The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 4, 1948 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 4, 1948
Page 9
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F __ ERIJMEBDAT, TRBRTTART i, l«4f Pap Cagers to Meet Jonesboro Junior Whirlwinds Expected to Offer Stiff Opposition Thr Blytnevllle Junior Inch Bchool P.POOBW, alter Iw 0 *eek * The paps, after Betting off in an Impressive start with four ronsec- ' « U ,! iVe ,,i ViCt / >rle!> dron wd their last two tills to Jonesboro and Manila. win a previous mertln K earlier Iliis bed the Pa PS by a 49" to" 28 count on the Jonesboro conn. In preparing his «,(,„<{ , Of ,„. nights touch battle. Coach James M' „? ,°, r l """ i th|1 p "Ps against the Chicks m an hour-: , K „..,.!,„. masre yesterday. Coach Pishtr sent the Paps against the tight, 1 man- to-tnan defense usually employed by the Whirlwinds fn an effort to iltnrpcn ii|> tlie offensive drive. The Whirlwinds, pacetl by their sharp-shoothiR [.-enter. Charles Keller, have extended their chain or victories to 11 which Includes wins over inch strong teams as Trit- mann, Paragoiild and Dixie. Their brilliant floor game and top-notch ball handling have marked them *.s almost a sure shot to retain their District 4 junior crown and have made them one of the top teams of tb e state. Coach Fisher stated this morning ! that he did not know wno he would start against the Whirlwinds He J has used several different combinations during 'the past three drill' xfxsionx and may come dp with a re-va;np«d lineup. TontRht's junior tilt will be the only one on the cart as efforts to obtain a preliminary game for Uie Chick "B" team failed, coach Pisher staled. Admission lo toni"ht'.<s tilt will be 15 and 30 ccnt.s (AKKJ COURIER Cats Are Coming Over There Look out, European rals—the AEF (American Expeditionary Kc- tmes) is coming! Flash, poking his bead from his crate Is one ot me M.t men in purr-son. Sponsors nl the movement Hie American tonne Society, hopes to send a million enls lo kill ofl Europe's rals, out government experts .iny "few cats have nerve enough lo attack a rat." Missco Sportsmen Would Give Pheasants a Start in County Atkinsons Up Ted Atkinson, Hialeah's leading jockey, lakes his litlle son. .lohnny, for a horseback ride during early-morning \vorkonl time. The introduction of pheasants as game birds into MissL'.sijipi County will be discussed at a special meeting of the Mississippi Coimiy Wildlife Association In the Corn":, here Tucsdai- niplu, it was announced today by D. P. Brogdon of BhChevillc:. sccretarv. The special meetinu" was called after several months of investigation by members of the association had revealed that pheasants, which are generally found in Die corn producing areas of Nebraska. Kansas and the IJakotas. (should thrive in this area. Mr. Drogdon said. A film "Pheasants and Pheasant, Hunting", will be shown at the meeting, he said, and a representative of the National Wildlife Association will be present to discuss the importation of pheasant* will) ; those present. Mr. Brosdon pointed out that ii Is the belie! of the association members who imcsusaied the possibilities ol pheasant, raisins in this area that Hie birds would have sil(- ficicm shelter in this area and that Ihe soybean crops of the county COUld supply [iHMIl with food. The pheasants would be purchas- i cd through dealers, he said, nnd will cost appnwimascly $3.50 each "We believe that i[ we"can Ret farmers in this area to purchase a few- of the birds that we can establish a pretty pood supply here over u i period of years." lie said. I Tuesday night's meeting will be ; open to thr public aitd all interested persons arc invited to attend. , Mr. Brnfjdoji said. U.S. Falls Further Back in Olympics T«am't Only Hop* Rests on Dick Button; Sweden Takes Lead Babe Ruth, Sick and Despondent Heads For Vacation In Sunny South ".v C:ill . (Hull,-,! IVess S p,,rls IVi-Mrr) By f. fi, V»kn> 1'tillrrt I'rew Sport. Writer ST, MORITZ. Feb. 4. top) _ America's Winter Olympic e.liiletc< their pi-lrte and prestlse shaken an hey la B farther and farther behind In International lean] stmid- niKs, gathered today to cheer lor ion mule, si Wire skater Dick Button, the only Mills lime he was 111 u. s. athlete regarded a« « sure I and unlike lust vein- Jim (ilare winner. wns sick, he WHS lies] While Sweden and Norway kept Pinns up nolnu In an all-Scandinavian itmabble for Ihe officlnl championship, the Americans s.V- ynsrotl a measure of consolation Horn the R;-iu>ral altitude llml tbe 18-.VMI- old Button from En B tewood. N.J., was pet-Imps the outstanding; athlete of his craft to compete here The youncster, inking the Ice for Ins specially of free skating bad a maiRin at 30 poinls over'hls ;ienr- compelitor. Hans Gerschwilor of SwilzerJanrt. the world figure. MtultiiR champion. Oerschwilcr a irlin is sttpixlscd to exeell In rompnlsr.ry (inures .simply was not in the same class wllb riuttoii. At Ihe hn.t-way maik ol I be 10- jnlil RiXHlbye -.. (he sinne fall him I wbo always com,., to s-iy b.iodhve ' t" the Hal)., -ami they e.mUm'l i help but wonder this time .-•!» the MR CUV K"'llK to come b:u-k?" I It was a sud moment f or n,,, one and only Dnbe liutli am! p,, j his host of admirers as In- .«hiiiip,-'t : Into his s eat for Hie lone rhle to ; sunshine. Ruth, who has K ,vnf In Mi-mil : In Hie lute winter hi>f,,rr. never I loft mule,-such cll-cimistanci's. l'.>r • full ol (inlii. .. - . .vlien be iilsn wns sick, he WHS <tcspi>nd<>iu He jiHikc In a whisper, the whh- per necessliitaleil In- three n|«i>rii- tlnns oil bis Itnoal" ,.,,„! ,!,,,,)[ .,,,j he spoke ever so slowly. "I'd just like lo cet rid of this pain." he said. lubHm: his neck. "I'll be nil rich! If 1 ennld K i>| Hits : nerve j.'i alehli'iicil mil. I dun't (eel Koixl, I'm weak IIIK! rvo tot llo stl'enpth." 'fhat was whiil \v«i faithful, for never bermv all-time,, nm S I,I BI . ( .| ball a<lnillti'<l that he li-lt even when he bpnune donbl: »'lth Imilccstinn from Imu 1 , , Florida Mt-'MI'HIS. Tcim, Fell. .( u'l'i 'I'lie Memphis chicks will hll the I'lorlda beach,.,, f( ,,. S|)1 . lllu ,,,,,,„; inu next month, It wa.s iinimimml llt Chl.-ks Iraln •'. M'-.s. This .n'ri- ,la,-K otlslnw A-MvJflllnn ,-lub iriiinipg March l.'|,i. Grocers Drub Service Quint In Y' Playoff The IIiU'KRIon. firnrcrscniipcd the f i-:,l half peiiiinni. !„ ( |,, niytlw- vtlln V..= c;lty ll.rMidlMll f.e nK ,,e p| R J last nii:lit by drubbing ih* Wake- llcid Sen-Ice RIM Ion quintet 12 to •>" hi n iilny-oft gum,, on the Arm- j, 1|v Hl()n( i,..,i n . llc . vv the Hnulh- Inn Hie the AAU Head Seeks Exfra Nickel to Perpehrafe Game »;ul,|!MiHIH. c,, |-vb. .| an., . .\' i.v,.r .lunie.s A. 1,-lMiil,-.., «-|i,, )•; ,,|. - 1 ." incMilcltl u: Hi,. N.uional A'lvn- t,-in- Aihl,-n,.. I;,,,,,,, j- 1V( ,, ( |,, y ,„.„. 1>'>M-,V Kddln,. |ii,. <-ent^ t,i .,|| ||. ls ,, ball li.-krl.-, , IS „ ims „, IliitiUi; till" ^afiu- . hro Japanese Editor Tells His People They've Failed ^ TOKYO (UPi—The Japanese fnce "ranks second or third ugliest among the races of Ihe world." ac- eordmg to the Tokyo magazine Van The magazine didn't bother to name its candidates for the No. 1 and No. 2 positions, H wss more concerned with outdoing its competitors in the currently popular literary sport here of debunking every element of Japanese life which until V-J Day fitted into Nipponese propaganda on the "Japanese super-race." "Who are the Japanese?" the editor asked, -you could huve answered this question Jatisfactorllv up to 19« by saying they are 'the Stainless People of the Land of the Gods' or 'the Sovereigns of Greater East Ania.' Into Wastehasket "Such conceptions now- have been thrown Into the waslcbasket of the eternal past, together wiih the old constitution nnd military shonlder slraps." Today, the mnRazinc informed its- readers, it would be more accurate to call the Japanese "the Slain- "Star of China" Shines NEW YORK. p'cb. 4 (Dpi _ Tians-woild Alrline.s announced today thnl its Coiutcllnlion "Slar of China" had set a new coasi- to-roajt speed record for coininer- ciiil aiiliners with a non-stop flight from r/>s Anyeles :o New York in six hours and :I9 minutes. The company Sn ki tlie previous record of MX hours anil 47 minutes was .set by a DC-4. There nrc 7(1CQ11 miles ol fi.shins stl-f.MiK in I lie U. S. national for- I esls. less People of (lie Land of Poverty" or -the Pariahs o[ Greater East Asia." llay competition." Sweden had re-' ..Tile llnlnv wh placed Mont a v as tlie lenm Iciuler ; :m ' Vl- at Miami with 53 poims to U) 1-2 for i|, 0 ''"'d n<> plans f N'onvei;iaiis. Svvi.'zerlaiu! ivus tliird | tl:l V "» Kainrdiiy. am! witll 39 points, Finland fourth with i '"' IH'lli always befot 38. Ainu-la fifh with in and Hie " bi| -' 1 United Stalr.s sixlh wall 15 1-4 ! "" doesn't innke :inv Scnlti fine alunx behind were ' '" >u " lrt ' •'"" -" ll0 ' I-'ranic. II,.Hand. Italy, neli-mm ''"'" ' f 1 ' 1 ' 1 hk Himgnry, Great Britain, anri Canada, ihe only other nations thus far to register points. The Swedes were cxpecled to win innic points in today's heavy srlieil- nle of event* in which five- championships were scheduled lo be decided- p.nvMctl tlie tec and .snow remain in ronrlillon for cutnpctiliiin . aftrr warm weather tiiawinc. One of America's majoi disap- piinitinent.s was Heirw.s Gretehen Van Zandt Merrill of Boston, wbo was the U. s. WB hope in wo'men's iiRiire skaluif;. but wlm ranked .seventh behind superb Carbarn Ami .Scort o( Canada before yesterday's rompulsoiy school fisure competition was called off because- of mushy ice. Mi.v^ Scott, despite Ihe adverse conditions, put on a demonstration that, was a "thing of beauty," per- loimini! In a pure while costume and scoriiiR 334,1! points In the "rocker" and "counter." All of the skaters negotiated two of the live compulsory fiiiures before tlie ice began to mell. Johnny Lujack Reveals Matrimonial Plans CONNELI,<3VI1 I.E. pa., Feb. 4. - IUP ' Johniw Ltijack. Notre Dame's All-American nmnlni; and passing quarterhack. readied himself today for the bis-gcsl event of his Rtldcd career—Mai i iace The exacl n.itur, nevor been lieeaust* iiliy.sielul able t" nuiei- iimfin-.', them .HIM what aller! him. He wa,s acennitiiiiiier! In Mrs. Clair nn'.h. ant! bv Prank Dehiney. Wildcats of Kentucky To Play in Memphis .MK.MI'KIS, Teiin., |.-,.|,. -| .. University of Kontvickv will tnnc Umvcisity inlor-sivli tt)p AUdllOlUim hOll- The Wihlcnls. Conlciriice chdi ninoiiv: the natio tennis In a pi'cliininai y liiin Hi-otlicr.s Collct Jlhis \ [ ,'ill meet .St. dui'sih, Ky. '.s'iih the Bail's ot .S[ niil Iwltb- which iutc Amer- , . :-!s for i haiHi-t.-r .-,,,,! |,,.t!,.|- ininHit! lltirliM-|)ilvllf T ei| community, thereby re- Ml.' (li-lino.ienrv." i ^''ggs Evens Count ' , With Jack Kramer 1 I I'M.MHKAl'il. i-'ln . ]•-,.], 'I''"' ciiimt wrv: jill' .. (| u, j i-;irh t'irlii.v In Hi,, proro i nl-. ferle.'i betw,-<-n llohbv • ) .Jili-k KMIMIfi- ntl.-!- ' I li-4. 7-T> Virfnrv ],r|-i, vest lli-,pluyl,iK t,,,, drawer ball h.nd- llnu nnd near excellent floor work th'' full Im-aktnx Ornrer.i moved i" mi early tend and cominanddt! tin' name nil ||,,. «-„,,. |. M ,|| I1(r , ( lalllmie Iniei-nilsslnii by a ae to 17 M-<II-|.. lite (inx-cis went wild In ""' "ill''' P'-t-l „ mil,, „ M ,„ 2S I'wl at (lie civil of ||,e jierloil. The .Sinvlre five t,|,.,l de.sperutely to KI-I. h.ick In Ihe i-iinniu,, with . '"in-ill perl.ul i-niiy 1,111. It wn-i too 'It'll' mid IIKI hvle. I'anl llpfonl. WflVeflcW Imvnrtl !"' " ' >' ; 'n l"iinl innkliiK with .1 tiillK's foll.mvfi | !V o ii, ln eh inn I'lei,-,- (,' Ihe Grocers wllh 111 •'"|<I I! points respectively llnx Ri-tiri.' ""• VK I'"S. Wnkefleld A. Hunch i i.',) ].-. (all |,| |>rol< | ^.'''"'"•n "'" r. 17) Alexander "'"TnaVi'''-.! '•' '" " I< " <>. iiiinci, i!». (!: ( M) R ",? 0 " f 'f ^iili.'.diutluiis: Iliiys-lllnp U), ,,, ( ( Wivketieid-c. Hnriis (3), K H ar. t lit' ami MOM-IS HI. Holy Cross Nips Georgetown 70-51 For Seventh Win NI-:W vctnic. i',.|, ., mi»i .|. llc <'IIK,I<I,.|,; of I|,,[ V d,,^. w|l() (|ls)| _ •"I'WI a Li:!-,-anie wlnni,,,. sl ,. pnk i"' 1 '" ''"'I "' "'<• !!>II1-VI biisket- b;ilt M'a.,,,, when H,,. v Wlm ,,,,, >•< A A I'lnmploiishlp, were off , m :'»" her Minn: luduy with full h«|iej "t fiu-hlni: the S i lm ,> K , mr Th,. purjili. kjil«)i!.s- from Wor'•'••;''•'•. M:''-s.. racked ,,|> their sev- ''""' «''» In a t'W last nl K ht. by ti..l!iH'lii,i „ capable deornetown 1'nivcr.vlly (mm. -fit |, r,i ,, t u,,, "" !>( " n '•'" '• 1" din second name "I !lu- uaidf-n (loubleheudei 1 Ilar- Vil'H Up;:|'l nllU'Ctntl, ,H t(> -IS. Thr IxiniilKims of Texas scored ili'-h- Illlh stratum win In ih e :-o'Hhwi-M Confcicnce by drubbhm 'I'i'Vas Christian. .)i) i o 41 , u A(a . tin. 'fe\. Di'JMnl's nine Demons- le^htered their I iih ii.-ioiy I,, in aim-to by ..eilllnu Ml,-hli:an Stale for ti, p ,,ec- nnd tllni' Mils M',i:.,,,,. <;:( („ 41,.'p c(c cn,,rii( S |e,i [|i,, i) ( 'mon. s w-lth 20 luillil',. while Sim,, which sullcrol Its (,l>:lh i, w . analnsl nine wills, was pac-i'd by Hub Itninnmn the tur- nic-r Kent Vicky Ace. with 17. .M<Hii>lnliieci'< •< Morth O»l-OttB» Jional LeaRlle Chicago B'ars this Fall, was afflicted u-llh the usual m Rosary Repairman You Can't Run a Successful farm without good equipment. Let us put yours in good running condition? Greater profit Is the dividend p.itd for look EASY CREDIT TERMS McCormick-Deering Service Ili^zJ^i^M'MN 3/2 SOUTH 2«°sr. PHONE863 - -—--•^•-•«J™«««RLW. Biyan Taylor II. ll-y car . 0 i d Detroit. Midi., boy, learned ol the ne«d for religious books, catechisms and rosaries m Uie Far Kast. The lad canvassed his neishborhood, 0 ,,d now makes a bobljy of finding nn[1 rl . (1 ., iring «)!<! i (issues. They're sent abroad uy Ihe Far Kast Mission o f the St. Columbian's Seminary w Wew York. (Minimum * Carlonl) iJtilily piicn vp> n MHU, S«nd P. I. Monty Ortu or STKLE SALES CO.. STEllt. MO prs-mantal tingles yesierriav when j he disclosed his plans to wed pa- tricin Schicrbrock. 20, of Davenport. Iowa. He said they may be man-led on his graduation trom Irish U. This Spring, or perhaps later In the year. Miss Schlerbrock is «t I,u- jack's hom« here /or a visit. Most Many Kjriers of the 23 billion liansit pa.'iselisers in American cities are carried by subways, electric trackless trolleys, and street cars. James Cobb. former nivllirvill" Hicii f?i-liodl loolball star and now a Hicmiie,- of tlie Virclnia Military fllslitllle Cadets, has b r en nnnip.l captain ot the l!i.|it ie : ,,,i ii -A,-,<I learned here tmlay. Cdbb. who will lie R .wjii.,1- «' VMI tins year, was n [n.t ;,!i,n-Knard tnr tli<. Cutlets |:IM i-'.,|[ nnt \ parllelpaled In every canir <m liieir I!M7 schedule. He Was an ii:!-:,:;,f guard in |g.|n while an the Blyihevilh; Chicks. He is tlie son of Mr I W. E. Oobb or Blythe.villc. SIHII-IS Iti rrntniili. Safrlv AlfON ill)', . T|,,. i V [il<-!il Amen can'.'. Init'l-i-:.! 111 ::|.nr|-. ntlrl In .-el- tin:: II"".- irrord. h- lh|. k lll'W Mlfl-lv !M,l!-|;im |l n I First Basic Improvement in Gin Making in 300 Yean TUKK '£* OOT TO PAST&Rg, Until that new Chrysler is purrinR at yoof door, you can't afford to lot your old CM quit Bring her in to IK. We'll tune her up, doll nor up, make her lively and keep her in shnpe to bring row i good price when trade-in day rolln around. We use time-saving tools, factory- epproved methods. We'v« got men who specialize m keeping your car T. I. SEAY MOTOR COMPANY 121 East Main St. Phone 2122 working p;ist reliri'nu-nt ago. Drive in for a chock-up. It mny save you money . . . and lots ol walking! UN1H YOtJK WOV CAR COjWfS AlOHG Wl'U Kttp YOUK OlD ONC GOING STRONG! Pftitttrally CJoldcn i\alurallr Smoother Naturally Dry-est BARRETT HAMILTON, INC. Dislntinlor LITRE ROCK, ARK. louth br»«k» St.t», M to Bowlln, orwn (o.), II to «; pkl.lvoin. A,^., toppMl Tuli, U t« 77;, thruh.4 Albrihi. * u . »' •"<", ,•». *>hn'. of »r3ok. lyn bt»l Brooklyn colt^*, « to M. K««d Oourlw Km Want Afe RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark: "S.vtn Ktyi to laldpat*" with I'hllllp Terr; >nd J>c 4M || M WhH* Ncwi «n« Hh»rt New Theater Manila'* finest Nh<w« KVF.KT MIGHT Millne* S.l.rd.j S»l.-Son. 1 t.m. Cni. 8h*wto| 'On th. Old Spanish Trail' with m m*t TIU IM Ihwi «:30 p.m. Box OfflM OP«M 11:U f. Xh.w glart* 1:M r.m. Sunday •in (Itftm <IP«M i:M ihow IUrU tiM «0«!»1 I 45;~*0 GAY BLADES wttk M, JMUI B^«M Thtir»d«T A Friday DOUBLK "Follow That Woman" wttt IVIllUm C>r(M MMl Open* Hi (:N Distilltil ff i Ameriean Orain, M Proof. i-Difiillfrs Corp., IV. Y. ft Thur»dtr LADY LUCK" wHh Robert Te»n«, »nd Frank M«rr»

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