The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 3, 1948 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 3, 1948
Page 7
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TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 1948 JBLVrnBViLH! (ARKJ NEWS Court Requires Search Warrant \ Seattle Opium Case Reversed fay Nation's Highest Tribunal ^WASHINGTON, pel). 2. (UP) _ ^i :\ 5 to -1 opium cuse rteci.sioii tits Knureine CHUN todny .suc-Heil oiil Hiicw Die I'oiiMHntiotiiii right of K ciuzcn to lie secure unlawful search and seizure. The conn reversed the conviction of n Seattle woman who was ar- rr-Med for illegal possession of opium by officers wiia searched l>er hole! R'ithou! a warrant. Justice H/ibr-t H Jackson, speaking [or the majority, said thai an oifirer who «n!«r; private living quarters mil?'. i..i,-<= "some valid bail's in l.iw (m (he intrusion." He -::iifi "/Pulous" nfflYi'n; often fail to grasp tin- point, of the lourtti amendment to the constitution, which prohibits illegal .search and seizure. The eoilrt failed io nut 011 the l>ll-il ot Adit Siimi-l I'Wier, 23->e:ir- Gld Neyjo u'OMMll, lor a LU-W, ri!- rect coimnuml by iht- court to Oklahoma clKtt she tie iucmiltrcl to tin; University o! Oklahoma Utw School. Site told tile hi^li court u week sp.a thiti Oklahoma lias failed to carry out the couit's Jan. 12 mandate lhal the state must afford hsr a legal education as quickly as a. white student c'Jiilrt get one. Oklahrnns, following the .fan. 12 decision, =et up 3 thrF<;-tiroJessor law school for Nesine.-,. But Ada Fisher declined to enter it. in other rulings the court: 1. Held. 7 to 2, thai H state can forbid racial discrimination on all old excuston boat, even though the boat goes into foreign iv;uei>. It upheld iippiicatiun o[ n Michigan Hiiii-ilisrrmiliiBilon Ian- to a lioat U|yiiU-d by Hie Uob-Lu L-;>:ctislo,i W. from Detroit io an amusement park on the Canadian side of the Detroit river. 2. Unanimously reversed the Florida Supremo Court and gave a former Navnl officer the right to redeem his land in Lee County. Fla.. which was solrl for taxes iviiilc lie was in the service. 3. Voted. 7 to 2. that when a federal prisoner gets a new .sentence for attempted escape, the additional lime is tacked on to whatever other sentences he has left to serve. 4. Agreed to review the appeals of 129 German nationals who have been detained and ordered deported as pro-Nazis. _ The Seattle woman arrested in the opium case was Annie Johnson. 75 High School Building Trade Students Build 5~Room House BITIIR HOMES PAGE SEVEN Roofing nails and asphalt shln- Sli's have been substituted for pencils and tablets In Jacksonville, I" . where IS l,i E l, S( . houl Hlm | c , lls are buildup a modern live-room hmis<' as (>art ot [liclr curriculum I ^ Working miller supervision by E. A. r.ntr, school director oC building trades, th c youths spend three hours every clay on their practical trainiiiR project, one of a group of similar undertakings in v-rloits sections ol the United Stales An Instructor in 3 Mi-sirtnisetU school 1-; so surf his students u-.ll rt o a good job he's going to live In the house hini.self. Each of Ihe is Jacksonville students ReU a chance (o work at all the building trades taught by the school _ plumbing, brick laying wiring, metal work, painting, pias- I tering. conrrele work, nirpentry ] Inehiriiiig ,., m [j,i K aild cxcavx'lon. I Rome of thv niore Inlrlc-at,. jobs I arc helnvr dune by Imiltling ciie- eliantes, assisted by tile high school •n3-i 20 Per Centjncrease In New Building Seen Neiv constmcflon in I9^g probably will reach $15,^00,000.000, an expected 20 percent gain over 1947, ^cording to a joint estimate or the ^|:partmenl of Commerce and the Department of Labor. Piivale residential buildiiui, exclusive of farm iictlnu. Is expmed to hit , 2 i per cent increase. Farm builrim^r Is efttinated at S500.000.000 up 10 percent. About Sll,.'!75,nOf),no() of the 104S total will be privately financed and the rest will be public. workmen. Nearly ?.!! e\teri,, r wol i- , V1 , completed iiffore cold u-,= ?thtr came to r-t?.v rramme. ssdewaVis and (he flre-resiRtain asiUnlt shin- pie roof weie p«|. up 5n 11,;,|. ^ tl| . dents would be shrhered while doing interior work. ' Construction is being financed j by the high school activities fund. The house will be sold at auction ' in May tutd money received will be used to repay (he fund nml to finance building another house next school term. J. P. Morgan Co. Head Dies After Lengthy Illness BOCA GRANDE. Flu., Feb. S (UI'I -Thomas William tjimonl, TJ, lu'iKl of J. r. Minium and Co.. New York, died m his s lp r| , ],i. $ | night, nl his Wuiier home aller » long illness. xjiig one ot the most powerful men In tlie world ot corporulions and modern business, l,umniu dleil shortly bt'lore midnight wllh his wife and" l\m ,,t his four children ttt hi.-s bedsiite. Members ot hi* family .said DID financier had been In poor health for some limp hut had lint been noticeably ur;4;er since comiiiR lo his lavish Winter estate early Inst month The e.'tatp n .winded liom Ihe public, on a liny Island oil (he Gulf coas!. wnaraled from Ihe mainland bv r..isp,\rilln Paw La- mint nsirl ,'peni his InM Iliree winters in l!,p ivhalc connlry of Klnr- idn. HviiiR quietly, occn.slonnlly iln- in« a little i.-trjioii flshliii! as his only furm of exercise. The family xiitl his bodv would be reiiirncd t n N C , V York for burinl. Jurist is Buried LlTTLli ROCK. Ark.. Fob, 3. MP) i'ulaski Comity courthouse wiis closed thus alicrnoon, so that em- ployes i-.i-d officials cmilrl attend funeral services for Circuit Judge I-:<«rrm:e C. AiHeti. 51. who died Sunday Irom a cerebral hemor- rhice. Seine's w-r? conrtuctod at the Albert. Pikf Memorial Temple at ? rm. after Oic hotly had lain In state for !wo hniirs. Life Insurance Firms Enter Housing Field Hcnlnl limuiiiK for mote llum IIXI.OW) pecAmw In El jirnjocls ami rcprcsemlni; B n invcstineiit ol more :linti a quarter o( n billion ilollnrs is now either under construction or In Hit- pliinnlni! stale by the lite Police Commissioner In Memphis Raids Juke Boxes for 'Dirty Ditties' MEMPHIS. Tomi., feb. 3. — Memphis juke llox faliK salrl uood- hye today to recordings ol "Dirty Ditties." Police Commissioner Joe Boyle yesterday seized some 400 juke box records of "Operation Blues" and a number of other selections and after a private audition in his office had the discs smashed to bits as "too suggestive and vulgar" lor Memphis listeners. Boyle also took n crack at some radio programs aired over national hookups. "We may be powerless lo stop fonie of the indecent and vulgar radio programs that are coming In over the. air." he said, "but we intend to see that, (he music played on public nickelodeons is decent." He did not cite specific radio programs. The commi.-.sionrr ihtrnrd behind closed doors for two hours yesterday lo a number of juke box records that had been denounced as uidecent. Then he had the di.=cj chopped up and ordered his officers to In- sped every tavern In Ihr city and confiscate all records on (lie blacklist. Boyle cited "Operation Blues" as one of the more offensive recordings and named >wo"ot)ic;rs with suggestive, obscene titles and lyrics. The commissioner did not cite any authority for his action, but a city ordinance makes it illegal to circulate "any book, writing, print, picture, newspaper, pamphlet, or other work of obscene nature." Boyle instructed seven amusement companies, to discontinue pJacii-- the records on nickelodeons and or- I derecl record shops to take the.n oft the shelves. One Juke box operator, Clarence; A. Camp of the Southern Amusement Co., snd Boyle WILS "one him| dreif per cent right" and promised Scientist Speculates On 'Lost' Planet COI.UAIHUS, O. (UI'I—The solar system mice may have had 10 principal planets instead of the presently kuo'iVn nine. That is Ihe theory of Dr. Carl A. Ilauer of (he University of Michigan Observatory. Or. IJiiuer told a mccdiig of (he American Astronomical Society Hint his tlirory Is bused on a IOIIR- slandlnc hypothesis. The belief Is thnl such a planet also was (he i parent of the thousands ol nstcr- I olds or minor planets which In| habit the portion nf the solar sys- i tern between the orbits ol Mars and I Jupiter. I The supposed planet, Dr. Bauer j said, would have had a make-up I similar to that of the earth: nickel- I iron cofe. intermediate shell of ' stony-metallic material and an oitt: cr mantle ol rock. The planet prob- , ably, was smaller than the. earth ! and therefore solidified carlieK he ; nddcd. Dr. Bnlirr rMluuiterl ihnt i the planet exploded .several hundred I million years aeo. in Hie future to censor the records him.seU. WE HAVE IT... GLASS! NOW IN STOCK: • Pfafe Glass for Store Fronts • Plain and Safety Glass for Autos • Single and Double Strength Glass for Windows • Table and Desk Tops Cut to Any Design or Pattern • Wall and Mantle Mirrors All Work Done By Qualified Factory-Trained Mechanics Call on us for free estimates'on glass work of any kind! ARKANSAS Paint, Glass & Wallpaper Co. 105 East Main Street Phone 2272 NEW NORGE VERTICAL HOME FREEZER Ideal for kitchen installation. Saves space! Sav«j steps! Yet it provides all other freezer advantages. The new Norge means more nutritious balanced meals, lower living costs, more between-meal leisure, freedom from shopping problems, freedom from canning drudgery, less food waste. You can f«rv< elaborate meals with "heat and serve" speed. Six separate "lockers" with individual doors hold up to 210 pounds of frozen food. Etched label spaces on comparimem doors for identifying contents. Constant temperatures maintained by hcrmct- icaliy-seaicti Norge "Kollator" compressor, refrigerated shelves and cabinet insulated with glass wool. Come io loJoy! us Jhow «m! explain lh< • dvanltge of ihis hciMiifiil kiichca-typ< frce/.cr. NORGE BErORE YOU Bl , II of l)>i ul liousiiiB iwojecl.s ultciulv compl ted by Die lUo compitnfes and i nv necuptcd iirovlde honsini; lor nearly 100.000 pcr.sonis In 24 pvn- jecls. They rcine.'cnt nn Investment ol $i:w.«XXOOO. Tlie lni'Ki-j.1. number nt Ihrsc lnojei-ls t s ,1 New Jerscv. will. New Yoik, CalllornU and Ohio nest in line. ol the p!o|ects not yet oe •d arc non 1 nntler t'miMtuctJon and lepre.-ieiH! lor an e.-.(t- m:\lcct 10.000 i^isonj. Tills will Involve a |>!attiird Invcstinenl of jna.WO.OOO liy Hie life compHiilrs. lei tho past year, several life insurance companies have undertaken this type ot Investment (or Ihe llrsl time and projects have been Movlfd or planned for several slutrs not inovloiisly listed. "The Hie mummer conipnny (110- jt'cls conslructt'd. under wuy or planned iv)neselll u mini rental holishiK for nppruxlinnlPly 200.1)00 persons ami 1111 investment of more limn $4CO.OOO,000." the. Instiliil* iv- pcnteci. '-I'hc.M' projecl.s iinmber 47 and me lulled In eloveti sliiles. 'I'wo-llilnh of tills Hie comimny rental houMiiR IB n post-wnr ncliv!- ly nnrl represent* an extensive un- deitaklnq In a relmively nc.w field of Investment, U provides a sound channel lor the Investment of |»1- Icyholder reserve funds and &t the snmn time- niakes nn hiiivrtant con- trlbullon to Dip acute housing «lt- untliiti coiintrytvldc." Building Permit Issued A permit to build a llirec-rnmii concrete block rfsklcmre on West I Kiilfoii street «'(ij Issued ye.stt'rdny I lo Asu II. linker b v Ihe ollii-e nf O'lly I'.'iiKhieer Joe Cniuey. H W:LS I the' only permit Is»u«d during tb» past Wo weeks. I/ocal & I,ong DtsUnc* Haulin c Moving a Specialty Anytime — Anywher* Any Place Buck Mehorg 401 E. Main St. I'lmnt's: Day 4677 Night zime GRIFFIN STAYS because it has a hard-wax finish •l»CK • BROWN • IAN • OXBLOOD STOP FOOLING WITH COAL INSTALL IN YOUR , FURNACE KRESKY PRICES INCLUDE THERMOSTAT and AUTOMATIC CONTROL Small Hom» BUY FROM YOUR LOCAL HEATING' EQUIPMENT DEALER >S5 3-Bedroom ' LI f«• noui* Sue JESSE W, PROVINCE '109 185 5-8edroom I louse Sin M20 8S Blyfhcville hreitky Floor FurriiiccH mid Space PLUMBING AND HEATING Phon. 2719 It isn't what you pay-it's what you get! If ywi had lo pny a million bucks for that baby of yours, you'd still he fretting g barg/iin. And you don't get'many other bnrgnins these clnys of high co.sln. Except electricity, of course! (Yes, electricity pops riplit on being Ihe biggcxl barjjiiin i,, nnyhody'j btulKot. The avci-u(/c family i.v still i/etti>iy twice ux muck flrriric .leri'icc for its moneu as it ant 20 years gjjol. At nvci'iige household rules Onn penny will light a 100-watt bulb for almost 3 hours. Or whisk r.lcnn 3 tubs of washing 1 Or run n radio a whole evening! Tlmt little copper will vacuum clcnrt fi Ifirfre rugs, run your rnfrifrcrntor for 5 hoiir.s, or Icll you the correct time for nbotit a week. It isn't wlial, you jtay, ii's what yoii net, that'* true. And whan xou buy flrclricitii, you rjcl a lot —for a liftlc! 9 Mstell tn the Clretrlci Knur—THE HOUR ol CHARM. Sundays, 1:30 P. M., CBT, CBS. Ark-Mo. Power Co.

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