The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 21, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 21, 1931
Page 6
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"I ^ IHfA lilt, , Al.'K ..... si- ws Young Stars On Davis Cup Team .Youthful Stars to Repre- '. sent United Stales Matches Starling Thurs. KV WILLIAM nllAUCHF.ll SKA Srrvir.' Spcrls KiHtur • NEW YORK. Miy 20.-H it true Ihat youth will be reived, t'v United States can't f&il to \v ! n Ih* 1 Davis Cup back this yc-ur. For to' irorrcw at Montiiral, Ihree minor - cl'lldren nnd a hoary old gentleman of 23 will start Ihe battle against the Canadian learn in Ihc srecnn; round matches for tho cup France I nov/ holds. Thc youths am Frar.k X. SlileMs ,- 50; Sidney B. Wcrxl. Jr., Cliff Sutler, 20, and Gregory Munein, 23. • In national ranking;, Shields is No. .2; WoMl, No. 4: Suiter. No. 5, and " Mangln, No. B. The average aje of Ihe team is 20 3-4 years. • . Mangin is the recruit. He was • taken abroad last year us a substi- luto on Ihc ti:am \vilh Tilden. Van Ryn. Aliiscn. Lo'.t ami Bell. This •.'yrar, with competition thrown o]ien by the rctircmcnl of Ihe vet- cra'i Tilrlcn and others, each of • . t^e young men who plays against ' Canada has a great chaiice of crashing through to (he finals against France. . At Montreal, Shields, thc ranking player of the team, probably will '.be used as No. I singles man to .' nii-ko sure of two victories over ..tlie sturdy Canadians. Mangin and '. Suiter probably will be ured in tlie other two singles lest?. In tlv .do'.ibles, tlic cheice will be cltl'.^i Shields nncl Weed or Mangin nnd Eutter. Wood had had Ihrcc years of ex r.cricncc in the senior lourm- niont. As a boy his health was i bad. Last-year he entered tlie. Uni' versity of Arizona in tlie effort to -• build up his physical ixwers. His n^iwarance Is fragile, slender, but . -he is regarded as one of the mas- l?r strategists of Ihe game. - Mosl ol his play has been on ' -grass courts, but he lias been '- adapling his play swiftly to clay - ccurt competition, which Is :.-. p.ivls- Cup standard. I^asl year ". the young man amazed the tennis '' ;-worW when he stopped F.llswortl "Vine3 in the finals as Scabrlghl ..after the Pasadena prodigy had " . blazed his way in sensational fash- ••': icn Ui rough a field lhat Includec - .Hunter and Shields in sensatlona - fashion. Thai was Ihe making ol . ,Wood. - , Shields saw Ills first tennis seven ; -.years aj(0 at a Long Island clul rvhere he was employed. He -. watclieil Ihe game for a nionll -..-and dcclcYjd lo Iry lib luck al it When lie entered Columbia yram- : ., mar school in 1925 he had not yel .played in tournament Icnnis. Ir ..-. Ihe outdoor • season ol W.M he : : started lo win small tournaments -' . His odvanci^ment since then has •, .teen slcady. . In 1S28 he declared himself "In 1 .when -he beat Gregory Mangin In t'.ie final ol thc Melronolilnn championship". In n single year h>- advanced his junior ranking from 24th lo Hrsl. - Shields has a hard driving style • of play, peculiarly adapted to sln- ples, but a handicap in doubles $25 Fillv -Wins $10,CO'3 THURSDAY, MAY 21, *'-- ioxcrs lo Train in Open jAir Gym For Filil Cards PEBS An open air training arena for \; i o . Ml I '1 n 1 Ulylheville's ambitions leather Vols ikat Mobile bears and n-slicrs Is being buiil In Ihe rnar P«liran« Dpfrat 1 nolcont ot Jiimne's I'lay House en Mnlii ' elicalls ^ClCai LOOKOUl A full sl/c ring built upon n wooilen foundation is being con- iuoted .anil a canvass top will o stretched over Ihe rlUK for pro- .rction aijninst Ihc sun's rays. A Team. Thc Memphis Chicks finally beat : Hie ninnlngham Barons yesterday.' As a result Hie Atlanta Crackers. . . . . . . ... , gained slightly on the- Southern n-'TI"..^" 1 .. !., " l!","!!?".,!",," leaders with a victory over the Lit- J ""'" ' " ""' """''" " '" t| c [j,,,,^ Travelers. | The Chicks won behind some uuiichinx bay and weights will be placed in one comer of the en- ?lcstirc. Tiie oiieii air gym will be used by boxers-and span In;; partners in DID YOU KNOW THAT— Max Sehmi'liiv; probably will earn between $^00,000 and $250.- ODO for his fight with Young iitribling' nl Cleveland July 3. . . . that Is based on a gale of $500,000 and up, Schmeling's end being 41) p;r cent . . . lliat 1-5, Schmeihii; & Assocjalcs' end. rather . . . after the associates Bet through with the cake, a large chunk ylll be missing . . figuring on a gale of $500,00!) Ihls far In advance seems safe. . . . kind of gate would give Slrlblinu $02.500. . . Dempsey Is giving the boys a liO-40 arrangement at Heiu July •! tlie winner taking the big end of Uic purse. SETDBODIK: _S: mi 101-3 Beat While Sox; j Cubs Take Braves ami; Phils Mow Up. ! Lefty Grove pitched yesterday nnd the Philadelphia AlhlHic.s v. p o;i over Ihe Dotroll Tiji'rs. iMvins I'-v Anu.T!can pace .setters 12 slrahh. wins. The Cards, leading the N;i- llcnal luo;i. ran into t'.ie Knvly Brooklyn Dmlycrs nnd snircrel o Grove, liurliiv; asainst (jco:-;;-; Uhlc, gave the Tigers lliroe sonl- lercd hits while the Maukmer. scoieu 1 (me run in tl'rce .llif?r.Mi! Innings for Ihelr 3 Ui 0 verdict. T'vr of the Macks' runs were honu'r.s clcinciLslriiiinj Ihe light pitch'.ir; Q- the game. The Washington Senators mado tlira-j hits cnmil for nvo runs I'. t'.u Caraway an:l t'nc Chlca} \Vtiile Hox, 2 13 U. Sam Jon?s limited tlic Sox to six hits. SpaicerV homer and a squeeze play nutle. (he Nats their run. Tiie St. Louts Browns defeated the Boston RcJ Sax. Ihe score, £ to 4. Pickering of Boslon liit two homers. Stewart, Brown hurlcr j was credited with his fourth vie tory of Hie soascn. H was tlic Browns' eighth. The- Brooklyn ^RoMm pulled th Cards down wllhin striking dislan;- of the National pack yeslerday by beating the league champs. 5 to •' | The winning run was scored in the i ninth on a hit by Babe Herman. Bill Haliahan was the losing and I Hohiwch Hi: winning pitcher. Man. ager Sued and Durleinh Griinr i weiv sent to [lie showers by tin 1 umpires. rood pilchln^ by Tfarry Kelly by » • - stage , h riie-altv rlehl 5 e '"• timely hitllun. Tlie .Mempnians r „ . . 'tlTboiV'^vnl'h " m ' lc onc nl " '" CMh ol the last t - 0oter ' Bra S£ ai ">ClO , ' M, five • innings tu come from behind ArnJo'r? "starling ^H^'cK? T^ch™"" I The Crackers defeated the Liltle 'Rock Travelers. 8 to 1. A base on balls, sacrifice nnd error In the Cincinnati's Reds look anotiie detail yesterday and the Gi:in!s a shutout win. 4 to 0, b:!iiml I :i scoreless pitching of n youri* re emit, John Ilerly, who flnishej on: 19 scoreless innings in a rav. liil. Terry hit a homer 'with two on. Al the Giants' runs were suorcit in the cixlh. The Chicago Cubs won over Hie Dosicn rirnvos, 7 to 5. Bob Sinitr was tiic winning hurler. Gabb Game Must Be Played "afwi « p iui tour im s , mci;..!;-.' a homer, led Hie Cub attack. Frank- ItAYTl, Mo—The Cooler team of h °.;'. se v ™, C 1? "'' the Scutheasl Mfeouil baseball as-', ll!e phllliOT . trall "'S 7 lo 0 ir sociation was ordered lo meet Ihc !° ur , in "'"Bs. ''allied lo bval U: L / (ilWAVvJ margin. The Pebs had tied the ln n l>lay-o[[ of Ihc game schcd- I <T%V7 | AMfe"^^^ counl in the ninth wllh a Ihrce ul(l " for lnsl Sunday nt an assccin- AMi*;£ri Trvrr> ™» rnii >-- ', tion . mc . ftln & hcrc |nst nl * ht nt ^i*'-*"/Xi I I 1I*W I' Nashville's Vols beat HID Mobile .'"Hied by representatives of all ten i ^->r< V.JJI ll_L/JLil» ' Marines. 8 lo 4 In a nisjhl jjame at. lc ; > "' s v ..,,r% vj-.»..iM-»^JUV_r . . ciinnman lilt a home run ' . rllc «™Sgadocio team sought a 'J - ; .fltlJAH BSAIJqia . I with one on in the r.cvcnlh. Buviil {c , ri ^ 1 llf tllc c " dc1 ' B- 11116 because -_. =0^ | aiiowcd ^ h([s but (hcm vM or i,,e , Llttor team's rc r usa i to play 1'rotrEc's Farewell, sraltcied Sunday, but til; association's Old Jim Jewries' protege appear-I' T i lc New Orleans Pelicans beat Judiciary commit',:e ruled that the ed for a brief spell In Madison thc Chattanooga Lookouts', 6 to *.\ e "'\ e ""' st 'Jf P 1 " 1 '" 1 °" ," cxl Enuare Garden the other night. nl Chattanooga. Thc lookouts ral-1 Wednesday nfte:noon at Cooler, took u swlshlns; rijihl lo tho chin n^j in thc n i,uh for flv-> runs at- Al>c 'lier decision reached at last and went away from there. The lcr being'heW up to thai I '""'I's msclJug was that nil teams pioleue is (or had we belter say inl ,|n K . oigziier was the winning : mu * 1 l™° 15 ., I)a: ' !1 ™ f gnccl ", 1V was-) Al Morro, and H took Just a , ,,| lcllc V no3c ,, lt n home run for i ™' *' 5 '^"f 0 " v;ll!l , lnc ^ l - i ound and n half for Steve llamas. N CW Orl«ins. . j anon by Sunday or lose Ihcir GAMES TODAY Southern League Atlanta at Memphis. Mobile at Chattanoci;a. Birmingham at Little Hock. New Orleans at Nashville. • . Sutler is the phenomenal younj , fellow from New Orleans who declared six years ago that he"\vonld • beat Tilden yet." He has been .' playirfg since he wns 10, and dur- ; Ing lhat time he has won thc Southern Conference title (playing /.for Tulane), the national inlercol- ..." lEgiate crown, the Longwood Bow '.' tournament, the Eastern Grass Courl championship and has de • lealed such stars as Tilden, Mccur Bell and others. Mangin was 2Gth in the nationa • rankings in 1921. He moved up t 13th the next year. In 1929 he nt! : -vanced to lOlli. Last year lie wa. moved up to sixth. Last ycnr tli Georgetown University boy num bcred among his victims Doeg an Emmy Austin, the Britisher. In 1928 he was calmly crushin • Henri Cochet in the national sin Cles tournament when rain forcci postponement of tlie match imt t':e next day. During the 24 hou Intervening. Cochet managed .„ find himself sufficiently to eke out a victory over the indefatigable Mangin. ;. Speed and aggression arc his . \ chief characteristics. There is no ; " sleeping n-ith Mangin blasling o;il there on the courts. ormer Penn State athlele, to knock lorro for n loop. Protests never ere much good ,anywoy. llcvcr vs. Tough. The Battallno-LaBarba chain- j mcmberslilp. American l.cag:ic Washington al Clricaso. Boston at St. Louis. Philadelphia at Detroit. Games scheduled for Sunday are: New Yor k at Cleveland. al meet June 20? If you could dls- I I'ascola nt Hiaijcadocio. Hayti at counl Williams' gameness, he looks! Wardell, New Madrid nt Lilbonrne, lo be priced at second choice In a I Covtcr nt Holland and Stcclc nl race with WykofT. But Williams' Dentcn. ilonship shindig revives the ques- i lameness is something yon can't! icn of cleverness vs. toughness Battalino is tough: Ln liarba is lever. Usually Ihc clever guv can t. thc tough 'un—but not always. Barbi happens to be not only lever, however, but tough h;m elf. • • * ' \n OM School 1'rank. Flint Rhein and Ralph Homsley lave BOinetlilng In common lhat is Becoming rare in thc bis league? :bcM days. You remember hov- [ Ri^em was kidnaped last year for several days while the Cardinals were coming down the home stretch with a pennant in sistht? The other day. Manager Jewel Ens of th" Pirates suspended catcher Ralp'.i Hemslcy. who was away frcm the team for a week and came tack the explanation lhat he had teen ill wilii influcma. Oilillv. Hcmsley. in his fi-jht with tlie flu] acquired a fccAuliful black eye. Kid Influenza should be awarded a technical knockout. discount. He wins races with It. Rend Courier News want ails. National League Chicago at Boston. St. Louis at Brooklyn. Cincinnati at New York. Pittsburgh at Philadelphia. BRUSHING UP SPORTS Laul'i a -ii^prt .4!^" i W: After Canada, conic the Argen- tinians. They v.ill arrive in Washington May 25 and praclicc for three" days nt the Chevy Chase '" courts tcforc lying into, the young : " Americans in thc American inter•• rone finals May 28, 29 and 30. '. The winner of the final round matches, will sail for Europe early r.ext month lo mcel the winner of , - the European zc;:e finals July n '•> :• 18 and 19. The challenge round against France will be played a .Stade Roland Garros, as Auleuil July 24, 25 and 26. Surprise? Tre intercollegiate! trie hsi of :e month al Franklin Reki are a oregoue conclusion us far as lca:n Hcrl counts. Thc lads from t-io will walk in, do their turn 1,1 walk rv?hl out again wltli c hannionship. Bui fnoi-e miv b? individual sur-:s-s. ,!oe McCIuskry of Fordham. 'urs Ciianman nf Bales nn,1 CT! C-an of Pjm will b; in l!:ere wif-i '•vinklln=! legs nnd. w«!l—look at;n All placing in Uic Derby— •on never tell. Hurdler nuti :aptain Podee Smith of S'.inf^-i and Vic Williams. Southern C.ili- ornia quarter mllcr, have oeen rf- SENTEXCED IS AMBULANCE SOMERVILLE, Mass. <UP»—An •;. ambulance was transformed into a : .;'cpurtroom here today when the case •ol Timothy O'Connor, 52, paralysi .. victim charged with drunkenness y;, was called. As the defendant lay 01 • a slretcherln the ambulance. Jidg >t I. Stiirtevant sentenced him ti ...M *«r» in i»ll, ':&•. •• on hand to assist Wright If necessary. Yoim<!. Hornersvllle, Mo., slU3<;er i will i)hy wllh the locals and C!i:s'-' ter Caldwell, late of the Csceola Ti- -dlans. will be wl'h Hie Snx, Ttirjs')- er and Abernathy will patrol iv 'gardens with Young. I Mallory and .Woo-lsO'i of Can: 1 ' crsvllle are sbtcd W i'l'n Hi" e! •- E'en •'n-l J. B. W'.it-vorth. hard- liiti'iu fielder of the liilv-jrsliy •-• Aiabn'iii. is e-v-v-jctej in the llncu-, by Sunday week. PARIS. (UPI—The seiwral labor fedevation of France will bj liost lo Ihree hundred children of unemployed German workers t>ls sumirjer. Th children will si«ivi •• nraitli al the He" d'Oleron al tlr vacation cclony of the Fiench Co operative Union. .t. wiould tal:o ,1 lot of P:ES;S at the dice table lo run $25 up "to ;!C,OCK), bu', J M. Rc-jd has, dene it with a mlural named Butler- ccnns. Heed i.aid 8M for Butterbeans, a !.w>ycar-old filly, at Havana rac-3 track last «inter. Slic recently turned in her seventh victory in 14 uaits Liy cupi:!n<j (lij Dibutan^e stakes at Churchill Eoivns. which ran licr -:c:al winnings to mors than StO.OOO. The icp photo siicws Untierbeans with Jockey S. E. Allen up. Below is Cwcn Heed with Jockey Allen. HOWi ._ THEY \l1fe STAND ScniMirrn Binningliam Atlanta Liltle. Reck . Mew Orlsan.i Nashville Memphis Clialtanooji Mobile w 24 18 18 17 1C 10 13 14 L. 12 15 1G 17 17 19 10 21 Arnrrirun League W. Philadelphia ... New York Washinglon Detroit Chicago -. Cleveland Boston St. Louis Na!iuml St. Louis New York Bos'.un Chicago Philadelphia Piltsliurgh Brooklyn Cincinii^ii 19 17 18 Ifi 12 12 n PCI .607 .545 .500 .SOU .445 .437 .411 Pet .731 .630 .603 Memphis Pickery Team Plays Red , Sox Here Sunday The Blytheville Hed Sox will pliy Ihe Big Pickery ball club of Memphis al Haley Field Sunday afternoon. The local independent club, will be out to get back in the win i column after four straight losses.: The Memphis aggregation lias'noli been defeated this season, accord- 1 in? to reports, and if the Sox plan i to turn out a winner they will nncl j some opposition: ' " : j John Smith, business manager of j the local club, is not downhearted- over the successive losses suffered by the locals. He has secured e' number of new players who will 03. oiatl ages 405 ' 'n] ec ted into the lineup. 1 AW .414 .383 .320 .ty hitter, as his battery mate. Taylor. Gleason, Tenn., ace, will be-'" The Biylheville team will prob-; ably line up .with Monk 'Wright In Ihe hurling box and Fanning, hef- »rted out o! condition. A fan- o! thc eastern bays may get Into s:>rr of the Pacific stars' wav. hut mi enough lo counl when lho;e loii'k arc coinpatei. J ' * 'I After Wykoff. I Canada refuses lo lilt o-i P'rc- William?, and yon c.inl Warn-! tii«m for that. ' Vancouver', has tnvU."j Frank WyScoft. California's "fi<i-s! human." to run 105 yards Angus' 22 against Ihe Olympic chamnlri Los Angelas renlies that WykoH will be out of training then b'tt thai If Mr. Williams really would like to race, why shouldn't he come to the Southern California s:ctlon- A1&06 6 EPRORS piTcreo A feAME IKJ .. IN PROFE.$oM!il F6ARIK6 TflW EMfiEfill AH6HT Re CLAJMED WOER. ire Ono Year Ago To;lay—Balie Ruth I scl a major league slugging record i 'vnvn lor i;i» third lime In his ca- | reer be blasted three home runs in one- game, yet the Yankees lost to the world champion Athletics, 15-7. Each Sunday MEMPHIS Shorts Knickers Lougies ; $1.50 _ Years Ago Today—Earl Shecly's consecutive extra-base hit- j was snapped ut sevan when Ihe White Sox first baseman Hied lo the outfield in his fifth Irip to t!.e plate. Slieely had six doubles an:l a hc:ne run In two succes- fivc dn;-3. Ten Years Ago Today—Cyril Tolley. British amatevr golf chumplin. I beat Chick Evans, U. S. amateur J chimp. 4 and 3 in one of the thr" vlclorie.s Groat Britain was able to take in 12 matches with Am;rlcin amateur players. FAVORS WHIPPING POSTS PHILADELPHIA. (UP)— Jud?c Harry s. McDevitl Is in favor of a , public whipping post in Ihe court, yard of cily hall for wife beaters i and these guilty ot petty crimes. :Tre jurist, who Is famed for his IOIIK sentences to convlcte.1 bun- i.dils, also fidvocaled a "Devil's Is' land" for confirmed criminals. ] Tlic University of West Virginia reports Ihe finding of a synthetic • substitute for vitamin A. the growth | factor. AND RETURN GOINO—Leave Blytheville at 5:48 A. M. Sunday. RETURNING—Leave Memphis as late as 11:20 P. M., same day. ROUND TRIP FARE From Blytheville Shirts to match New Clothing MILCH COWS For Sale or Trade 20 head fresh milch cows. Will sell on fall pay merit with approved security. Harris & Highf ill Mule Co.

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