The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 4, 1948 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 4, 1948
Page 10
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'•' PAGB TEN BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEW? Precious Radioactive Iodine Must Be Shipped With Speecl To Bedside of Cancer Victims Making a Pig of Himself NOTE: rch.) u the scconit of • .PI-IPS „„ ,j,, By PAl'I. f. KI.I.IS I'nllfd Trrfs SHciire M'ritor (Copyright, 194S. bjr UnKcrt I'ro«s) NEW YORK, Feb. 5. (U.P.)— All nirplano, bearing a j.ionou.s rargo, te)c« off /roin Nnshvjlle, Tenii. At tile fame limp, a paiicm Mas per«t«ly 111 in t hosnlal In Now York. Th« patient nerds tlml piwioiiK CBVRO, and nereis it fast. Th» p)«n« In omrylnjt radlnnrtivn lodlno. It In ninmlc nici K!d mnr MM or prolong (tie patient's life. He hns cancer, but he l> lucky. +._: ___ __ _ This patient has cancer of the' ii/ «i/->i ,, ,, . Uirjold «nd about IS per cent o('" oman ' rflth Her Voice In that Aelect group j The cargo flown from the atomic I tuergy ovens In Tennessee f.s really a bundle of exploding atoms. Tech-1 nlcally, It is known as iodine 131. i Speed In (.lie shipment of radio- ] ictive iodine is c.ssentitil. This par- j ticular radioactive subsraaice lose.?' half of its radiation In eiRht days After that half of its rcmamiiiR radiation is lost in the next clRli't (Jays, This goes on until finally »U radiation disappears. Then it becomes another element Known A* xenon, K pus of the neon family. Speed Is Kssential Such radioactive substance is tie- ing sent fo numerous hospitals all over the country. The "best customer" of oak Ridge Is New York's Memorial Uaspital for cancer and allied diseases. At Ihe time that the air line; takes off from Tennessee It i< usually the rule thill scientists at Memorial have a patient prepared to receive this atomic medicine. Previously the Memorial scientist.? had informer! the Oak Ridce laboratories of the amount desired for a slngl c shipment Regardless of the amount requested It Is us- ces of distilled water. This w.iter. with the radioactive Iodine, is placed In a leaden cylinder about eight Inches tall and six Indies in dlam- »ell us the passencers on the • disimeurate each seronrl Plane, from pcnetratins radintiou. ! been csf«l (hi t oo' u ilic r =5 How to Laugh KNOXVIM.K. Trim., Pel). 4. irjp) —The Knoxville woman who had twit talked for 15 years Is now back at home and making up for lost time. _ She Is pretty red-liajrcd yf r . s Kdna Heeler, a Her voice win,}, she last /ol|owin K n severe rtild when she was six years old lias restored by ;m operation In I'lnladclplmi last week and tills Is Her second day hack home. Now Mrs. Beelcr will not hlivo to explain In •» low whisper that she lias "". Not only are others having (o act used fo lirarfiiK her talk but, Mrs Bcrlrr herself finds it stram-c "I don't sound at all like I Ihomilit I would", she said, nml then added 'T still have In learn to lauuh. ne- fore 1 h.ii! t a be content with Just lauchiUj; (o myself inside." dliun dial of a pilot 1 .*; wtlslwatch. Tiny Amoiinl idles nig ,!nb Radioactive Iodine is made In Ihe atomic ovens by exposim; tellurium to the penrlrntiiK- rays emitted in the uranium ovens. The radioactive iodine throws off radiation, one oilier Ciamma rays. ' Tiip substance i.s usually measllr- eri by the radiation H throws offj radicr (Iiaii by well-lit. The most common measurement Is known ns Arkansas Red Cross Leaders Meet Tomorrow McColm's family cow wns Riving less milk. Fanner R. D. McColm, of HucHlin. Kan.. couJdn't IlKiire it out. lint a little spyma brought the- uwdil irulh to lil-hl—Iheir pi(! hod imen helninE himself as above. Now that the fact.? are out, the McColm family has enough milk again, besides ample roost pork. Mississippi's Three-Man 'Gestapo' Force Credited With Much Activity FEBRUARY 4, 19,jg MTTU: ROCK, Alk., Feb. 4 <Ul>> — '1'lie 79 iniiii Reel Cross chapters In ArkuiiMij, arc cxpei-irei to iiave representatives at a day-long cou- fc-ix-iice Iti Mltlc Route lomniTW. Tin: mnnimK program will be xiv- i'ii over to two simultaneous <li.s- cussious. Oiii: wilt be disaster iMciurc' and relief, presided over by Robert. C. Edson o( SI. 1/nn.s, director of disaster and pi-eilamtticsx ;\tnl re- lic'i H! Hie MidWeMwn area. The oilwr •* ill lit! hind pliiniunu lurt by Vrrji .Moor.., ;i|.-,o of St. I/mix. <li- rwtor of luiKl-niiMji!; in tin. urea. The |>iini:ipii! Fprafcrr ;it a luncii- fon will be John C. Wilson, area Early Aim-term matches ignited at .'ilwui 212 CK-IJIW.S p.ilirailieit. Modem niiit< iie.s ieintire a lent- lii'raiut-t in o[ :i5U di-uiees. BLESSED RELIEF FROM PAINFUL AGONY OF LUMBAGO AMD RHEUMATIC PAIN if f.nm'i l.y many hero in the fatuonn aid S.mtlu'rii faviitiu. known nsC-2iJ.i. Tliis i* lmliie-llniIUMlir,ii ill Ihi! Simli Cor r. ln'f r,f rhi'titniitk- |):iiii Mlicr, il:uri|.iirM :ii, i h:n| iv<-:,l!itr make your msrlr* fivl to .,:. i.lnl unit FIIII- nil One I..:\s|.(ii,m,.l i>f C.-221.', in nnlly M:itl* 1', l.rini; i;t:ni.l n.jii ul l>\,;t,;t relief frmn Hint rl>cmn iu "iniFc.ry." I'iiinuiiii I 1 ™ njil Ask nt the el.jrc fop C-^ ler JACKSON. .Miss., I'i-h. 4. The veil ol socrecy arovlnd Mi: si|>pi's Bureau of Investigation was none today after Gov. Pickling U Wrinlil revealed Hint the organization consists o! only three mcj). Wright (old newsmen that lie wiinled lo make public Ihe story of the Mlil because H had been called by .some a "gest.-ipo organ- isation. " "There wa.s one charee that we had a snooper at every keyhole," he .said. The MBI uii.s cmilcd Nov. 10 <UI')~ | $lffl,«3 1ms heen spent \VHi ^fj....!_ i f..,. ' ' * »»r>"L oud of all niilions of hi.s works. The Kovcrnor said members ol the "secret" 01 (jiinl/.ntlon s\ore bad;;e.s and carried idi'Dllfji-ailnn papers. They did onlv technical work, such .•« flilKPriu-liitin^. "No one can deny It has served its purpose well,"' Wright said. "There have been no arts of violence in Mississippi since the Mill was created." He told newsmen the Mlil \vould be disbanded ax soon as the legislature act.s on bills to establish » stale police , durh,* a" speciafscsston' of oVc' leg- 1 £" l , e , 1>Ol f'. , ' 0! '"' * ] "^"' "« I i.sli.tcii-1- to „„( a.i end In h,, s strike 1<>lee Ls CKU ' Wls '>«l "r not. j violence in the slate. Ms members v.'er,. to be known only to the governor. Wrlnhl said Hie force consisted only of Col. T. H. fiirdsouR and Hvn oilier operatives, but added that 100 or 150 men could tie alerted in a few miniiles If they were nerded. The leKislahn e appropriated $1(10,000 lo nuance the MBI. and on!)' during such dclivcrir «ctire substance IK i il^ force. That radt; loft beyond recovery. Some airline* still refuse lo carry radioactive substances iu Die mistaken fe«r that th r radiation may affect delicate Instruments used In tha operation ot H plane Memorial.'* »cientists say the sur- f»c« rucllatlon coming off a |itop- «-l5- packed isotope Is no Rreater •Km th« radifltion from tho ra- Tminysoii wrote, "CrossiiiR I he Bur" at 81. and it was sung for the lime at his own funeral He vaolo oilier poems after it, but rctpiesled that it he placed nt the Don't Forget the Big BSNGO PARTY Wednesday, Feb. A_, 8:30 p. m. at the LEGION HUT Prizes Valued Not Less Than $5 Admission $1.00 Sponsored by the Ladies of the Catholic Church llibitlve. There Is one tliyio'id can- j cer case In whirl, n,,, pil |'t e | U spmt i iliorp tbnn JS.OflO for his radionc- ' live medicine. Today, with radioactive lodfnr coiiiinn from the alomif oven, the cost In some cnse.s ! hns been reduced to less than $300. ! Tdmorriiwi Lett 1st, cancer cells v» i mrlitlsls cell.t. '! DO THIS-TAKE SIPTOL — Io | cough promptly HEAD by coldi. >n;idl«d IStojr. SIPIOL Ii "At. ( ». good COLDS lor lh« IHto.l." Flaln Jnd vilh tpHtdrint. Alk /•/^i.-^i,-. COUGHS COME IN AND SEE THE NEW AND REVOLUTIONARY GROUND GRIP TIRE OUT CLEANS OUT PULLS OUT LASTS Any Other Tractor Tire Ever Built Tht greatest advancement in power farming *ince Firestone put the farm on rubber! TV« MW, /ro , fo«- naximum f ic« on All MirfiKMw, rauri oootrflo to soft m—i. Th, .•nn-fd.Trir>1<-.lir»<-Ml trnrtion h«rs inrt A h»ir)!t/>w<l t^n»d •MKC sho tirr nnr>i|iMll<M| h ».n, rif*nii\s; ^"^ k»»K W*. For the utmost enjoyment of recorded music HUBBARD'S proudly presents i J^W*AS£LW r PHI ICO 1270. Here is every luxury you could ^c^irr '. I'iiilco A*1v;incciM"Nt .System f<K ptireM FW tone ever achieve J . . . aUn 5timl.»cl ,?0() Shorr Vi^ve BroxikAst^! DrT.utr Rri-(V^ CKin^cr if. most reliable, tronblr-frcc evrr cre,iU-H ... \vitii Dyn.nnic Rcpro^mrr, Fc,>thrn,\ri£fU Ton* Ann ! Con cert (ir.uul Speaker. I 2 Tnhr^. plm Rf»tifirr. \ is truLiy ! See the new PHILCO models now on display here SURfACE NOISE, NEEDLE SCRATCH Sen, Inc. Furniture DELICIOUS WAFFLES Aie Always in Sea son! THY THKM AT THK Nickel Stand Mrs. .lack Saliba lO^i Wcsl .Main Strrel City Radio •Service- Dial 2407 Far Kjpert Krpaln 324 Kast Main 8t Felix A. Carney . Fresh Slock C'liararitfcd Mcsl I'rices Kirby Drug StoreS FOR ELECTRIC WORK *Ca!l 2397* — FOR— • Bob Powell •T. W. 'Hop' Neil \Vc spcciiUi/.e i n | lousc "vriiisr, farm wiring mo- in.sliilliitiim. BOB'S Electric SOO N. FiHIi St. Itlydtoviltc. Ark. FOR SALE Concrete Building Blocks , Aquella Water Proofing Paint 12-48 inch CONCRETE CULVERTS plain or reinforced Osceola Tile and CULVERT CO. We Deliver Phone (i'Jl K Ivl Porto Rico Kfl.N DIIIKT) SWEET POTATOES Delivercrt tit Von,- [) 0 iir I'hoiu's •1(177—2:>SC) Buck Meharg Produce «1 E. Main st. Guaranteed RADIO REPAIR Call si I Brooks Music Store KI7 K. Miiiit Buy Now Pav Next Fall !/2 Down—Eal. Oct. 1 HUBBARD Furniture Co. Concrete Tile Sewer Tile Si?es I. 6 and « Inch Culvert Tile Si/.f.s 10. l;,, | 5p | S| a ,_ .,4 3() anrl 36 Inch A. H. WEBB Hwy. 61 nl Slate Line Phone nivthcvllle 7H RADIO REPAIR 1 AND 2 D,\Y SERVICE ON ANY MARK OR MODEL RELIABLE WORKMANSHIP. PHONE 2642 We c;il| for and Deliver FRED CALLIHAN IClcclnciil Appliance Co. Authiiri/.rfl Mtilnrula Itadlo Sales and Service 10G Suuth l-irsl St. "Diin't pill your Jonl In it il's liccn re-soled, rc-lirrlcd, ishcil h\ us! till poi- Free Delivery Call PiCKARD'S GROCERY Phono 20.13 1011 Cliickitsiuvha I Hove On Hand At All Times , Several tractors and ecinipmcut '< - - . both iifv; and used ones , ; JOUrl DKKRK. PARMALL and | • other niakrs. I have for sale at all times 70 lo BO head of j mules. Terms can tie arr.iti'-tcrjf ; : Will tratitr for most anything : you liavt 1 Nc«- )''iird 'I'riictors Kc;idv fur F. C. CROWE First National Insurance Agency FOR COMI'I KTK PUOTl-'.C'no.V riiniiu ^:iil 108 North 2w\ St. R1LI, WILSON CI1AR1.KS HITTNEK BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS .-•••• '- -v^j-t".".;- MAIN OFFICE- NORTH TENTH ."-••• . • *.x ^ Phone 3151

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