The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 27, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 27, 1947
Page 12
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. FACE TWELVE niATIIEVILLR (AUK.) COUIUEK NEWS Attorney General Criticizes Acts ! Of Circuit Judge ! LITTLE ROCK, Aug. 27. (UPI A circuit court lias authority in control a county board of cqiml- Jtttlon only if the board should! act wholly beyond Its jurisdiction, Aity. Gen. Guy E. Williams said . yesterday. ..In an opinion • to Chairman Charles Halsell of the Garland County Equalization Board. Williams said that the circuit court, is. hot authorized by law to exercise absolute control over actions of the county board of equalization, the county court or township officers. Halsell said the board recently was called into session by ch'cuU Judge Clyde H. Brown "lo receive instructions." Hiilsell said Hint during the conversation the board was made to understand that Brown "had immediate "jcmliol over this body, ns well as all other courts and jfficers in the county." In the opinion written by Asst. Ally.. Gen. Cleveland Holland, Williams said superintending control given the circuit court is lim-, itecj to the issuance of writs of mandamus, certiorarl or prohibition, if the board should net beyond its Jurisdiction. "In short," the opinion said in part, "the legislature has given to the county board of equalization the exclusive power . . . lo ifiihil- ize tax assessments and the circuit court has no authority 10 interfere . . . ns long as the board is. acting wifhni Us jurisdiction." Read Courier News Vvani A is. These Planes Will Star in National "Air'Races WKDN'KSOAV,'AUGUST 27, I'M? feature fusl midgel racers, like Tony Lc Vier's "Cosmic Wind," above. Horse Play With a Mule Backfires on Policemen; Chief Suspends Two Men LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Aug. 27. (U.P.I—Two Little Rock police officers were not laughing today at a joke which looked pretty good to them Sunday night. The two. riilrolmen opal A. Allan and Irving Ncwcomb. were suspended for three days yesterday by Acting Chief of Police C O. Kink. The suspensions were minded oui, after [lie two men led a .stray mute Into police headquarters and up to llir; desk sergeant's Chief l r itik suicl the *'niulc] was "conduct unbecoming to officer." ]ij;. An ostrich CKR is equal in contents lo IS heu e;;gs, and it UkM about 40 minutes to hard-boil one of Ihfin. '.-.ilcn. Diilr.buleJ by f-iCA SERVICE. IIJC TUB STOHYi Top Mr An, ho«- pllnl CbU-f ol MUiff. fh:ifr» i,t |hr Inncilvily lorrrd on Mm by a r-:ir- «lnlly imrrtlv/.IiiK ttirukc. lie iHJ* I>r. HalL-utm GJfnu. top i>liHtvf rlcnl nmrtsrnn and AtMlug Chit- r. Hint H'odUwnnl. iht neir ntciK dnrlur, i* due in arrive «ur>n. II r. M»r- tln lilrnm Miilculiu** l.rnihrr. t» In fovc »vltli Siiftnu. Mnli-ntjii'M nf- firc nurse. Nniicj I* >I:ilrnlnrn wife, IVIr mid Jerry nrr hi* *mt*. When AintrrtT M imdnnrfl iiTrlvi-*. WU* llii|i|irrt. hrnd nUKf*. Mhoit* ,*r«i n round tin- hii\|i[r.-iL .Shr Ini- 6 1*0* hr mtiy l>r In line for Dr. rA n'm Jol». Woo ilivn r<1 mn ) » h c mi hrr pulitnc him ivlac ' !• ix • ' CUBAN'S small desk stood in (lie foyer of Malcolm's suite. Her chair was empty; Andrew hen\tl her voice from the inner room -and stepped to the door. Dr. Glenn sat of his cleslv, a luncheon tray before him. Susan was checking the clime cards. "If you don't slop writing personal comments on these cards!" she scolded. "I never will forget the woman who picked up hers and you'd written 'Nut' on it." •Malcolm chuckled. "Must have been a chronic no-ailment." He looked up and caught sight of An- Arew's white garments in the outer room. "Oh, Doctor!" he said swiftly.; "Come in. Don't stand on formality." Andrew entered the big room. , struck anew by ils to:ite, its richness. "1 thought perhaps you meant me to report here, sir. I made,the rounds, I talked to the Chief—I found everything very interesting." "Sit down.- Malcolm gestured to the leather chair which fac=d him. "I'd offer you lunch, but 1 seem to have cleaned this tray." Andrew smiled, ond seated himself. "You have a very fine Plant here, sir," he sairt to Malcolm, ''and very efficiently run." "Good staff," Malcolm agreed. "Yes, I can see that." His eyes watched Susan. "I have only one complaint—one criticism, sir." Malcolm looked up, sharply. "What is that?" Andrew's infectious smile hold. "I don't like)the nurse assigned to my office. In fact, I came here with the intention of stealing Miss Perry away from you. The older Dr. Glenn seems lo have the cream of Hie crop." Susan glanced at him, went over lo one of the while-paneled walls, opened a door, and pulled out the drawer of a filing cabinet. She busied herself with the morning's cards. But she was alert from the red-gold hair upon her liead to the soles of her ncal while chops. "What nurse do you have?" Dr. Malcolm was aslcing courleonsly. "A horse named Dyson. Sixty if she's a day." "Not sixty," Malcolm murmured. "Ncar N cnough. What does a man have to do to rate a nurse like yours, Doctor?" . ' Malcolm chuckled, pouring into his cup the last firop of coffee from the lillle silver pot. "Pcr- hsps you'd belter lake the qualifications up with Miss Perry," he said amiably. Andrew nodded, stood up. "I'll consider that, sir. Well—I suppose I'll be eclting a schedule." "It's probably on your desk," said Susan crisply. !3ut she kept her attention on the files until she was sure Andrew bar 1 , gone through the outer door. Then she turned to smile ruefully nt Malcolm. "Sorry," she said, "but I wouldn't want to be his nurse." "There's not a chance of that happening," Malcolm assured her. • • • T)R. WOODWARD was seated at his desk, his own lunch tray before him, Miss Dyson's chair and desk dosorlcd. He sat eating, looking at Ihc schedule which, ns Susan Perry had promised, he had found upon his desk, and considering the things he bad seen, and learned, n his first morning at the Lair. lluppert. As powerful as any Supe is, that power Increased by her jealous defense of her position, her insistence upon its constant recognition. And Andrew had got" Huppert firmly tucked inlo his pocket. He picked up a stalk of celery, loaned far back In his chair, and nibbled upon its crisp, cnmcliy end. So much for Uuppert. Kramer, the resident, offered nc problem. He was young enough lo be bossed, good enough not to i;ive trouble. McAn would take n bit of handling,'—a hard man tp fool, or to dazzle.' His being helpless must not be counted on. The Acting Chief — Andrew's chair crashed forward. He turned his eyes to this corner of his small office, and to (hat. Why, this bus- inces-like doctor's office didn't even begin to remind one at Glenn's plush. There was no false modesty in Andrew Woodward's make-up. Ha knew to a final decimal point just how good a doctor he* was—and that was good. There was every possibility that he was .as good a doctor as Malcolm Glenn. Andrew would have been the first to admit that ho deserved as much consideration ns Glenn. As fine an olfice, as good a nurse is Susan —Ah, yes, but not Susan. Let him not fool himself. Susan would never be bis nurse; there was no use in pursuing that hope. Too bad; she was a darned pretty girl, a warm and desirable woman. A woman a man would find exciting. A woman Andrew might hope lo woo and win— He tiot up from his chair, walked lo the window, looking out at Ihrcc Medics pitching pennies against a step. That was the line to take: lay a trap for Sasan, the woman. Andrew had good reason to think his skill a.- a hunter was above the average. This time, the prey was rare and desirable. And, in the end, he would have Dr. Glenn's nurse! He went back to his desk, finished his lunch, took up his schedule and decided it was time lo go to work. 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W& r \ *:'^.|% ' ' \* /H VV/-:-, THIRTY Vt/SRO ~OO SCON) VIC FLINT IcYDKK The Shield MAKTU* BUT Dll RED C 5HO ' ' " \LLKY OOP Hide and Seek By V. T. 1IAMLIN MISS MOGUL? wss ' OOUY W06UI? 1 DOW'T KNCW WHY YOt/0 A6K Mf. COME RfGHT IN THOUGH No Hospitality ' I'M MR4ID THERE'S NOBODY HERE BUT YOURS TRUTY. MAYBE [ COULD PERSUIV&E YOU TO HAVE A UTTIE 8ACON AND EC6S. BY' MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH CUT THE WISE SlUfF, JB'' SURE. 6REVITT/ 1 KNOW FJUST AS SOON ' DOILY M06UL 15 HERC f AS YOU fKOW A\E VOUR SEARCH WHY DON'T YOU INVITE TO LOOK AROUND BOOTS ANm HER BUDDIES Pacing Opal HOW |(jl\«b-t \_»<t OLD 11 ^ioO VIOMDtRfUV.Ml—vj-r^Tints', ji u -~:;'7=vwSS^ ff^-^—^ ,t.\fii 7' r4l^,y Wi-Jj^^, ^j=^.»! v^.^. « a-.Vj Ily'l'-irKOllAIlMAN "^.-li 5 WtVV_ WOVI, OOGGC Vv 1 VOU ftlM'T . eolAETHlN 1 \ (•—

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