $27.50 ' looV. liL. a i»al <fin! . „ do^nhT' J*. <M>lliam . . Smarl Gotham . " l.nvclv I .. _..L ... '' ^ t I I - . ..-.-. ^ 7-.'cn-cl depend- "Nnra." 7-jrwel M<lAtilc move- I. »UIOV* . . . Hand- Mnn.lrrh ... 11- tlGIN . . . Adiuil.d. Itrnrns . . 17-. PAY $1.00 A WEEK Greater JEWELRY Values H.or) Sffltd. Sl"off.r f.o nnj f.n- lion biacvliT i.r*t(K«i til S*ti. An oulitond- to fir. ing volu». for quitkir iSa<r*i. AC-DC. OPEN AN ACCOUNT up to a yeor to pay K| llrnifiis . . . U'ttir Iliamnnil^ .'

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