The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 28, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 28, 1947
Page 11
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THURSDAY; AUGUST as; jo<i7 BLYTIIKVILLK '(AUK.) COUIUKK NIOWS Drop in British Buying to Hit U.S. 'Austerity' May Put Permanent Crimp in Exports of Tobacco Ily GRANT I)ILI,MAN' (United Press Staff Cum'spc-mlenl) WASHINGTON, Aug. 28. (ULM — Britain's decision lo cut its American ugrlcultiirnl purchases us part of its economic Ijell-tiglilcninu ma.v put a permanent criinp in U. S. tobacco exports. Agriculture 1X>- iiartmriu experts said yesterday. These exiims said the liritisii buying cutbacks will nc;l affect American fai'incr.s yciicrully or result in any drastic change in prices here, nut they will have an important effect on certain specialized cominoclities. Cliief among these arc tobacco, dried fruits, and dried and frozen P SRS. From a consumer standpoint the effect on CKUS ma.v lie welcome since it wilt tend to keep prices here down during the lalt anil winter. Britain also lia.s been iinpnitm-^ tremendous amoimc.s of U. a. Br*i" and some meat. But the u. S. \vill need to keep more train ;>t home in view of an iniiinitiiim livestock fcett shortase. Constantly even reduced British grain buying is likely to take as much as the United States can .spare Plan I'rixliiclion Slrp-llp The British, because of their continuing dollar crisis, recently decided lo pare food imports" s !!!.000,000 a month. As a substitute they plan a program aimed at stepping; up British food production 20 per cent by 1951-52. American official's are cleply concerned with the possible effect of this program on tobacco exports. They .said any American egg or dried fruit exports which might be cut out by the program probably can be absorbed by [his or other countries. "But tobacco's a (li.'ferent matter." one expert said. "DuriiiR the war. our a. l.'s distributed millions I fll! ' of cignrcts in Britain and cultivated '°*' a taste lor American tobacco. If they tlotl't get it, they'll turn to something else and lose that last?. "There is an acute danger that any losses sustained on the British tobacco market now may becwnc permanent." Tnbaceo Cut_ f-'ubstanlial The provisional import program outlined by the British government on July 3 earmarked only $!<>;>.000,000 tov tobacco imports this year, a substantial cut from last year. Britain had been taking 55 per cent of all U. a. tobacco exports. In the 12 months ended last June, approximately 53C.OOO.COO |x>u:ici:; of American tobacco were exported. If there is any substantial drop, officials said, new acreage and marketing restrictions probably will have to be imposed on American tobacco growers next year. This country \vns hit' hardest by Britain's new "austerity" program because the terms cf the S3.750.- 000,000 British loan required Britain to do a large part of its foreign food buying in the United States. But American food exports also may be cut further by changes in the loan agreement approved at the recent Anglo-American conference here in Washington. Under the original agreement Britain was required to hand out dollars for British pounds when requested to <io .so by countries selling goods to Britain. She now is under no such obligation for the time being. Hurricane Hits Galveston PAGE ELEVEN: lime.. . Pan-ready i< I-i ( ft ,i watermelon parlor which was demolished when a M mile per hour wind struck Oalvi'slon shown in the foreground. The famed Gnivtv. Hotel in the ha:-Unround, undamaged. (NKA Tclcphoto.) New Yorkers Anchor City as Legion Arrives NEW YORK. An:;. 23. (UP) — The police anchored the Empire St.-ue HuiUiiiHt to Fifth Avciuic today. The American Legion was in town for iti 29th annual convention. Hotel lobbies were .stripped of furniture and lirapvs. Anything that .ild be lifted by three men was loved out. Rooms were furnished liili only the barest necessities, nil maids were insmii'.«! to 1( I ;e jilkr.v.s on beds only a t niyM. Exra liotel detectives p:urolle<i the oijbies and corridors. Police nni!c:i down Times Square. The Legion's Service Committee issigned 1.600 volunteers, picked (i cm visiting r.eslcnnuires. to po- ir-o the com-emh.-n and keep the , celebration from becoming "obscene ! and destruclive." Police coinmis-' sioner Arthur w. Wallaiuler assigned extra patrolmen to cover I lie Mitl-Manhattan area where most of the activities and hi-jinks \vi!i take place. The convention be^an at 12:30 p.m. today and tens of thousands of visitors already have arrived and the hi-jinks have begun. Legionnaires with water guns and electric canes patrolled the streets, frightening I he pretty girl.i. It was announced last night that President Truman would not speak Hni-ticnltiiral < l.i.-U .Intcrlukcn. S'.vitj!-i-laud. lias a clock thai is n work of horticultural art. A bed of fJoweus is planted in the design <.! a dial and ihr works are hidden bo'ow. Even til 1 hour and minute hand:; arc beds of flowers. May Have < timpany Even if you know it is harmless. it is dangerous lo iool with any water s;:ake; there is likely a water moccasin swimming beside it. at li:c convention. Oen. DwiKht D. Eisenhower will make the principal address and deliver the president's message. Bernard IJaruch. America's eldc. .states-man and former U. S. Representative on ilie United Natuns Atomic Kncrgy Commission, will be the principal speaker al a dinner in the Waldorf Astoria toniu'n. MONEY -FOR MATRIMONY OR MATERNITY Milestones call {or money. When you're getting married or expecting a new addition to the family, get the money quickly from G. C. P. C. PHONE 2923 122 W. ASH ST. BLYTHEVILLE GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION Didn't Fool Weatherman NEWMAN. Ga.. Aug. 23. (UP) — The average r.enon misiii. have thought the thing-• equipped with gadgets and a parachute—was oiu of those Hying saucers. But. not Jim When lie arrived at night at his home heic, it was lying in his front yard. Reese, a meteorologist, for Eastern Airlines, recognized it for v.luu it was—:i weather burcun device for telling weather conrtitions in viie tipper atmosphere. RES IOOO miles csre the danger miles 't drive pasf the danger point' 419 West Moin St. B. F. Goodrich Silvertowns that outwear prewar tires. i; now at less than prewar prices! \Vcluvc.i bigm.-irkctforsourujuscdtircs. On your car, ic is impossible to ilcicct the cx.icc condition of a lire. But we have tlic experience nnd equipment to examine them thoroughly, to clctca flaws and to select dsip^s snil-ibic for rcp.iiting, recapping O" ic- comlitioning. This knowledge is extra, money in your pocket, because \vc caa give you a bigger allowance if your tires c.m be made safe for further vi^c. Ami (his allowance comes off t!;e already lowcr-than-prewar price of most B. I : , Goodrich SiU crlott'ns tiiat f'lsr.iL'iir jirc'Cttr ,'irt'S. This new tire has a wider tread that run*; Hush-io-the-ro.ul, gives greater road tonuict, firmer footing, more even wear, more road grip. I ; iner, sturdier cords and more <if them give the lire greater strength and suppleness to resist the road pounding til high specks. So don't be satisfied with less than tlic best when the tire that outwears prewar tires costs so little. -.-> Fosy Payment Terms Arranged Aut'o & Home Supply Store Phone 828 HOXKI.ICSS KOI.UCl) VEAL ROAST , 49 AHMOUIfS STAK HK1NUCSK FRANKS ,.,, 49 1947 Fresh Dressed Whole fT^ Full Drawn - Table Ready To. Q/ C BACKS <> r NECKS , 35 I'uiu: iio LARD r " 1T !; 11> - *9 i)S .KSS, CHOITKI), l'l{i:sSKI> Avondalc Plain or Self-Rising HAMS,,, 75' FLOUR "t*?- 6AKERY FOODS T\\'ISTKI) DOUCH—KINIOK TIOXTUHIO KROGER BREAD 2 ', CilKKHY I'KCAN GOLDEN LAYER CAKE ASSOIM'ICI) COFFEE CAKES ASSOUTK!) COOKI1CH ASSORTED COOKIES KllW.KV. FIG BARS BREASTS u 89 LEGS ,87 WINGS ,45 25-/b. 53' 19 l';u'kii K o Hi <)/.. Qf)c 10 ()/.• PANTRY NEEDS CAMJiHKT BAKING POWDER (JKKAT NORTHERN DRY BEANS UliY BLACKEYE PEAS AUNT .IKiMliMA PANCAKE FLOUR PURE WHITE HOG LARD PURE CANE SUGAR WHITK CORN MEAL KROGER HOT DATED HALO SHAMPOO woonmjRY SHAMPOO 10 O/.. Iftc Can 19 2 hi). AAc lias; Oil Hag 1 1,1). 2 ^0 ()/. l'k}j.s '1 1,1). Cln.85 C 5 CANNED FOODS STARK PRUNES „ PLUMS SKLKCT ItUANI) SWEET CORN No. MM Can 2 No. 2 O|c Cans 01 Now 1'aek 2 No. 2 STAN DA III) TOMATOES WKS'l'KEtN STAll GREEN BEANS VAN CAWS PORK & BEANS KliADY-TO-KAT I.UNCH MEATS PREM TREET (JICItltKirK STItAINKI) BABY FOODS 11101 N/, TOMATO SOUP BEVERAGES SPOTLIGHT COFFEE 3 l b i05 KKOCKIt SI'KCIAI, HI.KM) ICED TEA KI(0(;iCK COI.A OK ORANGE SODA 2 , KKOGKK GRAPEFRUIT JUICE Cans No. 2 -I Ac Can 2 No. 2 Arc CansOD 12 ()/,. AAc CanOJJ 6 Cans 45° 11 Oz. -lAc Can IV Vi LI). I'kg. 2'1-Oz.- ISoilles |Ac '>. •Ifi O/. AAc Can fcO s 47 C 10 10 19 Fresh Fruits and Vegetables PEACHES rr ib.15c Ql. CAMAY TOILET S3AP 2 .SAV-A-DAY BLEACH ^ AN'CIOI. SOI'T TOILET TISSUE Ita 25 KROGER SALAD DRESSING CANDY BARS CIGARETTES KROGER CRACKERS KELLOGGS ROLLED OATS Giont Size Highly Colored New Riosa Gem Freestone, 3 Ibs. 29c Juicy Sweet f Ib. Mesh ORANGES GRAPES CAULIFLOWER 5" Calif. Seedless Luscious Sweet Seed/ess Sno-White J F . Compact - Colorado Head • \ Jt U. S. No. Washed .4 A Ib. Mesh FF j Selected Red Triumphs [ \J Bag jjt 76-oz. Jar KKOCliK SPAGHETTI IS Oi 29 Tail Cans Popular Brands Corn Flakes 2 ^^ l\l*.V/lll/l'. IJI 29G DINNER . _ EVAI'. I'ET 13t MILK 3 «-• MM SWANSOOWN c,,, M.99 CAKE FLOUR ",£ 39 LIBBY'S 23C TOMATO JUICE : 27 ^^ KROGKIt GRAPEFRUIT 3]C SEGMENTS , 17' 7-/b. 73-oz. Pkgs. Kroger Brand 48- oz. KATiMOHE HUMKO Cooking Fat 4-lh. Ctn. 1.10 MARGARINE I^INKST BRAND MATCHES Lb. <';;: 29

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