The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 28, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 28, 1947
Page 5
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THURSDAY, AUGUST 28, 1947 BIATHEVILLE (AUK.) COUU1EU NEWS Blytheville Again to Be Represented in Colleges And Universities in Education Centers of Nation Mother-Daughter Diplomatic Team Blythevllle will l)c"wc!l-rcprcscnt-H ea «(. vimefcu i.ud unwei sinus tnrougliout lue count! y miring tne lyi'r-ij .session, wiu-ii many slu- aems 01 11MY Ij.ytncviiie Hign bcnoul giacituunur, ciiibs wul emcr as iresnnieii ana many otnt-rs will reiurn. iiesnman who 'A111 go to the University of ArKansas, l"aycucvnlc, are .suss Mariiyn uecii, ivuss Kiaiy Lou joyncr, ouilcn ' Dixon, Mac Wniiams, itosco uraiton, *>hl \vn- hams, fcuwin Wd.'U!iiat), auct Jona wniif. 'IdL-oC w'hu pian ^p return lo the University as sopiiomorcs mis year tiro Miss trances t>nouse, jiurry -1'arr, juisel Harocr, unaiies ft •Hose, uon (jnamonn, Jim dtnii jacK iiuou. itijss lietty woociso.i Mil transier LO me University at- tcr auenoing Vnuniia iiitcnnonc, bnsiul, Her iresniiien year tuid Virginia ^>\vt-.ut-ngcii liiuioicneu lium ie.%as biate ^oJiOye lor \vojiit-n. win also atlL-iiu me Lmi*fis.i,y. ui jce i.aysun, IJic-K Slaty, Huoe <-><i,?)Un auu i^i'cr^it Crusiue. Loins L.uicn an<( iviax Harrison win DO in LUC junior class anil le- xuuj,,ig . u s ^.-..,v,.s wiu u_- Marvin ann uiuit. wnue. *-reu itiuneuuiu win ;LISO alienci the uni^crsu.^ ami PAGE FIVE We the Women HY ItUIII MIM.1-T1' NEA Stuff Writer Wliou Dune!!]) 'Hlncs, onc-Uinu I raveling mnii, <U'cUk'il lo put oul t'he weary iniv- where .sleep Lve it'll CrusJoe v/nl reuini. e ^uacyc at JollCS- nuiueiuus students . iiity n.auue v^j- lamest me i-rencu, btjivveil, Mir™ Mh- n Rath Milled automobile U'il> The new Hindu India dominion has senl iUs first dipiuiimtiu lo ATo.s"cw. Tho ainbussntEor lo Russia is Mrs. Vijayu L;tkfihniJ I'.uidit. Icll, who becomes the- only woman nmbassador in Hi*. 1 H:n p iet eapilal. Her ctiuisl'lcr, Miss Chandra Uiklia I'aiidit, riulu, attlnK ns IK r nrilliei p s prcr,,s atlai-lic, foi'ms trte othor lialf of tile tnotUer-dauKlili'r leain. (NEA Tclepliott.i jouian Uoss l\cecinain and ivuss i^iuli.scn. Jfi'ry Alorgan win reiuni aiier aneiulinsj uiu Luinnui session there aisu. linl 'iotn Stewart, wliss Pclty btc'.vai'i, Bryant yiewarL Jr., Cnarji's ivoy Lines. Jerry .-.aiey, L. T. Mooic, Ouy Hoayers, i'om...y sj ivcsicr, LJIC.C nna Jonn xjruce Wnson will also return. Ocnig to Mississippi SUtc College ai StarKvine MHI be Gerald bionicyer anci t*. L>. 1 osier Jr., Connie Hay win return tnei'e again tnis ( year. 'iwo of Rlylhevillc's artisls will funnci- incii 1 learning when tney enroll Ihis year in t ne A r ; AH Acaauiny. 'iliey arc Miss biine '.Vjuricl Knutlsen '.'. iil rcLurn to! Mac^5ut•ray CoilCtic. Jacksonville. Ill Joe Ferguson plans to reiurn to Georgia School o! Technology, At- Innta, and Norman Mosley and Lloyd Wise will return lo the University of Alabama, Tur.caloosa. Harry A. Haincs and Charles Afflick have relumed lo the Univcr- sily of North Carolina. Chapel Hill, and Joe Saliba, Miss Margarel Crook and Henry Mucry will return ' lo Loutsana Stale University. Balon nouye. Miss Ciook. will be a I senior. \ Miss Virginia Williams will cn- (''roll al Mary Baldwin College, j Stauntou, Va., for her sencond year ' I and Miss Mary Prances Nunn will return to Vassar, Ponglikeop.sie, N. for his .setonci > r liiere. Jerry Cacle an<l Penv Uiiilnock will also alien,; schools other limn Blytlievillo .':c!iocls. a juiicle cook tor eler lellinx him i>r rlly of any Americ'nn t o v; n I and eat In every] size, he had wonderful Uk'a, That liind of f.iiuti' was Jir wlial Die (oiirlst lic:irlln:: Into a strnn^e town at Tin.- only liiti)!- wions v,'llli the idea is Unit il was too nooil. \vc've Iried every niv T ,hl to slay a IJiuican nine's recoinnieiuled hotel or court. Hut every sa'i'c s'ory nl pa:li pluce lisled iiiBlil but om- we've iieard llio in "Ludninfi ftn- a Ni[;hl." 'Hie Mory is "Eoi'ry—but -vvc haven't a room 'cJt." K\c'ry ctlipr tourist on (he roar :miol ho iravi'lhu; with Hie little I blue tliis year. 'Iii:l wi-'te not Koiiifi to Ihro'.v' ^ llje l)^ok away. We've figured out u neu 1 \\ay lo use II. We're (joini; (o i'se it in reverso. IIKVI It SIC AITItOACll tAlur this we arc Koin^ lo lake out "Ij-xlKlni; for a nielli" as we [)i;ll into n lown, look t.o see \\hat p'.ares Mr. nines tells its meet v, itii -bi.s approval—and then \ve aren't Koin£ 10 wasie cur lime IIJIIIL; lo s<'l in any of them. | We'll Jusl drive around inilil we iliuil a lmu-1 or tcurlsl court NOT i listed by Duman nines. Ami Uien I we'll slop and lusk, for a room. | And clunk's :u-e we'll nd it— while the Duivfan nines' fo!lo'\'- crs who iiivn't. onto our nielliotl nre \\ustiu< v.\l\r.\We 'llu\e uolu,; Irom one Duncan nines place I" another. Rend Courier News Wimt AdsT" SCREEN DOORS Most sl'/.os now in stock. E. C. HoVmson Co. Clean Reconditioned USED CARS Await Your Selection at SH ELTON Motor Company 119W. Ash Phono 438 e v., where she v;ill be a senior, af- - , lei- ntlcndiny Soutluvesteft^, Mein. Games nna Miss opal vc.sitr. I l>li!s. for the Summer session. O«'cn Harrison has already left I Bill Drown, Joe McClurc and Da- Jo aueml Sunilower Junior college , vicl Sylvester will again nil end Ok- nl Moorncitd, Miss. I lahoma A. and M, Slillwater. while Miss Mary Aim Parks will al-j Clarence Johnson will retuin io tend touinern .seminary at Ditcna I Boiling Green College. Bowling Vista, Va., Miss itoscmary Johnston! Green, Ky. will BI-- to Birmingham Southern j Allen Rice has enrolled in the at Bliminghain, Ala. University of Washington, Wash- Miss Mary jo Nabers will at- | ington, D. C.. and Don Wright is tend Ward-iiclmont al Nashville now working with the Federal Bu- aiid going to 'lexas Einle College rcau or Investigation in Washington for \vcmen nt Demon will be Miss before going to Columbus Univer- Jo Ann Ehanks, Miss Macbeth Ho- | sity there. HOES Hughes will amiin gers. Miss Mury Ann Smith and | attend the University of Texas, Miss- Nancy l-art!ow. tielurning Austin, and Jere Reid will return i there for their second year will be I to Hcmr.ix College. Conway. Miss Anne Weedman and Allss I Miss Betty Jenn Gv!f will p.t- i>!ine Sue Burks. I tend Vlller-Hawkins Business Col- Miss Joanne uampbell and Tho- | lege in Memphis and Hunter Sims inns Bell have, enrolled in South- | will he a senior nt the Univrnrity western in Memphis and Miss Sliu'- | of Tonr.esscc Medical Schoo), Merar, ley Barham win be a junior tnere Phis. James Cobb • will return to graduating alter \Vood May. frotn r'ultoii, William Mo., in Vii'ginia Military Institute, Lexington. Miss Becky McCall will return to Attending Stephens at Colombia, | Mary Washington, University of Mo. will CD JV.IE.S Betty rkcman • Virginia, Fredcricksburg, and \Vii- aiul Miss Geneva Shibley and Miss I bur Evrard will attend the Uni- Bclty Bcronski ,.vho will be seniors I versity of Arizona, Tuscon, again there ! tilis i' ear where Miss Gail Eich will Boo Bcrryman will attend Grad- return as a senior, wahl School of Medical Technology.' Bob Lancashire will return to St Louis Mo ivud Kennetti frimt,: Westminister, Fulton. Mo., nnrt Ben will go to Christian Brother's Col- ! Lancashire will go to Cbcrlin Col- IcgL', Memphis. I Miss Donna Wuncierlich will return to tweet Briar College ut i Sweet Briar, Va., for her second year and Miss Belly Jeanninc tchcrer. Miss Pal Wilson, and iV;ss . Joyce Damon will allend Sulilli- east, Missouri Slate Teacher's College at. Cape Girardcan, Mo. Miss Belly ncevcs is going lo Washington, D. C.. to attend business college and Miss Julia Ann Woodson will go to Ranriolph-Ma- con. Lynchljiirg, Va., while Miss Belly Black will return lo dolph-Macon lor her second year. Miss Vnimyc Whitlcy will enroll al Ouchila Baptist College. Arka- dclplna, and Washington University. Kl Louis will have George Pollock and Miss Laura £v;ain as freshmen. Miss Sammy Lou Ferguson will attend Iowa gtate College, Ames, and Can Calri.veil will be in Durham. N. C.. to attend Duke Uni, vcrsily. His brother. Chester Cald, well, will rcluri: to Duke where he nil be a sophomore. Orville Elkins. James Green and I'Prentlss Holder will nitcnd the 1 colleire of tlic O^.arks, Clarksvillc, 1 aud Harold Wood will return there. ' Attending the University of Miss| issippi. Oxford, will be Charles Carlos Deal while [ Jim Calcs and Harry Kay Broote will be st William-Jewell College, Liberty. Mo. Hurry Ray will be a sophomore there. v j ' The University of Genrgia. Athens, will have Harvey Pogue and j Mayfield Lloyd returning, while Jimmy Stafford and j. L. Johnson I will be on the campus of the Unl- [ verMty of Chattanooga. Chatta- l nooga. Tenn. Miss Jessie Glenn Tomltii will r e I turn to Pennsylvania State College I for Women, Pittsburgh, mid Mis; Cbcrlin, Ohio-, for his sopho- j more year. j .Studenls that will go to schools i other than colleges are Carolyn \ Child. Miss PeSKJ' Morath. and i Nettie Frances Morath who will go to Holy Angels Academy, Jones- bcro. Maureen Morris will be a sophomore at St. Cecelia's Academy. Nashville. Charles Crigger Jr.. and John Ed "rv'jgenold wiU return to Kentucky Military Institute at Lyndon and A. G. Ehibley will go to Kcmper Upholstering Add new colors to your home and prolong (he life of vonr furniture. 1. Expert Craftsmen 2. Finest Materials 3. Custom Styling E. V. 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