The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 3, 1948 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 3, 1948
Page 3
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TUESDAT, FTCBRUART g, 1948 President Truman's Ten-Point Civil Rights Charter Provokes Angry Reaction by Democrats BLYTHEV1LLB (ARK.) NEWS ° RAYMOND I.AHE .. charter provoked an a»*rv reaction S -° Ut1 !?'': ^mocralif. congressmen with son" S ° llth mi * ht b ° U th Ideas Differ in South on Steps Needed to Meet Racial Challenge ATLANTA. Ga.. Feb. 3. (UPI — Two prominent Mlsslssipjilniu today had different Ideas about how tile Soulli should aiwa-0,- president Tniinnii'D civil rights inc.i- Al the samp ti me , Kepublicans miKgested ( Truman should address his appeal 'to hh O w, p cause Southern Pemocratic filibusters in (he Senate ha« blocked the requested legislation in the past TJie President laid out hU civil* rights program In a message to Congress yesterday. AmoiiK his 10 Ions were proposals for legislation to oullaw poll taxes, „ , „ . Pa '', J ' ., h<! saM Blender eM>ressi>d the belief '''. (hat there was , lo 5( ,,.. lous possibility of a bolt tf the legislation were blocked. Mr. Truman's civil rights lynching and discrimination on In- lei'statr transportation facilities. He also asked for a fair employment - ••• - '••" nisms jjivpo- practice.i commission to prevent sals drew «'ann applauie frotn Ne- discrimlnalion in employment. ? ro nnt) lal)0 r leaders. Waller Acting Senale Republican Leader whitf ; secretary of the National Kenneth S. wherry of Nebraska I Association for Advancement of commented: Colored People, said Ihe message "We should go as far as we was "clear, conrlse and courageous" can lo establish equal justice im-: alltt "'ark* Hie course which must der the la«- for all. i be [011 o«ert "lo nut our own house "Dul 1 think that he -Mr. Trii-! I" , ordcr a " rt , mnke democracy a man) has dumped into the laps of *T"!. ts '' _, ihe Democratic party legislation „.„ t-l " Su Ptx>"% Proposal that will split the party wide open! » r- , S ™''«' il ry-Trpasurer James and make it most difficult to pass" ! ' . „ e y s * ld '"" C1 f> " ! " n sup- "Oiilr.iBeous " Casdanrt Sars ! p s the President's proposals Wh-r,v «piw.ed be'lU-J i.'li'al an ; H ' ™ f ? , tl "'v , W01C » lilsl s '"n *»- ami-lyni-hing bill had the best *' n '' d ^>'"\^<-^ our laws In chance of pa.=s3«e thi.- year "if we " lal " le '"'"iamental rights can break a Democratic filibus- ! of _ cvel '»' °' tizt> » ™» '* protected." icr." Scn ' J° n » •'• Snarknian. D., Ala., 1 who headed the Democratic speak- James O. Eas!!and. D. couslderrd," he sold, "we feel that Hie conclusion Inevitably must h.- made Hie overall job" was well done." 'J'wn-U'rrk Hearinif Srt The (troup opened what was scheduled to be two weeks of hearings into operations of the law under ivi-'rh officers (mind unfit for rield duty can be retired nt 75 per cent 01 IHI,<I. pay. tax-free, for lire. Hist on the witness list were Rear Adm. Thomas L. Spraciie, chief of the Navy's Bureau of Personnel, and BI-IK. Gen. Dahlqulsl. Subcommittee Chairman Charles H. Elston. R., o.. disclosed Hint 70? men on a list of disabled and pensioned otflcnv; or colonel's rank or above reported themselves prlvalc- !y "mplnved. One rellrfd Naval officer, rtr.iw- i«K S350 monthly compensation from the Rovcriiiiicnl, said he makes $125,000 R year as an engineer, Bigli(.v-o:ic reported annual private incumcs of $IO.nw or belter. | It «as learned flic subcommittee I will S "ek io establish that offlcels ;«et a far betler break on (Usability payments than do enlisted men and that iponlar officrvs get better treatment than those in the reserve. poll tax and fair employment imt- tlce legislation. ' , Kdllor llod.ilng Cn.tcr. Pulllwr i-lzf-wlmiliiK 0,1110,. 0[ || u , arm, vnu-, MISS.. 13,11,, we,,,,,™.-• r,", SUM line vesioulnv tin | f i ,,: South ,ho 0 .se s to rimi \vlth lb e Kasiliiivi 1,11111, It sliiiulrt it,, so rardillly. Itl Jiifkson, Miss,, Ciov l-'ielilfna I. Wrlnlil dor-laved thut "11 Is now timp for action " "»« o which i imide full reference In • proposed unit nil Southern electors hoUi out their • volt's^ In tin- fleriornl collon,. in pro. illdiile from having n imijorlly unit jtlmw the presidential eltvilon !n: lo tin' Ihinsc of Hepiesenlnllvcs ! Oi»'. Wrlulil In his Jim. -<a limn- Kiii'nl iuldiv.s.1 urged southern Dcm- ; ix-ruts to bolt the purity If U iiilm- tlucc.s whin i,|. f nlied "aini-Koulh- • Surplus Army Shoes • Combat Soots • Overshoes • Rubber Boots Anderson Sll.ic Shun \ Oliidilns Sti.rr •llfi K. Aliiitt SI., lilytlievilk- 1 l''ur Lower Cost Inguranc* iH -Sv^, • HOME C. \ • A ^TO '•HZy* I • BUSINESS J •--., Arkansas Mutual Ag«ney .' ^ v ^'- ^- '1'amke, Mjjr "' [s;li "'" '"''"•, BJyll.ewlle,' Ark. Miss., dtscriiier] 'the President's rt",, 151 '^^ 1 (or message as 'outrageous." ?.,„ co •r.s bureau for the 1946 campaign, inimenl on (lie mes- %^*\^ f HT^r""" ^^ ™™ s^^v 0 "^; nominee.s. tf no presidential nom- thrm rtle ( , he Scn ,( e ^. c „ nee receives an electoral majority, lesSation cou?d ?asi v ^aV c tho election ls thrown into the House this year if the Senate would House of Representatives. Sen. Allen j. Eliendcr. D.. La.. . said Mr. Truman's messaKO "smells of politics and is not intended to assist the minority groups that he Is seeking to help." "If legislation of Urn character Is passed, I know well that the South wll« bolt the Democratic 68 Firms Chartered LITTLE ROCK. Ark., fail. 2. (UP! —The industrialization of Arkansas cojilnnied ap-cc in January with 08 now firms fl'.lng nrticlcs of incorporation witli (he secretary o: stp.le. Thi- firms Included 5B rtciinesti and 12 forci-rn corporations. tjast month's i!icor|K!'!U'~n,s we sliglltly below the 74 filed in J i, vary of !!)«. - — -- .._ Traveling Salmon act. they .said. A red .salmon, marked by U. B A Senate Judiciary Subcommit- ' Bineau of Fisheries In Abskan wa tee now is holding hearings 0:1 an Icrs. was found 44 dnys later in bill. Tne Senate La- Siberian stream. 1300 miles away. bor Committee has scheduled a vote next Thursday on a bill lo forbid disciiminatlon In employment because of race, religion or national ane,estry. Month of Tragedies in State Adds Up to 77 Violent Deaths Meyers Upheld By Fellow Brass By United Frets 4 January. 1948. was n mouth of i tragedy in Arkansas. At least T7 persons—more than two a day—died violent deaths dur- iJiK the 31-tiay period. Traffic accidents alone accounted tor 37 fatalities, well over one a day nnd double the 15 liigiiway deaths last December. F.ital highway accidents increased to such an extent thai State Police Director Jaclc Porter ordered strict enforcement of the .state's 50% mile-an-hour speed limit. As high . as it V.T.S, however, the January traffic toll was considerably below the 43 dc..Uis in October, I9W, the highest on record. Cold ?.nd icy weather sent the toll from fire to 14 during ;he month, ten of them after Jan. 32 and six in one day, Friday, Jan. 23. A large number of the fire fatali- of Personnel Officer Says 'No Fraud' In Retirement Pay WASHINGTON. Feb. 3. (UP) — A top Army personnel officer .said yesterday he Is "positive" there was no fraud In the $550 monthly disability retirement of Maj. Gen. Bennett E. Meyers, former Army Air Force purchasing officer. Meyers has been indicted by R in- fw ' cr! " grand jury oti charges of 12 _ lyl"8 to a Congressional committee ties, including the death year-old David Wynn in a school i . . blaze near El Dorado, were caused I *'_ _. ad _ contracts during about connections with firms the by the use of oil in rekmd'ing fires f war ' The °- S ' District Court of sss Generally proud of their safetv An P« als upheld the validity of the rrrorris rnilrnarfi fio,,, n H i,, IT indictment today. . I records, railroads figured in 12 deaths during the month. Two persons were killed in the head-on collision of A freight and passenger train on the Rock Island Lines near Little nock Jan. 15. The railroad later reported that- the pa.ssenecr train .should hare taken to a siding shortly before the crash. Most tragic of all accidents — a train-cat crash in Little Rock on the night of Jan. 9—took the lives of four teen-a'e youngsters as they returned from H movie. A similar three died accident at Gould killed members of o:.e family. Three Maiden. Mo., men when their jeep ran under a ..,.,,,. truck near Paragould. Jan. 12. ^ Two young men dipcl wi'.r-n their ~,ight p'.ane rrashcd ncai Pine Bluff. Three persons were shot acci- den!,illy and five persons committed MiK'icie tiiniu:: the nuintii. ^ (lll Eight mioceilar.cous dea;hs oc- ' vil'V curied including tile death of H. D. ; C |, R; Brasiveit in a Trx.ivk.ina cotton oil ! MIS mill. Ihe linatii o! two N'egiocs Iroin J f of the y. Brig. Gen. John E Dahlqutst. deputy director of the Army's Personnel Division, wns the first of Army and Navy officers called before a House Armed Services Subcommittee to tell how some officers pensioned with disability pay held lucrative civilian jobs. conceded that "some boards may have made terrible mistakes" in administering the disability retirement laws. There also may have been instance, he Set Welcome ieSiof 7rom Stomach &;s, lour Food Tasle Do you itt\ blo»t«l and miserable after every mttl? 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