The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 4, 1948 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 4, 1948
Page 11
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WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 4, 1S48 ~"~—• -— . _ Forijier Senator Employed by AFL Union Leaders Pick Wheeler of Montana For Key Assignment MIAMI, Fin., Fob. 4. (UPJ-For- mcr Srnntor Burion K. Wheeler o' Montana w a, soleotod ycster<! av b i- the American Frdrralio,, ot !jalm \. to heart us S8.000.000 drive to line up AnifTlcan labor for Hie M "r- *liall plan ami against the T«[ Hartley labor law. r " U ' Tr' 1 , 01 ' 1 ™ 1 ,"* 1 " oree " »»»oi»>- cc<l tnat Wheeler had nrcrptpd Ihe Post which will pay "about S20000" '. Gm-ii .sal.l Wheeler would Ix-rn today to formally ar- cept the Job as director ot labor's League for Political Kdiii-alloii the AFL raunterpart of (he CIO Political Action committee. 'Hio executive roiinnl of the AFT, in its annual Winter meeting IKMC rliav Wheeler because lie K a mull or "national liroinilience," Green said. n s action was a renmtmen- dnlion to the ao-mrmbr-r administrative committee of the new political leaclle but arceplance by the I'ommitlee Is rnntino. The com- ini:trv> i,r made tip of the executive council and 15 other union heads. Wheeler In Tour \J. S. ren paid Whr-eler'.s pre-\var isolationist views would not affect Ms leadership r,! (lip API. pi'OKi'aill for nid to Europe to halt the spread of Communism and "Russia]) expansion." "We're satisfied (hat it will not Interfere with the execution o( our policy—support or the Marshall plan and repeat of the Tafl-IIart- ley act." h p said. The council liad attempted to pet former Senaiors .fames M. Mead Of New York. Robert LaFollette oricii er 0 not available. Green disclosed. lie said Wheeler's duties probably would include B nationwide speaking tour in support of the AFL policy ni United States cooperation BLYTHEVtLLB (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Line Up for Fuel Fonning workers typical sc ene „, international Falls, Mi,,,,., Qminf , the. fuel slimier n K mm, O f ,,,llt -* m. ,or the,,- supply of me, which ,.,,,. hnpe „„ carry them thnnU .min.* ,™"i morning, fluyers are having („ shop fiom dealer to dealer in U.S. Increases Ability to Make Atomic Materials for Use in War order to meet their needs. (N K A ' Tclopholo.) Hy Joseph I,. Myler (l.'nitrd Press Staff rnrrrsimiulciit) WASHINGTON, Feb. 4 lUPj — The atomic Energy Commisirii] was embarked today on «n "intensive long-ranee" effort to whip lission- - „. - ab ' c 'Material shortages which now ette of Wisconsin and Rep. Fred- a llmit °" llow far '"is cmin- •riclc N'o.ely of Virginia-.hut llieyi try c:l " Ko '" it3 atomic bomb and with the. nation's ropi o! Western rlan C'luifcrriire In Kun> The AW/s international labor power projects. One line 01 research to this on K-liich it Is working, the co,.,- misslon said, is a new process for more efficient production of atomic explosives In a "breeder type of reactor." "This." it said, "is a nuclear chain reactor winch over commission said it would spend S'j.'t.- 000.0110 in Ihe new fiscal year ex> pandhiK the facilities of it's bomb- i plant in Los Alamos. N. M. j In addition In providing these' research tools, the commission is! sponsoring basic, research anc training pmciatns from "health physics to cancer and the effect of unclear radiation' on heredity. Quick-Thinking Prisoner Gets Brief Glimpse of Liberty from County Jail DeQUEKN, Ark.. M>. 4. (U!>t_ A nmiblr-diiKcird. ijuk-li-tliliikl.iR prisoner was buck In Hcvier county Jail here today. Hie victim of cli- U. n. Lamberl. awaltlnc trial on a I'liavRc of B ianrl larceny, ,,| c i;cd the lock on tils Jail cell a,id strolled nonchalantly f,,, m (ne huildlns. «'<•» ( -veii after ho told 34 Individuals Freed [ Of Anti-Trust Violations LINCOLN, Neb, Feb. 4 itJPi- period of time | Government attorneys agreed ycs- , . , - .-..^....u:i_ - •- , . ., ii.i , IM,J,II.., ,,^ material than is put into ihe rcac- defendants in Ihe Justice Dcpart- to !-. as fl]el to -""'stain the reaction." tnenl's railroad anti-lnist suit. The dismissal left approximately 40 still chained, together with 17 AFL expects to make important ! The commission reported to Con- Riess that It has made strides in the past year Hi toward mass- producing improved atomic weapons. (21 in stepping up production "1 nuclear furl and explosives. <3i in spcedhiK fundamental atomic research, and <4i in designing radically new kinds of reactors which may ultimately harness the atom for pratical po'icr plants. nnt "underlying the entire field of atomic energy today," the coin- Western railroads, and nankins relations department also renoried ' „ * n V " ' " '" v '""-1 . . — - J ~ "H>H,I .. t .>council-a,«l ihe co.S ap- l l i!. a ?!!' a .l ly crrat<1 more fissionable 1 Icrday to dismiss :u Individuals a s . , it—that the ground has tjcen prepared for a conference of the free traric unions in the 16 Kuro- pean nations co<i]iei atins in the Marshall plan, plus Western Germany and the United States. The British Trade Union dimness also >'ill support th e conference the report, .sniri. The conference will 'ie held in the latter part of March at the Invitation of Belgium. Netherlands and Luxemboiirtr union leaders. At this meeting, Green said, the e o Male Patrolman Joe Booker lie had posted bond Booker, however, was not convinced. A tiuick check with olher officials bronchi about a city-wide alarm, lajnbrit uiis teaircsted af- '<•<• lie called a taxi to pick him up at a local cleaning shop. inision said, "is the problem of the availability of fissionable materials" for use In bombs and reactors. It is the commission's""stalutory strides forward in the formation (if an International labor organ- isation committed to -ficttt Communism and ihe Communist dominated World Federation of Trade Unions." The APL's Intel-national department said "Hammer blows" had j on earth and try to acquire t'h'em for heen struck agamst the WFTU by the United states. Principal J0 rccs the Marshall plan, the split In the j have been Canada and (he B" I* r*'Uf n In hrxt- mr^'nui.-.. 111 „ ... J i i ..!*-•... ^. **".- ^* their respective IIIUi B dates are ns follows: No. 1773. Estate 0 ( Mose Smlln deceased. First, and Flnnl report ol' Percy Wright, Executor flltd January 9, 1940. All persons interested In the icl- tlemcnts ol any or the above es- lates are warned to lilc exceptions thereto, If any have on or before the sixtieth day lollo w in B the 111- tug ol the respective nccounls, full- ing which they will lie barred lor- ;V '.""'" s ""'"-es wnn n>n.spj!-ii'g ; "' u-niumy ^reeiiiigs to liundi'eds ever from excepting to tlic accounts tiiougli er,llu s ,ve mte-flxin K tn re-| « people of Knox County. Efforts Witness my halul <L c"c lk Zrt sirnin trade and ronitncrcc. Tliosc j °'. ''« fi'ienris lo return the favor 1 din sei.l of said Court this the 3 dismissed \vr-rc flnc.,-n,) K n . „ .< lit a sn:n- 11* i. _ i-t_ - .... .,_.. ..^ .... ._..' uu ulc J rail executive will) n>n.spirii'g Friendly hill Muclest VINCENNES. Iiul. IUP>—For 31 veins Court Clert: Allie A. Arnold, using Ihe courthouse records mailed birthday (.'reelings to tiundl'eds Soviets Agree To Give Up 8 U.S. Vessels WASHINGTON, Feb. «. (up) _ Rii.v>m liiw promisor! (o return eight lenrl-lease vessels during February mill March with no sliltiRs ntUfh- rri. (lie state Department said yr«- iH'riny. The Soviet promts* »M contnin- frt in * note delivered Monday. At first, officials fhnURliL (lie C-D- vriH pinmise. was contingent upon the ovcr-Hll .tctllcniriiL ol Moseow's til ,000.000.000 Iem1-lc»s« account mm- in |iroce\s ol ncRotlntlon. Hut Stiitc IX'piutnient spokei- mnii Miclmel J. McDermoll said li'iid-lense nesollatlons were not Involved in tin- ship iviurn. Under the leml-leuse umremetil. whli Kuwiii, the United SInte.s t« entitled to ask for the return ivt any time of lend lense equipment. l-'st March, the United Stales iisk- i'<i Moscow to ictmn seven innkcui nnn one prewar dry ciusu .ship of (he Hu.ssmn U'lid-lciisc (15 ships still nlloiit. The United stales Is willing | (> JH-sollalc with the Russians oti thn remainder it lh c Russians wish to keep them. l!us,,ia LHitlllerl Hie Unlleil Slnlcvi it will return four of llii: siilps this month mill four in Alarcil. They will be turned over In foreign ports Pi-c.sumnbly Soviet uoils, But no plans have been made yd on how the vessels will be returned to American waters. NOTIt'K OF ACCOt/NTS Of i:Xi;('l)T()l!S AND A»jMIMSTR,\TORS FIl.Kl) Notice Is hereby given llwl during the month ol January, 19411 the follanini; iiccoiiuls ol tecclltors and Adminlstiritois have been filed for si'lllfinent and conlii ination In the Probate Conn for the Chickasawba UiMtk-t of Mississippi County, Ar- kimsxs and thai sncli nccounln wllli House Member Seeks UMT Vote Without Delay WASHINGTON, I«eb. 4. (UP) — Rep. H«nrj D. Larcidc, Jr., n,, I*., lias jft I), motion nmrhlnery to orliiit universal military (raining up (or * Houn vole. He itarled » jiellllon to force lli« conlrovmlnl UMT bill out of the rulei commit l« »ii(t (<, th« Hoiut floor. The petition becomes elfccllvt only if signed by 218 members. iJir- cnde. urged House members J»vor- Inx UMT lo slsn promptl)'. "Otherwise," he said, "II may not b« passible to hnvc tlic bill coiulil- ered and ncled upon by tlic Hous* iinrt SeruUe bolove adjournment." The llilllse Republican lesdcr.slilp Is cool to (he InUnlni; piognini. Jiiiles Coiiiinltlee Clininiimi U>o Allen, R., III.. 1ms made It plain he liu'ors no early action. The UMT was approved lust Bummer by the House Armed Services Committee. It Is cndmsi-il by Army and Navy leaders and hits iciviit- eilly been recommended by 1'iesi- deiu TntniRiu ITCHV ECZEMA •*»*fl» SCALING Quickly ininly soothlnn nnrl com- forllnir UliAS-S OINTMKNT w , ts who onuiilis lllUlsfiHicH „,„! na- re nl<lli.« mwllcntlon. NotliliiK «l»o ilic il-notbluK no comforttiiK or rm,'n nl « r « tl>r '" l »v «ui«,l ,|,(n roubles. 35o. Oct n imckiiKo today. PAGE ELEVEN (~ Do you suffer distress from FEMALE WEAKN With It* Nervous, Hfghstrung Feelings? Are I/oil (rollWnt t,y di.lrrni of f.!- mnln uiiLctlonnl mommy ,iuuirb- nurf.7 Ilu,, a u j, mk ,> y, ; ,i i ri ,, ,„ lirrruiii. rrnnky. iMtlru, weulc, » )U lutunty lit «nch llmca? 'I'lH-u no fl' l.y.llii K. 1'lnk i,-, v.. B Ji«l)ii Uimijomi.l 10 rriifvo moll nyinii- |<ijn»! Wonieii liy <)» I|I H»io rrintnro rrinin k B ljl« . riiiklum'i L-niniwiiiKl l.t vhat lloctau rnll u ulcilni m'tlnilvo. H lin» i\ (irnml stinlliliiK rnwi nil onn ot wumniv', mmi Iniiiorliuit ontniu T»k(ii r^ulnrly-. ri'ikl,,,,,,'" ( "m": KhV i ,'>''•',,'"'"'' "'' "•»'«'"'"> »Klllll»lH.-lnlliiUi'n«.U'».i ! , Monnclilo touloi All iltium Monthly Female Pains niiklitim'a Coiuimnntl IA i ,- fu rUftirt la rrllrvn lu.iilllil? ri-nmiw. lic.Kimiu., i,in-l>in ho 7-wlini <li t ri'iniiln liiur' llniinl niiitulily ill«nul),iiirrfl VEGETABLE. COMPOUND' lismisscd were cleared because lack of evidence. The government asserts the defendants discouraged improvements in .service and erjuipmenl, and Ranged up on rival forms of trallspo'r- tatton lo choke off competition. Attorneys lor J. o. Morgan & Co and Kuhn, Loeb <fc Co.. argued I here was no evidence to support the inclusion of the two New York n e av f I 1'H a snai!. He keeps his own bi date secret. Read Courier News Want Adj day of February, 1948. Elizabeth Blylhe County and Probate Clerk By Stella Cain Deputy Clerk I-"rcnr'n labor movement and the establishment early in January of the Inter-American Federation of Labor at Lima, Peru. , "-"heeler also will head up the nation's drive against Henry Wallace's third candidacy. parly presidential ii is me commission's statutory' , '"y"" u " °i me iwo New York duty to search out the raw mater-1 " URnclal houses among the defend- ials of unclear fuel, uranium and I I' 1 ,* 51 Thcy l "S ctl Federal .luriKC thorium, wherever they may be Joh " "'• " dismiss them. CHILD'S Hot-Water Wei! Puzzles, Scares Man Who Dug It CENTER. N. [).. Krli. 4 cupi_ Peter Denlus was afraid yesterday his IR-foot well mitrht blow up. Denius, a Raraiteman. dun (he ^vell In his basement three years ago. riged up a pump ami pressure tank to supply water for the bath and Until"two months aeo Ihe water vas cold and clear—just the ridht temperature to o,ucnch your thrist on a hot Summer day. Now- Denius is puzrtcd and scared. Tivo months affo the u-rll hepnii Kpoutin^ \varm ivater. Last Thursday it came out of the fauret.s boiling hot—sn hot that it.-broke two milk hollies nonius had been fill- ins. Denlus called in his neighbors They were pirated too. "For the Hie of vm," h» §n!d •wvAMn'l figure out what happened to 5s well.' Today he planned to take a sample of the water to the state laboratory for analysis. "My neighbors tell ma it may be poisonous.' Denlu* said "I can hardly believe that, because I'v« been drinking it. But just the same" I'm going to have it tested.' Denius said It was barely possible the water was bring heated as th" vein passes over « subterranean coal fire about R mile away. Confro. To assure a continuing "maximum supply" the commission is going to step up search, for and production of low-grade uranium ores found In Colorado and Utah, try to improve recovery processes, and develop such new processes as may be indicated. i ,/ 0 At b«j,j me On the subject of weapons, the.i or > time-tested '. COLDS . Relieve coachini' spasms, muscular soreness or ticht- i ^VJCKS . W VAPoRuo Draughon's College of Mechanics Post Office Box 835, Memphis, Tenn. \Vill Hive you specialized truming on motors, motor (tine-up pH.nlTiur. tuito eleclricily, body and fender work, clutch, brake, (ransmission and deferential repair. A i-nniplcle (rninin>r. approved for VKTKRANS Call or \vn(e for free information. YOUR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS ARE NOW WORKING AT "CATERPILLAR" Why Hot Consider the Advantages A "Caterpillar" Job Offers You? ~ GRIFFIN SELF-POLISHING LIQUID WAX for quick and «asy ihines KM* MOWN TMI HUE •K«L06D Man)' men from your community have accepted employment at "Caterpillar" in recent weeks because of the advantages and advancement opportunities thai exist - ther«. "Caterpillar" jobs provide long term stability of employment plus good pay. Beginning factory rates for jobs which require no experience range from $1.03 to $1.23 per hour, depending upon type of job and shift. Skilled jobs pay proportionately more. You can get complete details by applying at the Stat« Employment Sen-ice Office in your community or by calling at the "Caterpillar" employment office in East Peoria, Illinois, any week day. I At « "C»ltrpilUr" you'll *n)cjri • Opportunity M l»«r» ud Advinc* • I.onj Term Stibility of Employment • Good Pa; • Employ***' »«ric«m«nl P1«n • Vic«rion« vitk Pay • Voluntary Group JnJurinct ind Hospiulintion Benefiti for i«U ind fimily • Complett Mtdietl Profrtm • Kot Lunches «t l^)w Cost in Clt»n. Modem Ctttteriit CATERPILLAR TRACTOR CO. PEORIA, ILLINOIS TRUCKERS: We niiiintiiin complete fiicililics for Ihe .servicing of ytmr truck CAR AND TRUCK OWNERS: Let Lee Motor Sales Give You An Estimate On the Painting of Your Vehicle , • MARVELOUS DUCO FINISH • QUICK EFFICIENT WORK • LOW CHARGES • GUARANTEED SATISFACTION LEE MOTOR SALES 307 cast Main Street Phone 519 Mississippi County, Arkansas Receipts & Disbursements, Year Ended December 31, 1947 Receipts Tax Collections 127,311.16 Voluntary 3 Mill Road Tax (90.9% _. Paid ) 36,991.35 Circuit Clerk's Receipts ,... 22,798.09 County Clerk's Receipts lo!430.12 Assessor et. a!., Sal. & Ex. Refunded 4^808^34 Privilege License 1,382.00 Jj n " ..,-,..,... 13,004.84 County Convict Farm . 94,092.50 Treasurer'* Excess Commission. . . . 5,949.67 Sheriff's Excess Fees & Commission 1,511.42 Misceiianeou* 1,339.66 State Sales Tax 41,787.55 State Gas Tax Turnback 65^218i46 State Oil Inspection Fees 1,333.33 State Emergency Appropriation . . 60,044.92 Auto License Penalties 695.99 Reimbursements for Road Work . 7,983J9 496,682 59 Fund Balances, Jan. 1, 1947. Total 74,159.19 $570,841.78 Disbursements Circuit Ckrk't Salaries & Expense 14,992^5 County Clerk's Salaries & Expense 10,009.86 Other Salaries 14,407.00 Operation of Jails. . .,...,.... ..,.,.,.,. 12,148.61 Haspitalization ,.,..,. ,.,. 271.25 J. P. and Constables , 1,456.25 Circuit & Chancery Courts .'. 15,651.22 Child Welfare ..,_ 2,500.00 Farm & Home Demonstrators. .,„.,. 9,971.48 County Health Unit ,.„.,., 5,150,59 County Library, Operation ,„. 5,000.00 County Library, New Quarters, .. 0««o«a ..„„. 5,000.00 County Farm A Poor Home 40,071.45 Contingent Fund (Malaria Control) 7,5001.00 County General Expense 20,801.42 Highways, Roads & Bridges .,.,,^. . 336,750.54 Treasurer's Commission ,.,„. . 9,252.78 Fund Balances, Dec. 31, 1947: County General Fund . . County Road Fund Highway Turnback Fund 57,087.98 5,490.52 3,328.28 504,935.00 65,906.78 Total •• •• •• •-.. $570,841.78 Certified Correct ROLAND GREEN, County Judge

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