The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on January 13, 1968 · Page 18
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 18

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 13, 1968
Page 18
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' 18 . Soturcloy, -January 13, 1968 The Ottawa Journal ci: A ATAT T A ATnnV C Dear Ana Lander: I just read the letter from the mother who was ready to pull the hair out of her head because her 17-year-otd son talks on the phone a lot to his girl. This is a problem? - Our lS-year-old son goes steady with a little snip who is IS. He Is with her every night of the week. They either go to the movie, or Just ride around town. (He has his own car.) Our son's hair is nearly down to his sHoulders, with a . hair is-straight- and stringy and her bangs are so long I . cant figure out how she breathes, let alone sees. Cam scared to death that these children are going to get into trouble. Last night when I asked my husband to talk to the boy about sex he said. "It's up to the girl's par ents to talk to her. - If the girl gets pregnant is there a law that says our son has to marry her? We live in .Michigan. Worried Mether. Dear Mather Tber is ne law that cast fere a marriage. Thar is a law, how-aver, that says a lather most topper! his ckOdrem. It's a aiighty sad stata of attain, wheat the nether el a 17-year-M bey has Is ask this Question. Wbe raised this bey aoyway! A. nouir SEEN Of LONDON: Oa all th models! The stobil face carls . . 4. newest facet ha the H hmisine took. Pall a small amount of hair forward from the hairline and put ap oa rollers . . . then comb out softly (no hair spray) and let Ibewi fall as they will. They range m numbers from i to two n front of the ear) depending oa bow many you fed right with. London T7. Fan Selection of Coats, Sells, Dresses, Sportswear and Accessories Ask Aooat Oar Cast owl Credit : OTTAWA MONTESSORI SCHOOL 24 SprtagfWd Rd. FOR CHILDREN Z'i TO TEARS ENQUIRIES: CALL 7X1-2223 HAVE FUN AT YM-YWCA METCALFE AT LAURIER PLEASANTLY INFORMAL CLASSES AND SPECIAL EVENTS FOR COURSES: nan : 4 1 TUU flUVAIMI HU HPMYDCTT WBfWIYB MUD1T KTISIITIOIU conn an rjcaTsaoot mronie Fears Son Going Too Far With Girl Dear Ann Landers: My sis-, ter is the quiet type but she has a will of iron. She also has tons of energy and is fantastically efficient. - 1 have four children and am pregnant again. During every one of my pregnancies, my sis-' ter has helped me out. I really appreciate her help (She can work rings around any cleaning woman.) but I am becoming- resentful because she is taking over my home. Sis comes bursting in at any hour of the morning or night. She polishes, waxes, bakes, cooks, scrubs and tears apart closets and cupboards without even asking me if I want something done. She has made me fed that this is not my home any more. I have told my husband of my resentment and his advice is. "Tell her off." But it's not as easy as it sounds. I'm afraid if I start. I'll say more than I should and it will be the end of our relationship. Right now I am exhausted from trying to straighten up the house before she comes. I hate letting ber do so much of my work. Please help me. On the Kaaor's Edge. Universities To Hold Concert Carnival Week Algonquin College, the University of Ottawa and Carieton University have formed a Joint committee to present a concert at the Civic Centra oa ( Tuesday. Jan. 30, at 8J0 pjn. starring the Everry Brothers and the Glenn Yarbrough Show. Tickets for the event which will end "Polar Bear Day" went on sale today at the Davis Agency and oa the university campuses. Tickets are also available at the Cenlrnmal Centre and the CCEA Laasdowot Park offices. This concert wig be a highlight of the aui varsities' Winter Carnival festtvUea. Nurses Plan Meetingsx Mrs. Elizabeth HcCue has ' chosen "Mental health aars-trg in Canada" as her topic for aa address to atemeers of the Ottawa West Chapter. Registered Nurses Association of Ontario, to be held Thursday, at S pa. at the Civic Hospital. On the same evening, Ottawa East Chapter will meet in Ottawa General Hospital auditorium with Mr. Allan GiDmore as speaker. Hia topic will be "Drvvtooment plans of the University of Ottawa." DOWN 14 PER CENT, Crony tstnTMity cowideraftioM declined 14 per cent due la the introduction of the Canada and Quebec Pension Plana. MOT Ft OPIE THE MEN AND WOMEN UltfOOH mat oi torn am niKuis rasaooi PHOT CDTTBf DKMATM 1 lOW swift loousATrumn ' ACCREDfTED NURSERY SCHOOL SERVICE ENROLL PROMPTLY FACILITIES LOOTED LTSOU DUSKS OKI R002, SUXCA7, 14A UA, 1961 2 P.M. . 4 PM. AT MEN'S DIVISION WEEKDAYS 9 A.M. 9 P.M. I' or farther Imfnrmmlitn Admit Prtrsm Deft. 127 METCALFE ST. ' 236-7901 Dear Edge: Year sister is snch a driven, assniniii img persaa that there can be a reaipreiniie, Either (a) keep auata er (b) teal her off and aire hrlat at get yoa through -tfcis pre aweary er (c) de the . wars is wR. I wsta far (k) er (d) and I has yea de, tea. Yeal feel a lot better. Ceafideatial ta Hew Da I Fight It With your hat. Mis-' ter. Grab it and run. They say it takes two to make a marriage a girl who is willing and a mother who is anxious. Get it? - , Cowfifcilil ' a' Reddy Freda: I hope yon are ready , for plenty of trouble. The I girl is andrrsge (in every one of the at states) and her fath er can do plenty. x . r awn wiliI as Panled fwak So ant I. Your story sounds like something you dreamed on your last psychedelic trip. If you are on : (be level, send me your name nd a seU-addressed. stamped envelope and I will try to help you. JANUARY WTB AH IT? GREAT GREAT Strilta yar Nr Foshloa DoOor fcrhj bnriows prapwrttont Airinf list JANUAtY FUtSALCSI Ttsj coa Bsofca tat FUR IUY Of THE YIAI nght now whoa yosj most aood it. Rfpwtabl twrrien rffer an artTunrtad choice ef fWta furs ttyUd fren th attfowf cmuxs t cawoi tportt mi cavtunor wttigns. - it A visit to riest Ottawa Far Salons will tell yoo wh . . . more and more ,woma choose furs m JanMry! Fabulous new Far Fashions, Fresh new Felts, leaver, Fersian, Mink, Moskrat, Alaska Sealskin, Otter, Nutria, etc,' in the greatest Fashion Collections ever to be found in Canada's Capital! AH marked at LOW JANUARY SALE PRICES to give you the greatest values of the year! Yes be wise, see, compare and buy! BURKHOLDER VURS 119 BANK STRUT r 500.000 tablet- 400.000 300.00CW iiiniiiiiiiiiiiiij 200,000 Marriages 100.000 mj jlof WHERE HAVE ALL In 1 1 II I I I Ill II FUR FASHIONS SAVINGS! (OTTAWA LTD.) IIHIHil III III llillli! il lllll!! I I ! Ml 'Ml III III' I iH Si 60 65 tt THE BABIES GONE? (CP Journal Newsmap) 232-2828 . y . J r m: caplan furs ltd. 178 SPARKS STREET 232-1598 DWORIvIN- FURS LTD. 236 RIDEAU STREET 232-4213 FLESHER'S FURS T , . A Complete and Pertonal fur Service 158 BANK STREET 237-1700 i. ! A. i J. FREIMAN LTD. P' fur Salon DOWNTOWN ONLY J . 232-8484 CHARLES OGILVY LTD. " Fur Salon DOWNTOWN 238-4511 - SWEARS and WELLS - AND I " CHATEAU FURS LTD. 1 V 144 SPARKS STREET 233-7773 238-7168 " i Birth Kate Continues Going Down Despite more marriages in a country with rapidly growing immigrant population, fewer babies were born in 1966 than in any year since 196a And when total 1967 figures have been compiled., the number is expected to be still lower. If the current trend continues. 1968 should be another year of unsold cribs. . - Dominion Bureau of Statistics shows that; while marriages have increased to about 158.00 in 19(7 from 134.3(3 in 1960, births have dropped to an estimated 378.000 in' 1967 from a I960 total of 478.548. Sociologists claim the boom has been knocked out of babies not because of the PiP, marketed in Canada since I960, but by couples-who pre ONE OF FIFTY In Canada one death claim in every 54 is on an insurance policy that has been in f ore less than one year. DRAPES MADE FKH $198, M- mi iim Lam sr. UiMiat tMorrm caarraa w SAMK sr. LIMITED 877 CABLING AVENUE Toifr Finest George formerly of the Bouses of Psrluunent and recently -honored by the CBC. ap . pearint on television news, aa consultant on hair problems. - Goldberg's exclusive scira-Une method with correct cutting and shaping will' assure you of a beautiful shininc head of - hair permanent wave that will last re ao natural. . Wig shaping and styling is 'another Goldberg speculty. PS'OJ mm 7$P 7 r . , fer material well-being in what has been called an age of affluence. ... , - They emphasize that the births rate per 100.000 population was decreasing three years before the contracep GLASS o MIRRORS 24-11 our Emirtenc) Servicri PRESTON & L1EFF GLASS -1 . V " , - -. ' . : , V v ' ( 11 -1 ' .-1 . L - f . I 1 t I far f sthwa ' tMate r.i- V 1 ' i - k) Mm b ! ; . I i I ef Ike ' I ' " . i T e , .1 I "" I IvTwsJsJfjrtsJjfJeaSJ I - (. iw af mmm. ! . bntefTheO- ):.',.' I tswe far Stead-1 , . eidt Aisetlatwa i 1 i tive pill came on the market It is estimated however, that the sheer weight of numbers of the young marrieds by 1970 should, bring at least part of the boom back. 725-US1 Permanent by Goldberg 172 RI0EAU 2321709

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