The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 3, 1948 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 3, 1948
Page 9
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TUBSDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 1948 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Br.YTHKVtLLK (ARK.) COUR1KK NKWS \ THOUGHT SOM& DAY VOUK. )* DOME WOULt) CRfsCK VN'tOfe <i?\ OPEN, BUT I NEVER DREAMEOT; COPS AMD RO6B£R9,'-~GeT /> THAT SILUY SUIT OFF .. .,-f / % AND COM6. HELP feffe? ^ j'-r; EGAD, MftRlWAf VV& AtOPTED THIS DISGUISE TO SCAR& OFF SOM& RNAL Rcwto •< WHO IS PICKETING OUR HOKA& AMD THREATeiOttiG TO v4lPe UP THIr FLOOR WITH FAME I? / - - r W GOlMG OUT AlvSO >• SHOO HIM AWAY/ /H: /if NO--HOMEST. CURLY] I HAIM'T CHEWIM' TOB.ACCE.R..' THESE IS A MIXTURE OF QUIWINE LEAVES AM 1 MANZANITA BARK I'M CHEWIM'.' I COT TO HAVE SOMETHIM'SEMCE I QUIT SMOKIN'--! C>n SO NERVOUS. THAI YOU TH' SAME EFFECT AMD YOU'tL JEST AS B. <.'M v .icr^VirtMTOMiV » Our Boarding House with Mot. Hooole PAGE NINE FRKCKUSS * HIS FRI&NDS By MERRILL BLOSSEB Lament THis is sweet OF " You GIRLS , eur z HAVEWT ine -SLIGHTEST IDEA WHAT A 8ASK6TBALL • 1 GAME Nurse Wounds Mother, Then Kills Herself BRINKLBY, Ark., Feb. 3. < UP , —Funeral services were planned loday for a 35-year-old graduate nurse from Brlnkley who reportedly shot her aged mother and then killed herself. MKS Ernestine McCain, a graduate of Baylor and Southern Methodist Universities, shot her mother 70-year-old Mrs. Clara Sawyer, when she tried to stop the younger woman's suicide attempt. Mrs. Sawyer's condition was described yesterday as serious. Mrs. Sawyer told police she awoke early yesterday morning to find her daughter with a gun in her hands. As they struggled, Mrs. Sawyer was shot In both arms. Then Miss McCain reportedly shot hcr- « '!f twice through the chtst. and ice in the forehead. Mrs. Sawyer said her daughter had been ill for some time. Father, Infant Daughter Killed in Oil Can Blast KNOXV1LLE, Tenn., JXA. 3. lUP) —A man and his baby daughter were burned to death here night when a five-gallon can of fuel oii exploded In their residence. The victims were George Thom- Js Eldridge. 32. and his H-months- old baby daughter, Carolyn Ann. Mrs. Helen Elirldge, wife of the dead man, suffered minor burns In the fire and was taken to General Hospital. Assistant Fire Chief B. F. Pope- Joy said the oil can, believed to have contained a mixture, of gasoline with oil, was behind a stove. It evidently became overheated he said. nun By Adelaide Humphries ?> VT Arftlfllde HumpVit.i. D.tlr.bulid fcj HfA UP.VICI, INC STORVl J.,,1,., •I'lIK pnllj. ,u ;K'p«llnr and Hnndai>inr MU,.||.| l"r K.rlc Mnlt.rlMlk. run. I!, 'or him. KtlctM Mcllar, o Ihf .trrM.i-1,.., hn. htcn »lr«n»<.| r at Imr. Sh* <-. 1. Jonl,, lb»l l, rr mi-iroo hainl, ,vl, ..... Khc nrdrml rlnl 'rlirktriilnK thrrnt n iKflr llulf Klrl. I:JM. I. .f,»ld lo nn ,[l, <k Jwnlce <••!!• OH Urn A kr.|i. llr premium ly il., - l ..f lhf> out hi* Itldunn c. 3k, nolle*. (or l, n i he .-hvr THRILLING! What » thrill once your ball toil spinning down the alley and makt» a strike! Make It * family aflitr! BOWL TONIGHT! ChitwoocTs Bowling Alleys East Main Street Phone 4029 . ur rr.i «!•(*• wltkmit an rx|>l. J.nU-t 1,11. kin, , kr „,.„, „„, "Ilk Dr. ll,,lhr,,,,u ihnl ev.nlnK llrr rxi-iiKe for ftolnir Jl Nciunil. nmr. urn lo Jnnhr. ll*n. ,vkn lovn k»r verr murk. In dlsninrrd »'»'• hr rrr lltf. .kr I. I. l o », XIV '•'' YOU know," Betty Jane paid to her boy friend, Bill Lai-kin, iis they came out ol the movies, 'something's gone haywire in our Dfik-e. 1 can't, Jor the life of me, figure out what it's all aboul. Something's wrong, bul definitely." "It must've b«en catching," Bill srumblcd. Belly Jane had refused to let him hold her hand In (he (healer. "WliaCs it to you?" lie asked. "What makes you think something's wrong?" "I feel it in my bones." Betty Jane returned loftily. The idea of Bill asking what it was to her! Anything that went on in Dr. Holbrook's office was Betty Jane's concern. "Nothing's the same," she added, thinking aloud. She wished there were some way she could reason out the change that she felt had token place during the last few weeks, and talking sometimes helped. "For instance?" Bill inquired. onc He knew that Betty Jane, started on any subject, could not easily be persuaded to drop it. "For instance," Betty Jane s.iid. "Dr. Holbrook. lie's different, somehow. He seems kinda worried about something. 'Course it could be his wi/e she's In France, Tree Furnilhed Pipe In Neu' Guinea, when U. S. troops needed water, they hollowed ; out aerial rootj of the pandan tree, I joined them together to form a I pipeline, and piped fresh water from ii mountain spring one-half mile distant. Steel OH Barrel Racks An; Size T. L MABRY MISSOURI ST. PH. sen The Right Place To Buy Your Cor . . . EAST END AUTO SALES 503 East Main Clean Used Cars— All MakesI Phone 4191 -T. W. l.ovelady Al I.arman Grover Frazicr 10 Ford Tractors Complete With Equipment MORE EQUIPMENT ARRIVING DAILY! See or Cal) Douslns I.HHSOH nl Russell Phillips Tractor Co. South Highway 61 rhonc 217 , you know. 1 understand she's got i villa over there in some swell esort. Only I ilon't think it's the .vi/e. I have a feeling it's someone else." "Could be." "It miglii be Miss Hilary—Aunt Mame thinks it is—and 1 did give them a start (lie other day." Belty Jane was thinking aloud again. "U was when I wenl to the utility room and there they were, Hie i doctor and Jmiice, and 1 couldn sworn they were holding hands. Anyhow, he dropped hers CHiick- like, and they both had the funniest, guiltiest look on their faces." •our Aunt Maine tench it's polite always lo knock?" Bill grinned at catching Betty Jane up for a change. Betty Jane ignored him with a look. Then she shook her hcnd. "No, it couldn't he thai," she decided. "Though they do act funny, almost loo polite, as if they were were sore at each Miss Willows was or strangers other. But wrong. "What's Willows got to do with il?" "She said there was no man Janice might marry. there Is." Betty Jane's broadened with satisfaclion. But mile "Yeah?" Bill prompted. He hnd become slightly interested, against his will. "lie came lo Ihe office," Betly , Jane confided. She rcslcd both elbows on (he table, lier blue eyes dreamy. "And say, is he a right guy! Tali — musl be over six-two — and broad j-hnulder. 1 -: like a football slar. He fcmda looks like a cross between Cary Grant ami Van Johnson, if you know what I mean." "Sounds screwy, if you ask me. Those two look nothing alike." Bill was only five feet five and he knew he did not resemble any movie or football star. "Which proves Miss Willows Is :dl wi-l," HHly Jane said. "Anyhow, it proves Junico could rcsiiiu "no gel married, if she wished." * • • "J-JOW 'boul ns?" Dill felt he hurt been patient lonj; enough. II was time ibe.v got around lo themselves. "Wh;'.i nlMiul us'" Hrr query was as innocent ns her bnby-bJue sUire. "As if you didn't know. When you gonna n;mie the rta.v? When you gonna (buck your job anri sctllc down and learn how lo cook from your Aiml Mame and—" "I've told you, Bill," lihe sofl- cneil Iliis reminder with a little smile, "we i- ;'( just «et married !'k* Hint." .-i snap of her fingers indicated how quick "that" won. "Yc.ili, you been tcllins; me that for almost five ycors now. Nothing snappy iiliout that, to my way of thinking." "You know I wunt to work ai my profession nt leasl one full year." 'Oh, rats!" Bill grumbled. "1 don't want you to turn into «n office nurse; trial's the same tt an orllcc wife," 'I never heard of such a thing," Belly Jane s:iid with a little of assumed indignation. Then a look of understanding lighted her face. "Unless thai was what Miss Willows meant," she murmured, nodding her head ns though she had come to a conclusion, "when she said Janice Hilary would never leave Dr. Holbrook and that it was a pity. She must hove meant that Janice has got so she's almost an ofllce wife because she's such wonderful cilice nurse." "Arc they thai way aboul each other?" Bill asked, gave a hang. "Dr. Holbrook and Janice? A short while back I'd have suid no. Now I'm not so sure. They did look that wny Ibnt day. Dm I hope they aren't. 1 hope Janice marries that nice fellow—Hie one that looks like Van Johnson, only bigger like Cary Grant." She gave a sigh. A big sigh. "1 think, like Miss Willows -mid especially now that I've seen Ihc other one— it would be an »wtul pity." (To Be Continued) MY TIME is ETTER SPENT WITH CHILDREN/ W TRY NU-WA'S DOUBLE SERVICE • LAUNDRY • DRY CLEANING ALL IN ONE CALL! Devote more hours to Junior and Sis during their formative years. 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THEIR MMIMOW GROWTH KMSOWIHIM6 THE r\U.'....rMM, I HWE BAD NEWS By FRED HARM AN ,^. ^-^-^ ^P :',.^: ' • ^ /5oRKr-ro KEEP VI •;>< /'," ,,'.- ' ' "tOU Wr\lTlSj<3.' 1 \ ; v / '/ r ' I i . , *,- ..* -T-. ,,- / \ fO DOiWfl ~---~ —* MI55RINOO RE YOU HtRE? THE Ml DDL e OF '•'. /^ ../ K IROSMNX5 By V. T. HAML1N ^^fs^M^^K. } TT^^i^K BOOTS ANO HKR IWODIKS By EDGAR MARTIN fO<3 fVO. OS?

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