The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 3, 1948 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 3, 1948
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWP Radioactive Iodine May Be Key To Success In Long Search for Cure for Death-Dealing Cancer (HHTOR'S NOTE: This ta the first of » serlc* on the latoat cancer research.) BT PAUL F. ELLIS I! ill ltd Pr*a» Science Writer (Copyrljht IMS by United Prcu) NEW YORK, Feb. 3. (U.PJ—A key to the cancer problem has been found. It is, not a puss key (hat will unlock all tho dooi-s. but may lead Into an area where keys to other doort may b« found. Thta first key l« radioactive to-*— _ dine. The door It unlocks Is the thyroid, gland. 80 Important is the significance of radioactive iodine in thyroid cancer that one of the world's top can- eer hospitals has set up a special project to take full advantage of It. This cancer center Is New York's Memorial Hospital for cancer «nd •Hied diseases. -. The scientist* assigned (o this project are members of the "thyroid team." It is a Joint project with the Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, recognized as one of the world's most famous centers for the treatment of thyroid diseases. Such Joint cooperation belweeii two hospitals is one of the encouraging signs on the horizon of cancer research. They seem sure to accomplish more working togcthct than •eparately. Results ao far show thai some patients, dying when they were admitted for treatment, have left the hospital under their own power. Iheir disease apparently under control. May Be Key to Other Discoveries The scientists of Ihis thyroid team do not say that these patients hive been cured. They are not thinking entirely of controlling thyroid eancer. They know thnt II radioactive substances, as produced In the atomic ovens, can bring results In certain types of thyroid cancer, the there may be radioactive substance olher than Iodine lhat will penetrate other types of cancer. This first* key—radioactive iodine —actually was found before Die atomic bomb was developed. But 'n those early days, back In Die 1930's the making of radioactive iodine was expensive. It ivns crcalcd in the cyclotron, B so-called alom •mashing machine. Today it iu made comparatively cheaply In the atomic laboratories at Onk Ridge Tenn. Radioaclive Iodine Is Ihe same as to taste and its chemical properties a» the product that a persoi buys In a drug store, except thnt It throws off radiation, and is nsei in extremely small amount,';. Radioactive Iodine is an Important key In cancer because normal thyroid has an affinity for Iodine. It collect* lodiiie from the blood •tream and uses It to make a hormone known nt thyroxln. The normal thyroid picks up Iodine whether It is radioactive or not. The radioactive substance , carries with College Extension Class To Be Formed at B.H.S. A night extension course In American history will be offered to ill Mississippi County resident* desiring college credits by the Arkansas Stale College of Joncsboro with classes to be held each Thursday ilBht at the BlythevllleHIgh School, t was announced today by John Mayes, county school iUpervlBor. TJic first class will be held Thursday night at 7 o'clock, ho said, and will run for 12 consecutive weeks. The course will carry three hours )f college credit. The extension course will cover the history ol the Western United States, he said. James Henry, Instructor in the social science department of the Osceola High School, has been authorized by the college to teach the course. The textbook to be used la entitled "A History of the West." A similar course in applied psychology was started at the high school here last week, Mr. Mnycs snid. and was accepted with much enthusiasm. Miss Winnie V. Turner, supervisor of the Blythcvillc grade schools, la instructor In this course. Mclaughlin Case toy Be Delayed Attorney's Hlnets Cited as Possible Postponement Cause FAYErrTEVILLE, Ark.. Peb. », UP)—Circuit Judge Maupln Cum- ilngs said today he will be "dh- oseii" to delay Hie next trlnl of x-Hot Springs Mayor Leo P. Mc- lughlln If defense »Uorncy« file motion for continuance. "II I am asked to act on a moon (or continuance filed In good allh by an attorney who. Is III. H onld be R matter ol principle that ic delny be granted," Cummiiigs id. The delay was »uggcsted by De- enso Attorney Henry Donhnm of illle Rock. Cummlngs added that he would xtund Ihe "same courtesy" to ther side. "U lj herd to uirow a man out fter he started the case," Cum- nlngi added. The Fiiycltevllle Judge pointed ut that lie had not formally dx- lianKed circuits with Judge Clyde [. Blown lo hear Mclaughlin's icxt trial. He Indicated, however, G. Eisler Jailed At Ellis Island For Deportation NEW YORK. Feb. 3. (UP)—<3cr- hart Eisler. 52, so'called !*>. 1 Communist in the United States, was held without bail at Ellis Island on a deportation warrant today and his attorney said she would attempt lo obtain his release by a writ of hubens corpus. Bislcr WBS arrested yesterday by iedoral officers shortly after Federal Judge James W. Morris denied him a retrial on charges of concealing Communist affiliations when h applied lor a passport in 1945. He WM convicted on that chiirue last year nml faces a maximum sentence of five years In prison and a 15,000 line. Leachvitle Man Seeks Writ to Require Trial Roy Chlhlress of Leachvllle ha.' petitioned tho civil division of the , _,. Chlckftsawbii District of Mlsslssipp it two forma of radiation of sparks. I County Circuit Court for a writ o Beta mariaamus' to'fore* Mayor Jolu Mutual of Lt^ahvllle to hold a ses «i6h : of mayor'* court to hear The other type It the Oatnmn of rndla fieri ray. Gamma r »W are »o penetrating they will '.to .through '"several Inches of lead. * ... Thyroid cancer ..itself Is a rare form and of all thyroid cancer cases only, about IS per cent "are initially suitable for treatment vrtlri" radioactive iodine. This Is because some thyroid tissue, once it becomes cancerous, loses most of ILs desire to collect Iodine. In the case of the 15 per cent of thyroid cancers that do pick, up the iodine, it has been found that mch cancers more close- IT rwtmbla th» structure ot th« original normal gland. So the memorial thyroid team Is conoentr»ttng its efforts on the type of cancer thyroid that picks up .radioactive Iodine. Surgery still la the best weapon for thyroid cancer that has not spread from the original location In the neck. It U 'lor the more serious type that breaks away from the original gland and turns up In other parts of the body, that radioactive Iodine treatment is recommended. When a cancer'spreads It 1» called mctast- •»«». In about IB per cent o[ thyroid cancer cases radioactive iodine can be used effectively. That may seem to be a small per cent but the Memorial scientists believe It is significant. Any progress. they believe, toward the control of charge of public drutikennes against Ihe plnhitllf, Circuit Cour records siiowed today. The plaintlf claims h« was arreslcd In Leach vllle on a public drunkenness chargi but that the mayor ha* relused tc try him. Motorist Pleads Guilty J. Woods was fined 535 and cosl In Municipal Court this moniln \vhcn he pleaded guUty to a charg of driving while under tlia :nl!uc:ic of Intoxicating liquor. INSTANTLY starts to CHESTCOlflS! In Upper Bronchial Tract, Throat At fuat sign of a cold—nib Moeterol on ehwt, throat and bnclu It in afoul f ilarta to rcliova coughing and help break uji painful congestion in the uppe broncbial tract, no?8 anil throat. Musterole has ALL Iho aiJvnntnsea ot * warming, stimulating mustard plaster yet i* so much easier to Apply. Just rub flour Mill Strike Threat I* Hurled by TFL Union CHICAGO, Feb. 3. (UP) — An APT. grain processors union today , threatened a strike "shortly after Pr.b. 10," against six major 'millinK companies which manufacture and distribute three-fourths ol the nation's Hour, cereal and farm feed. The union said the strike would hiv« a "disastrous effect" on relief ililpmetiti to Europe. The six major millers Involved iry ng Lewis Threatens New Coal Strike Mine Owners Fail To Meet Terms of Pension Proposal By Taurence Gander (United Press Stuff Correspondent) WASHINGTON. Feb. 3 (UP> — Immedlaleiy, th« eo»! luppllei already above ground would carry the nation along for perhaps 30 days. General agreement on the pension principle was written into last year's contract. The pension Is to be paid out ol the $50.000,000 health and welfare fund. But the industry representative on the administration of the fund has refused to agree to the proposed $100 pension, at least until the union gives • clear estimate of how much it will cost annually. Said Lewis to the mine owners: "On this date, seven months atter the effective date of the 1941 agreement, your representatives trustee, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY «, 1949 a sudden soft coal strike lo a Ming stild the Saturday to Preside set up He said pension ana retirement program, a sick leave plan and Improved arbitration clauses. Wagei are not an issue, he said. Livestock ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, Feb. 3. (UP)—(USDA) — Livestock: Hogs 12,000, salable lfl,600; market uneven; weights 180 Ibs up 25 to 50c lower tha nave-rage Monday; failed lo live up to Its contract by refusing to establish » pension fund for his 400.000 soft coal diggers. For that reason, Lewis said In a letter to the operators late yesterday, the union now "reserves the right, nt will, to take any Independent action necessary to the enforcement of Ihe contract." Coal Industry spoKCSineti admitted that Lewis' "Independent action" could mean a sudden strike by his soft coal miners. However, one Industry official said the owners were Inclined to believe Lewis was "just unresolved dispute, national in scope and character." Van Horn refused to comment on Lewis' charge. In Die United States, girls In the West have the best chance» of eventual marriage. lighter weights 50 to »1 lower- sows I Piling on the pressure" for ac-| 50 to IBu lower. Bulk good nml ' cc l>tance of his S100 a month pension nat he would be agreeable when I choice 180 to 250 Ibs 2028-2675- top '•" '" ' ""' '~ 26.76; 250 lo 300 Ills 25.50-28.25'; 300 lie formal request was made, The Judge's statement was made oday allei Prosecuting Attorney Sidney a, McMnth reriucslcd an arly (rial ol the deposed political x>58 of the resort city. McMath said he had asked Circuit Judge Maupln Cummings of *.iyetteville to sert Mcdjaughlln'* icxt Irlal jor the week beginning ~"eb. 16. dimming* will preside on • n exchange of benches with Cir- uit Judge Clyde H. Drown ol Hot Springs who disqualified himself. The trlnl will be held at Mount Oa, Montgomery County, on a :hatlKe ol venue. McMath requested the quick trial despite a request yesterday Irom Donham thnt the trial be delayed until alter April 1st. Donham explained that lie hod >een hospitalized recently and hud )een advised by his doctor not to .ry any major cases for seven or eight weeks. McLaughlin waj acquitted al an earlier trial on a charges thai he remitted gambling In Hot Springs 'n exchange tor votes, However, ic faces H Indictments and an in- lormalkm charging that lit aided and abetted armed robbery. Infant i* Buried Funeral jervice* for W. W. Lesley Jr., who WM dead tt birth this morning, were conducted this afternoon at 2 o'clock at Cobb Funeral Home Chnpel by the Rev. L. C. Ramsey, pastor of the Assembly of God Church Burial will be in Mnple ' Grove Cemetery. He Is survived by hLl paienta, Mr. and Mn. William W. Lesley ot Armorel and one »l»ler, Inez. to 325 Ibs 25-25.50; 160 to 110 Ibs 26.25-26.75; 130 to 150 Ibs 21.50-25; 100 to 120 lb pigs 15.50-20; sows 450 Ibs (town 23-23.16; over 450 Ibs 22.25-23. Stags 17-10.60. Cuttle 4,800. salable 4,500;'calves 1.500, all salable. No early sales and bids generally lower than Monday. Hollers and mixed year)m;:.s .'ilso encountering pressure, although some common and medium kinds Irom 17-23, appeared about steady. Cows steady and moderatey active. Common and medium beet cows 17.50-20, with a few good cows 21-22.5(J; camier.s and cutlers largely 1517. plan lor miners over 00. The mitic chieftnln, as usual, declined to comment. The present agreement belwen Lewis and the operators runs until June 30. It provides that either party may terminate the contract earlier by giving nt least 30 days' notice. CO-DAY Notice Iteiiulred Under the Tuft-Hartley law, a union must (,'ive CO days' notice that It Intends to brenk off a contract. Lewis has consistently ignored the new labor law. Whether failure to abide by it In this raise would result In prosecution was not clear, since the contract termination clmine h^s not yet bri'n tested in court. 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'Hop' Neil We specialize in house wiring, farm wiring, motor repair and appliance installation. BOB'S Electric 500 N. Fifth St. Rlytheville. Ark. City Radio •Service- Dial 2407 *M Ca* Mate tt Felix A. Carney FOR SALE Concrete Building Blocks Aquella Waftr Proofing Paint 12-48 inch CONCRETE CULVERTS plain or reinforced Osceola Tile and CULVERT CO. We Deliver Phone 691 Mother's Friend massaging preparation helps biing ease *nd comfort to expectant mothers. M OTHER'S FHIEND. im exqulittety prepared emollient. !• tifiejtil In all conditions where a bland, mild anodyuu innssagc medium In skin, lubrication is desired. One condition in which womtu lor mor& than 10 years nave used it is an «npllc»tlon for massaging 1"* body during helps keep th$ skin «oft and p]table, ., thus avoiding; linnecessity discomfort tine to dryneaa end tlfihtncss. It refreshes find tones tho »kln. An Ideal massage application (or tho mimli. tingling or burning denaatlons ot tiio akin... for the tired bnclt muscles or cramp-like pains In the legs. Quickly absorbed. DellsMfu! to use. Highly praised by users, many doctor* ana nurses. Millions of bottles sold. Just aE'.- nny <tntf;ijlsC for B-fothcr'a Frfead— the skiu emollient ftiid lubricant. Do try It, 'Mother's Friend DODGE MOVES FORWARD BY LEAPS and BOUNDS other types of cancer. Tomorrow: cargoes of exploding atoms to save life. •««f HICHTt CotutiMtJon olten S • —"" «n itomnch, g , SS v discomfort B., p " IMl " lief '""« "nstipition, and Idtnce, i^ur taste S a comforts your upset ' JaiKiTe to relitre cormip«lion and corn- Tort »p«t ttoraich, loo. you il iTler « full meal will, effect. : your drujiUt for Dr. CildwellV in 1 ^,^" . L "* U " sVnwTonVol wd *'£w a £*ia£\ tor.sBp.tion lne«t thin E - f or tonstipiUon known °° ! ' Te f ouru P set "o= 1 «tn co;j w.rmih edictj jcience. * 0<! 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