The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 28, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 28, 1947
Page 3
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THURSDAY. AUGUST 28, 19-17 U.S. and Britain Confer on Greece Troop Withdrawals Under Consideration When Cabinet Okayed WASHINGTON. AH-.. •_'». iui>> — Anini, Keei'i'ltiry of SI.HC inljcrt A. Lovoti said yi'.sU-nhiy the Unilwl Htitcs and Circnl Liviinin ;,rc <tis- cu.ssinti :i M'hettub' lor Lh:* \\ith- ili.uv.u or Hnti-.ii irnnps from CilTt't'S'. I-ovcU told a nt'ws c'onU'iciic!> "iHi ilir- discus-inn;- av.™ in pi-o- Bres'!, but lie ;lici not aniolify lliai. _ He ."aid Lincoln Mi'cVt'asli. U. *~'. nmb.i£.s:tilcir to Gro^r-r, ami t5wi(iht UrisAchl, head ut. ihc U. s. 'cunomie mission lo O.rtt'cr, IKIVP ''xprpfivd the ho))c in Ciieck Icad- ''i-s that they would du tlieiv utmost K> in-ncliiiT a i-nbiiH". ilia! would >>:• :«i'cq;:al;lc bn'.h to jhe loaders "ml the Crci'k, |>r<:[)kv l-f>vett. sai<i [he United States has had a fairly i-onsisU'iu r>vo- Krnin of insistent.'!; tliat the CJiwk KorcTinni'nt bp forme".! on a broad basis and lhat this rt'm:uiii>il the American. (.jovernmoiu's policy. He said CJriswold't mission" had nviifiitrd in its fi-si. reports to the United .States thin it has ae cinmihiltd a (-real deal u f data, mosi of il UlrmifyiiH,' the area:; alid items most ttcecied to assist in Grt*(cc''>; economic recovery. l'Vv HrilM. Trim;:". The British a:e understood to have a relatively small number- of troops in cireece now, but American oflicials (eel thai they exercise a .stabilizing influence. said the United States is in the process of tiikins! new action in (lie ease of Nikola Pctkov. who has been sentenced to death by the Bliluarhn fievernment. The United States protested both to Soviet Russia and to Bulgaria in the Petkov ease, but Russia rejected the U S. protest. Lovcit said no reply has been received from Bulgaria. Loveu told reporters the Anglo- -Ameriean (iiseussions hei'c on inerrashn: co::l production in life Ruhr section or Germany have been making nood i>ro;;re«s. 11.' understood the eontere.s hoped to complete thfir work by the niitldle of next, week. Lcivetl said n itew ncle ott Korea , has been sent to Misro'.v but that it has not \c! been delivered by American Ambassador Walter Hedell smllli to the Soviet Foreign Office as far as the Stale Department knows. Facing Up to a Big Task Dunne annual cleanup of life-sized reproductions of prehistoric monsters hi St. George's Park, Calgary, Alberta. Susan Ward had to. climb a 35-foot extension ladder to scrub the face of "Dinny " Ihe brontosaurus. 'She was one of group'of Sal-Teen Club anil ll'Ma biema Phi girls who gave the 'famous group of dinosaur models their annual baths. Breach of Anglo- U.S. Loan Denied Non-Discrimination Clause Violations Refuted by Snydcr WASHINGTON, Ann. :>8. <u'p> - • Eociftnry of the Treasury John \V. Snyder yesterday denleil reports lluu the United Suites made a "sentlemiui'.s agreement" ):ermlt- liiij; Britain to evade the non-dts- trlmlnatlaii rluuse in the Angio- Amerifiin loun ayiveuie:)!. The clouse |>rviclci> that ndt.iln shall not discriminate nj<n| Ir.ule. with the Unlleil Sintos by Use of Impor', <|tiolas and .similar restrictions. The Hritfsh, however, \vere left free lo buy foreion i:oods \vhere- i'vw they crmhl sea :i better urlce. Snyder hearted the U. .S; group which discussed revisions of the loan agreement. The noii-discrhnlilattbn clause was discussed :U cunduillnjL sessions last week, but no final notion was taken. Snyder lo]d a neves conference .lie hwl asked Kir Wilfred Eudy. head of the Uritlsh mission, whether the British wanted Mibsir.nlhil modifications of the clause. J!D said Esuly replied "no." Snyder insisted Ihr-ri; was "not any kind of deal or uju't'emenl, KCnllc- nian's or otherwise, thin would breach the loiln agreement." He said the loiui talks would J>o resumed niter he returns from a visit to London next month. , 'Liquid Food' Developed to Aid Weak Patients in Operations Navy | akes On Army for Jet Wasp Stings Fatal to Boy MEMPHIS, Teiin., Aiig. 28. (UP) --Wnsps slung sc'Veii-yciir-old Billy Fulkerson ID death. Billy n|)|>iuently upset n WaS|) nest In (lie bora of his suburban home yesterday and was stlum at least 50 limes on the left hand both ariiiK. ehesl mul [ace. He died eii mule to the hospital. K See,, '„< < •' l '" bs havJ i, ;,ie ;;,!," lwc • v-or ,i', *, , ' "<•'«' " C '"""" Is the nlr >si*«i n t ..... the 750 j,, I K v, uu JH|)h. fv.iv>' men m '---«>nK'wl'oro between «00 ,„„, croomm;; Ihe eofl for :m assauU on thu L^^lji'li^J^ 'Right-to-Work' Law Is Upheld in Florida 28. are Officers Seek Identity Of Drowning Victim HOT EFr:i::as. At-:-:., <ui« <UF> —Garhiiitl CouPly officers avrnitint; v.orcl Irciti .San Francisco autlioi'itie.'i cr the Eetlera; B.ireau of Investigation ns to i lio identity ol a 111:111 found dead in L-a:<c.Calhe"riiia GfficTr.s re'.c^'ed yr:;L v C! :]:\-- tl'.at. Die-, I'oisntl :i iiat. ncr:r"where tlio body v:a.s foimd. and tlKit it bore :: Sal! l-'ran-isco l.-bil. Piiujerpriuts iiavc uei'ri yent to bcth agencies. !lnvesLii;;Hing ofiicers say they have? reason lo l.'t-lk've the man \ca.s a fugitive or sutfmnj from a tal ailment. IE "^^-v LEG PAINS' MAY BE DANGER SIGN Of Tired Kidneys If backache nnd (CR pains nrc making you nuseniblf.doii't just nimptain and <!o nothing about them. Katu -R mny bcv.-.irniiin you lhat ynur kidney:; need rutonti'jn. ' anc ar.,1 iiuisanons m.slc oul of UIG licli) must people pass about 3 f f CMS<ls b!oo(l. They l>mls a tTay. If the 15 miles of kitlney tubes and fiUcra don twork well. no isouousM-asUmaUcrstnya mine mood. IhctclinisGnr, ni^.-Elartnanrinir baekacbc3,r!]cunialt<!,r pains, IBM of pep ami enerry. celtins up niiclitf. E^yellinp. Ptiirmcisitiiilcrlhccyci.hcailnchcaiinildiui- nesa. I-requenlnrsenntypaMacvavvillismart- inKan<ll)Urnmi.-!om[.times5howsthereissome. thinK vrronK with your kijneya or WacMcr uon t \vail! Ass your dmitcist for Doan'a J. ills, a stimiilant diuretic, used successfully by Tnillions for over Do ,<,= „. Doan's ein, k",K!ey lube, n""? ^ ^" lh ° 15 n "'« ot ' 1 ' "™ !!>' PAUL F. KM.IS (United Press Science Writer) NEW YORK. Aug. 28. (UP) — A new type of "liquid food", developed especially to tide weak, ill persons over major operations, hlls become available for use, it was dLsclosed today. This new food contains amina acids, the building blocks of human structure. Normal lile without these building blocks can not exist. The new food, called parcnnmlne six per cent, is an improvement over another so-called "liquid food," known simply as parenamiiie. Both I were developed by Dr. Melville Sah- yun, vice president and director of research tor Frederick Stearns & Co., Detroit, MJch. Pnrcnamiuc six per cent, so- called because it. contains GO srarns of the important ainino acids in one liler. or quart, of solution, is fc<l directly into the veins in a technique similar to that used in the feeding of glucose. The older parenamine also was administered through the veins, but it came originally in concentrated form and had to be mixed with water. The new compound coiiies already prepared. It eliminates laboratory work in the "nos- Pital and also reduces the cost to the patient. Dr. J. Murk Hiebert, general manager of the Stearns Company, said the new compound can be made for a little less than S3-00 a liter _ the usual daily requirement, for a person ill with protein deficiency. The study or iimino acids which make up proteins has been going on for many years and today science has learned but little about these all important human building blocks. They have discovered that man needs these amino acids to maintain health and to live longer. They come from meat nnrt milk products. There are at Ivist, 2;f of the aniino acids, ten of which man must get through the food he cat.s. The others are manufactured within the body. Scientists ot the Stearns laboratory pointed out that a "i^rson suffering ordinary protein deficiency can be treated by coal administration: that Is, the patient can swallow the animo acids compomlls in tnblct form. A desperately ill i«rson, however, hardly could sit down to a steak dinner. It is here that the new parenamine should have valiie. Clinical tests already have shown that some operations, heretofore JACKSONVILLE. Plil.. Ann. 28. (UP) _ Florida's "rlKhl-lo-work" amendment was upheld lodny in n , ™sc Involving live shipyard workers considered too risky for persons , "'red under a maintenance of union suffering severe protein deficiency, ' membership contract. Two Homes Collide JAOKKONVIU.H. 1-Mii.. Alllj. 211. (UP>--A severe i;nsl of wind was ulamed today [or the collision of two homes. The dwellings were In I lie process f bcim; moved. The linger of the mine d\velliiii;s slippnl oil Ihe mov- \K bhu ks and siiiaslii'd Inlo Ihe mailer nne. leavlni: i mass of splin- ercd lltubers. Ebb H. Carson Tax Consultant Tux [U'jxH-ts— Accminliiig KOOHI 21, Lynch Write l>. <). Don't Buy . . . CHRISTMAS CARDS UNTIL YOU'VE SEEN OUR -NEW LINES- vc assembled eiimple enrds froln p , 't'hese KIUJJO from snycsi desl"ir t rellulnus curds nml lire priced froin •'• •• mul mime lmprlnlc<l ctmls. onr cut-' cards In <|i]imtllles \vlll hiive (.'xclnslv- SAMUEL F. ler>.r!Jn(r •mhnufnr- •• ••". 'tr-lv bcTiiM-:' 'onn now be iwrrorntcd. The acids also are a<iniinisteretl for the healing of wounds, ulcers and burned 'tissues. .The Steams researchers also expect their new compound to have a big part in aiding women through childbirth. i The men hre on their jobs now under a temporary court order. They refused to jmy union dues Circuit Judge Miles w. Lswls issued n verdict In favor of the men siij'ing that no reason had been shown to hold the '1943 nmendlneiit Invalid. Receiver's Seek Permit To Operate M & A Line FORT SMITH, Ark.. Aug. 28. (UPI --•The reopening of pnrt of the idie Missouri and Arkansas RliihTjad became a possibility following the filing in U. S.'District Coiirt in F\>rt Smith yesterday of a report from the line's receivers. Hearing; has been set for Sept. 10 on a series of the receivers' recommendations, including one that the Harrison-Scli^man. Mo., section be put into operation. The report revealed that a Harrison contractor—J. Tom Grimmett | has offered $300,000 lor the property, i 'Among the recommendations, the | three receivers urged that, tlie line ; be limited to freight traffic only. ' and that striking employes be granted a non-retroactive 18 and ' one-half cent Itonrlv wage boost. i Kiwanians Meet Members of the Kiwaiils Club heard reports of committee'^chairmen on activities of their groups n't the wcekjy meet-Ing held yestcrdily noon' nt the Hotel Noh'e " : Shipment of Bass incites Just Arrived! TOT SHOP 110 So. 2nd St. Phone 2308 ST'S FRESH SO-O-O DELICIOUS! 1'iTsh crisp shred* of coconut :ilop a smooth creamy iciiiK Unit moils in your month. This is n trout tliat will briuir poor jippolilos back to life! ON SALE SATURDAY ONLY/ Telephone Your Order — Dial 2073 S BAKERY •INDIX STANDAID TRADE-IN WASHER •1ND1X Dl LUXf YOUR ON DO-EVERYTHING Now It's KJIHV to Buy Washer! Up to the World's "Saviugest" 12 Months to Pay NO OTHER WASHER HAS SAVED SO MUCH WORK ... SOAP ... HOT WATER ... CLOTHES ... FOR SO MANY MILLIONS OF FAMILIES No ofber washer hat proved so conc/usivefy if eon do your wash oil by itself ... even when you're nol in the house! HIRI'S HOW THI UNBIX WORKS WHILI YOU KILAXI Jvil wt Ifw dial add loop.., and Ink* ft Ktfl All by ihelf Kit Bwdix wash*!, Mpl*-rlm*«, and damp-dr/i Itie clolbet i . . Itwn cUaro Ihelf and ihuti off futomaHtallfl BENDIX automatic Washer Phone for TRADE-IN OFFER TOD Ay i HUBBARD & HOKE Appliance Co. PHINTKHS — OFFl'n Across From Cltv Phone 2940 Blythevtllc I'ciinm-row and every duy. we sla|;e a i;rcnl presentation of watches styled by America's most famous manufacturers. You'll nnd special values mul America's easiest credit lernis featured at DUKIFUS' when you choose your wnlcli tumor- from this om.staiulliiK collection of the newest and fiinartcst styles for men and women. lie here earlyl morrow's the day . . . Watch Day at DHKIFUS'. A MODERN BENDHX

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