The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 27, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 27, 1947
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 27, .19-17 British Rushing PlannedEconomy AtHee on Vacation But Leaders Ready With "Crisis" Policy LONDON, Aug. 27. .UP) -A source at No. 10 Downing Street t.nid today that the government's plan to pull ! Britain through her economic crisis probably will be announced within 43 hours. Lord President Herbert Morrison acting prime minister during Prime Minister Clement .Attlce's vacation m Wales, conferred with cabinet ministers and experts on details of 'he new rcstiictions expected 'o make life more austere than durin- wartime. , ° Uncertainty as to the scope of the dollar-saving program was reflected "i the stock market. Industrial Ml ares dropped in a quiet opcnin" while gilt, edged shares remained unchanged. 'Speculation on the government's I intentions centered on these mca- I A cut of more Mian $50003003 monthly in food purchases' from the United States and other dollar countries. ncdiislion hi tasic rations of canned goods, and possibly nii-i- nun wheat for all except miners a-- ncullural employes and other manual workers. Up to 25 pur cent reduction in lood allocations to restaurants including possible introduction of two meatless days a week lofces 1 ' 1 " ' c '" I ' clions >" "'<-' :mncd overall rff, The Happy Look Curtailment of freight and passenger rain service to keep coal and export freight moving. •Further cuts in allowances for for cign travel. The Evening Standard, which 0 ,)p osra tho govc| . nmcllt claimed the government might ban all holiday travel abroad and reduce the businessmen's daily al- owance for travel abroad below the current sin a day Reduction in the clothing ,-atio'i to permit larger textile exports. Drop in State Highway Death Toll Recorded LITTLE P.OCK, Ark.. Aug. 27- IUP) _ Arkansas stands a goad chance ol finishing the vein- witn a considerable decrease in'the iium- Uer of highway deaths as compared with last year. Figures released yesterday by the Stale Police show that despite an 11.7 per cent increase in travel on Arkansas highways, the number of traffic deaths during the first six same period of Oast year. The department says that MS persons lost tlicir lives on the highways of the state this year so far. This is 64 fewer than for the same period in IS46. A breakdown of the total by counties shows: .Arkansas County, in 1947. one. in 19IB, none; Eoone County in 1947 one. in IMG ore- Clark 4 and 4; Crittenden. 8 and 13- Garland 3 and 4; Homestead 5 and one- Independence none and .»• Ja-kson' 2 and 9; ,\Iillcr 3 and 4; Mississippi 9 and 12; 'Nevada 2 and 2; Ouachi L 5 and 2; Phillips 3 and :,• Poll- 2 and 2; Pulaski a and 21; Sebastian 7 and 9; and Union 5 and 2. Benton County 'Drys' To Plan Election" Fight £SElsrz3^S n>;i k"r> ill-in..- frt,. ,, t_ . ,. _ ** LV ' , ald persons organization. Hairdresser Says Hair Length Bears Inverse Ratio to Length of Dresses BI/VTHEVILLE (AUK.) COUKIKU NKVVS Legless World War Yet Wins Seat in Congress By Overwhelming oVte CHHiOYGAN, Mich., AUB 27 — lUP)- Charles E. Potter. 33. a Republican and n legless war vetf- i-nn wa.s elected to Congress by a majority of more than 2-to-l iin- o tficiHl returns frcm yo.sHuday's toda 5l " cl spcci ' 11 option showed I'ollcr said he would go to Wush- iiiSJUm with!,, Hie next, two weeks o take up his duties, lie will fill he sent left vacant by the death of Hep. Krai Brndlcy. ^'ttcr. mi army major who lost both leys in a mine explosion In 1-ranee, will become the second legless veteran to hold n seat In the ?° ' Co» Ohe other is Rep. William J. Miner. R., Conu . w ,| o ost his legs In an airplane crash in France in 1018. By HETTY HKINEMAN United Press Stuff Correspondent PHILADELPHIA. Aug. 27. <UP> — r l'o I he ladies set on wearing their skirts half-way down to their an- j kles. hairdresser Vincent R. Pileggi hud this to say today: •Remember, what's added to the bottom must come off the top. Off tin; hair, that is. he added hastily. Filcggi jumped head first into the turmoil over the lowering hemline with an unllatlerint: picture of the woman of fashion svith long swirling skirts and long hair .swinging around her shoulders. "They look likr? weeping wil]3\v trees," Pileggi lamc-nted. '•[ went. n' the horses for looking at some of these drooping females." "Their hair droops, their dresses drocp. It's nnrul. They look likc> English judges with long robes and periwigs." 'when you look at these gir s from the rear, all you can sec is hair and dress. Nothing else. Yon get an idea that what's underneath is pretty, hut you can't see anything." Nut that Pileggi is against longer skirls in themselves. ."If the women want them, they'll wear them." he said philosophically, "and .50 long as they don't drop too far below the c:Mi it's alright" But. he scolded, the hair can't be worn long at Hie same time without giving the drooping, wilt- I ed, caughl-in-the-rain look. The proper length of hair stylo for the 1017 dresses depends n lot on the neck, Pileggi explained Tile lady with a longer neck can wear her hair a litle longer. "The important thing to remember, 1 l-.e .said, "is that n lady's neck should be seen—especially with , so mush of the rest of her covered m> by dresses. Conservative, soft hair"'dos with more waves, flat on top and framing ll.e neck—that's the only way lo offset the loive'- skirts." Pileggi, wiio operates a chain ol shops in the Philadelphia area doesn't think there's any danger of hairstyrcs going bark to tin! era of long skirts, but he docs think the day of the flowing | OC V LS JH .over—at least until skirls !;0 up a . - •--•"••nj IIIUU1111LT TO make plans for combating efforts to make the sale of l iquor legal \lo 5'i S!rS, clMllo » h »-"*on caned for Sept. 23. . Benton County voted dry Oct. 17, Hannegcm Sees j Truman; Tries 'To Dodge Press WASHINGTON. Aug. 26. (UP) — •National Democratic Eoss Robert E. met for an hour with President this afternoon, presumably to discuss his departure from tlv- party chairmanship. 'Hanncgan, looking tanned and rested after a Hawaiian vacation, sought to leave the White House by a side dor. He was interccpte: by rcportcds and photographers. "I had a private and persona: conservation with the President' Hai'negan said. His driver slammed the car into nnd started to pull away as news and camera men clustered about. Hannegan told the driver to stop. "Are you resigning?" a. reporter asked. Hanncaan declined to elaborate on Ins previous statement. "That's all I've (;ot lo say" lie said. Little Rock Committee Awaits Genera/'s Plans LITTLE ROCK. Aug. 27. I UP) — A newly-created executive council named to plan the Little Rock celebration for Army Chief of Staff Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, when he appears in the capital city Nov o. was waiting today for word from the general. General Eisenhower said he could be in Little Rock tor only a brief j stay, but he hasn't disclosed the . limr-s of his arrival and departure Without this information the council cannot precede. The council is made up of rcpr-- ientatives o! the city's veterans organizations, it include.',: William D Randolph of the Disabled American veterans; (William J. j. R: e cr of the Military order ol World Wars; lion Jewell of the Amvets; Frank liow- lett of the Veterans of Foreign Wars; Bernard Hc-ir.z of the Re-' serve Officers Associalion- and Hr>race Mitchell of the American L--. -;ion. i READER'S VIEWS Editor Courier News- Natural B as uould not only be •"I at ruction for Industries and I wn°,,i ? ' b "' 1 " ''"I'sow'fe who would not want natural Klls because or its cleanlinc.« Hut i wonder » we arc not late In reco R nlzlng our need for industries to bulimcc n 1 ,',',' , ccn "T y ' Thc cotton Inrmer '""si mechanize to meet the on- I'omuiB competition of hl.s product in lie world's market. That mc- clianlnallon Is comln u faster than """IE or us realize. Mechanical cotton plckrrs arc being manufactured In urcat volume. Mechanical cotton chopjms are bcliiR perfected l his year our land was broken me- I chanlcally before we re.illy.ed it while we were looking for a much needed payroll, to stimulate our I local business, but which did not matcriallKc until cotton chop|>ln E . Rfehl now business Is at a stnnd- sllll. wailing for the cotton j)lckhiB dollar. Woe would be unto us if those dollars were all taken up by mechanical pickers and no other employment. Before the recent war the Mem- pins Press Scimitar called attention to ah Economic Crisis that would befall the Cotton Hell more severe than during the Civil Wnr. unless we industrialize to absorb displaced labor, as farms are being mechanized. The recent war, of course has delayed this possible crisis but which Is certain to come and to the extent that we fall to meet It. We arc he larscst cotton producing area of the Cotton Belt, with the amount of industries and therefore, stand a chance of the greatest economical up-set. Natural gas will not do the trick alone an<l It may be a long time before pipe lines will be laid. To avoitl people leaving, prevent business failures and real estate values crumbling, we must take advantage of every source of our command to meet the situation on time. One or the things, of course will be the securing of natural gas as quickly as possible, in sufficient quantity and as cheaply as possible to make it an Industrial asset. Constructive comment and suggestions would be appreciated. A. F. Dietrich project can be i;al!iercd from the indlnn Sorrtr (! 's revolving fund, the ribns $«5!l,ooa savings, government loans lo the ;i.4CO Huvajo war vet'•runs and institutions such a.s the Rockefeller Koumlallon, ll'it Ilii; tribes T.ould own the iiiijnr industries. MO said, "we clo- hojii'™" 1 ' "" y01 "-' '' :sc controlling PACK THREE ' ^ : n"nn^^ *U,e Nation, AAUc S,m ; ,; VJgft ^X^5;« Scheme for Industrializing Indians Suits Sinus Sufferers Ebb H. Carson Tax Consultant Room 21, I, >r<th Write I>. o. Box MO Phonc 2940 Blythcvillc Hoboes of United States ^ Hold Convention in Iowa ]And Feast on Slumgullion 1 CRUX, la. Aug. 27. ^P)—Highway Johnnie- Weaver. 53-year-old waiuleriin; Silicon pip.nist. frcm Ashland. Nrb., wa.s crnwncd kini; of I the hoboes at the Knighl.s-oM.hc- Opcn-Hoad convention here today. The hoboes, who causht rides on thr rods at water tanks from N^w York lo San Franrisro elected Weaver lo succeed Skcel Sirnman.s ! of Del roil. After the election, the hobDcs Larry Kneas & Co. Announces New Location Room 200, Isaacs Building The Larry Knea.s Co., Public Accountants and Audi- tors wishes to annotmce a change in location from 10!) East Main Street Lo Room 200, Isaac's Building. The firm specializes in Puijlic Accounting, Auditing and Income Tax problems. NEW PHONE 3490 BV .MAllltKl'N COTIII.IN' nltl-il |'r,, is siaff Cnrri'siicindrnl IWASIIIN'GTON, Aug. 27. IUPI Wanted: Tired businessmen- preferably will, shin., u-ouble, coughs sncezos or nrlhrltls. Salary: About $5.()30 a ycur plus regained health. The Inlerlor Department m ; , v ] )( . oklnit (;„. ., (cw Mt[ ,,, n , e|| j, |( rctirco Chlcajjo niiiimraetuicr wins (ipproval for his plan to Industrialize SO.OM Navajo Inilliins ,,n their Arizona-New Mexico reservation As an Indian Service Cnnsultinii. without pay, chubby little Mix Drefrftm ...prut Hirer iminlhs with the Nuvajos. lie found Ih™. "in the mosl doplorabte condition () | nny srcmp in the country r llc . cd with actual starvation and hun- gcr.' The tribe unanimously approved his plan to sot up "ind'uslrlnl villages ' to make clothes, blanket:: ''"B 5 ' li'fithcr goods, shoes, turni Arkansans in New York For National Legion Meet NEW YCRK. Aug. 27. (UP)—Tilt largest delegation from Arkansas cvei lo attend an American Legion National convention is in New York today. The group was preparing to participate in the K-- Legion parade Saturday. - • . . Sweetheart of the trip was Miss Pain Can,,) ol L:;llc Rock. After her part in the festivities.Saturday. Miss Camp will go to Atlantic City to represent Arkansas in the Miss America contest. Included in the delegation are Lt. Gov. iiatiiiin Gordon and National Legion Field Secretary Claude A Brown of Little Rock. settled down for their favorite an- mal tri>al.-shinigullio!i. They said l w;is made of one ^ood si/.^d st[":r. ' ^0 bushels of pclalci-.s. three bushels ' of oniaiis, four bushels of carrots. | one wason load of corn. :5 stalk-, of celery, lo packages of rice and a ' garden full ol cabbage. t All is .seasoned with a .•.hovcllui <>f •alt and j.ervcrl in old (in :-,-ins. Superintendent of Blind School Takes New Post L1TTZ BROCK. Ark., 'Aug. 27. (CP) —The Arkansas School for the Blind has a new superintendent today. He is J. M. Wooley. who has been principal of the school for the past eight years. His appointment was announced yesterday by the board of trustees. He succeeds Finis E. Davis. The New East End Shoe Repair Service m Lilly Sd-ccl Vi Hlk. So. <tf Kasl. r>l ;i in IS'O Hliocs Too Fine for Our Workmiinship In Conncclioii: Our Army Goods Sloro. \Vu have an enormous rjuaiility of Anuy Show, liny one pair or luimircds of jiair.s. Quanlily jH-icc available for Resale. 01 her numerous articles of clothing, shoepacs, com- I'orltM-H, jackets . . . Come to .see us—You'll be glad you came! Every article a money saver! Operators Boast 58 Years of Service to Public in This Community t lire und toys. Tin- proposal is now bclorc the Indian Service. Un-lkciffs tired Imslncswneji would n.iiiiii|;i! 1 1| ( . Industries. Urklkoff IIS:M| in iininufia-lui-' •'ninny ihinus, mostly lurnluire." Jle knows a hit ol tired iiiul ailing Inislnt-ssnii'ii in Host in, GhicaKci lun! New York whose doi'tors have told limn they must BO to Arl/oim. "Hut. Ihi-y ci.n't bin'ansc' they hnvrn'l iinyihlnij lo do out then-." In 1 explained. "We can't j;lve Ilieiii f-»,(in:) c.r irit'.OOll a yeur. Only iilinul. .. Hut we can r;mirunloi> when they j!cl np In the inornini; they won't caught, , Under his plnn. l.fiOtl -Navajos would iniike lia to 7j cents an hour iiiu! lie .paid in ciini, _ somctlijir; Ihey've nuvitr had. As the indnslrles rxpundcd more people would bo little iodiisliiallst said llio cupltal needed to start th» For Honest & Dependable PLUMBING SERVICE Call JOHN H. FRASER Dial 3289 513 Lilly St. he i;ot himself "50 worked U p ; 'on liu'lrlp'tJiat'he was ' '" a " 5l Asked if ii c planned to take part In managing; the project if It Is approved. he said sadly: - ••-.••• "No. I'm Retting ready to go into another hospital." Cedar v.-.pors. used to repel moths In homes, softens paint used on woodwork by dissolving, its drying TO SOOTHt RASH •» *• i* U O* TfTTtH p'lcuslmt'foV'^er'naUy^S^wil troubles. 35o. Get a package A NEW HOME FOR SOMEONE is now finished. Como out to ROLLiSON'S SUB- DIVISION and look it over. We like it, and we believe you will! 0. S. ROLLISON Camp Moultrie Drive Gordon GOES TO^ ANY LENGTHS TO PLEASE! •*» *i>n.'«Mig«tfBp;&_.__—^- GORDON EVERYDAY SHEERS ore styled in the righl proportions for rhc length and shape of your lops. Thai's why GORDON NYLONS give you smooth, cuslom-mado fif through ankle, calf and (high! •* Phono 2342 II! K HI Til DIAMOND ONYX RINGS ntl « c t onyx rlnu'y. tti for ihc liulU-B. intiActilltir mouiUliiifs for e,,. TD h.- worn with value nt Jow jiricc. IlnLovn \vntchp.s for men im<E women. Accurate <lc- tf movcmcuis. Up to ih« minute stytiiiir. Gordon If you care about wear ASK POR Gordon Everyday Sheers V' IN THESE PROPORflONS at-*. Pclilc Peeress Regof PAYMtHTS TIMED 10 YOUR CONVENIENa Nnuonally kium-n noil niut poncll sets. Many stylos lo clioo5c from, others 312 West Main St. Family Shoe Store

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