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The Morning Post from Camden, New Jersey • Page 15
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The Morning Post from Camden, New Jersey • Page 15

The Morning Posti
Camden, New Jersey
Issue Date:

fifteen 'mOU Malt i FOURTH EVENT.PLANNED BY DAYTON COMMUNITY AVIS ORDERS SHIP Theatres Tonight McaYou Bp MAMV MLAa aoaoaiTY jtxe mar Wa Chaptae. Aipb iamht ororttyt win bold tl anausJ Inf.rf-Bwt Jua hop aa Friday aigtit at Oait Vlw Country Clu. Waodbui Height. Harry Broy and Ma Bhylhaa TUatal wlO furaUk th sua, vj I Vl IJ A If Jans la your birthday, the beat hour tor you on Uil data rroaa W. a. m. to Uiit a. troes an, to I f. n. aad (rest 9M p. an. in J0 m. 1 he danger pes-toda ara from 1:10 a. aa. ta a. av aad from p. m. la p. as. You will probably feel that the day'a activity baa baas well wort white. Tha ueual dimcullUa will aneountared aad tamplatlon to over-some, but you will feel motivated and led to da right by a power without yourself. You ehould And among people generally a alooare striving to la harmony with others. The child born oa this June will probably be an evaalv little ooa; hla answers will eeldom direct and It will difficult to "pin him down" to ye or ao for an anawar. Ha will be a great one to barter among hla acaulntano and ba will eeldom It June ta the dat ef your birth, you are probably one wbo procraatl-nataa a great deal. You never plan mora than a few houra ahead and your plane are eubject to change or reversal on a momenl'e notice. Tou are more the artist than the bualneaa man In temperament: the ehaaoee ara that yon will have to devote your Ufa to a career In bualneaa and you will never aaem to quite fit Into the picture, blooey rune through your handa like water and unleaa you are careful you will find your obligations running far beyond your means. You are a dreamer about what you are going to do. Strangely, a goodly aumber of your Ideas are thoroughly practicable, but you can never "get down to earth" long enough to carry them out. Your greateat fault Is quite poaelbly that your ara thoroughly aatlafled with youraelf and consequently you do not aeak to Improve your ways. You are a likable person but st times you drive your intimates to distraction by your fanolfulneee. Bom on June you cannot be classed as unselfish; you lack consideration for others, and particularly la this true In your relations with your mate. You will probably ai-perlence little alckneaa during your life. Your life will not be an unhappy one. Receeaafal People Bars ea Jaaa 1 Nathan Hale, Revolutionary aol-dler. John Trumbull, eoldler and artlat. Catherine A. Warfleld, poit and author. Henry Moeler. artlat. 5 Thomas L. Bradford, physician and author, Bruno Oscar Klein, composer and pianist. IWBLK rT.ATI HK TAUT OF ABV ROLMKIt" "MLUOCM Or THE BTOkal' I "PART OF ef ABV BIllXrKK I I I Wl Craft Seized at Shore Declared Used as Rum Runner. Rullnf that a tcbooosr which see sacks of Imported liquor were confiscated, wa ogg1ng ta trade other tha that for which It waa Iglnall lleeaaad by the government. Judge Joha Boyd A vie i V. 0, District Court yeaurday ordered th boat forfaited to the government Tha liquor waa seised last Octo ber a. Tb liquor was aeiaed by Ueut. Allan L. mlh and Trooper Aatheny T. Wtlbelm, of Troop while the boat was at anchor la Patcong creek near Somen Total. Captain Palmar, when called to Identify his slgaatur oa his application for a United tataa llcanaa, aald ha 'couldn't read th document because he had left hi (Usees at home. laadore 1. Worth, of Illverelde, a-Slalant U. district attorney, called upon persona la the courtroom la lead thalr glaaaea to Captain t'almer. ana although half a dosaa did ao. Captain Palmer ailll could not eee the paper until Judge Avla loaned him hi glaaaea. Captain Palmar taatlfted be left the boat tied up at Atlantic City and tbat It waa stolen. At the time of the eetsure two youtha. Leslie Ihaw nd Jamea Boyd, both Is, who aald they were atewerda, ware the only onea on board. Worth eought to bring out that Palmer was only a "atraw man" so far as the craft's ewnarahtp was concerned, and that tha real owner waa a Charles Webb, described by Worth as a "notorious New Jersey rum-runner." Palmer denied this charge aad declared he didn't know the maa. Jndge Avis, tn declaring hla decision, said tha burden ot proof wa on Palmar to prove that the boat had been stolen, but that he had not been able to do ao. The craft waa valued at 1900. niniAinr rAnivaiucK.igka a Caatlaaaaa gbewtua ta 11 P. at. Bea Lyea Gleada Parrell la "Cirl Missing" EITZ Oaarra aa WhUa Hanalrtka Mat. Dallr I T. at. nui-rea rHAitHK la "King of the Jungle" Free Ta tha Ladlre Free Dlaawad tM Tablaatara LIBERTY rVSTS. Barbara Stanwyxk in Ladies They Talk About IMTFIITIl Will lal I 1U I i At At itur iT-a tret TMaTtU i i jsa int just 10,000 WOMCN CANV ft uso rjav. rvi vriu' A 0OTOUf COMfOY OX WOMt avaaj JeVO MP fun mm Mr tmumff HUDAUD' LAND I oLf'i aUJJOeil tAMBEAO IRNtT TRUtX 0AVIO MANNER TART jACKUoir-uujAJi tm Wmm Jtmmouv umA UOt 1O0rw7- wtM CLVDf a t-r iav fTiilii- I uaatTTA www-arm atwvw III nmul mm fOnat eWa.1 ru a-r nnea rex-Tie: A bared tor ehlldreo, rac for waeaia ad ether feature war ta ct ud ad ta tb pitas tor a Fourth of July oalabrailoa adopted last alghl at aaaeUng of tb Daytoa Community AaaoelaUoa. The parade, to a bald la tb soralag. will ba asad up ef decorated coachae. bteyelea and vsprea wagons- It waa a no ou ocd Ave woman Judge will be ppinl4. Kacaa will be rua on aayra aveou btweea Nor-rt aad Perehlng atresia by children, women and mes la th afternoon, Thar win dancing in th evening. A committee will make a houae-to-boua cauvaaa to obtain funds for expeaaaa. Many maa of tha community embraced by Van Hook atrtei, Decatur etreet. Dayton aUaet. Browning alrael. layra avenue, Mt. Ephrelm avenue. Cope street, Noma street and Perehlng street attended last nlghl'a meeting bald at 1M0 Browning street. Herbert Vannall la prealdent of tha association. AUTO MOVIE THEATRE HAS PREMIERE TONIGHT Th world' Bret automobil movla thaatra which ba arouaed national Interest berauae of It basic patents and la which motor care literally are transformed Into private theatre boxes, will have It premiere performance tonight tn tha Camden Drive-la Thaatra. On the Admiral Wilson Boulevard, near the Central Airport. It occuplea approximately 250.000 square feet and la comparable. In alia, to Franklin Field. Eight aaml-clrcular rows, each B0 feat deep, will accommodate BOO motor ears simultaneously. Motorists and their guests will aa and hear talking picture while they emoke, talk or partake ot refreahmanta without annoying others In tha audience. There la a alight Incline at tha front of each alale which guarantees uninterrupted vision. The program will be a complete talking picture show and will be changed on Wednesdays and Sundays with three evening perform-ncea dally, at 1.30, 10 and 11.30 o'clock. ANNUAL FRAT DANCE AT BIRDWOOD CLUB The Blrdwood Country Club ha bean choaen as the scan of the (Ixth annual Knlcker Dane to be given by Blprma Lambda Nu fraternity on Friday evening, June 8. Cliff Odend'Hall and hla Penn Troubadoura will ba featured with their dance music. Thoae on the committee arranging for the affair ara William Hose, Jack Belfridge, Albert Derr, Charles Haines, Jack Coe and Robert Smith. LITTLE I.ORFTTA YOLIti la Haddonfield "GRAND SLAM" MT. EPHRAIM Theatre lack Bene rtke aUasa Blshwar SSVDangerously STANDARD tad aad Via Bta. Marv Rriaa la "Olltl. MIWINO" Pnte to iAdlee -Comblnetloa Cereal Bt NEW HIGHLAND AUDUBON Jamea Dunn Sally Eilers in "SAILOR'S LUCK" BECKEB BROS. tXrr Maple) Shad liUafaV at New Jersey "Zoo in Budapest" aaFre Parking CHECKED and- DoublC'Checkcd BrlUUNT Jaok lpT wk always like hi tc(tl fooM Uta tab) turaad agaiaat pint tk atnar day, ralatad by Paul as) umbrella ta Hi New York elttea, tut aa it a tag reading; "Maads; OS. Property aa ex -chare-pie a baavywalght Bait day It wa go, with ay aola la Hj plcl "Umbrall borrowed by aa ai-champloa tong-dlalaac run- Oh, judge Panooaati tn buaaa ara wUd-tUUg an Broadway again, Imperilling tb Uvea of (hair paaaaagara. broke It up tb last Urns; oat yon take a band again All of tb Bwapapar report who uaauooaeefully triad for daya aad weak to gat aa inUrvlaw with Ubby Kalmao during bar stay at tha Pennsylvania Uoapltal aavaral weeks ago, will burn up over a story told by W. W. Itaynolds, principal of UaddonAald High aawabouoda used all torn of ruae that didn't work. Reynolds went to th hoaplUl to aa another patient aad gave an attendant hla nam. attendant mistook him tor Ubby brother-in-law, aad barer th Haddonnald aducator quit realised what It was all about, ha bad be quickly uaherad to Llbby's Nobody thought of using that In oldan time the expreealon "generation" was easily defined Children and their parents war of different gaaeratlona But now, It appaara there Is still another distinction Those In their twsntlaa may consider themselves aa more sophisticated, but they nevertheleas ara regarded with some faint scorn by thoae still In their 'taena Jo rorestal gives us an example, aay-lng that his l-year-old ton helped a pal to get rid ol a "data," and was told by his ll-yaar-old elater that "that waan tha youngster aald In all aeiiouanaaa, "Aw, you wouldn't understand. You belong to another generation P'fry Hopkins Joyce Is Juit novice in the matrimonial game after For Lieut. William T. Coma-ford, once an appoint to th U. 8. 8hlpplng Board and now a naval reserve officer, has written a book and want a publisher to put It out for him It is entitled "My First Fourteen Wives" And be had that many, So there is some truth to that crack about one la each port after all, One of the younger local attorneys Is getting in news photographers' hair He recently tried to prevent a plcture-snatcber from getting a photo of a client, and again, the other day, he warned a couple of "subjects" that the shutter was about to click Next he threatened to throw a camera through a window. A achool of fish was seen following a boat from Longport to Cape May Sunday Every time the two boatmen threw over a line, the fish stole th bait and stuck -a nn to their the boat were Nick Mar-tarella and Jack Loach, who didn't get a bite all day. The Llntonla and the new Linton restaurants will soon tangle in the courts over the right to use their respective names At the New Jersey Bar Association's closing session Saturday, It was unanimously voted to petition the Supreme Court to change Its previous ruling which prevented law students from taking bar examinations after a certain number of failures The movement for this reform first broke into print via this column ever so many blue moons PLAN MONTE CARLO NIGHT Craftsmen's Association, No. 2S3, will hold Monte Carlo Night at 438 Stevens street tomorrow. Games will start at 8.30. H. D. Relnert la chairman of the committee, which Includes Paul Kessler and Joseph Eskin. NEAR 2 Miles SIT IN akvuat ILiUJaUW twvumm mj9imTw xmmr i rs 1 xmm w.r.m$ i 1 1 i i raKK-Te Ladles FREE HIE. STORY PURCHASED Helen Hayes to Star In The Old Maid'; Dix May Co to Fox Lot HOLLYWOOD SNAPSHOTS By LAt'KLLA TA0 Melaea Hotare Edlter. IDwhI arrise Aagele. Juee Copyrtgbl. 1M1, by Ualeereal Service, Ins A Jlaaaanl aurprie await Kong hearer bar retime te Hollywood. Metro-Ooldvya-blayer ku pur-cbaeed lit prim package of ih vhi, "at Arte Aa.tolotu," "The Diary of A Average 'or tba nrai Norsn ebeeirwetetur. fol-lowtwg bar retura from ifurope. Pro. video, of eoarea, tbat Inrlag Thal-barg aad Norma approve of tbe tory. Mara tba average lalereat el-tacbaa to UU colorful aovel by tf-a tweig. the bat lle boik bar and abroad every company put la a bid for tlie film right, at-O-at ui Uka a law bowl oa carrying off tK prtaa. Tba old brotnlda about eeatum picture being a drug oa I In marbat will be promptly forgotten If Norma put evar on of bar aaccaaaaa. aha and Irving ara atin In Bad-rtaohelm and will rlelt la London before returning bom. A llltl bird whiapor. aad know It' a Una from aavaral eouiree. that Halaa Hay, aadly oa of tb Drat women of tba screen and a swan actress, w)U appear ta "Tb Old Maid," Bdltb Wharton's story. Bo much aacracy surround tba pur-ehas of tba Whartoo aovel that I waant abl to got vary much Information. Josephine Lc-vetl, It appears, ta adapting It and It will follow "Another Language." Oa mora plctur for Richard Dls at Radio and than a contract with William La Baron. Baron compute bta contract with Paramount aim oat Immediately and wharavar ba goo DU will go with him. They car been aaaoclatad alnca Dtx'a acraaa da but Ka wa wtth La Baron at Paramount, with La Baron at Radio and dow tba rumor la La Baron will go to Fox. taking Dtx wtth him. At least, nagotlatlona ara on at th moment Chattar In Hollywood: Tou can with safety wager your waak'a sel-ary that Constance Cummtng I married to Bann W. Lvy, wall known wrltar. Tba marriage la a fact. A cartaln ftiand of Connie's baa a oablagram announcing tha marriage, but bagging that Jt ba kapt a profound secret. Whan ha any marriage ot a movla actra ban kept aacrat ehher her or abroad? Waltar Wlncball alio tella ma ha know that Connie 1 now klra. Levy. Great break for Hark Uandrlch, HI coat eheet on "Melody Crulee" ahowed a $200,000 expenditure. Mar-Ian Cooper literally ahouted for Joy becaua the mualcal comedies sel-dora coat leea than 100,000. Just a a Uttl token of appreciation. Bandrlch will direct the young Cxechoeloraltlan actor, Francis Ld-erer, In "Romance of Manhattan." Although Lederer 1 already here and getting acquainted with Hollywood, hie atory isn't ready. Snapihota of Hollywood collected at random: Francis Lederer, matinee idol and promised screen heartthrob, has rented a house; 'tie the TA rmk'i Hninllh hnum in Cold Water Canyon; Ted and the missus taking a trip to Europe Ramon No- varro, according to a leiier, la iryim v.a BMm with an Tantta ITran- chinl; won't Gary Cooper be jealous If paintoa green ana yeiiuw uh ni xieusenoergr visiter auivuu, it irvm ir.itrilA Vnnnlx end a few dozen others at the Rancho Golf Club lor the m-G-m annual gou iT.M-.Ra UJ.P-.04. NOW it's the letter and that doesn't necessarily stand for easy. Clip out the seven pux- sle pieces below, color their bacics with crayon or pencil, and put them together to form the letter. Look for the solution tft today' jiuxzle in tomorrow's paper. BOI.tJTION TO MONDAY'S PUZZLE The steamboat offered some difficulties, but shouldn't have proved unduly hard for Hi-Ho followers. Here's the way the pieces were put together to form the steamboat II FOB MISS SHEHREf) eww Letter tl II I WDffiY-itfi UtoMffiffliliiiliiiiilliMin iinili'imiii liaMiiililiiiMf rail patlsn rtaule are etritMa aw we an i wiiawes awuee.) anus UnEBTT-aerbera aiaawrcw ta' -U 1im Tela A aaai i a r4nRii'aaai i-e as "tan lataa" tUaaltaeeae fraas "ZtZSSF'9 9H WHrraiH--oaarad K.l. ta vaMi e-aa; APOU. la OOUJNurOor-Lania Tetma la i ta hue.waat (T mTTmi, si ue awn KtaKKT WIST OOIJ.IMOSWOOO- l-tiy Ltear" aad "taaiaa Thar taib iW' ifii, a tti. TiiiiaTnk. HApnowngT.rv- I.ITT lriu Teuas la a aa. uraAa lai" MT. trxiUlM Wareae fla.Mf i. areual7 y.0, tan) Kf rrtoni.AlBD. Tfrpvunn Puna la "BMars 10" BBS) ha Jun.l rt.ean.a Si OXT, stAri.B HArr-Lwi Taaia kt zee la vuaapaat" (, on Tni tTAoa aiJOTT Ihiriawiue (t an a ani CHUTNt'T Waurtoa dokwarta ta Taaka XARUaV-Mubiaaa la Panes. UST D1T Tba Oeaetaat We RicWerel Bartaaln Sally Ellwr rriTiii HBfioT bainiui nini wat lOlabal "Sajnw I Wtth Cael OeesferT' WALT WHITMAf 1 1 data Wast, eld A vex II virrnsii vnm pa TOD AY I AS 0 PITTS Llaf MM VILLI "OUT ALL NICHT AUDITORIUMS! TODAY CHABLKS MTJKBAY AND OEOBOX SIDNKT If 'COHEVS 1 KELLTS II TROUILP APOLLO OlenceaUr Today Balph Bellamy ind Mm Clirkt hi AROLE SIRL' 37V INanie describe. Addresw 4" 1 1 MAY M. The valley curt in July hows the in, this ports from eery and Are You -a et -x -u ir 1 n- it it ti DRIVE-IN MKLKM if ATM Wka, HaUyad baare, will be etamd la "Tba Old Maid," a EdJla Wbartoa eUry. tournament Xddla Cantor aendlng la a magazine yam written aboard tb boat en route from New -York: Oeorg O'Brien and William Collier dining with Ulr two daddies at Bardie; Mra. Phil Berg (Leila Hy-ama) hosteaa at a baby shower for Mra Bkeet Gallagher; Mra. Ida ICovennaa'e friend a Handing a tea at bar houae; ahe Is executive acr-tary to L. B. Mayer; the Jack Warner taking 40 guest to the Cocoa-nut Orov following the premiere of "Oold Digger of 113;" (he Dairy 1 Zaauck entertaining wtth a theatre party; Ruaaell Qleaaon raturna to England In June for a picture; he cam bom to hav an American dentist pull four wisdom teeth. That' a all today. Be you tomorrow I i HITS P1I TRADE 3.2 Brew Popular With Army and Navy Boys in Canal Zone Cristobal. C. With the United States Army and Navy busily installing bars and beer gardens at their varioue poets In the Canal Zone to serve 3.2 beer, the United States becomes an active competitor of the saloons and cabarets of Panama. Colon saloons keenly felt this competition when th first Navy bar and beer garden was opened at the Submarine Base at Coco Bolo, for thirsty "gobs" preferred to stay at home In comfortable barracks, there to receive their legalized beer, rather than to Journey to Colon saloons miles distant The result was that Panamanian saloons, once crowded to capacity on soldiers' and sailors' pay day, presented a spectacle of desolation with Idle bar-tenders waiting for the service business which failed to put In an appearance. If the opening of but one Navy beer garden could cause auch a drop In trade, mused th saloon proprietors, what might the saloons of Panama expect when the full fore of United States competition should be felt? Soldiers aad sailors have never been consistent drinkers of hard II' quor. Beer In large quantities, has been, th beverage most consumed by service men and It was to this trad that Panamanian saloons catered until th legalization of 3.3 beer. Just what i will be taken to offset this effect of United States competition cannot be predicted, ac cording to saloon men In Panama. but It la accepted that unless some remedy can be found, many saloons must close their doors, resulting in tha loss to Panama of hundred of thousands of dollar annually, it ha been estimated. In a general order. General Preston Brown, U. S. Commander of the Panama Canal Department, set his stamp of approval upon th sale of 3.2 beer at army posts ana canteens, authorizing the erection ot beer gardens at th posts under his command and the sale of beer to Army personnel at Post exchanges. Th order reacts, in pan: "The post exchange officers are allowed to sell beer, ale, wine and similar fermented bait bev erages or vinous liquors containing not more than z.i aiconoi oy weignr. Vending shipments and bar acces sories are ordered to Da tne property of tha Post Exchange or Officers' Club." B'NAI B'RITH AUXILIARY TO GIVE MINSTREL SHOW Officers and members of B'nal Brith organizations in Jersey and Pennsylvania hav been invited to attend the minstrel show and dance to be given tomorrow night in the Junior ballroom of the Walt Whit man Hotel. The Camden Ladles Auxiliary of the B'Nai is sponsoring; the performance under th direction of Mrs. Gertrude JBecKer. The show, a charity performance, will be presented in Philadelphia, later in the month. In. leading roles are Mrs. Samuel Rosen, newly elected president of the JLacues Auxiliary ol tn is xvai cmn. who will th interlocutor; Mrs. Hattle Mitchell, Miss Ida Cabnet, Mrs. Augusta, Bobbins and Mrs. Gertrude Becker, endmen; Ruth Rich- man, Miss Sarah Schats, In char acter roles. -Mis Mildred Kedlu and Mrs. 8a-dle Dichter, cake-walkers; Ida Bergen and Isabel Ostroff, dancing team, and Freda Ruttenoerg, solo tap-dancer. CHESTNUT ST. held ovbk Tm week only MA HICK gCHWABTZ hi YldilKh Art- Thaatra Co. I seats I IN "TOSHE KALB" I ow CAMDEN" BEERSTORESOFU Waiting For BUSINESS YV and ENJOY TALKIES WORLD'S individual" driveways three fa 4 TIMES the LENGTH A Private Theatre 751 anTfor CENTRAL AIRPORT from CAMDEN Bride YOUR CAR FlftaTT) tl YOUR CA Box 7hPBim mm warn TRY SUMMER AIR CONDITIONING. It has a stimulating effect on sultry days when heat and humidity; cause people to say "It's too hot to eat." Wfhen the atmosphere in a dining room is cool and dry, the appetites of patrons quicken and popularity for his cuisine and increased business reward the owner. 'Air conditioning not only cools the air, it removes smoke and lessens cooking odors. '-j, Chocolates, other candies and confections, are benefited by air conditioning. Confectionery stock stays firm and attractive, chocolate, in particular, retains its color and remains dainty and appetizing. There are many forms of air conditioning and the use bf an appropriate one is sure to bring pleasing results for any firm that depends upon the attendance of the public for sue- CCSS' We Have a group of men who have specialize'd on the subject of air conditioning. You will incur no obligation by asking for the information that they can give you on the types of air conditioning equipment and the cost of operating each. Telephone or write your local Public Service iwr.acli Person firw FAMILY ADMISSION. Si ''Ev; DESIGNING AND ENGINEERING "Drive in Theatre" By HOWARD E. HALL, Architect 544 Federal Street, Camden JUNE JULY AUGUST; 1 Vi! A Announcement Extraordinary id ry Jssw. i Thii mil, PUBOCSEHVICE RE-OPENING in business activity oe and August This chart decline in business dur- period as indicated by dry joods, leather, ro other retail businesses, HEigrcatcstinows story In the last docado will bo-'an- nouncpd thfsivveek. VVctch Publio Service Eiectrie and Gat Go. sc Send at a Aal jui I free booklet 6th and Lawrence Streets me free copy of You'Like It," the book that F. 'MTOPPXN Tel. No, summer ait conditioninft.

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