The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 4, 1948 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 4, 1948
Page 7
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__ WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 4, 10-18 60 Hindu Leaders HeldinNew Delhi Campaign Continues Against Extremists; Fewer Riots Reported NEW DELHI, Feb. 4 (UPl-Sixf loadm of the Hindu s emi-m,m ; irv jjashtnya Sevak Sanel,, Including its n««- Delhi chief. Dave bee,, a res ed since the assassination of Mohandas K. Ghandhl In a roiuimi Ing campaign ..... . st extremis," authorities announced today Among those held without hearing under he Boveramem order tan- nlng military groups was Hart •i£« nd ;> Ne V-L I ?' lh! '«*« V''c ^SS, the stnkiiiR arm of the extremist organization Mahasabha The assassin of Gandhi was editor of a Mahasabha newspaper <it Poona. Crowds gathered today and bmiv-l all copies they could lind of newspapers which supported the Hindu w ?""!, Sl lncludi "B Uwse backing Mahasabhn. Indian Socialists demanded the resignation oi tlle govcrnment for failure to prevent (lie assassination o! Gandhi. | No new incidents were reported! after a day oi comparative quiet i throughout India yesterday whicii ! saw normal business resumed ui j the half dozen areas where attacks I against the extremists Mahasabhn cult broke out after Gandhi's death Only lour minor incidents were reported in N e)l . Delhi. Socialists Criticize rate] The Socialists attack, against the government centered in particular on home Minister Sardar v Patel who is responsible for police am | therefore for protection of threatened Indian leaders Jai Prakash Narian. leader of Indian Socialists, attacked Patel for failure to give added protection to Gandhi after the unsuccessfu b"n b Plot against his life on Jan. 20 He said protection should have been «»-en n Q.ndh, whether heated Patel, a strong rightist, is in on- Th IS"*' "'"""'b. »*o have held responsible for the nlot ~ ° a " dhi bccause <>"' «' 'hei number assassinated him. Narain also demanded represent! "on for the Socialists In any cibi" BLYTIIEVILLE! (AIHUCOURIER NEWS - S.-Britoin Offer Germans Their Own Government With formation of central government for western Germany, present Economic Council gets new powers to enforce decisions welding eight German states into economic and political unity. Move is expected to end labor trouble in Ruhr, where 16,000 are on strike and in Hamburg, where 5000 deckhands are idle. WESTPHALIA •W^-^ *v'^ .-^-'^ Berlin o BRANDENBURG GERMANY ern and northern Eu- fope. In future, they W| tl be shipped into a teat cantre«*4 by Russia. Numbers 6AVARIA U. S. ZONE — "<«""«"»"* the «plil U. S. and Britain will seek to bring French Zone into new setup. This will create a central "Trizonia" government for 95,800 square miles of Germany with population of 45,397.600 people. many until the whole country is unified. Dispatches from Karachi quoted Mohammed All Jinnah. head of he "af ofV I? 8 "" " nd K°«rnor- Ee al of Pakistan, as saying that the 'itrren 011 ; 1 ^ 0 " " mCaI1S <°" its repeated promises of accord- ng equal treatment to all ,£°™_ ™£ ea *?' Uptelln ° f ««*• «"•« Jiniiah deplored last month's su Ku Klux Klan Holds Cross-Burning Ceremony to Reaffirm Purposes that -n" '" '" Pakista n and sa:d that the government has been mak tle --;: anrt su »P'«:lons of°the nfinori- f -- — •"• *- *m.Miiy Uffir exceeds January Quota U.S. Navy Recniiting Sub-i in City Hall here exceeded its January enlistment quota or 15 v vy, cinel Petty Officer w p r>sher, USN. recruUer-in-chargV announced today. ^"-Tge, All 23 were from Mississippi county and seven ivcre from Blytheviile rS i Ch!ef f1Sher also "W a » reasing Dumber of MIssissiopi County high school seniors arc applying for enlistment. However, according to the Navy's policy of enlisting hi«h school applicants after graduation, Chief Fisher urged all seniors to remain in school until they receive their diplomas. Read Courier News Want Ads. SWAINSBORO. Oa., Feb. 4 (UP) —The charred remains of a Ku Klux Klan fiery cross stood in the courthouse square here today following a cross-burning by about 200 white- robed Klansmen last night. As they watched the 10-foot, cro=s go up In /James, the Klansmen heard their Grand Kleagle rededicate the group to "the protection of white Southern womanhood." In his brief speech, the Kleagle declared that the Klan "does not hate any race or creed, but we do stand for complete segregation." Then the robed and masked men joined together in singing "America." A large croivd of townspeople. Including women and children, watched the demonstration in the town square before the Emanuel County Courthouse. Some persons in the crowd said members of lhe KKK from other states and high officials of the wjiile supremacy group were among the white-sheeted marchers. After the burning, which had been announced as an initiation ceremony, the Klansmen piled into some 75 automobiles and drove t; a barbecue some 10 miles from town They were joined by a number o men in plain clothes who wore n< sheets or masks. The Kleagle indicated the me) in robes were not the full strengll of lhe Klan here, saying that many from this area hud bten unable to get the white sheet-like robes. Marines to Join Fleet for Caribbean Maneuvers CAMP LEJEUNE, N C Pcb 4 (UP)—Three shiploads or Marines delayed by a weekend ice storm, will leave ,\forehead City tomorrow for Caribbean maneuvers with the Atlantic Fleet, Second Division headquarters announced today Officers said the transports Winston and New Kent were already loaded with personnel and equipment at Morehead City and that troops were boarding the Mount Olympus today. The ships were scheduled to leave early tomorrow to ?«" rtl oVo! an ° C HMl "" r ° UU; The transport Freeman left yes- teuiay and was expected to reach uinobesn waters Feb. 15 Officers said the division worked around the clock to catch up 1( u r icy roads between Camp Lejeune «»d Morehead City delayed toading operation*. A rear echelon force of lhe second division will remain behind to m»tnt»ln th« Camp Lejeune area but dlvUion headquarters would not disclose the number. Persons Overcome By Smofa in Apartment KNOXVILLE, Tom.. Feb. 4. (UP) —Three persons, including a fireman, were overcome by smoke fumes when an early morning three-alarm (Ire spread quickly through »n old brick apartment house here. At le»st 10 families were made homeless and the Hed Cross had ottered them aid. All available ambulances were called to the scene when the blaze was discovered for fear some 01 the still-sleeping occupants might he trapped. The three persons treated at the hospital, but not seriously hurt were Lay Woods, the fireman, Mrs. Nodie Smith. 55 and Mm Josephine Woods, 33, residents of the building. With the Courts Chancery Berth» Desn vs. Grant Dean, suit for divorce. Mercury Mike says: WE MAKE QID <AR$ LOOK NEW A4AIN Bring your car fo us for IXPERT BODY AND fENDSR REPAIRS COMPLETE FACTORY- QUALITY REPAINTING Reasonable frices ... BuJaet Payments ., For REAL Mercury Service pfways see your/^^ Deafer Still & Young Mofor Co. 1st & Walnut liones 3479-4333 Blytheville "Eventually Vie Will Be Recommended to You' S\VAMIS, who wish to secure the future, consult the "business opportunities" and "businuss personals- columns of the classifieds— which will bring an excellent response to you who want cash for your idea or business, an idea or business fur your cash I The Blytheville Courier News Dial 4461 for Clastiffed Dept. Classified Ads Payable in Advance Deported Nazi Flees from Camp Fritz Kuhn Escapes From Americans; Was Held for Trial Few Express Disapproval Of Ncw University Policy as tuvuitii,,. |,. )n) Mme • » Oeriiia,, rtoiui/.Ulcn'ioii c.nut hi , •VH. a on the ,,:,„* „, 4^^ J, Alk , I'Vb. .(_ (UI')-Thc University of Arkansas lias been [-omiiioiidril by Mudoiils and rr.sklnit.-i of the .slate ns a whole for 1|., | m n,lll,, K ot lh r Nr- gra i-duciillim problem. University officials have revralcd Hint they |,nvr received a K rei\l niiiny if tin-is Iroui person* nil over Arkansas, most of whti-h expressed approval ol tlu- iuv.v |>ollcv of uc- rriilhii; ijualidi'd Neuro siadunto sluciriils and rejw'llne midnsrad- nntes. l-?i"'rt?' " >C ' < '" < ' ls "Prr.wd otil- As .Silas Hunt, th p -Jl-year-otd Irxnrknnn Ne^ro, roinplrlrd his rnrollmrm In the law school yesterday, 'llic Arkansas Trinrlcr. Gambler's Tip Delayed But He Wins Judgment From the Western Union PAGE SEVEN 4. ( UP >_ Kuhn win deponed to derm i- v s u , ll «" newspaper, published n spp. ""m lhr u H. In ^OhteunVr in-ts r il ' ( '' t " lml '" "' * a * « Mtrvc-v of nud worked («,- „ v \ Me ,,, ',.; ;' i slurtrnt srnllinriil, most <.f w'hlc-h Ich chrmlral plant. , jo W|ls ^"J; wiw favorable. | oiiicn lo br Irlpri nn .< «K.,»... . _t i ^liiillnr ro.Milt.s .SVITI- n/^ii/^^.i i , ' ,„. WOIW As j, Jnft j Hl . on, nu\e Ijec-n sulijrcl prison setltpni't- o| 10 yrnvs""""""" Kuhn was iinvsted iin iil.-i I VBI In Germany. Inter rclcnfc'd a,"f who "'•'-'-. f | : '- Sn ' " nd smi -"'w'li'ltoi'' rie dcporli'd lo ("ii-iniiiny In shipi Ori'Vsholm' "" ""' l ' XI ' h; '"! ;<1 IB^i"?,"-,,," 1 '," I" 1 ''" '" M»ii'<'h in War 1 , V',""' U 'S. aim, W.Ml.l. .,,'' ' «'«' '"•ciime .1 inturall.edi fiii'eii In Detroit In io:t.| «<• brrnmr a Irndrr of Hie iiiiin-Ainrrlcni, linud (n Ni-w '•"id funds an,l seulericcd I , lo 5 years In slii(r Sine Pi (son cltizenshl,, was revoked in Of OH h wn.s favorable. J Similar results ,«•,•„. 1Y( .|,| o v<-<t | «-eck when Ulillcd Prrss conducted n survey or student ouln- I Ion. fnllmvhiR the niiiioiinrniirnl by J'rrs. Uwls Webster .lone.s to I the cfloel (lint "uny <|uallfted Mr-' ism would IM nrcrptrd for criul-' unti- work." ' AllhoiiKh n'Kiilur cla.-we.s bi-r/ui loilny. Inn- school nffk-lnls said' It inU'.hl be Inter In lh r W rr)c Iji-forc 11 snmalc liuv Illn-ury rouUt be set up !n> Hunt. Hunt will luke murses In nuriu-y. rrljliliial aud real (u'oitcrlv IruV' which will be Idciillrnl to lho s e olfpiwl wlili,, slildrtils, hut will ['>•- ci'lvo in'.lmcllon In a scpaiali' Al Arknnsiis A. M. nnd N. col- li-IH- for Nrnrors. Hunt hnd horn stiulcut budy prrsldcnt. ami oilllor of lhr student nowspnpcr, DllrhiR World War [I h n served In Grriiiimy ns a plaloon scrneiint UTTI,E ROCK, lhe Arknawji Supren,,, gy^ wiled uijon to<Uy to deeldt" Wc "? '!" V"°" slloul '' P»V off » $i.. ,»»<? n °1 * r *° ellt rflc<! Rt w »sl>- H n ' f" r i ,I XrC9UM ' "' lls all ^ e <l allure to deliver a telegraphic (In (o an Arkansas bettor A Clnrk Circuit Court at Arkn- delphla awarded Horace tMe. O f purdon „ ,, MO w|llch ,^ »J have won II he had bet »250 on a horse iiiCiiied Anklyloj. I'Stes charged Unit Western Unon delayed for more than two hours delivery nf a lelenratn which said "Met Aiikj-loj today. Any news Irotn Hot Sprlnos." He 5 «t,| a Wll , " Up to bet on Hi,, horse but wai delivered too l.le to place a bet KMes »uW If the tolfBrn,,, had been delivered In time he would linn- Ix-l $aso on the horse as he had on similar !!,« in the past" M 413BO S<11 ' *' n " ICl Weslern V'nlo,, yesterday appeal. ed the decision to the Arkansas Supreme Court, creamy white a real delict/ try HunKo COOKING FAT Jt'sltionderhtl! The followlnc couples oljlalnod marriage llceiisr., yesterday In t|, e olllre of Miss Elizabeth niythc ciMmty clerk. Uolieri Ilrlnkley ami Mrs. Bertha Mar Jjickson of I.eHChvllle Walter Phillips nnd M( M viola llosivcli of Jlollniiil. Mo. In llu' eoirbat etlgdiecrs. As an ex-OI Ilimt has lor government tuition ull cl sub- .-.Islcuce paymr-nl.s, but Is ciliTenl- Iv paying his own bills because his letter of eligibility IIR, not yet arrived nt Kayeltevllle. All's Well in This Case ,7,E. Hid. (UPl-Mr a d Mrs. Henry Tapper have an all-purpose we'l 1<M fo^' T k f ilK °' >rn "l >I>r '"»" n lU-l-foot well du c I,, his back ynni 1 -e water from it was „,«,! ,,mn ln Tl m!t e o < " scnvc "' 11 R' 1K «•«* coin- lion will, di tilers, he ^.U™T"n'r''w pipe down lino the bottom of the well and t-onneclcd another plon "N" *" s . |x>ckct " c *rcr the M,, ran-: Now the Tappers pump water out of the bottom of the well and bum Ra s tor their ncw slovc o[[ tl,c lop. Over-ripe bannnas sometimes were used in launching ships durlni-1 World War II clays. Reading From Our Menu: Special Luncheon • Choice of 3 Meats Or Fried Chicken • One Vegetable • Combination Salad $ 1 RUSTIC INN K<M>m Kntililios Are Available for Private . A flu-noon or Evening . . . 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