The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 4, 1948 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 4, 1948
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, FERRUARV 4, 191S Soviet Designs May Mean War Chinese Leader Says Imperialistic Airm Spell Trouble NANIlINCi, I'Vb. 4. HJPi --A mem- l)er of China's hlHiesi n>j>cv- makiiip bodv chained loriay ,i, ; ,i Fovlft Russiu was IlllTalcnlllp tile worm with another war. He predicted Russia would siif- (er Ihe same fate as ,Jan;m If it followed "mipr-iialis(ic de^rns " In a sickbed rjlast. YniiiTfi China Party President Tsen» clil assailed . the Soviet for violating the "Icr- ft ritorial and administrative Htc»rity of China in a Fascist-like manner" Fie enumerated nine points wherein lie sail] ho found the Soviet Union guilty of menacing world 1. Rn.ssia's mcth- orls in forestallinc |> treaty set- llemehts with Gcrmanv and Austria. imltv for Korea, which Is delayim; the independence of (he country. He sairi Soviet policy in Korea lii- di'Titcs l!ie Russians in'eiul to establish an h"n ciiitiiin in Asia as well as In Europe. 3. Fiu.vinti violations of the Chi- ! new-Soviet irontv of [nenri'hip and I alliance, mchidtui: the blockim: of China's ef.'oits lo take over Port Arthur and nlaren. •*. The Outer Mongolia invasion of .Sinkiaiii! province allegedly at ' Soviet, instigation. 5 Soviet arming of Chinese com- mmii.s'ts with Japanese eouipment. I!. Orpanixinir and training of Korean and Japanese prisoners of war and sending them into Manchuria to fi B ht on the side of the Communists. 7. The holding of "millions" or German and Japanese prisoners of war inside Russia for "ulterior pur- pases." 8. Unlimited abuse of the veto power in Die United Nations. 9. Revival of the comintorn In Eiiropo and Asia for the purpose of world domination. BIATHEV1LI.F, (ARK.) COURIER Russia May Serve Eviction Notices in Berlin ii sucretslu w«tern pawm from Berlin* it could Ml Lp iti own 90V- frnment and proclaim it -1 government ol all Germany. fusion of western os D conUibulion To fou;-powc( discord. U. S, end Br.l Get man govcininenloHlicirown ia balked unity altempli ot Lon- | don Conference. II Kim . •riCOni OUl Ol CCincnt vouli! U. S. may piQvinCCi, rti but now in c returned to nsh basin on th« tronpi. i Tlif xoldlen herded Mm v|i) n .! 'is lo Ihe bandstand. '1'hey saul there hint- been only ia vuerrlllns In town. The troops capum-d three! men, wonmlcil ,,nc nnd killed iwti ! They broiivjlit In the wounded man on a mute stretcher. H|. was n youngster uljmit ^:t with Kr ,,y ,, y ,, s i WASIIINli'lXIN. /tiled with pah,. A toinmvsun bill-i llunmy European lei lisul plowed tlnouKli his ihlnhs ' breakiiiR both leijs. 1'lir \Vuu>iileil Die Kmneime put « rouuli linmliite mi his Irus inul I V avi- in m n ni! . arelte and asked Hie eolnpany ilnr- lor why he didn t hel|i the' man. The doctor Linked :it Inin and sal.l "I will not dii luiylhiiiR for him." I asked mi IntclltK'cllee officer about Ihe man and lip said' "\ KOI what I wanted from him." 1 asked the lultuiion romiuaniler He said: "He can't walk. We can I uke htm wllh us over Ihe niount- ins." 1 asked Ihe commander: "You're, not solus to slnioi him?" i "Not here," the cominiinder replied, | l-'leinint' suid; -sviiv noi lake him ' over lo Jannina IIIKI tmn him uvr •! I" Ihe United Nations OommisMoiJ Thr niimiKindcr said: -oil. hell, | I already have mven Hie eommis-! .-.ilitl lots of Klmys to l|lle.Mlon." 1 W<- wnlkeil Inu k up ihe hill Attei i a while I heard i|,,ee rifle shots j Potqtoes Bought At Support Price Shipped Abroad 4 lUI'l iiilllton bushels ol 'I, s. p,itu!c tins \\ r iiiti>r and .Spring. 'i'he jj.Jtatiw.s urrc |» by the U. H. KIIVI riuucnl al price* «vI'liiKiin: ji no :, iiiishcl to siinp.iri producer prices In this country, .Since tliey can'l be re-Mild lo American I'oiL.c.iiicr..; witlmul diiviiiM Jirii-i's diittn ai-.aui. the |icitaloc.i was lukini; 10 PAGE 'THREK CALL 4627 ^ For'Lower Cost Insuranc* s v ft* • HOME •tf \ • AUTO •^N » • BUSINESS Arkansas Mutual Agency W. I,. Tamke, Mgr. Bl'ljr., Ulylhcville, Ark. , The blt.'.l e l)e|Kiinncnr.'; t !<i Itiily and pK'viiuiAK look Norlhcrn Kur- '<! Ol Millie . S. Aviators 7 actics Causes Soviet Protest WASHINGTON, Feb. 4. ail') — Russia has accused American plane.s of 10 .specific acts violatlns! "freedom of commercial navigation" In the Yellow- Koa and the Sea of Japan, the State Department disclosed yesterday. Tc\t of the Soviet note of protest wa.s received at the State Department and is being studied. The note was delivered to the American embassy nt AIo.scou 'on Saturday and the substance of it was by Moscow radio. •State Department spokesman Michael J. McDcrmott said the note lists in instances from Aug. 30 to Oct. 2T'-h\.ii; yenr* in wjiich American 'planes allegedly circled or flriv tow over Soviet vessels In tile Far East. The note described incidents as "violations of freedom of commercial navigation" and added ^fc,hat. the Soviet government "ex- "pects the government of the United States to eive the nr>ce.ssary instructions to appropriate military authoritias rrpnrding the Inadmis- sability of such violations in the future." Meanwhile, the department was delaying for unexplained reasons its answer to the first Russian protest in the recent series That one objected to reopening of a wartime American air base in North Africa. Red Army newspaper in Berlin indicated that Hnssla mlchl attempt to expe, ,)„• we.slern powers f,•«-„, he German capital, the last bridge between East and West, after the U. S. and Britain esublisbcd the >!-,.o,,al C.erJi.a,, Koven.Hient of their oceopatton areas. Map he-irilights i,u|>hcati.,ns thai may follow if tha Russians decline four-power rule in Berlin null and void. "You asked abinll »hy 1 didn't do nnylhhiK for lliat Andarte said. "He's dead now.' trl'.il channel',. si:ll hus nune lliuii li.altu.lllio bushels un Inilid- mil i.s still OIIMIIK more. l)c(iintmcnt olli- rinls .~.nil ihe Army had ai'iwil to lake M'vcra] imlltcui ljiisl».|.s ol iid- ixiialue.s, ll they remain .surplus. List year Hie U. a shipped abi.ul ril pi U'c-siip|» irl •l.ilucs aln,.ad. Still & Young Motor Co. Lincoln-Mercury Dealer IMione :M79 lilythcville Ark. 112 Walnut St Newsman Gets Taste of Guerrilla Warfare Staged in Greek Mountains (EDITOR'S HOTK: What Is the Greek (.(icrrillii war like? A first hand report follows hy Dan Thrapp, united Press sUlf correspondent who went to the action front with the tiist. American army officer t-o ivitne*.s llm war in the northern Greek mountains.) B.v I>AN TllltAl']' Ciiileil I'n-ss Staff <'iirrcs|iinn1>.|il AT THK GREEK. MOUNTAIN FRONT Near Jniminn Jnn 31 '^"^•"d"'U.P.'-This ,,s the klnrl of war where mules are more important than maclnncry and where ihe wotmcM cry. mmuied and unntiPnripci. ^. _ __ D-,"T,l- 0°'- , T ,T?;: ^^'""^ of »«•„ In the »,„„. 18 mo^T" ' Ihe said. "Tlint's all " beside Creek government soldier?, making a raid into what they call •enemy" territory hil?h in the Grammos Mountains. Tf the losses weren't iarpe that is all rierlil with ns. We had fo duck plenty of bullets. Well, here is trie way this war goes: We started with an hour's ride jeep from Janninn. Col. Dinii- Town Oner Iturncrt hv Xa/.is For six hours we moved on. hunt- i»K a hill thai was the landmark for our objective. Finally, after clay- light we found the position. The troops hart been there before, ami there were foxholes and lean-tos overlooking two saierrilln-held vll- laKes. The village of Gervcntiou was our objective. Once the Germans hail tros lathithis waited nervously be- j burned it because it was a center .side his jeep at the henri of a line | of resisiance to the Nazis Then M of Amct'ican six-by-six trucks filled [ was a town of BOO. Now it i,a« nhml i qMi ohvc-faccd, inustachcd Greek 100 people and is ruled bv Ihe An- troops dressed iri British uniforms. ' Some had fin hats and tommy guns or brcn guns. They had packs of i U. S. rations and pockets frill of j home-made cheese. ! With three companies we struck j off into the mountains, all of us I on mule hack. Fleming who foURht ' in Europe and the Philippines and I who did a hitch in Bm ma and j China can testify that mules arc the same tile world over. : In late afternoon we wound throllRh wet. red hills covered with smtb oak and across stony paths, Ki'easy with mud. Just before dnsK we met some more troops who had one day's basic training. Among them were a few old hands who had dalles. Th<l<> «•;!.•.- plenty of cover behind trees and boulders. Fleming: and I moved with the men to a point abunt UOd fret above the village. «'e could MT a 20-foot square stone platform in the center of the vil- lupr.-thi' l«wn bandstand. The pluiiiDiis fume In from two diri'elinus. One iriutnoil leader snouted: "Lay down yum arms--surrender. We (lun't want (.> shout our Cheek brothers!" I-Vminj: inleriecled: "Damn It. that's ruu> thitu; I never heard be- foie. Why dfm'l they let (hem know uilh a ciiuple of mriiiar.s on (lint house with the .smoke entiling from it?" Then hell Drone loose. The pla- Inotis opened up with tommy Runs, brcn puns and rifles. The Kuerrillas -replied with Knfields and Itallnn 33's which pop like clnmpnKne corks, and Cierman burp nuns. One Ruerrilln snapped five quirk shots in the direction of Fleming and myself. The firinc died away and we heard a (iyiiiK man crying. The troops worked from house to house, kick- iiiR in and calUng out Ihe villagers. One woman emptied ?, • Surplus Army Shoes • Combat- Boots • Overshoes • Rubber Boots Anderson Shnr Shop A ClolhiiiK Storf :!IB E. Miiin St.. Hlytheville Beware Coughs from common colds That Hang On Crcqrmilsion relieves promptly because it, goes right to the seat of tlio trouble, to help loosen and expc) ccrm laden phhfm, and aid nature 10 soothe and heal raw. tender, Inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you .-> bottle of Creomulsian with the nn- -.lerstnnclins yon must like the way it i,uicKiy allays the cough or you are .0 have your money back. CREOMULSION ?orCou£hj, Chest Colds, Bronchitis JUST FANCY MEETIt\l& YOU/ MY DEAR OP ALL POLKS ON THE DESERT DREAR. WHAT IS THE HOME TOWN'S WORD OF CHEER? i*._/kk •y V 1 /3 DEAL AT POOLE MOTOR COT Jeep . . . Proven to Be THE REAL "LITTLE MAN'S" CAR Will vs- Overland ,Tcep nnw brine rtrlivrrrd , t t F ianv. 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