Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 17, 1895 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 17, 1895
Page 6
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[Warning to MOTHFRS 1 Expectant jgyjUUlkU& | Many Internal rcmndIRK are bclns Mltlllfnlly ij ) nntl ulftjly nd vortlsrii. nrofusjliiifto Hlinrtt-ii tS 'iI.Hlmr, l,r«!inn I'nliw of Child-birth, A u , iirnl wlili wniler/al irtcwdHlcnev f""«iu- jft ,„((• iiminlrilutK'jl. Common nontM! Miuuld X ^ tfnrh "iiv -.vnnuin t!mt ji propurnilon adapted fc )fcir.-\!;--NSTJ;l/AL IMSOKUKKS will not W )|irufi:ir'j'Hi') cy-iii'TO for Clilld-Blrth; on thug,! liinpeiflf'li'-.'riif"." \Vo earnestly nnjrIIEWAHEjS ? or nil micli; tliuy cannot. t»t this crlUciil f.t 'period <!••> !>»>• po.isil.lu nood, nnd their UHO Jg > miiv ;>rovc fiinil. It Is (inly by "y r "i" t *5g£5"5 i I'fttVirol -'ifli-r.'i'n" nil the purtit. that tho lioar iji Jot r'flilil-'j'nililarubbi'iluf lt» terror: nnrt no ja *ri.mi"lr "» i-.-trtl-i (loon ttiln tiul " MOTH-ft ? Klt'S l''Itll-:;i»." l"er rurtlior ln£ormn-A felon iulilroii $j STIic llraiilM'l KciruUtor Co., AtlnnU, (''".ft; ,__ HOYAL TJS* ECYA1 *P2>,. FgRirTCV JUJSVi Ax:r...-. ;i - C WAS IT ACCIDENT OR- ' x, i.'i^'.-;v;:*,'u!'.'-.':;.'.Vi'."i'T>.rM.';.',.,. ' ;,.,,("i,i-l I:MVI •..::.,!. -:,./•... •>•••' H-'OHI !l> Stl'VVl. HINDOO REMEDY n:uM.'cni iiii; AIJOVX KJ-SI.'I.TS In CO J>'.YK. C'lr. KorMnU |.li.!i-»rf. Kalllnir M-movy, :Pnruilhi.Sli:i-l>li-i".UiW", MKliltV i-.iilli. iilon.H.cti-..i-itiii'11'l liy piinmliin. 1,1'lvon vlirnr ui:d itli.i tonhi-iiniii-iKiiK""-'. mid 'int<:i;ly.i»>t«iiri:lv- :vs:on-j Lout .MuiihiuMl inolilor ywum:. ivi.illycin-i-V'liii v.i»i p,?"li.t JTI,,, « I.C.O ,.. ,Mu.k,,K». SIX for «,.-..«» will, .. Wrltl.-II EiinrdiiU'ii t.M-nr.. ur iiion.-y rcliiiiili'il. I'on 1 6uvui> lia/ltiliim. l/llt Jll.ilil. 01! liavmt; J.M'AI'". H yoMrc:r«cr-Mliii'iiiotl.-!>t lt.«'ii will »oii ( i,lt. iin>i..il(l •brlsiitul-McilloHJC-o..!'™?"., Uilraso. 111., 0 ro">-»i!^itJ- SOLD by JiiMi I-'iiilior. Wliolewlo DruKRisi. !'• Fourth St., Solt AK'iut for i.iii; o! IN0APO ,L DRT, iNU, liSBJl^iK' I3THCBEST. fe3UB%*Sw f |T FOR AKINC. ••&. COKDOVANT, "\V-I-' — — . BROCKTOMJ^ASS. Over One Million People wear the W. L, Douglas $3 & $4 Shoes All our shoes are equally satisfactory They give tho best value for the money. They equal custom "hoes In style and lit. ,Th:lr wearing qualities *re un»urp«85ed. The pf Icea oro uniform,—stamped on lole. ..From $i to #3 saved over other ntnkca. Jf your dealer cannot supply you wo can. Sold by J, B, WINTERS * Nav:il Ofllccr Tell* u Starr of n Tragic I?«;tUh on "A \Viiritliip. Tliuv ux-n: telling incidents in the lifu of"a prominent, and wuallhy man who had recently died—the liule tricks he had played to catch his, workmen napping, the ways he had employed is impress ilistipi'me upon them, and his successful manner of R-ctlinff their best efforts out of them. Then the naval oRic-cr interposed an objection. "J have .seen a "rent many men, and some of them very bad ones, successfully handled, 1 'he said, "in the service, but 1 don't believe 1 ever knew an oflicer to be siiccesMi:! in commanding- iri'.'ri who stonpuu to little tricks. There is soirmtliin^' i" a man's heart lltat make-him i-i-seut petty persecution, when lie "'ill bear you uo ill-will 1 fur crush in if him under jfreyt 'eati')!i. Anil spi-akinj;- ot petty riiiiiiM. :in!K>yiri:r men in lit- \vavs u> keep them alive do:".;,'. r rcini'iHiier X——. cha'.i! i:i the service years :u:d liie mournful way in i he died. was a past master in that smr^l '-,:--.i:ie.ss of Iiarassin.'f seamen. I reiiieinb-.:! 1 one of his t>'U-';s. \vlu-n lie •f.iiiRil a m:;n slerpin^- when he should have bee:i ;: \vake. was to dasli n dippo:-- fnl of water into his face. "'• would noi ;:H"W :rien who were- awake to aron.-,e the sleeper, 'mil, seix.ir,^- the dipper, he wniiM rush up and slap the wa- U-r at full force in',0 tlic man's face. And ! havi: s.een men ^o wild at the shr,<_-k of it. but X-—could never be made to .-ee that his way was unfair and bnllylnjr. A man was asleep wl-.on he sboubi have been awake, lie really deserved punishment, but X did not punish him. He merely recalled him to bis sense of duty. "I ronicmber one nig-hi on deck when the weather was terrible. Tl was as black as pitch, and a man couldn't ^-ee where he was {jointf or go where he want fid to <;'o. Aseuman bumped into X- , and quick as a Dash X hit out. sU-ikins' the man in the chest. Instantly I saw in the darkness a great arm u'nd list fro up, and I expected to sc( > X—— fa little fellow he was, with a slirill, hifrh-pilchod voice) smashed into the deck planking- by tho wcig-ht and strunffth of tho powerful seaman who towered over him. But in that instant X raised his thin voice in an angry cry: •' 'Look out there!' he screamed shrilly. "Remember you are striking- the o'llicor of the deck!' And then I saw the great, fist and arm sink down, slowly and hesitatingly, as tho man yielded to the oflicer of the deck. But .the hatred in his heart, the passion that had prompted him to crush his officer, the savag-cry that was in him— the man could not sink them as he could draw down 'his powerful arm. I don't believe there was evev a man more hated by his inferiors than X , nnd all on account of his naming and his petty tyranny. 'One day some of the crew were low- at Tired Feeling . , .1 -j:-.-U:a indication of impure and impoverished blood. II your blood could always be rich and pure, (all ol the red corpuscles upon which its vitality depends, you would never be weak, or Narvous! Boils, pimple", Hcrofulc, salt rheum, would never trouble you. But our mode of living, shut in all winter in poorly-ventilated homes and shops, depletes the blood and there is loss of appetite, and weakness. Hood's Sarsaparilla is the standard remedy for this condition. It purifies, vitalizes and enriches t.be blood, overcomes that tired feelin.7, builds up the nerves and £;',•<.'.» parftct health. Read this: "Our daughter, Blanche, vrhsn four years of i'.'jo had a humor break out on her bf.i-.di ci:ci iisa, v.-iiieh our physician proiiouac--."! i-j7.;>::'.a. If the cold air re:u'!.j,i !«::• ".i"« or hinds they would swell ;:.'), 1 >:;!c a!:n;i:C pu::p!e, and headed bliitew would lorma.'.id break, Discharging a watery fluid, and the burning and itching -sould drive her nearly wild. Unless we incased her little hands she would tear patches of skin from her face and hands. We tried many doctors and many remedies and at last gave the case up as hopeless. But our daughter Cora tried Hood's Sarsaparilla, to cure a s,crof ulous lump near the left breast which caused her much pain and alter taking 4 bottles it disappeared. Blanche, who is now eleven, bad spent seven years of suffering-, so I concluded to give her Hood's Sarsaparilla. She took 5 bottles and her face is smooth and soft as a baby'?, the color of n. rose petaJ. Her hands are soft and white, where four months 0.30 they were blue and red and calloused nearly like leather. I cannot express my gratitude by pen or mouth. It seems a miracle and our friends are surprised." MRS. A>'NA L. CLARK, 401E, 4th St., Duluth, Minn. T>. Bo to get Hood's and only Hood's. n£ the topg-:il!:uit yura. A --- stooa under them on deck, directing- the v,-ork, looking ;vt Uiem nosv and then to n:iff tl-.ejn \vith some piping cry. !Xoue of us in the wardroom ever knew how it happened. There was no sound in rulv;:nee. no cry of warn ing-, no wild yell as always happens when -,;here is an accident on shipboard Suddenly '. lie top must crime away from those tvho wore lowering it, cunjrh'j X -- , unwarned and unprepared, carried him down heavily to the deck, and he was dead That'wns all— an accident if ever evidence counted anything. The men could not explain how the topgallant yard got away from them. a.ncfwhen a thin"- like tlr.it starts to lull there is no stopping- it. ''IHit I have often wondered over it. What could those sailors tell if they would— and they never do tell anything! How stranp-e that there should have been no warning- cry to enable him to jump aside, and how strange that it should have been X -- , who was so hated, to die in that way!"— N. Y. Tribune. _ ._ _ __ — Don't flatter yourselves that friendship authori/es.you to say disagreeable things to your intimates. On the contrary, the nearer you corae into a relation with a person the more necessary do tact and courtesy become.-- Oliver Wendell Holmes. Oi»er» House Tomorrow Sifslit. Tde charming and talented Watson Sisters and their extravaganza com pany, a mighty avala^cbe of talent, a stupendous series of new sparkling sensations, every act a novelty, every novelty a feature, every artist a star; the mastodon of the amusement world. The music contains many new and original numbers, especially written for the plav,interspersed with the very latest popular airs, including: eelec. ilons from the successful light operas and very newest topical songs. The production is proDOunced to be the funniest travesty ever written. There are funny comedians bubbling over with wit. humor and song; the cos- tumee worn by the ladies are of the very latest Parisian design, ard made from the most expeoslve fabrics on the market. At the opera bouae Monday night. 4lIendenh*ll-Wtiitfleld.: The wedding of Dr. Chae. J. Men- deohall and Lydla P. WbitBeld occurred yesterday at 2 p. m , at the i home of the bride's parents. The Rev. ' T. S. Freeman pronounced the cere- 1 mony. '. - A STORY FOR A PLAY. The Adventure of .Tlrti. All' n Belrhard JlvMds Like a Kallroml Drama. A dramaii! story from real life come* from Kimberly, Mlor., and the heroine Is the wife of Allen Reichard formerly of Boone township. It is a railroad drama and tba detail* ID elude a plot to rob a moruing express which ia overheard by Mrs Lulu Reicbard. the op*rator, who slips. revolver in baud from her bed cnaai ber to the telegraph iasvrument in the room below, wtero cho ticks ctT a message to ber busu.-iad, tho optrator a: AHkin, telling him to hold tbe craic. The ploulog "iliians ciscow the plucky operator in ihe act. of defeating their plans, and an exchan^ of pistol shots foilo.v?, wiih tha result ibat one of the would bo roobgrs ir wounded, the aoroiu'e- receiver a Alight desh wound, tied tbo villians arc driven, into the scenery Mrs. Roiebard has been widely, commendeo for her brave action. Beware ofOIntniemn forCalarrliXliii I i Con iiiiu .Uprom-y. As mercury will surely dPMroytliBscnso of smoll and compltftifly rtf raiiso i.lH» wlioie system wlieu entering Ii t'.ironshthn muciiis surliictis. ruc-li artirles'shoulJ ni-vfrlwns«l except on prescriptions iTOin repul;ib'.e pliys'.cmns. us tlie damuse thf jMvIll duU ten fold to HiOKOOil you can pos.-t- bly denv>- from them. U:ill s Oxtiirrh curt- m-n- afuctuiodbyH' J. Cheney <fcCo.. Tol do, 0.. con- ruins no mercury, and is taken Internally, acting directly upon the uio.itt and nmcous surfi'.ces 01 ine system. In buyme H;UJ's Cinarrn Cure bo sure you set t&eKunutnc. It Is laken liitumall} 1 and made In Toledo, otilo, by F. J. Cliene.y J: Co Testimonials free. x»~aM by acosilsts. n:lc-< 75;. pjr bottlo. Never. Fading Beauty jTTxriH be yours it yon «X.give your complex* ion proper care.''""""'" _. , _ brings no writ, -no sallowncss to tbe woman wlw use* Empress % ^ Josephine FACE BLEACH This prcp.-uatioa docs not give a whitewashed uppeanmce .is the name "Bleach" would imply, but keeps the skin as soft as velvet and as pure as cream. _ There's no experiment in a trial of Empress Josephine. For years thousands ot ladies have been retaining beauty by its use. ;--f* Aum." Tbe most successful comedy ever presented in this country "Charley'* Aunt" will receive its initial pret-en- tation In this chy next Wedneedaj nigh", at tho opera house. ••Charley's Aunt" ran for over three hundred nights In New York Cl y, Boston packed tbe tbeatre for over one hundred and fifty nlghia, and tbe tame number of performan ee were given in Cnlcago. In London ibt farce is still running, beinff now In Its third consecutive year, while the famous farco Is having- runs in every civilized portion of tbe globe. Manager Cnarles Frohman positively states to bis numerous patrons throughout tbe country that "Charley's Aunt" Is the mo*t delightful yet funny comedy he has jst produced. Sheet and pillow caee sale at tbe Bee Hive, Monday and Tuesday. Wrinkles Yellow Sallow or Inflamed Skins A POSITIVE REMEDY FOR THEM ALL Freckles Pimples Tan Sunburn Eczema,etC You're cured or you get your „ money back. EVERYWHERE.'. Kor s-.i!aby.Tahn F. CouUon. MM Market St.; B V. K«\sl:uK- SlBFViirili St.: W. H. P-irw, 336 JIarkeSr. Ki»ystvtili Drue Store. JM Broadway. 0 A Jl«\ns r-is Bro!ul»-«.v "srar RE VIVO ncss, Loi>t Vitality, l THE DAYS OF MIRACLES COME AGAIN! TMPOSSIBILITJKS BECOME POSSIBILITIES! THE WORLD LOOKS ON IN ASTONISHMENT! WHILE VENO MAKES CRIPPLES WALK! r r-y E Discovered. Rheumatism Gives way at Last Before the Extraordinary Power.of these Wonderful Medicines. Rheumatism, Paralysis and- i the Greatest Conquerors ot disease ^\ -r ^ ^^^^5 to Visit Loo-ansport, Interesting and Entertaining Lectures on Health and Hygenia will be Delivered Every Evening Be- gt^ngVhuS Lecture at S p. m. Admission Free. Mr I. > T . Wood, 412 ClH'toii Ave., a Khenmatic Cripple for SO X>ars Uoabln to move hand or arm for months. Veno's Electris Fluid and Cur-it:ve Syrup give back to him the full use of anus and bands. He is i-upidly growing better and says that he feels that he will be entirely •well in a very short time. I. GROHS. I Groh.i. of 202 New York street, Indianapolis, formerly of the firm Sullivan & ttrohs, now of Rowe, Heller & Wrohs, of Philadelphia, has been seriously afflicted with rheumatism for several years past, and for three weoeks was confined to his bed, totally disabled iind uuuble to work the doctors attending him d;il everything in their power to relieve his Buffering, but to no avail. He learned of the \enoremedies and-ent to Veno's office for the nececsarv treatment. In thirty min- tuesttf'ror usiog the Electric Fluid be was entirely free from pa'n and w.is ablH to raise his firms and bunds. He called at Venos oflice.and statod thnt ho nad never had anyiliinfr to do him so tuncb good in so shoot a tune. This is but one of the many cases that are being reported daily at Veno's office. FATHER BESSOJflES. Futher Bessonies, of St. Johns.church, writes a letter to Veno stat- in" tat Patrick Harrington, of 308 Sonlb Missouri stree:, is a member of his church and a sufferer for years i:-om rheumatism. \enosMectrio Fluid cures him in forty minutes in the presence of 1,000 people. Intense excitement manifested when ri« walks upon tae stag--without civue or crutch. He grasps Veno's lins.ils and thanks him for his deliv- ... „.„-„ „- Masonic Temple Veno effected another remarkable «ure Patrick Harrington, of-C6SSout Miss-uri street, who wag recommended by Father Bessonies and ex-Sheriff Robert F. Ernnmt. as a worthy citizen otl.h is city and a sufferer for the last two years fro m rbouiuatisui, was taken upon tbe stagre unable to walk wir.hout the aid of a cane and assistance, and after forty ininntes' treatment witli Vouo s Eleotrio Fluid, Ue oarae from the ante-roam, walked rapidly to the center of tbe 8ta«e, and in jumping, stamping, and running, proved 1m earira emancipation from the enthralling chains of rheumatism s dread grasp.—-Indianapolis Sentinel. An lortlanapolis tarty. She is Cured by Veno's Med'cine. Mrs. Laura Bryant, of 160 Howard street, an jntarse sufferer from rheumatism, is freed from pain for the first time in weeks, by the Veno s Electric Fluid. Cured on tbestagein thepresence of thousands of_pe<->pl<? •U S o'clock last nijrbt Vt-no stepped upon the stage at AUMJ..IC. Temple, and after a short introduction, he called forward Mrs. Laura Errant of 160 Howard street, who was recommended by Mr. Knox, pro- prir*or of the Bates boose barber shop, as a worthy person and a total cr ! pplefroinrheaiH»ti9iD. She was b> ought to tbe hall in a carriage and helped upon the stage, unable to move her limbs or arms having just corten ontof a sick bed. After a trea'men of some thirty minutes with Van D'S Eleotrio Fluid, she came upon Che stape unassisted and •walked rapidly back and forth, repeatedly jumping to show the miraculous cure wrought in her case.—Fvening News, January 81st. Mi's. Bryant has since improved rapidly, and is now able to do her household work. X\?\ RESTORES VITALITY. J^^lf^ ~ " ^ ny .^|^$o£well iQ IStJiDay. ••'••^/•••^>- of Me. THE GREAT oOHj Tlxy. produces tlic nhnvi* ri-MJlts In ."O <l»ys. Itmcti powerfully nud nuioktv. Curvrt wln>n nil others falL i'ouumflcu will ri?j;am tljojr Jo»-t nitnibooU.ADil old roou will recover tbi-ir youtbtuJ vi»;or by UNinji RKPIVO. It (illicitly and uuruly 'restores N'er\-ou«- ly EmiKDion«. , , . Lost Power. J-'ail.nt; Mt'inory, Vasilni: Diseases, «nd all f!Ti!c«8 of bolf-abuse oi 1 cici'KHnnd indlricretlOD, whtch un!\(Kono lors-wtly 1 . bnKinefeHOrniarriimc. It not ouiv oiiri>» by stnrtlQB nt il;o fo.it of diKciso. but Ifiairreat nurrc ionic nnd Mooil buM<lrr. brlnf- IDK bmck the pink plow to pale rhrrkn»ndl»- etoilnK tln> fire of yoni.lt. It vimls off Inwjlty and Coneuniption. Incirt on IIOVIHK Rl!^'IVOi no other. It cm be carrii'd iu vest pocki-t. By m«ll, S.1.OO per paclt.iKO. or tix for S5.OO, with a pptl- tlvo written trurtr:»iHec t'o t*uro or r6Cnn4 tho money. Cir— lar(r™, AUdroiw ROYAL MEDICiNt 00.. 63 River St., CHICAGO, ILL von SALE wr B. F. Keesllng, DruKRlst, Ixwunsport. Many wonderful cures are beincr reported every day, Mrg. Dan Killan, of 423 Market street, has suff. red for eleven yf ars from nervous- uess. and general debility. During Veno's visit to Laftyette ».he heard of his great success ai d procured som« of ttie remeries. This wag three weeks ago and today sbe feels better than she has for years. H. JO. L 4RSB. An extraordinary case, in which almost instantaneoOB relief wa*-. experienced through using the Veno Remedies, is evidenced in the c^. M of H. D. Larsh. ^ Mr. Larsb testifies as follows: Stateof IndiBDa, Mcrion counry, ss: H. D, Larsh, being duly sworn, on his oath gay*: "I live at >o. 25 OfROod street, Wc'tlndiauapolis; am a tuiJler by trade;wa« Joruierly In the huslness at No. 100 Vijpinia avenue. In ^oveiuber. 1892, i noticed the first symptoms of rheumatism, 7,-liIch daily became more painful. I cocsulUd many physicians and tried dczeD*of reujedies wichoar relief. Tbe pain was so intense that I was often coufinud tomyb^dfora ; •week at a tune. My sufferinifs became daily more gcverp, until September, 1804, when t was etncken with paralysis, my entireri^bt sid-s bi-iog so afflicted that I was u'terly helple-s, and my speech almost entirely Kooe. Apain t consulted nav ph\sicianp, but without relief, when I at last heard of the Veno Remedies.' I was assisted to their office and secured a course of treatment prescribed by the consulting physicians. The relief experienced was almost instantaneous and improvement steady until this morning, when J walked unaided from my home m . West'lndianapolis to their offices, a distance of three mileb. I feel decidedly better than I have for years, and am satisfied I can regain my health" with pioper' care and use of the Veno Remedies. [Signed] H. D. LAESH. Attest: BERT S. PEIBLEMAN. Notary Public. February 28, 1895. Mr?. Simuif, wife of Trnstee Sirams, of Lafayette. Ind., and a sufferer from rheumatism for twenty years, was treated witb tbe Veno Remedies at Columbian Hall, Lafayette, Saturday nipht, February 16. and for the first time ia twelve years is able to go about without her crutches. She called upon her friends and excited tbe greatest surprise, ac her case has been known to all Lafayette people for years and it •was believed by all that she was incurable. Twenty years and many doctors failed to do what the Veno Remedies effected in thirty minutes. An lailianapelis invalid Jumps and Leaps lor Joy. Veno's medicine again triumphant—H. Rolffs, of 4<5 Stephens street, the happiest man in Indiana—bent doable, and leaning heavily upon; the arm of his son. he comes to Veno, and is cured by the wonderful Veno Remedies—he gives his crutcb to Veno. Mr H. Rolffs. of 40 Stepeng street, was also treated. He bag been confined to his bed for a. long time and unable to work for two years. Walked with great difficulty and pain with the aid of a canp. After » short treatment be came upon the stage wild with delight, jumping, stamping his feet, and shaking Veno-s hand, with tears in bis eycsa* he tried, in heartfelt but broken word*.to thank him for big remarkable cure. Veno The Great Foreicn Healing Potrer. Exponent of the method* of Sir Morrill MacKenzie and Count Maetti. tbe createet pbysiciann^, known to the medical fraternity. Founder of the Veno Drug Co.. w;..-,'.;^ visit this city, coming Thursday, March 1-ttb, for a few days only. Ven^y comes here from Indianapolis and Lafayette, where be has created the. ., ____.. greatest excitement through the -wonderful cures he effected. .. -Made from Llandeilo Medical Water, is the quickest cure in the world for Nervousness, Dyspepsia,^ Liver and Kidney. Blood and Stomach Dis- VENO'S ELECTRIC FLUID—5oc a; bottle—will cure the worst and most desperate forms of Rheumatism, saatica, 1^1 v VENO'S CURATIVE SYRUP—5oc a bottle.—ivjaae trom i^ianaeuo Meaicai water, is iuc qiutKcsc tmc m me »u.i« ^' -••-'.-—.—, -j-r-r---' . c . - rs, Bad Appetite, Sleeplessness and when used with VENO'S ELECTRIC FLUID- 5 oc a bottle-will cure the worst and most ^^^l^^:.. 5 ^^ Joints, Neuralgia, and all Aches and Pains, VENO'S LUNG TONIC—BCC a bottle—a quick and permanent cure for Throat and Lung Trou VENO'S VITO—£2 a bottle—an absolute cure in all cases of Irapotency, -Lost Manhood, Seninal Weakness, and Local Troubles of Men and NERVINE—£3 a bottle—a specific for Brain, Heart, Nerve and Spinal Troubles, Paralysis, St. Vitus Nervous Prostration. It makes flesh quicWy. . consulted at Veno tortures-tonight at Dolan's Opera House. A wagon load of groceries given to the poor and needy who bring letters from Clergymen, Admission free. Veno and staff can be consulted^ "The Murdock from 9 to 8. Advice and Consultation free. ; ; .

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