The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 4, 1948 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 4, 1948
Page 12
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FAGB TWELVE BLYTHEVIU.E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dallr Mt« p« lie* lot consecutive in•ertion: Minimum obar«« Kc Z tlm« p*r tint lie f tlmM p^r lln« per day lie 1 Umw per line per day ,,,,,, 9c 6 times per line pei day 7c ... Count five average words to the «llnc Ad ordered for three or tlx times find •topped before expiration will be chars•d for th< cumber of times the ad appeared And Adjustment of bltl made. All Classified Advertising copy 'Ub- mltted by persons residing* outside ai the city must bo ivccamtianlod uy cash Rates roiy be easily computed from the above table, AdrertlslnR order for Irrcfiular lns«r- tlonj Jakes th« one ifnie rat*. No responsibility will b« t ft Vie , foi more than one Incorrect Insertion ol •ny clarified ad. All ndr> ar« restricted to ihelr proper elasAlfJcatJoM. styla and typ«. The Courier rcsorrea lh« right to edtt or reject any ad. Apartments Wanted Thre* or four room furnished npurl- mpnt, or small house. Thomas Manufacturing Company, phone ^:(7S 2.4-rh-U Apartment For Kent Apartment nl 112,1 W. Mycnmore. Two room 1 urn!short fipurtmoiu. "22 Three room npariinpnl unfurnished Three room rurnfchrci apartment :(2H N. SIxih. Phone 4;t3i3 2,4-pic-7 Business Service Directory Adding Machines N*« R. 0. Allen «dilltl(! mfrlilnf" ind CflFfi rfrflTvrr rcalxtprs for Immp- dlal« delivery, also rrbullt tn^chlncs— tnr mnKc. DEt.L SCOTT Phon« 22eo 1111 XV Main I 22-<-k-Z22 Auto Supplies and Services CHAPMAN SERVICE STATION Alain A: Dlrision Phono 2.1 Don't en danger your fn. \lv «•! fau Ity t li es—BU Y LEE TIR r,!> ! Wonted: Wrecked or Burned Automobiles Wade Auto Salvage K. Highway 61 i^ior.e 37R5 HU-ck-tf Jeep parts now avnllable at POOLE ATOTOR CO. We cnn fill a)] your needs Get genuine parts from our complete line. ELLIS POOLE. OWNEEt 'A.- OPERATOll South HlRhwny 81 m sicple. Mo Phojie Ste»!e 49 We guarantee RECAPPING WITH HAWK1NSON TREADS Let your next tires be GENERALS COST MORE—WORTH MORE Modinger Tire Co. 41» K MAIN PHONE 22(11 HiS-cX-tf Business Property For Kent Bulletins SSO5 «l 111 B Ully. Applr »t Plcknrrt'i Ororrry, 1044 ciitrk»nw- Half of the second floor (area 24 feet wide, 75 feet long) in our new building lo- cntcrl 110 South Fifth Crcam Company. Lonir time lease can be hn(! at reasonable rent. Tom Little Realty Co. Phone 8G1' 2-2-ck-f) STORE BUILDING j on Main Street. 50 feel wide,' MO feet \m\ K on first, flour:! .second floor (iO feet by 75 feet. Total nearly 12,000 square feet. A wonderful lo-i oalion for any large retain .store, Will for loiifj ' timo or reasonable rent. I Courier News Hox A150. i Coal and Wood For sale—good coal and kindling. Plenty of i(. Wei lelivcr. Phone !)<li), Lewis! Poultry, 419 K. Main. : COAL 'If it is coal you want" WE HAVE IT. Also Hay—Across from HlylhcvMle Comjircss We Deliver Phone "i<!89 ll;20-ck-ll "Plenty of Illinois Coal" At HESTER'S COAL YARD PHONR 318(1 FOR Quick Delivery Courteous Service S. Highway 61 Florists TOl7~VOUR~VA17RNTINI-T Flowers say il best—. He sure they're from Allen's •112 ClllcknMivtM Arc,—Phone ;|ISS Ul.RNICn ALLEN Foods FRESH EGGS FRESH FRYERS Abraham's Court S. Highway (il— C:all -IGfiG Battery Fryers Fresh Eggs Blaylock Hatchery Highway 61, phone. 817 Expert Radiator Repair for Less We have the best In radiator repair equipment Let our Un'nfd men noil out anJ repair rour .radiator for you Quick Service Pickup and Delivery Russell Phillips Tractor Co DOUGLAS LAWSON. Mgr Fbone 2171 E » cl H Brushes FULLER BRUSHES Sales and Service Cl.YDK ELDRIDGE Local dealer—Phone -M% • 3-17-ck-2-17 Crappie nnd cat fish. 2<! hour service. Simpson Oil Co., Statclinc. lllH-ck-tl Reacli For Hart's Rrencl Hotter TIIK HAT SHOP HATS CLEANED AND DLOCKED i F,S ». UP AKD OEHVEBY SERVICE H0..f. ,6J7 io.-j w . Main Household Goods tiling no K *, w aan MiUn 3V phone Building Material Used concrete blocks, several hundred. lOc each. One 500 gallon Butane gas tank, new big discount. Urge quantity used lumber, will sell entire | ol caeap Tom Little Realty Co. 2-2-9 Do your orn concrrte » n tv ,"717^1 J5?' * <-oocrc.le mi.xcr >>v a,.. „;,.*"' Pnone «S9. Boj 653. Biyt° cv l »<• A k' MOOF.KNMXK your kitchen with a beautiful new sink witli flour anil \vi\ll cabinets Terms: nolliinj; down nnd about $5 per month at Planters Hardware Co. 1-27-ck-tf ^s » rln.ti to «cry lonit nr\v s. ,£•£ we can't afford to sell you a "pig in a poke" s' fhtit't plenty of tbaip tia.jin| ~ ' ~* •*"'« <**yt In »^« UJtD CAR j»m«. Anrf miny *n hoieii mtn h«i tlitrc^rfej I h*'« t»ujhl lo b« » itfvtu -plj in » jjol.*-. oinM n«« Cjf nc*!*r. iuw no "pig* In l pel*" on em IISEO CA8 ly co.l motulr lriiu|iorliiioa J r . USIC C«,« to yo,i If, go, lo b» iljhl-r«c«ndnloticj. >il. In th< « gcpd. te» nW jv'M ol Ihr t wr. SAFJIV J , | JC ,.,y | 5th at Walnut Phone 4453 TYPEWRITERS eo5°&ubu" h - °° r °" "" """">*• DON EDWARDS Th« Tjnewrlttr Mu llfl M. 6ecoDd fit. Phstii 1382 it at u Typist '»„,,„„. W,U ...^r,. fnon> Used Cart Dogs, Cats, and Pet* ei-IKS lor .»le, 1108 ChlcKasAwb ' Farmers Column j LANOI.EV.S MILL la NOW OPKN Clik-kcii <-lit)|«. Iresh K rom,<l nu-'al I AL.SO cu.stQni KrinclLnir 300 S. SECOND BTRKET , IU'0 2-row John Deem cultivators (will lit A nr lij. J,. o. IXWE, six miles ! i fioulU of IllytliPvllla on Hlfliwny lii i ftl Uumey'ft ritorc. ljJl-jjlc-2,7 I I for s»r-M trnctor International ; J>ri>ak >IK !>!<«•. <»ic hnrrow cilltlvn- I lor R. r I'min.lB. .n Pnnus. MO 10 | mites N W. or I'li;i;oil, ArX, 2U-pK-6 | r'or Kill,- Two ami thrcp tumnrn , OII.SK/S lor Jolm Di-ric tr^'tors Jntiii-s , W I'ci-y. ! inllr Knai o[ Htcflr. or call (.MrmrU'lM-llK- 22U. 23-|>lc-IO ror Sill., -nil Jr. Massoy-JInrrls tractor aii<I i-nltlvntor M Cnlvlii rollings l '.ara K <- I'hoiif. 3928. 2<-,ik-ll I , .lust .rei-eived those new M 1 inch, two bottom breukiiiM i plows on rubber. I/ you arc' interested in a real plow you had belter hurry. They won't last, loujr. ' i Lee Wilson Hardware and Implement Co. Armorel, Ark. Phone 2088 13-PK-6 Mr. fimHr-r-I.ct us .liarpen roi.r plows \w social!/, in rorin rcvmlrs mill all imirls o! wcJdlnc. Also Harrows lor s.Ur. Hrijry Wrstbrook's Snon 2''5 .<. first, i.hona 4161. I:l2-ck-212 MIRRORS Custom Built and Installed for MANTELS and DOORS Prompt Service Arkansas Paml-Glass and Wallpaper Co. 105 !<;. Jhiin Street — . . . Phone 22TZ 1 24-CX--3 24 1 Musical Merchandise Insulation FTlEt, .SUPPLIES AFIK SHORT CONSEttVK NOW nY 1NSULATINO With Ruck \V(iol II1.0WN OVERHEAD nnd INTO WALLS \\'. II. Co. I'liONE 2054 HIKE ESTIMATES TANKS TANKS TANKS A'tcntinn Farmers and Fuel Oil Humors. Got an extra fuel oil tank and rack. Be prepared for oil shortage. Bl.vllienlie Machine Shop I'hoiie 28'^S. l-30-ck-2-30 i HAVE IT ALL DONE UNDER ONE ROOF THAT'S OUR BUSINESS LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. 2 Wreckers Texaco Products Phone 578 24 Hr. S«rvic« Seiberling Tires Insurance Protection against all l.N'SURABI.K HAZAKDS i'honc 3545 W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Insurance GLfcNCJOE HOTK1. HLDG 1« W ASH bT Laundry NOTICE TO FARMERS: { For Sale —City brooks Music 107 e,,. ,^ !>110; , t , „„: <or —'"•« WOrK Also HOME RECORDER. Used ns ,10111011. !M '\"' -i r ^. Mrtuor ITIccd tn sell Mnkc records i 1 '- - N • iMol'KC ( OllSt I'lIcllOll C'O ' ' ' Nofrce ^r,, !1 ° ni ho " se with battl on tarce lot. wuh three room liovisr in rear rents zor JJ6. Price SG.OOO. Terms iwo story brick store bullcHnB hsH toiocic irom .Main and Ash streets Hefi.1 investment. Six room House with hnth. orip hlorX SCh ° 0t - WCSI ' -i" lew Ins machine, live mirncr olt stov«, Jcllchen cabinet, two piece room suite, beii. Inner fi[>rln£ &« *nd sprlnga. Call 463s. 2 2-pjc-5 M lo irs LO biiy for Sale, Cars & Trucks _ j lli-U Packard ctmvrrtlblo A-I r;in ] mils condition VCIA- <-IPHII. can t>i bought reasounbie. Call 413s nn ap.irtmciu 'l JX 1 Smiths trlrd itiut trlcrt — TJiey ^ll found what they iva ntrn IN COURIER. NEWS CLASSIFIEDS! Why sprrul nmnry- Swnn with us Ellinri Huff mail's S\V:.B Slum (0, R MnJn Phone R5-) 10 ?2 ck (f Photography Movrti imm 21-i S. I W Ohrrry. FOR S.M.E: -- O«P A-model Fnni In perfect slinpe. Call -J53 afier 4-00 pin. acant desirable butldliiR ( ; m 110US S- !ai ee lot S35c n' re tn t , 10 marhpl for R ,, "*** pr °l iert >" ail<1 home, HER OHAT. PHONE .->]! "' r ^ P!EI ' D - T»HONE 2.?95 nded Real Fist ate Brokers i 2 10 " 1 . holj - t;e ' P ft 1 Carolyn Street. JH10 0[1« nud one-lmif Ion tiMC tnictt. Low inll»i:i.. rlPiin. UBS wrccKcr liocly. Will sell clH'".;!. l.iUlfnon Wo- lon Co.. plione 555. 2,3-cX-Q I'JM Plymouth Uvo door coacH for salt... Ci\n lie f.cen nt Two stme's 1'ro- (Incc Coajjpnny. 2nd ntitl liosc, it J-CV.-G Loans PRntSONAL LOANn Automntillo-5 tmuite--(-oi,iuk['r-riirtiHm« QnlrV; ci vatr RcrTLrc rpr&ntmllKrtl ntLcntlc cnn»B in nr iflcplmnr '^JPH GKNKHAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORrORATION 322 W Ash St. Ulyihevllle Ar»c IlZ4-rk-l Personal 'J7 nioilcl Kor<! Powpr enqlnp, M leaving town. Si SKLT, WHAT YOU DON'T \VANT AND BUY WHAT VOU DO WANT Courier News Classifieds. lic^p. B5 Horse ;o]| iin.s week B20 Lilly St. 3,-I-ph-V ~Tr YOU wANfTrRucK —AND A LIGHT RUNABOUT—you \van( a JKKP. 1I1C nil |iur|x>.<e Willys Jcflt ran help yon onl in lots o: -.vays. Save wear nt! tear on trucks and cars ana prove iKell Indispensable for rarns or city -rork. Sefi it at I'OOl.E MOTOH CO F.Ll.IK I'OOl.E. OWNER AND OI'KHA- Ton. 8. HIGHWAY 61 AT STEELE MO.. PHONE STEEI.E W 1 3D-ck-2 0 Money to Loon i>o yon nrr-rl n loan to repair or r >dei? No down payment, no mfl je. no red tatie F'HA Ai'l'UOVEl> RATE 5r^ ASK KOK DETAILS Max Logan, Realtor It you nave sornetmn!; von inn't ;irc<l anil can't sol nn of irv i.-|', llvillinan'n Swap Shop. i>hono B',9 4(V] R Main. . R . r ., .'. Plumber 20.74 Lynch Hlythrvlllc. Ark. Real Kslalp I.ICDIS A. LOANS COMMERCIAL LOANS F. H. A.-O. 1. LOANS Terry Abstract , ! And Kcalty Company Flna : '" W. WALNUT PHONE America's Smart Set New FM AM ADMIRAL Radio Phonogra])li Meot Choppers Stlmpnon (Topprts. Place order now ror pro tiipt tlellvrry, Chopjvrr knives and platrs anil c.'plHi •rrnenl parts IlFIUj HCOTT Fhoun rMr« vv Butcher Evrrytnlnii TOti w ;<n t malic radio phono<uii>h tones of tb« ne 1 *- Mtrac Hie ease Iti Imndlirn; brality or the raWnrt. On display at Ilubliard Hardware Co. 213 W. Main. - Utr ure-nke • Ton* Rrm. •ccords. nnd DELI> ECOTT UIl W. Main Phone 2260 Cash Registers New Ohmer c«sh ri lor * *>" . DELL SCOTT Fhon. JKO I2n w IVe arc ALWAYS in the market for More Classifieds. Call 4461 und pot ont lo work for you. _^ G1VK YOUR KLOOllfTT NKW SPHING ATTIKK Sander for Kent Bookers Grocery Jiolland, Mo. ' l-17-pk-2-17 Income Tax ru. me ' P. ra. . Musical Merchandise NEW SPINETS FAST TERM."; AS t.OSfl <B TWO TEARS TO PAY. • llccca Records • Sheet Music • Ksloy Organs tno MHF3 IT.F;F; DKI.TVFRT MORELAND'S Music Store 315 S. Second —. Plicnir .J2'J1 Blylhovillc, Ark. It you nrr.l n h, rnsr rt pluinhtr or t|icrt stovp icp.ilr uoik d.<n*- Van U.irry Meyers at Hubb.urt Karnvc»rc. Power Meat Saws rtf_«a»;s '.-l-li., lli>"d>- Blro lurry DKl.t. SCOT-r ^lo.s R[itl rtrrvl Scales SllnipM i'non* 2260 .SCOTT nrt fi!rvlr» 1J1I W Services t <>a -I UK RI'OT Mmts lo trtko It for vou Hotel CUT.MSOS R man tncro 43;;. (ilpnto * A ,^ 10 RKI'AIR BY EXI'URT ."< K. Main SI , Tclniho'nc' fJiVriiinos loi.^lit Bn<l solrl. n s-ck-lf REI.TABI.R BADV mil M«ry >!>'rk.-nrft Autou. pftonr .-([f.o 2 ,1-pfc-tb All klncli of oil <ovr» rrpslrr For So/e, Farms 123 acres on Jfipliwiiy 61. _ _ _. F f Rent furnished 1 27-pt:-2.9 Nice suburban home now vacant elKUt rooms itnd Imili. Hui nnct colil ™"ho!!!S: nfce"^^ 'S l d P £",K blirubbwy. 'i m!lc from i-ltv limit, apv«n 5 °?iah? T'"' b "'" ncc »*"«"": lilorlt on Mnln Street, price J6.000. room liotise ftntl bath anil four your prrjprnv B-M h For Sale OLD NEWSPAPERS COURIER NEWS OFFICE 10 10 tt Hefp Wanted, Female Two young Indies free to travel TranspOTCftllon furnished. Average $75 a week. Apply between 3 and 7 p tn at Hotel Noble. Crn)^. 2'4-pk-S He/p Wanted, Male Insttrance ^alcsinnn with car Established company stlllne Lire. Health j and Accident, ana Hospital insurance j Uood money making contract ytven lo : rlBrtt mail. We train you. Write J D ford. 501 Southern National Building. Little Rock, Arkansas. )i29-cfc-2'5 . Private Rooms Bedroom. 314 N Ninth. Phone I!12-pk-2 12 Blvthevllle Hotel Phone or conplr. Ci\II Private Rooms Comfortable clean bedroom priva entrance, an Chlckasawba Gentle- 1 man prelerret], 22-pk-s/ Front bedroom with Jcltchen DrlYl-i lege. Phone 3160. 23-pk-5f. >'tirnlsh|.(3 room, kltchoii privileges * HnchHnan Grocery on Noitri 61. J Bedroom, 318 N Ninth. Call 222FV Wanted to Rent - room house or npartnipnt- Cftll : Bnkery 2073. 1117-ck-tr Wonted fo Buy hotise or Ticaril Heasannbly priced Jot. ue5)rabJy loomed In Write U(J4 Mcnltc St. Pon or CftJI 192 Portafsevllle. Kevllle, MO...J 2;4-pk-loi Knek Home People of the United SUles do-! •n«tcd 20,000 dogs to the army to. be trained for sentry, scout, anrt? messenger scrrice, during World ' War It. Practically all of thr>.se have since been returned to their owners. 23-pk-ldi IOr " t '' i "" lll l non mill I Worth the money. !300 aci-es, 300 acres Cdliivnlimi, hiilaiice in timber, plenty houses. A real buy at ?27,500. Shown by appointment only. Call or write Fletdier Fisher. I'.ox J5-I, J'hone 2-l5l> 2-2-pk-fl Addition for I «*>!T mnni }inrts< in Iiirnltnrr riionr- > , Cnll 481?. 2 3-pk-6 i '^ pfT5.on who huvs ' 300 «CT9 Iftrm on grarcl roa<I Rood Inml. Near WKrdrll. Mo. I'cmismU Comity. I'ossr.^lon It *old «oon, Trice $125 .inc. Terms. A or 30 nfrc LrarU of Ifintl two milr^ KOUift on 61, R coarf hiilUUne Mt» (,i(K>(t ICiniE. New three room honsp on lurga >ol JH^O. Unit cash. Two other loti urt- Joinintt S^50 earti. If you are fntprp^tfitl in huyinR And FcLllntr Twrru land FTP or call iis' LUTHKR C1RAV. REALTOK Phone 413 or J. J. FIKl-T). BHOKFR Phone 2iVH 2 2-r>k-9 For Hire TRACTOR AND ,\l,l, EQUtPMF.NT. JOHN C For Sa/e r Bale Oat Straw Sre or Call Phune 768 Complptp rnfp rqulpinpnt Mr*. Fri\ntle Ashcrfttt. Phone I2F H. Cooler. Used, scales, «l1r c«sh registers, n coolers Sec Doll or plione 2200 r. 1211 W. Main 129-CJC-2.29 nn ncrr Improvpd rtirm. new ho\i,«.f-, within P, nillc-; of Ornndln, Mo, for I 52,000. Writ* Box m, stcrlr Nto 23-pk-IO [' For So/c, City Property 1 Oil rook slovr r 4673. Four roon mnlic nnl ^ side unrt <i MACHLVKS and lct'trii'al Appli;uu'os rcpair- i, lUyibovillc Machine Shop ___ ___ Slicing Machines "M.T, S<*OTT s »* and tisrvi.v 1M1 " ;;r '' 1 1?U W. Main 1 JS-rX-a 2D Read Coxinor Kcw« Want Adi7 housf with hath. RUio- %tfr Ooftrt ronrtUlon. In- it. Five hlnrV;* to main ». On pavement 101 E I 9-pX-2 H -nr. no nails. 5150 1K. A1.<0 wnsh wootj 23-pV-n (imccr? More with 1 living :OOe! locution. Ooiuc iiJco • Swift Oil Mill Wit? icwpMKlon. 420 S rir« hurner S^ro tn Ftovr. good condition. Sa1vn«r, Phonp 3733. lop roo* ftrtf Aulo l 22-ck-2!> Onr sllPhtlv HK P( ) BurroviCh!" fflsft c«l5tcr. PlioiiB aoi t'27-ckUf c ,. .. tmnic- Two ns<-d N*at!on*l <-«sh regtstors SUtrctith | I.pv Klfh ChrvroVt Company, Phonr- ATTENTION FAUMER.S IK AOmTION TO OUR MANY OTHER SF.RVIOF-S WE NOW HAYK BLACKSMITHING BnlNO TOUR T1X5W POINTB TO US Kxpertly .Sh.'iriionefl I'romiit Service F. L. Wicker Machine Shop I'lione 2!02 215 N. Second St. J3-CX-33 DON'T UNDERESTIMATE THAT BUGGY OF YOURS - SHE'S GOT WHAT IT TAKES/ Experts Do Our Work! If ymir temper ROOK inlr> hi^h tte«r «verylim« you drive your car—that your cue to bring M to us. We'll put your f»r hack w ship-sha[>« •ondilion. • Estimates Cheerfully Given ^" • R.a.onabU Charges on All Work ' r WALNUT AT BROADWAY FOR SERVICE

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