The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 3, 1948 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 3, 1948
Page 6
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fAGK SUT BLYTHEV11.LB COURIER NEWS BETTER HOMES ^TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 1949 Insulation Urged To Conserve Fuel Heating Economies Shown; U.S. Faces 3 More Shortage Years With the nation facing at least three more winters of fuel shortage as severe as the present one, nc- eording to predictions made by the U. S. Department of the Interior, householders were warned todny to take all possible steps to protect their families against future discomfort and illness brought on by- lack of heat. The warning came from the Construction Research Bureau of New York City, clearing house (or building Information, which declared: "In view of the prediction of continuing fuel shortages, slop-gap measures will not be of much help. Homes should Ijc winterized Includes closing all cracks; Installation of vcatlierstrlpptiiK and storm sash; and Insulation of walls and attic. If this is done, tiie homes of the nation will be permanently pr»- parcd to meet any future fuel crisis." Full-thick insulation of walls and roof nrca Is the biggest single step in winterizing the home and will save at least one-third of the fuel that would be consumed without this protection, the Bureau said. Such savings usually will equal or exceed one month's mortage debt amortiP-ation payment. To bart up ILs statement, the Bureau produced figures tram lests conducted by four different families living under average condition.'!. Insulation Results Shown One of the tests was conducted on , ^.,». K . ,, Long Island in two Incniicni one-' Insulation only story frame houses. In one of these New Buick Models Displayed Average House Has No Special Room for Child There are children In most, American homes, hut paividoxlcnl- y there is no room for a child In ttie average house. OJ course h e has a. bedroom but a growing child needs a room that Is more than a roOm roi . sleeping. He needs a room thai is distinctly his own. Ill planning n child's room first thought, should be given lo rue- KMlness and easy cleaning. Walls should be washable and Doors smooth but .slip-proof and or a material that will not show wear Since all children love bright colors, distinctive color treatments should be used. Jt is Important (.hat large amounts of storage space he provided. j)eej) cupboards lining the walls nl window-sill height arc practical. The tons are Idea! for displaying handicraft and cherished mementoes. Bookshelves also can be built onto the tons o[ these cupboards. In most cases an uninteresting bedroom can be remodeled at low cost slid the child's happiness will l>c a rich return. Safety Is Main Reason For City Building Code Safety Is the reason for city building codes such B.S the one In force at Greensboro. N. C. j Hugh L. Mcdtord, city engineer ; j explains the Greensboro code is designed to enforce standards of structural strength and fire-resistance-. The code Is not intended to set a minimum standard of living. Greensboro's code for residence* palls for studs 16- inches apart, joinls strong enough to carry « specific lo DO THIS-TAKE SIPTOL amd fair coldi. ilfalid throat. SIPIOL tor It. »nd with Eph«d lour diugglil. AI-,,, fltln I. A>t HEAD COLDS COUGHS j —....i ai.iuiiH t-uuugn lo carry * specific load and a concrete toot- lug foundation. otlier requirements are [or masonry flues, flr« bicak., in mu ui t ,i c dwellings, and asphalt shingle roofs in Ml cases as protection against chimney sparks and windblown fire brandi. Models of the 1948 Uiiti-k are on display today at t.angston-Wrolen Co.. Broadway and Walnut A total of 10 models are brine produced in the 1948 line or bnltks. Included in the new tcnturcs this year Is the oil turbine "dynaflmv drive." controlled frequency engine mountings and airfoil styling Shown Jbovc is the dynariow roadmastcr. Scries 70 sedan. U « iso-horsepower engine , H4 with standard irans- missiom nud is mounted on a 129-Inch whcelbase. other lines »re I he series 40, special with no horse power on a 121-Inch whcelbasc ftnd the Series SO fill per with 115 horsepower or, , 124-inch whcelba'se homes, the unfinished floor of Die «ttic was covered with Tour Indies of mineral wool, There was no Insulation in Hie other house. At the end of the eight-month hcullng season, the house without insulation burned 22.3 per cent or 505 gallons of fuel oil than the Insulated j structure. With kerosene at H.4 cents a gallon here today, this amounted to $72.72, considerably more than the »2<!.74 monthly amortization payment. In Uellevlllc. N. J.. two adjacent two-story frame houses, occupied by families with Identical living habits, were subjected to a six-month study. One of these was completely Insulated with mineral wool In vails and ceiling. The other had ceiling When Una) figures It was found that U.S. C. of C. Head Says Workers Will 1 Benefit from Restrictions on Unions i were compiled. ATLANTA. Ga.. Feb. 3 (UP) — Earl O. Shrcvc, president of the U. S, Chamber or Commerce, said today thai employe ultimately will benefit from the very restrictions which the Taft-Hartlcy law imposes upon union activity. Shrcvc told a Southeastern In- Confcrence that Sees Few Changes in Atomic War Notice to Our Friends and Customers BLYTKEVILLE GARAGE 21(5 l-iit'ledc Street North Robinson Gin Complete Auto 4697 and Tractor Repairs PHONE _ Frank Ashby 'and Eric Hall, Owners Cotton Moore, Tractor Mechanic NEW ORLEANS, Feb. 3 <U[>) — Mm. w. H. Blanrty, USN. who commanded the atom bomb lests at Bikini atoll, said here Sunday night that there would be very little change In Navy task fore* operations from those of World War II In tile event of nil atomic war. ........L.KHJIIO ,M WLMM.-I.I u^uiuiae -i Blandy, now commander In chiet issinesi them H greater measure of. of the Atlantic Fleet, was here on 'union democrncy" and a •'linger ] nn Inspection tour ot Southern Na- .'olcc In the conduct of their affairs." vn! InstalJnllons. But the public—"always a silent, | Longer cruises and more nnm- oitcn nn agonized spectator In ' erons, scattered bases would be the labor-management problems"— will only changes called lor In Navy reap the greatest benefits, he said, operations In an atom war, he de- ' dared. Blandy explained that the largest ship afloat can be sunk with 10 torpedoes at a fraction ot the cost of an A-bomb. Fatal damage caused by one bomb could be confined to Just one ship of a task force, he said, making the bomb's use on Naval targets unprofitable. the house which wns fully insulated rtu.strial Relations „„,„,.,„.„,; ....„, used :MO gallons or 29 per cent loss the new labor-management act tj, oil. and at H.-l cents n gallon this ' advantageous lo workers because U saving amounted to ?48.%. These tests under actual living conditions arc close lo scientific .studies •mndc by the National Uu- "The new law embodies public I ilShts for the public's Interest," he ! .said. "Thus, it attempt.; lo give no i greater advantage to employers than to unions. "It places restrictions Tough! Lasting! Water-proof! Her« ii a really superior roofing molcrial . . . foi prolecling all roof surfaces againsl cxlremc lemperoturci. acids, wolcr. oxygen, nilrogen and carbon. Only ONE COAT is needed lo provide your iool wiih o new, durable surface Ihol will odd years lo ils life. "Evcr.Plaslik" Eloiciile nils all ciacks ond crevicci. cind sets in a uniform, unbroken surface lhal is lesled durabil and ihoroughty warer-tight. 11s low cost and ly maVe Ihe ideal answer tool! roofing pioblems. Sold Only by'Aulhoriied Deqlers -F I STORE inn K. Main niylhrvlllc, Ark. 1'lease liusr i,,,, r rV |,,. r i rail al ilir i-piiirini; nn n.i> r i. nil Klnlt -iir. I iimlcr. Maml lliis \,\;u-n mi- urulrr 1111 i.l.l i,;.ili»rv. NAME , ^ ADDBEiS , on both, generally covering practices that should be outlawed." The Chamoer president reviewed at length the "phenomenal" of unions and the shaping of "one.- sittcci" federal labor policy that, left employers "virtually defenseless against union demands and union abuses or power." Only after the wave ot strikes il) 1046. he snid. did public demand for curbs on union power become 'o Insistent that pnssaye of the Taft- Hnrtley law was inevitable. Since Ihcn. Shrcvc said, labor leaders have condemned it as a "slave labor" law. designed (o break unions. He denied these allegn- rcau ot Standards and (he Small Homes Council of the University of Illinois, both of which report fuel savings of 35 per cent with walls and ceilings Insulated full-thick. As a final warning to householders, the Construction Research fjn- reau urged that thermostats never be set nuovc 70 dcKrccs. If a 75-de- General Meyers Perjury Trial Set for Feb. 16 WASHINGTON. Feb.' 3. (UP)— Federal Judge Alexander Holtzoff yesterday upheld the validity of a grand jury Indictment which charged retired AfnJ Gen. Bennett E. Meyers with lying to a congressional committee. Meyers thus will strnd trial Feb. IB on the pcrjmy charges Holtzoff rejected a motion of Meyers' attorneys that the Indictment was so loosely drawn thai it should be thrown out of court. Meyers, a former Air Force procurement officer, was indicted on six counts of perjury. He Is charged with lying to the Senate War Investigating Committee about Ills connection with Aviation Electric Co.. an Ohio war subcontractor. ~- ..i-v ..«*..„ .» ..^r,,vvj. .1 n i.»-m, 1^,11.. an OHIO war subcoi gree temperature is maintained. 191 And he is also charged with subor- ner cent more fuel is used than at nation of perjury—inducing a com- 70 degves. Tired Kidneys Often Bring Sleepless Nights }Vhrn iliionforof tiiinpv function rr-Tmit« w^nmis mAllcr lo reninin In jour Mood, . t:t.iy nai^-ine brtrknche. rhpumntic •^ins. IrKP-^irij, Itissof pcnnnd cncicy. iri.t- 'n(t in. tutliti. nwcljmt;. piininnm un.lcr Ihe -JCF. ticaiucncs nnd tiiETLincss. Krctllicnl or :CRnt>- P^.^.TRC.* \vith smarUns and burning onirlitncs show-3 Ihrrp it nometbinff wronr pnny official. BIcriot H, Lamarrc. also to lie to the committee. ••itti y.Mir Uiinoy.^ i>r l^ai llon'l «nill Ajfc jour .l .".Us. n .iu.u.lanl ,l,>,n-l,\-. JfTOy rrli.f nnil , kl<lncrtiih<!9flii>h your blood. Get Dc for Pom's ut |uii5<»ioii>l«iitefronv ' Reserve Officers to Meet Major B. J. Hussey of Joncs- boro will address members of the Bl.vthcvillc cliapier or the R-serve Officers Association at 7:30 to- niRht at the monthly mrrt- IntT of the organization in the Junior Chamber of Commerce club rooms In [lie Anthony Buildlnn. Seefcs Re-efectron LTTTLE ROCK, Ark.. Feb. 3. iUP> —Harry T. Woolridgp, thnmclh.; of the Fourth • -'<ansas DistrirJ filed ills corrupt nnUiri-s plrdvr with the secretary ot slate today. He Is seeking reelection in tlui district composed of Arkansas, Cleveland, Lincoln and Jefferson coimtlcs. Here They Are., .Charlie's Specials! APAUTMKNT S1ZK A-H 11 ttons. [' He argued that labor's campaign l,ln discredit, the law has Insl its J force because "It has UMiallv hren ', confined to generalities aiid ha* i studiously avoided facts." PLASTIC COATING FOR YOUR ROOF! NU-PLASTIK is a scnsationai. new Roo! Coaling in Plaslic form, with qualities that give it many limes Ihe lite of standard, liquid rool coalings. It is adhesive smooth and lull-bodied . . . il spreads evenly lo seal KmVn?!^™" 5 ' C " damn 3ing weather conditions. NU-PLASTIK will nol Crack. Chip or Blister -i ts adhesive qualities prevcnl il from running or sliding on sleep surfaces. Il seals cracl s, breaks, joints and nail holes ... and is not aflccted by extreme heal or cold. Try NU-PLASTIK yoursell lor SAFE SURF ITO NOMICAL Rool Proteclion. T2 I 3 WEST MAIN ST. 'PHONE 2015 STUDEBARE RS T U D E B A K E - -*'••• Ulil \,U(lllllHlIl |ST UP EB AKE RS Now In Our New Modern Service Department (Steam-Heated For Your Comfort) • ONE STOP SERVICE T U D E B • WASHING & LUBRICATING X CHAMBLIN SALES CO. K Sales Stmleljaker Service *-* Itailrond & Ash Streets Tl Lex Chamblin I'lione 21<)5 mil Chamblin FARM (£ LOANS Home Office, Newark, N. J. Z.ONC TCKH PROMPT CLOHNO LOW KATI CALL. WRITE OR SEE RAY WORTHINGTON "S S. Third St.. Blj-thevlllt, Ark Serving This S'rtinn 25 Yearn ' Aurfirtrirol t.ior,saf, t.aan Solicitor tor THE FRUDKSTIA1. INSURANCE COMPANY OF AMR.RICA ''Shucks, now lhal he's had ;, winter overhaul at T. I. SEAY MOTOR COMPANY, we'll never get to miss any school!" ELECTRIC RANGE $119.95 LAST TWO IN STOCK "TOASTWEI.L" Electric Popup TOASTER $18.95 j ONE ONLY! J Heat Control • G.E. Automatic I BLANKET i SpMi °' '36.95 CHARLIE'S ELECTRIC 7 76 No. SHOP Phont 2993 BATH TUBS! LAVATORIES? KITCHEN SINKS? YES! WE HAVE THEM "PETE" The Plumber 109 North First Street Phone 2731 Soft Water .-«-,, >. JVM." »M iNOWY WHITE LINENS • SPABKLINE DISHES AND GLASSWARE • Soil water takes the drudgery out of \vash day . . . makes di:h- washing so much easier . . . for it gives j-ou quick suets ... more suds. Soft water makes bailiing a joy . . . keeps hnir soft and lustrous .' . . makes shaving easier . . . keeps hands soft and complexions clear. Soft water is an economy . . , saves an amazing amount of soap . . . makes clothes last much longer . . . keeps plumbing from clogging. You can have soft water ... all you want . . , and at low cose . . . with a Modern Water Softener. In fact, it will actually pay for itself through direct savings. There's a size and type to fit your needs. Let us tell you more about them. I HARDWARE CO.Inc. K0t»f OF FAMOUS BKAHDS 126 W. MAIN ST. PHONE 515

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