The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 4, 1948 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 4, 1948
Page 13
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WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 4, 1948 OUT OUR WAY By jTR/WiOJ Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople THERE -t COUNTED TSJW^N!^ YOUR STc-rs/ YOU -(oo* l -^|i|$8^ TWELVE, AND THERE'S THIRTEEN - ?55 e ;:L TH ' S FAMILY & MERELY SUPERSTITIOUSv NOT LAZY OtH, WO. EGAD, A\VGOODA\A>V •^^^ OKAV SEVERAL eeSlOEWTS HWJelW^OFFIC&R COMPLAINED OF S'OO LCXTER-% OKAY.' ' IMG IriTUB NEIGHBORHOOD.'/ I 3OST o7o c ^r 0 |^^^ ^^K^kM^^^^l- e/ = FREIGHT TERMIMAl ^ .1-|T5^'1 L ""-'S> I BLYTHKVII.LB (AUK.) COURIER NKWS PAGE THIRTEEN House Votes More Funds For Trainees WASHINGTON. Feb. 4. lUPl-j The yc.s .'-day overwhelming- i Jy approved legislation to Increase i federal lieuefiu for veterans Ink- 1 ini/ on-the-Job training umler the i CU Bill or Right.?. 1 The vote was 369 to b. The bill, sponsored by Rep. Bernard W. Kearney. R.,~N. Y., was passed under a suspension of regular House Rules A similar measure has already been approved by I the Senate. Differences between the two bills *ill be Ironed out In conference. In a brief speech. Kearney ex- plnined thnt the legislation would «f(ect monthly Income ceilings Imposed upon veterans enrolled In tn on-the-job training course. A veteran taking on-Lhe-joh aiming la subject, to » celling on •li total Income from government subsistence payments plus salary. The bill passed yesterday rioes not alter the present rate of gov- «rnment payments to on-the-job trainees. A single veteran may receive up to S65 a month and a" veteran with dependents up to SOO ft month depending upon his total Income. OFFICE Steel OH Barrel Racks Anj 817.1- T. L MABRY 433 MISSOURI ST. PH. 362 By Adelaide Humphries kj Atfcfa.J* H.«phr.n. Dntr*ul«d k? ^E* StRVICt. IfJC THRILLING! What a thrill once your ball eofs spinning down the alley and miken * itrlke! Make it » family affair! BOWL TONIGHT! ChitwoocTs Bowling Alleys Easl Main SI reel Phone 1020 XV JT was love. That much Janice and Eric knew that much each had eonfesFed. though beyond this amazing discover, they nad not ventured. Ar Eric had said that night when something had drawn them into each other's arms, they would have to talk about It sometime. For the present they were content to postpom the inevitable, to live only in the wonder of the present. It was enough Just lo be together; sometime? in silence, as lhat first night driving through the park, when silence had not seemed 3 barrier but * bond between them: at other times in talking and laughing and sharing the most inconsequential things. It was enough to sit across a small table and look into each other's eye*. "1 cannot believe, my sweet, that you love me." Eric said, not /or the first time, his dart eyes looking into hers across the restaurant table. They tried to spend some portion of each evening together. An evening spent apart was one wasted. The hours In the ollice did not count. There had been a time or two, at the beginning—was it possible that they had known about their Wildcat Invades City i COLUMBUS, GB. (UPI— A wijdl cat managed to penetrate to the) center of this city of more than' 100,000 population. It went un, noticed until It was run over and ! killed by a motorist at m busy, j intersection. EVANS love now [or almost a month? — when Ihcv had forgotten thai they must mainluin a strictly imperial relationship diinud olM<*e hours The morning alter thnt first wonderful evening Eric nad broKcn down a moment to confess lhat he had not been able lo sleep a wink "1 had to get up, darling," he told her "and walk the floor. Finally I nad to go out ana walk Ihe streets What have you done to me. Janice? I'm not Ihe same man 1 was. 1 shan't ever be the same again.* 1 "Is that good or bad?- Her gray eyes smiled back into his. "Bolh.' he told net (lalt seriously, hall gaily He wondered if tn some ways the chariRc might be for the worse He Knew for instance that besides Keeping nis emotions unde; check diirmR working hours, it was not wise to try to snatch every possible moment to t>e with Janice. There were obligations toward other people lhal musi be fultillcd A man in his posilion could not simply drop out of sight—from his flub and the other places lie Had frequented for so many years. And there was that talk that could not forever be postponed. his saying, all these tilings. Janice knew them. too. Only the other day, wlien she had gone into the utility room, not knowing Eric was there, something had occurred which had made her realize that this bliss could not go on indefinitely, this sojourn in the heavon they had found on earth. For it was heav.-u they captured in even the briefest moments together—a look exchanged, an accidental contact such as when in handing him something that day. her hand had brushed againsi his. Turning, Erir had Been sortled to find her there inside Ihe small enclosure, the swinging door having noiselessly closed them in. He had taken a step toward hei and his strong arms uaa dmwn her agiiinit hi» rapidlj twalinR heart lie nan Kissed nei much more fiercely than that tirst time. He uad lust released net and was holdlnp ner-ai arms length with DOI)) hamls. ms Irinkinc in the answering look from hers, len the door Had swung in and Hctly Jane Coxc had stood staring at them. Janice did noi know flow much Betty Jane Had wen Itut nci eyes had oeen wide net jolt mould agape Ana n nei expression had betrayed her Janice was sure lhat her own. and no doubt Eric's as well must have done as much. Afterwards Eric nad said. "That must ncvet nappen again." fie had given a short laugh. "The ol- floe is not the nlace. It seems lo remember how we really (eel toward each other Janice." No. the ollice was not the place. And some day they must wake up to the realisation that such placet as the one where thej were now would one day not be the place, either indeed. Janice foresaw with a sudden Hash of perception, that the day would come when the question would be whether there was anj place at >ll for them— for her and Eric and their love; strange love, unsought, unanswerable. "What are you thinking of. my sweet?" he asked her now. as (hough he knew lier thoughts nad wandered. "1 can't lei) you what I am thinking." Janice said, "because, when I'm with you. Eric, it seems 1 cannot think But I know Oils cannot last, since everything must end." "Not yet—let's not come to that ye!." His eyes were uescechmg. "Nol—not tonight. Toll me again thai you love me. tell me once more when it was lhat you discovered lhat you did." So it went—the foolish conversation of lovers: the repealed phrases: the trivial details became momentous. And the warm alivcncss, the magic, the fresh outlook and awareness lhat only being in love could bring. (To Be Continued) GROCERY For Free Delivery 2597 313 Sonih Second The Right Place To Buy Your Cor EAST END AUTO SALES 503 East Main Street Phone 4,9, Clean Used Cars J - w - ^ovebdy ... L, . . Al I^iirman All Maketf c ,rover Frazier TRY NU-WA'S DOUBLE SERVICE • LAUNDRY • DRY CLEANING ALL IN ONE CALL! Devote more hours to Junior and Sis (luring their formative years. Send l>otli your laumli-y ;iml flry cleaning to Nu-\Va where you get swift, efficient service! Dial 4474-4475 10 Ford Tractors Complete With Knuipmenl MORE EQUIPMENT ARRIVING DAILY! See or Call Douglas l.avv.sou at Russell Phillips Tractor Co. South Highway fil Phon* 2171 FLOWERS BODY SHOP New Location 118 So. 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GKUfiEilBEItlGWMlTED \vcrlinjf Suspicion By FRED BARMAN W e ouftAvo AKEALOOK S HOS5 ' A OMAfO OUIL.VO WHO «£ID UP THE No Help Wan led HOOTS AM) HICK lex, Vvs—(in On. Dud By KDKAR MARTIN / —*^ I •*-**> *^

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