The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 2, 1948 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 2, 1948
Page 10
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PAGE TEN BLYTHKV1LLE (ARk.) COURIER NKWS MONDAY. FEBRUARY I, 1Q4| Many Aid Polio Drive lor Funds V Movie Patrons Add $566 to Total for N. Mitsissippi County Treason Is Charged GANDHI Murtin J. Monti, 27, of St. Ijouls, Missouri, leans on the desk.of U. Commissioner In New York City, listening pensively BE ft complaint sworn out by Ihc P.B.T., Is rend during his arraignment. He wns nr rested on a charge of trcasonby the F.B.I., which said he had stolen a A new list of contributions to th« March of Dimes Infantile paralysis rand drive was announced today by Arthur 8. (Todd) Harrison, chairman of the drive for North Missh- ilppl County. , The list shows a total of $566.88 contributed by movie patrons during collections at the Rttz and Rosy theaters. A total of *20.47 was dropped In .the two "Wishing Wells" «et up on Main Street. Students of Sudbury School totaled *12138 while $8.50 was given by student* at the Shady Grove School. Contributions listed today incluci- •d: E. S. Crawford $2, Roy H. Cunningham Jr. $5. J. J. Field 5. The Rev. Harvey T. Kidd $1, H. C. Knappenberger 5, V. O. Holland »5. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Province 5, F. V. Rutherford 2, Walls Hospital 10. Shclton Oil Co., Corning, -5, R. D. Shclton, Corning, $5, R. A Childress J, B T Brogdon $2, V B Hooker, Leachville $1, H J. Pillow, Corning, II, Don Edwards $5, Elliott Johns 16. M. T. Moon $1, J. D. Wells, Lcachville, $5, John M. Stevens Jr., Dell, $2.50, T. I. Seny Motor Co. $10. G. H. DeLcng SI, First National Insurance Agency $1, Tom I Realty Co. $10, Mr. and Mrs. W . W. Hawkins $2, Charles S. Lemons, pl'>"« during the war, flown into German-held territory and then iniul' Furniture 55, L. C. Pierce $5, C. A. propaganda broadcasts lor the enemy. (NBA Tclcpholo.) Hunton $10, Albert True nnd wife $2, W. N. Fears, Leachville, SI, Petl Byars $1, Pett Byars $2, L. E. Mobley $2, II. L. Byars $3, H, L. Harp II, J. V. Dates $6, T. R. Randolph |5, Elizabeth Harrison $2. Mrs. W. A. Stlckman $1. Ton Guyman, Manila, SI, Geo. Webster, Manila, $1. Chas. T. Glmes SI, Polly Wilson $2, James R. Dral $2, B. R. Mason $5, Mrs. Russell E. Rlales »1. W. L. Griffin, Manila $2, L. E. Rlggins $1, Bilbo Stalcup .50, W. T. Moxley $10, W. M. McElwaln, Corning, S2. W. M. Ehvain, Hlckorin, t2, Coca-Cola Bottling Co $10. Mrs. L. M. Burnett $1, Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Maddux $2, E. H. Ford $5, Lange School $68.15. Stillman School S9.50, L. E. Isaacs tl.25. The Cralton Company $25 Rosco Crafton $5, Jas. E. Crafton $5, Rupert Crafton $5, J. G. Trieschmann $3. Wm. S. Gilbovv II, B. B. Phillips $1. G. T. Phillips tl J. D. Igleheart $1, Walker Sanders $1, Delen Moore $1, Bonnie Smith $1. Mississippi county Lumber Co.. ?S Henry McCain $1, Morgan Klm- brough 50. Walter Turner .25, Raymond Belknap .50, Preston Thorn .30. Fred Beard .15. Mrs. Bonnie HU1 .50. W. L. Homer $1. Prank Wagner $1, Man-in L. Razer $1, Travis McCain .25. (Continued from Face t) this lawlessness and violence by act, speech or other means," Nehru old parliament as women In the galleries wept quietly. "So far as the government is concerned, I trust they will spare no neons and no effort to tackle it. If we do not do that, If we in our weakness or for any other reason do not take effective means to stop violence, to stop the spreading of hatred by word of mouth or writing or act, then Indeed we are unworthy of his (Gandhi's) followers, unworthy of saying words of >ralse to his great soul." Rioting also broke out In Calcutta for the first time since Gand- lit's death. Crowds of Hindus tried to fire the home of Dr. Shyama Prosad Mookcrjeff, last president of the Mahasabha organization and minister of Industries and supplies of the Nehru government. Part of the house was burned'and Its windows .smashed. Homes of high caste Brahmin residents and leaders of the Ma- hasabha eult were attacked In Bombay, touching off the fourth day of rloU In that city. Crowds of wildly shouting demonstrators roamed through the city, forcing shops to close. Business and transport sloped. "Let us think In terms of work labor and sacrifice, In terms of fighting evil wherever we see it, ln| terms of holding out the truth possibly to make mor* arrest*, and irderi were Mashed to all department heads In the provinces to watch for and arrest suspect*. Banker Arrested In Bombay Among those arrested was the district manager of the Punjab Na- lonal Bank, taken Into custody when he stepped from • plane at *Jcw Delhi following a flight from Bombay. It was believed all Kuspccts will be brought to Delhi for Intensive questioning and correlation of the ilot threads. Deshpandes was believed to have «en Implicated by Oadse. He first attracted police attention the'day before Gandhi was killed when he houlcd during a speech, "Death to Gandhi." Four more were killed in the Madras states town of Elrode when police fired to halt widespread attacks on Moslems. v One was killed and 20 Injured tn Be/.wada, In Madras, when attackers identified as Communists assaulted a meeting of 8,000 Mahasabha members at a rally. • A pitched battle flared until police broke up the fighting. Mahabha leaders were arrested. Moslem shops and homes were looted and two mosques burned at TlruvEtnnamnlai, a Hindu pilgrim center near Madras, and other Mos lems were attacked In the Madras villages of SiUein and Rajnpalyam Dispatches said 28 were wounded Violence broke out in New Delhi yesterday, with Hindu mnbs stoning and Invading homes and shops belonging to the Mahasabha or- U.S. Armed Forces to Disclose All Known Facts About Aviation Banking Chief DAYTON, O. (UP)—A standard^ aeronautical Index embracing every known subject In the field of aviation is being complied at Wright Field. The air documents division of the Air Material Command's Intelligence department Is In charge of the work. The Index, a joint project ot the Army, Navy nnd Institute of Aerp- nautlcal Sciences will provide the military and civilian aviation world with ready access to almost every topic In the history of aviation. The list also will Include projects rejected as Impratical or Impossible Col H. M. McCoy, head of the Intelligence department, estimated that the records division would be caught up with the tremendous tasK some time during the present fiscal year, probably before July 1. Col. McCoy said the Index Is now the main occupation of the docu- men division, which has just completed the Job of cataloging thi tons of German documents cap tured by Air Force Intelligence dur Ing and after the war. Need I.inijf Existed He pointed out the need for sucl an index had existed for a Ion time and was stressed recently b President TnimruVs Air Co-Ord! nnting Committee. "This Is the first time an index of this type has been attempted," Col. McCoy snlrt. "It will be a con- Unious project alined to provide R standard ami centralized information service for nil authorized military and civilian agencies." Col. McCoy said that althougn lie documents division had com- lelcd the Job of Livestock ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, Feb. 2. (UP>—Livestock: Hogs 14,000; salable 10,000; velghls 180 to 230 Ibs.. 25 to 50c ligher than Friday's average; other weights and shows, steady to 2Sc ilgher; bulk good and choice 180 to 250 Ibs.. *26.50-$27.25; top, $27.25; rather freely for 225-lbs down; 250 to 300 Ibs.. $25.75-$26.75; 100 to 170 Ibs. $26-527; 130 to 150 Ibs., $22.50$25.50; few to $26; 100 to 120-lb pigs, $$1650-521; sows, 450-lbs down. $23.50-$24.50; largely, $24 down; over 450 Ibs., $22.75-$23.15; stags. $17.$20.50. Cattle 5.500; salable 5,000; calves, 1,200, all salable; steer supply liberal, around 85 loads on sale early; other classes In moderate volume with cows making up about 25 per cent of, receipts. Demand moderately active on steorg. but bidding unevenly in most cases sharply lower. , virtually nothing done early. Heifers and mixed yearlings, along with cows and bulls, ojiened steady^ Good to top good hellers and niixed yearlings. $26-$28; me- I dlum kinds around,-$20-$25; good ; cows, $21-523; common and medium, $17-$20; canners and cutters, $14.50-$17. gnnl/ation. he put it before us, and we shall | Other mobs In Bombay looted' at least have clone our duly anil! and stoned property of the Malm-i paid the proper homage to his splr- | saljlia organization, destroying the it." Nehru said. .headquarters. Police fired to halt j "Qnnrihl was not common clay, the riots, killing one man. j Let us be worthy of him. Let us be ! Late reports said police and troops ] always so." had the situation under control but Nehru's plea was made shortly | that there was grave danger from ! ifter police opened fire In the air j new eruption*. :o break up Hindu mobs attacking i reports from Miraj, Sangll and buildings and three extremist news- i Kolhapur. in the area some 400 miles papers of the Mahsabha organl/n- [ Lion. Later the mobs wei'O qulclcd by Congress pnrly speakers, who told the rioters that Gandhi's soul would suffer from their misdeeds. G. V. Deshpandcs, general secretary of the extremist, Mahasabha organization of which the sainted Gandhi's assassin was a member, was arrested along with several minor officials of his faction. Police said the arresls were made In connection with a plot calling for further assassinations, possibly those of Premier Jawaharlal Nehru, Home Minister Sardar V. Patcl and other supporters of Gandhi. Violence flared ominously at six new points in India aver the weekend, bringing the casualty toll since andhi's death to 27 killed and 107 Mt ther«. Th« UlrtJ potto* wltotf for reinforcements. Other nports said cluhei were beginning to break out In Hyder- abad, the Independent princely stale in South Central India which so far has refused to Join the Indian Union. The rising tide of violence furnished an ominous backdrop to the ceremonial gathering of Gandhi's ashes from the ghat beside the Jum- na River where his frail body was committed to the names last Saturday, A crowd of 50,000 watched (is Gandhi's sons and grandsons, aided by Hindu priests, gathered up the ashes. During the search a priest found one of the three bullets that ended Gandhi's life. Plan Majnllo Khrirn The ashes were carefully combed by hand for unbmned bones. The bones were washed in the holy water brought from the Ganges and packed In round brass pots filled with Ganges water and milk. The ashes themselves were scooped up by hand and placed In bags of handwoven cotton. The ashes and tones will be taken to Birla House and placed in the room where Gandhi lived. ' Later the ashes will; be taken to the sacred city of Allahabad, near the junction of the Ganges, Jumna and Saraswati rivers, where' they will be consigned to the holy waters Those Informed of Hindu customs said the ceremony of delivering the ashes to the river probably wil take place Feb. 10, day of the annual ceremony when at least a million faithful Hindus bathe In the t rivers. j It Is believed the bones of Gandhi I will be preserved In a majestic I shrine to be erected on the spot j where he was cremated In a pile of I scented sandalwood logs and incense. ! ' The site of the shrine Is likely to j become one of the holy places of Hindu India, with a library and temple where the faithful may come southeast of Bombay, said mobs ot I on pilgrimage. The site now is being Hindus also were attacking extrem- I guarded by barbed wire and troops. wounded. Police fired on mobs iu Bombay and the Madras states. Officials said the plot against Gandhi and other leaders spread through all sections of India. Many names of those Implicated have been obtained from Gandhi's assassin, Narayan Vtanyak Gadse, and others are believed to be among supporters and contributors to Gaetsc's extremist pnpar in Poona'. Officials of the criminal Investigation department flew to Poona, as bright as the bloom in your cheeks For mat look of welt-being that a good breakfast helps !o bring, start off with crisp, flavorful, refreshing Corn-Soya and milk. It's deiicioji and nourishing. Get it at grocer's today. your AiMyp* THE GREATEST NAME IN CEREALS Read Courier News Want Arts. •momas B. McCabe, Swarthmore, Pa., industrialist and chairman of the Philadelphia Federal Bank, was nominated as chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, when President Truman displaced present chairman Marriner S. Eccles. who will remain on the board vice-chairman. as ARMY SURPLUS Comforts $2,75 Good Condition Comforts $3.45 SlvicUy New Blankets $O() 100* All Wool v Eisenhower Jackets Like New $6.85 How Deafened People Now Hear Clearly cataloging the I Sclcllce tas , low Inlulc H p ossimc ! iernmn aeronautical document,,. I (or the rtcn(cncil to hcn , P fllint sounds. It Is a hearing device so \ small that It fits in the hand and enables thousands to enjoy sermons, music and friendly companionship. Accepted by the American Medical Association's Council on Physical Therapy. This device docs not require separate battery pack, battery wire, case or garment to bulge or weigh you down. Tile tone Is clear and powerful. So made j that you can adjust it yourself to , norning when an oil heater got out I suit your hearing as your hearing of control. No damage resulted. j changes. The makers of Beitonc, ' Dept. 22, 1450 West 10th St., Chl- Diifs Doclfrc Taxes j cago 8. III., arc so proud ol their INDIANAPOLIS lUP) — Indian- achievement that they will gladly apolls city officials pressed for send free descriptive' booklet nnd 1 stricter enforcement of Ibe city's license tax when a survey show- housands of documents remain to '. translated and microfilmed. The division sends information interested persons In the form of microfilmed documents. Bremen Make Run Firemen answered a call to the residence 01 R. O. Dodson, Negro, at 101 West Malhls, early this ed that fewer than 10 per cent nf explain how you demonstration of hearing device In may this your get a full ' remarkable own home estimated clog population of 25,- without risking a penny. Write Bel- 000 had licenses in 1947. tone today. Army Tents 16 x 16 $22.50 East End Shoe Repair 112 South Lilly BRAND NEW PONTIAC ENGINES * FACTORY BUILT (Nor Rebuilt Motors) 8 Cylinder Engine $247.00 6 Cylinder Engine $219.00 Smith Ponliac Co, 126 South Lilly St. Phon« 4371 COME IN AND SEE THE NEW AND REVOLUTIONARY GROUND GRIP TIRE OUT CLEANS OUT PULLS OUT LASTS Any Other Tractor Tire Ever Built Hundreds of field tests lirovc the new Fircstoni Champion Ground Grip Tractor Tire cleans up to lOOVo more effectively, pulls up to 62% more, lasts up to 91 To longer and gives a smoother ride than any other tractor tire. No broken center tire can duplicate this performance! Thc_grcatest advancement in power farming since Firestone put the farm on rubber! Grip TV* PfrutoiM dwnpioB Gvovnd tnetar tin, «ngir>Mr>J »od for m»Tt»n««i «ffi«imrj and lot OB •>! •vrfMM, wiging from concrete to »oft imid. Tb-e t*M tire DELICIOUS WAFFLES Ar« Always in Season! TRY THEM AT THE Nickel Stand Mm. Jack Saliba 103 Went Main Str«l PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug StoreS FOR ELECTRIC WORK *Call 2397* —FOB— • Bob Poweil • T. W. 'Hop' Nell We specialize in house wiring, farm wiring, motor repair and appliance installation. BOB'S Electric 500 N. Fifth St. Blytheville, Ark. City Radio •Service- Dial 2407 Far Expert Repaln S24 Eut Mala 8t Felix A. Carney FOR SALE a Concrete Building Blocks Aquella Water Proofing Paint 12-48 inch CONCRETE CULVERTS plain or reinforced Osceola Tile and CULVERT CO. We Deliver Phone 691 Porto Rico KILN DRIED SWEET POTATOES Delivered to Your Door Phones J(>77—2986 Buck Meharg Produce 401 E. Main SI Buy Now Pay Next Fall !/2 Down—Bal. Oct. 1 HUBBARD Furniture Co. Guaranteed RADIO REPAIR by Expert Call 811 Brooks Music Store 107 E. Main Concrete Tile Sewer Tile Sizes 4, 6 and g Inch Culvert Tile Sizes 10, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 30 and 36 Inch A. H. 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