The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 28, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 28, 1947
Page 7
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THURSDAY, AUGUST 28, 1947 m,YTHEViI,I,E (ARK.) COtfftl'ER' NBWS Negroes Sue Labor Unions And Railroads ST. LOUIS. Aug. 20. (UP) _ A $-4,150.002 damage suit seeking to break a 19-year-old union a- greemtnt with the St. Louis-San Francisco Railway barring Negroes as U. train porters was on S. District court here SEVEN Williams Urges Special Session State Attorney Wants ! Legislature to Study Medical Center Plan LITTLE ROCK. Ark., Aug. 28. (UP) — Atty. Gen. Guy E. Williams : yesterday called for a. special session of the Arkansas legislature to settle "once ami ror nil" the legal questions surrounding a proposal 10 mate a state medical center nt Hie Little nock unit of Hie state Hospital. Speaking at a meeting of the , UUle nock co-operative Club Wll- |!lntns said that although a "coin- test of 1947 legislation has been suggested, "a special session secnis lo be the most plausible step to lake. The legislature could settle all questions once and for all whereas a liin-.suil might not" settle all angles " Gov. Bon I-aney has the power to [• call n spcciiil session of the legislature, but he is on a god-will touv of the East and Canada and will not, return to Arkansas until next Tuesday. Before he left the state, however, he said that he would not call a .special session "at this lime. Kiatc Sen. Clyde Byrd of El Dorado, now acting governor, said I', he had no Immediate intention of ciilliii.' the legislators together. VVIlllutrs Approves Site Before today's meeting Williams fi said that he definitely favored the creation of the medical center at the state Hospital grounds. "Let's do the thing right and do ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCK- i it quickly," he sa!d. YARDS. Aug. 28. (UP) (USDA) — | On Aug. 14, Williams met with Livestock: ' attorney-members of the Univcrsi- Hogs, 7.500; salable 6.500; inar: ty of Arkansas and the State Hos- ket active, barro.vs and gilts, all pita] Boards and discussed the le- weights 25c higher; sows 25c to Ijal tangles involved in the pro- 5Cc lower; top 27.15 freely; bulk , l-'oscel center. 180-240 Ibs. 27.50-27.15: including He raised these legal questions: 250 .Ibs. or heavier at 27.50; other ' Whether the university board 1ms 250-270 Ibs. 26.50-27.25; scatteding ' authority to move the medical of 280-300 Ibs in small lots, $25.001^ «hool without legislative sanction; 26.50; 130-150 Ibs. 23.50-25.75; 100( i whether the state hospital board i 170 Ibs. 26.25-27.25; sows 23 50 down; has the authority to donate or sell extreme heavies 17.75. Inncl on which it is proposed to • locate the center; whether if there ••is authority to sell, could sale'be fi restricted or would it have to be to a high bidder; and whether the I; Hospital Board has authority to 1 lease land to the government as a I; site for the priposed $8.000.000 v«l• erans Administration hospital which sponsors hope to make a part of the [.medical center. • The controversy arose when Sa; line County taxpayers opposed except file in today. It alleged that the major railroad brotherhoods lor more than 40 years have conspired and "persistently tried to drive Negroes out of train, engine and yard service solely because of nice." The suit was filed by attorneys of the Association of Colored Railway Trainmen and Locomotive Firemen in behalf of Negroes classified as train porters but doin^ other work. Named as defendants were the Frisco Line and 23 officials of Ihc Order of Railway Conductors and the Brotherhoods of Railroad Trainmen, of Locomotive Firemen and KngSnemen and of Locomotive Engineers. The brotherhoods "by threats iTnd economic coercion" forced the Frisco to sign an agreement March 14. 1928. stating that "in the future hiring of employes in train, engine and yard service but noi including train porters, only white men shall be employed." the petition declared. Livestock erection of additional buildings at the Little Rock unit of the State Hospital. A second unit of the in- I stitutioii is located near Benton Saline County. Cattle: 4.200; salable 3.500; calves 1.2GO all -salable; active and generally strong although medium cows showing a tendency to drag: less than 10 cars of steers ottered; these including choice yearlings steer.s at 30.00-32.50; few loads medium and good unsold; good heifers and mixed 'yearlings 2450-27.00; some mixed held above 30.00; medium heifers and mixed yearhiujs 17.50-23.00; few good cows 17.0018.00; common and medium beef Governor Denies Plans to Retire Laney Withholds Announcement of Political Ambitions By BOH BROWN (Dnilnl Press St.lrt <'orrfs|>onil«it) LITTLE ROCK, Aug. 28. (UP) — The lineu]) in Arkansas' 1948 gubernatorial race was no clearer today, following Gov. HIM) I.nney's emphatic denial of a published report that hp has no "further, political ninbitious" and would return lo his Camden farm following Ills services as governor. In a long distance telephone call from 'Buffalo, N. Y., the governor last night told United Press Hint a .statement allegedly made earlier in Huflalo "hud no political reference whatsoever. I have not yet made any statement concerning my political future." The governor and his party of some Hf> "good will" Arkansas travelers visited BulTulo yesterday and Niagara Falls as part of a tour of the East and Canada. Limey left the travelers last night and wont to New York to attend the American Legion Convention as a representative of his Caiiulen, Ark., post. It was during his Western New Yolk pause that Laney was quoted as asserting that he had no further political ambitions. He was quoted as saying "when I'm through as governor I'm going back lo Camdcn and take up where I left off wilh my farm and oil wells." The governor said last night that n reporter had asked him what he would do when he was through with politics. And he said thai he told the reporter that he considered Ihc farm and oil wells as security. Laney reaffirmed his announced intention of not making Ills political plans kiibwn' until around Christmas. And lie said last night they would be announced in Little Rock. Publication of the report here yesterday caused a (lurry of political speculation nt the and caused some consternation among Lnney's political friends. However, for the most part, they predicted that the governor's statement had been mis-interpreted and that he would clenv its implication. McClellan lo Setk Ke-election Laney is serving his second term Golden Kernels Tlial isn't (told in thai Ihiir bin, Imt it might wull be. With corn nt n record high of S2,'lf> per bushel. Corinlie Lane lets a b;jj: of 1 the precious l:t'rncl(' slide through her fir.dCMa ;it Chiciiyo Board of Trade. cows 13.50-16.00. 'Nearly 1.500.003 of the 13.500.000 foreign-born persons in the United States are'illiterate. The ttean Beetles are again causing much destruction! Now is the time to kill insects and prevent heavy losses! The cheapest and most effective way to control these pes(s is by Airplane Dusting. Only GOc per acre will cover costs of Airpil'ine service, with a reliable and experienced Pilot to assure protection of your bean crop. Call us for full details and latest rfcom- mendations from the University of Arkansas. Planters Flying Service Phone 3721 Blythevillc U.S. Buying Supplies for Use in Italy NLRB to Forego Communist Lists Justice Department To Handle Questioned Affidavits of Unions WASHINGTON, AUK, 28, im>>— The National Labor Delations Hoard said ycsterd !lv thai if nuy list of Communist from ornunlnat!ons is issued In rnnmvilon with the Tuft- Hurlley Law. it W |]| | mv ,. to i. 0]m . from llu- Justice Department. • The Hoard ;md Us general counsel, Holm i N. neiiham. reiterated their iwlli-y of not quesUonlng tiny non-Communist affidavits filed with them The TAn-llnrllcy Law rcfiuhe.s iinioiiKiflk'Iuls lo-iilc such f.talemenis before their unions run net Winner Ail benefits under the lioiinl. An Ml.1(11 spokesman said if imy question is misi-d uboul the «<•"curacy nf a union affidavit, the board will letVr the questioner I > the justice Department. Meanwhile it will eoniiinn- hiindlliu; the union's nises until slopped by court ' order. It ivotild be impossible, (he 'spokesman added, for |he board li> I Inveslisale an »nllrl|>;iU'd 50001)1' ! aflldnvils I The Jusllce Ucparitnent reportedly is complllnu n list of "dlsloynl" organlitulmns for use ( U connection with (he I:OVCL miu'nt's current pui'i;e of federal workers. The .same list could be used in connection with 'rail-Hartley Law administration, it wa.s siild. A demand that the NLIil) Issue such a ILsl w'iis miule by Gepr^e Q. L,vm-h. president of the Pii'iij-rn Makers league (AFT,). He told IVnlmm in a letter he could not urge his officers to sign the board's noU-Coaumiiiist affidavits because they are ton VIIKUC. war yiMi's. For example, l»39, there wore WOIIK n '(47,577 men working foi' June inul the The Treasury ('13,5081, Post Office («.911), Agriculture (18,1«), War A,s- i-'el.s Admlnlslratlon (17,490), Federal Security Agency (KJ.40H). Commerce Department <10,<117> and Interior IJciHUtmenl (0,020). War Depiirlment employs the Ki' [lumber of women In nov- t'l'illnent service' — B8.331. Next comes the Veterans Adn)lnlslr«- 'the Rocky Mountains are closer tioti (80,1101. Then, in order, come ' to Ihe eastern lip of Siberia than the Navy Department iSO.MGi. are the Russian Urnls. ns chief executive and there has been much speculation as to whether he will seek a third term, run for U. S. senator or retire to his farm. The possibility 'that he plans a senatorial race has been practically eliminated by the fact that his friend and Cam'den neighbor, U. S. Sen. John McClellaii, lias obviously started active campaigning for reelection. McClellan will make live speeches in Arkansas next week. The governor's decision not to announce his plans until Pall leaves the gubernatorial picture in the same spot as before—with a great many candidates "anxious" to run but none ready to announce as yet. High among suggested candidates are Atty. Gen. Guy E. Williams who yesterday indicated that, lie would make the race for governor and not switch to a try for a supreme court post in event Associate Justice Frank O. Smith should retire this Pall. Prosecutor Sidney S. McMalh of Hot Springs has been prominently mentioned. Other possible candidates include Lt. Gov. Nathan Gordon and Highway Commission Chairman Harold Sadler, either of whom might-have- the-support of Laney should he decide not to run; former Atty. Gen. Jack Holt: Chancellor Francis Cherry of Jonesboro; and James Mackrell, Little Ilock radio evangelist. WASHINGTON. Aug. 24. tUP> — The State Dzpartmcnt announced today thtvt the United States is purchasing approximately " $34,000,COO worth of "in-Kimlly needed" relief 'supplies for shipment to Italy. The purchases, to be shipped to Italy by the end of September, include 190.5CO tons of cereals, :>..UQ~> tons of cured salt iish, 7.C33 tons of fills and oils. 2.039 tons of dairy prcducts and 5CO.OOO tons of coal. In addition SSOJ.OCO worth of seed.s. $400.000 of medical supplies, and S2CO.GOO worth of pesticides will lu shipped to Italy. American purchases under the S350.COO.COO post-UNRRA program now total $77.000,000. Some $-13,000,ODO worth of relief supplies have been purchased for Austria. Too Late to Classify Father's Day is always Ihc third Sunday in June. Government Eliminates Women's Jobs WASniNClTON, Any. '^U. <UP> — The minihrr of v/oinon »il the yuv- enimciu pnyrolt in tontlnc.uLul United .Slnu-s h»s dropped front n wni'dtnc !>(-•»k of 1.106.100 to 440.100, the U. s. Civil Service Coin- mission ]-t'i)fnl(nl loclny. There has brcn u dro])h\lhr nunibfir ol nmle |>overiiinenL workers — from a \vnrtiine peak of 1.035,071 to MOO.loa. Hut. Ihe IJost- war reductions havt; uffcctcil more woinen than men, The pri'si.-nl federal pity roll still is .siibsUnitiiilly linger Ihun in pre- A NEW HOME FOR SOMEONE is now finished. Come out to ROLLISON'S SUBDIVISION and look it over. We like it/and we believe you will! O r S.ROLL!SON Camp Moiiltrie Drive Lost or Strayed °"!;.I it ' t ' llo rse imilo. IS'.i Imnils hlsli. 1300 Ibs.. 7 years old: H. C Hnck III 3, llhoilij 722. 28-1)t:-91 Allen Pickqrd's The New East End Shoe Repair Service 112 JjJly Street 1/2 Blk. So. of East Main NO Slioe.s Too Fine 1 for Our \Vorkmanship In Connection: Our Army Goods Store. We have an enormous quantity of Army Shoes. Buy one pair or hundreds of pairs. Quantity price available for Resale. Other numerous articles of. clothing, shoepacs, comforters, jackets ... Come to sec us—You'll be glad you came! Every article a money saver! Operators Boast 58 Years of Service to Public in This Community For Safe 1 room house. 4 rooms down and 3 upstairs. SHOO clown, balance by the month. SPP Oscnr Alexander. 107 W. M^III. phone 830. residence olionc 3470- 2fi-ck-9!l Wardttibc trunt. 8 Toot electric meat ' display box. $325. Bnby chick feeders. founts, etc. nnc! one tlnnic blower. All new, priced below cost. Phone N'ortli 10th. ,T ftnU *! room houses, on two lots, one block from Ills'' scliool site. P^rhlly grocery nnd six-room home on youth Lilly Street, over WOO month cflsh profits. 33BOO for home; stocfc ami fixture Invoice. $1500 cash nnd IMJssrssJ o n . For real estate businesses. Fire ln- surnnce and vncnnt lots. Phono Flclll. 2394, 28-nk-4 Wcstltiyhovise Electrtc rnnyc complete with 50 ft. cable and fuse box 5320.00. One l.irfio oil circulator imd 2 oil drums S&O. airport - BulMIng 20 - 13 by the Tower. 8 28-i'k-D 1 Wanted Office or desk room, first floor, real estate and Insurance. Phonn Field. Two mm to share bedroom. Board, i' wnntcct. phone 3770. 828-pfc-9;3 Home I-nimdry, Brlnff clothes to 101 W. Matlils, Elizabeth Rurtley. For Rent nrdroom with Kitchen privileges. 101 E, Sycamore. 8 28-pk-31 for Complete Protection Against All INSURABLE HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. i. POLLARD AGENCY Glencoe Hotel Bldg. 124 W. 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I'riced low lo sell now! §150.00 per acre. This is cypress land. 10!) acres near Wardell. -1 room house and biirn. New- gravel Koii'K in in front of place. Lights. This place is H buy at $110.00 per acre. IJeUer look at this. 80 acres near I'ascola. (travel road, lights. This is a buy. Price per acre $125.00. $5000.00 cash down handles. Hurry! •ISO acres excellent for .stock farm. Soil is clay loam. 22!> acres in cultivation. New four room house and new barn. A real buy for $17,500.00 with Vz cash. Located i) miles southwest Advance. 101) acres clay loam on gravel. Lights. Southwest of Advance. Price per acre §«().«(). §3500.00 cash will handle IJiis place. Hurry! 100 acres 2 miles north (Josncll, Ark. Tine land for beans and cotton. Price per acre SKiO.OO. $(1000.00 cash. '10 acres 2 miles north (iosncll, Ark. A real farm for cotton and Jicans. f Mil).Ill) per acre. ARKANSAS LANDS 35 Acres T!/2 miles north of Blythevillc on 61 Highway. 5 room residence, outbuildings, good four room tenant house, barn. Finest soil. Lights, phone. Beautiful location for a home. $12,000. Takes $6,000 cash to handle. 1(!0 acres norlli of Armorcl. Good soil for col (on and lican.s. §185.00 per acre. 80 acres south of <10 & 8 Miss. Coiinly. Off (he gravel but a Kood farm for §12,800.00.' 100 acres between I'aranould and Corning, Ark., on main highway, with mail, school and Ims route. Good four room house, three .screened in porches, electricity. 1'iicc SI 10.00 per acre. Hurry! WK HAVE OTIIKK I-'AHMS I'KOM 10 ACKRS TO 580 ACRES IN VAKIOII.S LOCATIONS REMEMBER—Sec H. E. "Bud" Fisher tcr the Best Soil H. E. 'BUD' FISHER REAL ESTATE & LOANS 101 East Kentucky Bljthcvllle, Arkansas Phone 233(1 Any Time for Appointment Always See "Bud" First for the Best in AU Types of Farm Lands RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Last Tim*. Todar MY DOG wjlli '„ " jr '• Torn Ni-nl unil He|cn Chn>mn News and Cbraf dy "- -" - Friday and Saturday" "SECRET VALLEY'^ \Vi1ll Klc-haril Arlun Cartiitin ikiut Htli Chapter "Manhunt mi Slystery Island" New Theater Manila's Finest Bhtwm EVEBY NIGHT ' Matinee Buinrd^j * Band*? ' Box Opou Wc*k Dkr>'7>*« f-m. Out. Lust Time Today "Song of Scheherazade" • * '•.'.• A 1Jriivcr.s:i) Ticturc with . • Yvonne l>i:C;u](i ,\ Iliinii DanlevV Also Selected Short Subjects - Friday "KIT CARSON" i • .- •' ; • < •:• » with liana Andrews ', Also Slmrl ..' i Saturday 'GUNSMOKE RANCH" n Kcpublic Picture wilh !iol» Livingston and Kay Corrisan Also Short Subjects ' ' Open at 7:M p-m.; SUrU 7:3* Time Today "THE LOCKET" : . With -L Larainc Day, Brian Aheme Fox Movietone News Also Shorts Friday & Saturday / "SONG of the SIERRAS" wilh Jimmy Wakcly anrt Lee ("iJisses") Whlt« Serial: "Lost City •! the Jingle"Abo Short S«b|««x'- :;:

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