The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 4, 1948 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 4, 1948
Page 5
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, FEBRUARY 4, 1948 Pilots on Strike; PlanesGrounded AFL Union Charges Aircraft Are Unsafe; No Pay Issue Involved MIAMI, Fla., Feb. da,. The p|, 0 ,, ' WCre nov '«» re8:1 "' to sa ' ploycs who struck Jan. 34. The last scheduled /light of the company arrlvrd at Newark, N. J., airport at I ,,.,„. yesterday and Ihe pilots said they wouldn't take up were "T" p!alles unltl &"*»"«* In Chicago, David [,. Rehncke, president of the Ah- Lines Pilot Association (APL1. said the walkout was called after two "almost unanimous strike vote.?". He said the voles climaxed two years of poor pilot-maxagemcnt relations. A spokesman (or the airline, which operates between New York Now Orleans and Ihe Florida resort area, said the strike "was calculated to do as much damage lo Ihe company as passible by intimating the planes are not safe. Behncke \voH knows this U an untruth. The CAA inspects and approves for flight, every craft that Rocs on Ihe line." Strike Has Two Causes Behncke said the strike stemmed from two principal causes: "in- creasng apprehension on Ihe part of the pilots about, /lying planes whose safety aspects, from a standpoint of maintenance, were open to serious and alarming doubt," and an unsettled grievance over the discharge of a pilot more than two years ago. The union and the company have been operating under a truce since Noy. 12. 1947. hi order to Kivc the National Mediation Board a chance to settle the latter griev- I ance. ' The pilots said no wage dispute involved In the strike. National Airlines spokesmen said it was "(he foulest strike the pilots ever pulled." They described It as •'« .smokescreen for Ihe real motives." • ! "Tlie principal reason I., the more i than two-year-old discharge of a > pilot who was found responsible for an accident." a spokesman said. 'He was found so by eve, v tn- : vestigating body up to the CAA The pilots have been trying to force us to re-hire him and arc i now taking an advantage of an Is- ' sue they are afraid to submit to i arbitration." I Showdown Court j Pot-tie on Phone i Rate Hikes Seen \ ATLANTA. Ga.. Scb. 4, < UP) — | The Georgia Public Service Com- i mission was scheduled to complete j iis arguments today in a showdown court battle with the Southern Bell Telephone Company over the commission's authority to regulate telephone rates tn the state. Yesterday counsel for the commission asked a three-judge panel to slap down "the almighty Southern Bell Company" in its effort to by-pass a commission order blocking full-scale rate hikes. Frank Clement of Nashville. Tenn.. special attorney appearing for the commission, told the court the firm is a monopoly and has no right to fix its own rate.?. The company asked the commission for pernmioii to boost its rates to bring in some S3.7fla,000 in added revenue :n Georgia to meet risir.i- costs. After 15 months of investigation and 23 days of hearings, the commission granted, only 37 per cent of the requested rate increases. Limited Impunity The North American king snake, with the utmost impunity, will attack any other snake on the con- • tinent. If it is bitten by a .snake from Africa, India, or any other : foreign land, however, it is immediately affected. Here's What Can Happen When Modern Rainmakers Dump Dry Ice on the Clouds ——— BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS y= \^ • w **»>^«n-*^ >~0»»J !&. •V, '•""rtyt*" **l xi Head of Nashville Narcotics 'Ring' Believed Caught NA8]IVU,U':. 'IV,,h.. K,.t,. 4. lUl'l -I',',te, ,,| mi ranks act-nis ,,nil Nashville police loihiv believed tlii'v had "111,- king "I N:;.si,v,il,.',s ,,.,.[,.> dealers ll! J;ul in Wlllnin [,. Hum,, who hud plradi',1 Sllil | y ,„ M . llm> ; They also brhcml !]„. 313-pmiml. MX luot. llmv-inclj Hrmvii WHS rohiiri-ii-d mi), i, nnivoiics "rliiis" IIIUL I'xirmU'd I,,,,,, middle Tenm'.s- lilWVU VAX lirnv.1,-,1 ye.Merctay i,f. dr. ixillco .said, i, nun-ones menl ( O r »t *"• What happens lo a 14,000-foot (loud rank HIII- ;nal Corps photo, taken 41 minutes alter the • cenlcr Is a rliinnel of jirccipiUttim, 1.'; n, cause,! mure lieailarlics than ihry hav c rain. :.>-*. "•<• Is liuoiv.sled m, "' . " (l l". r ! s . ''''"• 1 u< nui i.|;,i,iis fne rl«m«li,.n S |,,.t,|,i Ihi- pnij(..-t. so i,, wh, ,' V 'i' - '•"' '" J "'" « I i-li ha.Mi'1 .sl be itcidur mak<rs c rmrts hart hern "srrd at Its widest jioint. - -• ••-«•• f,^""l~, vv. JJVdl federal Clou<i Commission an office of cloud Coordinator, or some such govcjiuncnt, agency to handle the complex problems "crc- alcci by the new business of rain- niakjig. That's tne private opinion of most of the scientists working on research who ^rce that so far ney ve probably precipitated more Headaches than rain. The Rovernmriit's "foolin 1 around K'ltli God's work" has been blamed ».v the skeptics lor the forest fires Hi Maine, New York's rocorrt snow ne hurricane in Savannah Ga l»';t fall, the high price of' corn calamity of the pax-; year. A western rancher 'has filed a claim for exclusive ri c hts to the Use ot the clouds above his prop- 1 Ihci < ". mo ••'"'KIs Hissing over ! (he Kansas state Chamber ot Com- j merce recently arrived in WashiiiK- , (on (o demand that, a rain-makiim rai j project be set up In I heir slate lo M:i prevent future droimhts. And Ihe "ri manager of a southern baseball wn club has appealed Inr lir'l),, rl r ,| m .. rig (hat a rival ]ca<;m is saboias;-. on the iiiii) n r ,'louiis aren'l I,, Hie V'l-lnuy. l, r (Kjillls OUt. Hul IIHUIIR gone only this iar in the n'M-arcli, (he rxjn-n <>;iin,s, ha.s stirred up em>ui!h (rouble for 'he turiir,'. He eiivi.Jiuiw ••,)„«„, ing him by causing all games to be mined out. Thosp are just samples of the storm. Most of the trouble, a spokesman for the FVrioni) irailhe'-umfcrrs says, i s caused by exappt-.-atrd claims made for Ihe possibilities of making snow and rain. So far. he cause a little tain or snow to [all from ,-loiids which are just about (o produce rain or snow anyway- You can't make It rain or snow if ins" by competing rarmrr.s or " s i" dry amis. Senhiie n :•" ''1011,1 with dry U-, 1 , phiin •r I'r'.silver iadifie al ,!,e t time could divert rain [nun stale !o atmlher. . * 1 raltonlni,' uolllg m't i Federal a the Alrraily :i haltle ninong ahuosl a cliven Koveinincnt agencies is shnplng up over which on,. w ill get (hi- jnb of Inneiiui'iati/.tuK the Wi-ather 'iuircau, '['he Depiulinen't of Aanciilture could claim control lor Ihe tanners. The Ut ,,f j,, s . ll until imw. th,. NHVS-. Annv ." A J.'- '•'""•'•. «'.»kLn,i with cin,- . fail Mcctil,.. |,iiv ( , ,!,-„,., |(1] ,, 1(> "••wim-li. -i-heii. ..iiiu-ern hn., heen '"»Ml v milttarv uses (or weather nmlu.l Mll ,,, ,, s ( . limtlR lu)|os h| iloiiiis over airpons i n imi,,,,^, WildliiB conditions and .wkun- v-.iys I,, .tivert ,s(,,rms „,,,! |,, n .' riuun..s to thmw in the wnv n( n|>|uv,mK fmvi's. A ii'pai'l (hm I he N,,vy | ln ,, , v ,.,,. «i a hm,i,.;,iH. last full, und rtiang- cil it.'. <'inir.s,. t« Mhk,. Snvunim). '"'"•'•I'd an up: ..... . Ai-mallv, I ho «'.\l)erl.s say, t, | s ,,- t deflllllolv kin'wi, whether I!,,. ,.-.,,,., Imem, nt. hut time even ]>rndu m | nl |,, „, Hi,- slnrm nrra, And Ihry s;lv lt is '•!dieul<» lls 10 thmk inry 'm| K lit liave i-hatigod Hie pnih o! i|it> Mann. Alter (he ,.,.( T i,t M1nw .„,„.„, whlrh , -rippled N,-w Y»r)t. an Ajn.v hiKinil Corps spiiki'Mi,,,,, savs i •„'- iiiors were „, l|,l,. k „., ,,„. M1()W (nut. the storm was caused by ,. x . pmnuMil.s wlilrli h.-.fl mljUrcd' over <!'<• Allande. The .Signal Cnl|>s ex- prrt .viltl ihl.s ua.s Imjio.v.llile l, 0 - ,ause ,,o experiments wi're noiiiK "n at Hip time. «ix| even If they lia<l they would have l>ren blis onouRh lo have eau.-i-rt .so much M1OVV MacArihur Lifts Quotas On Foreign Businessmen TOKYO. i-Vb. uil'i — Cieiu-ra MiU'AKhui's Headquarters ye.Mi-i- itny officially aniliiunced Ihe ]!([_ mi: of all overall ,,nd iiiUlunal qiio- ins for toroliin biishiossmcn ccnu- >HK lo l,\p;in, The older wjis efd-cllve lunne- ilUili'ly Allied lleaiiipiarlers alsu reveal- i',t thai lor the HIM Him- pej.s,,ns may apply tor entry tnlo Japun lo miiKi" mlviiti' Invrslmenls ,»• s,y restUulion of prewar piopi'tty. Tlie mine was regarded IK file nmst swei'jjin^ so [nr In ullleil 'nl'iu I" In lug I'ommmliil rrl.iilons l«- Iwron !ii|,.ui and Ih,. rest of tlir world back in noinuil. liad pniil him with niiiiVd money lor .sevri-iil iiuinjiMim iisaielle.v II,' ple.uUd suilly Ix'loie U. S. Ciiiu- mi.vsioner j. w. .\|, M ir io „ ,-i m , K ,. i.l IIIIJ..SC.SMOII nl niiKolics and »,,s |>l«r<-(l III Jntl on $. r ,.(XKI hnilil. PAGE GRAPETTE THIB UY M NOT BRAND NEW PONTIAC ENGINES * FACTORY BUILT (Not Rebuilt Moton) 8 Cylinder Engine $247.00 6 Cylinder Engine $219.00 Smith Pontiac Co, 126 South Lilly St. • •••-• •-'t-Hu j iLiifiii i: National Defense wants control tnj; "ill the explanations nini I splk- Read Courier News Want Ads. JUST A FEW of Ihe real values at- 112 So. Lilly St. NEW SAILOR PANTS Special $3.45 BLUE MELTON JACKETS Zipper Front. Sizes .'ifi (<, •M. A -S5.95 value— $4.85 <•'-"-" '.":-'•.'.".-,-"...,, ; • :- . We still have a few of those good Used Topcoats A Real Bnv af $7.50 !-'- .••.; .•.-. ; ... ... ..< JUST ARRIVED! Combat Panfs 0. I), woot rloth lined, A warm number nt $3.45 East End Shoe Repair JI2 South Lilly 6-TUM t« at ' c Radio-Phonogroph It brings a new thrill to your record listening pleasure. The .greatest advance in high fidelity reproduction. Banishes needle scratch, "talk-back" or other disturbing noises. Reveals hidden tone beauty even in your most frequently played records. • Plays up to 12 records automatically • 6-tube Superhet radio • 'Variable tone control • Bass compensation • Gleaming French Gold grille FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY SEE /tlJtatDEALER NOW PHONE 2015 '•&• EACH OF YOU AT GUARD'S JEWELRY STORE I'Vl.runry I I is "Sivnolliearts* Holiday^ • - . wliai tlio r.-floclioii of your lov« if hrilliiuitly (Ictnonslralcd by th« lirorioiis K ](l you f^ive ;im) |; et . Tlieyi ••all ^Iliis slorc "Lover's Shopping l.anc", and you will, loo, when you MT. the wonderful gifu at wee prices!) tint- 819.95 81.50 M;l.t,«ry l.rnvl. for mrrx -• V ^: GUARD'S Company ^'^1 -- ^«->-i ; i

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