The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 26, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 26, 1947
Page 12
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PAGE TJiVJBLVE (AUK.) COUKIlitt NKWS TUKSIMY, AUGUST 2(5, IIM7 Wages in U.S. Double Total Back in 1940 . WASHINGTON, Aug; '26. (UP) — Americans earned more money last year than ever in history. The Commerce Department 1 reported that Americans earned an average of $1.200 each—more than double the 1940 average of $575. The department said the total income received in 1946 by individuals was more than $169.000.<MO,000. That was nbout one-tenth higher than the record high of $155,000,000,000 in 1945. Other indications of the nation's prosperity were given in reports by Chairman Maple T. Harl of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. and Harold Lee, governor of the Federal Home Bank System. Harl reported that bank deposits of both individuals and corporations rose "substantially" last year. Lee said that savings and loan associations have paid back 97 per cent of (he money the government invested during the depression to •encourage home construction and purchase. The Commerce Department's report showed that i>cr capita income exceeded wartime highs ini every state except Mississippi and Florida. It fell ofl two per cent in those states between 1D45 and 1040. Delaware was at the head of the list with per capita income of $1.703. Mississippi was at the bottom with ' S555. Flunner-up spot went to New York with 51.G33. The largest percentage increases Rescued from Hungarian Police Sieve Tliurniuisky, naturalized American \vl\o wus rescued from llmi;;armu Secret, Police, arrived in New York aboard Hie SS Marine Jumper. lie uml liis wife, will] Uieir {Uut'litcrs Margaret, lell, anil Mary, arc on their way to Ills home in Columbus, Ohio. .iN'EA Tclcplioto). Architects, Engineers To Draft Stadium Plans LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Aue- 26. farm income. The department said (UPi—Plans for the Sl.OOO.OOU Ar- the "most | striking feature" of the 1916 figures was the concentration of low- Income states In the Soulh. All IS were recorded in agricultural states southern states were amotig the 1C because of the shnrp expansion of states with Ihe lowest average. inullnucwiis with an aimouncrim-nl L>y the Hot Springs Stadium Cmn- mittec tluil it lias discontinues it:, li-i;al iillcinpl to prevent tlie con- si ruction of the stadium in Little- Rock. Win 1 Memorial Stadium were underway today, tallowing the miin- liiK of architects and engineers !>y the commission meeting here Saturday. The linn of Burs ana Anciersun of Ijlltle Hock was named as archi-j "—• toots ami the Oslrorn EiiBlnccrin B) papa K o Indians, tisln s lon K J<olc; Company of Cleveland was selected] harvcsl tons of fruit, annually from as consulting cncjlnccrs. MIC buckling saguro cactus in -An- Thc commission's action was si-! zona. ,1^T 'A *&/ © by [triobtili Scifcil. Olitt.bultJ \t t NEA SERVICE. IMC TIIK STOIlVl Pup McA», ko.- V'l»! Cklff of SlnK. ckiifr* „( ,he Innrllvllr forced on him l.r n |>nr- liHllr pnirilyrfnir wlrolce. lie lell. l>r, ftlnlcfllm (ariin. toil i>h»ccf • •remit nnd Atiling Chief, ihnl W»udivni(t, the n«-*T slnfl Uoclur, !• 4ue to nrrlv« ftonn. Dr. Mnrtln <;lrnn. Malcolm*, brother. In In hxre- nidi Su.nn. .MnlcoliiT. ofru-e liwr.e. Nnney 1. Mnlcnlni'M ivlfe. 1'rtr mid Jerrj- are kin MIIIIH. An- 4rr*r Woodirnrd nrrlvi-n im n Suit- rf»r. loi'kp* over the nunpllnl \vllh- o«t . mnklnc him.ell known to • WT-nHe. Xpxl diiy, he men. the • luff. U'keii .M!K» Ilitpiicrl, hr.itl Mvrtic, HboiTH him nroumt. .he Im- fHr* hr may lie In line lor Dr. MrAWn Jnli. \Voodirtiril thnnkx her ; f*r Ibe Up. * VIII 1YTISS HUPPERT 1 •*• knocked sottly before which they smiled. She on the door had stopped, turned the knob and went in, Dr. Woodward at her shoulder. Pop sat in his huge wheel chair in the bay, a book-lillerc' 1 table at his left hand, a radio at his right He snapped the latter off at sight of his callers. "Dr. McAn," said Miss Huppcrl quickly, "this'is the new Pediatric Chief, Dr. Woodward." Andrew strode forward; his hand shot out. Forceful personality blazed from the man. "How .arc you, sir? Jelieve me, it is an hohor to meet Dr. Angus McAn." .Pop peereu at him from beneath - his shaggy eyebrows. "It is, eh? Stand over here in the window ." where I can look at you. And you may as well wipe the smile off your face—I'm too old to bother with charm." Almost hurriedly, Andrew stepped into the window embrasure; his bright cheeks had paled several shades, his blue eyes V»ked hard. "Set a chair for him. Miss Huppert," Pop directed, "and leave . us alone for ten minutes. I want to ; talk with the man who means to lake over my work." Pop fired questions nt him so hick and fast that Andrew felt ike a Medic at his orals. A good .liing he knew his field. A pretender would Klaiul short shrift with this mound of flesh. When the ten minutes was up, ind Miss lluppcrt returned, I'op was advising the new surgeon to 'Hot along with Ihe University I'sychology dcparlment. They do some amazing things with our con- .•alcscont surgical;,." Andrew stood up. "I'll try to work well with everyone, sir. I'll appreciate n chance lo talk things over with you." Pop grunlctl. "Any time. Miss iluppert, show Ur. Woodward the Plant, then let him gel to work. 1 think he's able— or able enough." Out in the hall, Andrew raised a questioning eyebrow to the Sune. "Was that good'.'" he asked. She laughed. "Fine, coming from Pop. Me never did have muel tact. Now he hasn't any." 'T^HEY explored every corner of the big hospital, Miss Huppcrl instructing the new Staff as to custom and routine; she made him ~augh aloud at her comments on the Nursing School and Ihe girls who came under her jurisdiction for six months of their training. "I get them so completely under my thumb that when they graduate and come here to work, they still feel like trainers around me." "You don't look like a tyrant," Dr. Woodward assured her. She bridled. "I have most of the Staff fooled," she assured him. His delightful grin was wide. "Most of it," he repeated. Then he said in a rallying tone, "Speaking of nurses. Miss Huppcrl, you didn't give me any prize package." She looked at him. "Miss Dyson's a good girl," she said carefully. "Oh, good, no doubt. Strong as a horse. And just as attractive." Miss lluppcrt KnuKhcd. "i'ou ar« not supposed lo find your must attractive. " "Don't worry. 1 won't. Now- yon treat Dr. Glenn much Ijcllcr." You mean Dr. Malcolm? Yes, Susan is as prctly a Riri as the Staff can boast, but she's a good nurse, too." "Then why can't I have her?" Miss Huppcrt laughed again. 'Not a chance. She's strictly Malcolm Glenn's property. You ivouldn't be the first to try to get her away from him, and fail. I don't believe one thinks the other caukt function ,-ilone." "Could they?" "Malcolm could. I was his per- ional nurse, until I w;is made Supc. Then lie look on Miss Perry. At Hie lime, he said he couldn't ivork without me." i "I imagine you still are a grcal nclp t to him." "Well. I try to keep Ihe place running smoothly, lie's a very busy man — " They bad come again to Ihe main corridor. Andrew smiled at Miss lluppcrt. "You've been very kind," he thanked her. "And I shall count on your helping me." She looked up at him. "In just what way. Doctor?" His smile was gay. "Oh, you know— put me wise lo all the little, hidden things a Staff dnclor needs to know, sincl which might elude me while I'm strange here. Helri keep me out of hot water." "I think you're smart enough to keep yourself out," she assured him. "But I'll enjoy a gossip with you. now and then." He laughed, low in liis throat. "Good girl!" he said approvingly. As she turned away, his hand resoundingly whacked her well rounded hip. Mi ss Iluppert squealed, jumped a liltle, looked back at the smiling Staff with excited blue eyes, lie nodded, opened his office door,, and went in. But wilh the door handle stilt in his fingers, he slopped shorli his eyes befogged with thought. liis nurse looked up, and Andrew winced. "I'm going to Dr. Malcolm's office," he said quickly, and backed out. He'd Rn speak to Hie Acting Chief about this nurse business. "Why don't you bo nicer to that boy next door when ho visits you? I think you've offended him acting so natural:" FRECKLES & HIS FRIENDS By MEUU1LL BLOS3EH Nice Carload Free Delivery Call PACKARD'S GROCERY I'honc 2043 HIM Chickasuwlm If It's INSURANCE dial 2311 For Complete Protection • Accident & Health • Hospitalization • Fire • Automobile • Liability • Burglary • Plate Glass • Tornado • Surety Rontls • Aviation DITCH A MAM LIKF YOU FOR.TKAT-- - -7MAT NEIGMBOR- Hooo CHILD? BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NQRTH TE^TH Phone 3151 *••••••••••••€••••••••••••••• •••••)••••*•••••••« GATEWOOD GROCERY Phone 975 Ark.-Mo. State Line on the left at the Arch M PL 7 Crown 1.35 Culvert 1.35 Schenlcy 1.35 Three Feathers 1.35 Hill & Hill 1.40 Old Taylor Four Roses rt 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.75 4.35 2.85 Hh , ^.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.40 6.90 4.50 5% Beer per Case $2.88 GAS ' rc 9 17-5c; Ethyl 19.5: All Brands Cigarets, ctn. $1.35 STUDEBAKERS S CHAMBL1N SALES CO. 5 D E B A K E R Sales—Slwlehukcr—Service IK'iuUjtiarters. Cor (iiiiir:inlct>(l New ami llsuil Cars and Trucks 1S17 New Int. 1 >/. Inn Sluirl Wheel Base 1917 N'nw Ford |ii ton Liinu Wheel Busr. 1U-17 New International I !j ton I-Q.II& Wheel ISn lillfi Doilse y. ton 1'ichnp 11KC Chevrolet 5^ ton I'k-kup l!IS<i CMC •/• ton Pickup 1!)11 Chevrolet : r, (on 1D-J1 'Chevrolet V. toil I'iclitlp 1!IIO International 1 ton inn New Ford "8" Coupe 1812 N:tsli.2-l»oor 1941 I'l.vmoulh 2-lloor 1(111 Sludchaker -l-Door 10.1!) IJcSoto l-I)oor Suilan D E B A K E R STUDEBA.KERS WASH TUBES Something Cooking BY LESIJB TURNE* Our Boarding House with Maj. Hopple GAO.S1R.' AG A\P\NOR OFTW15 BUSTUUG\( LLA,GE,VJHKT WOULD N'OU SfW IF T- •"?• A BIT OP CAPITW- W /\ I OOO- OOM. HOTEL. AT NELLOVJ LIXWE ? -w- 'ROPERTM OUT TrtERE, 8V 1UE WA' ^Wr^"»*V *»«W« ~ * T TR05T THIS OLD / THERE HE WAS — K\5 SPREAD OUT LIKE HE WAS TO FLVi AN' HIS FEET ON 'CHWE UKE THIS I THOUGHT EUER BOCV HND GONE CftROL...AW WHEN IMTO MR. WcKEES OFFIi A TERRIBLE SHOC1< AN' WHgN H6 SAW HE THERE WAS f POOR 5UCH A STARTIEP LOOK COWE OyER.1 OADOV V\^ F^CE THftT I RAN OUT f\N HID IN TH 1 BUSHES! Insurance Agency 108 N. 2nrl Clmrlc* O, niUnerW. M. (mill WLIaon COME O^- SHERIFF/ \ RED RfDER ,S£E.O-0,-\ \ OUR HELP.' J REP RYC£R,HE THROUGH ^n= (To Be Contlmicd) By J. R. Williams GET BACk OUT IMTO \ [ SHE'? TEVIM' TO CORE THOSE HILLS IF VOO'KE V ' EM or WANT IN'TO RIDING FEMCE FOR Ml-'.' ) BE COV\JBOY&-- A SO THIS IS WHAT VOU \ COWBOY IXWJT COME PO-- H-\M& AROI IMP THE \ IM TILL HE NEFDS TATIOM WHERE \ A HA\KCUT--THEV A LO'I OF FEOrLE \ COME IM \VHEM . CAM ADMIRE fv THEY NiiEP A \ YOU-- / ( PRIMK O' ' V — HERE. AIL RIGHT.' -<-^ TrtWD PERVTN IP IT A 6TEAW d08 N\N T DISCOVERED A 6006VXT IT MIN5E SERR AGO FEC A GOMS/ By V. T. HAMUN / MOW JUST LET THAT E,\& POPE TRY 7O OET N I Hfe HAMD& C3MTHIS BOOM:.' \VM6U I SAID HE J \ WA?. THROUGH RE.\D1M& RO5IU6CM ^\ AFTEKCXXJLA 6OT A LOC« AT a">P'5 MIMP PROJECTED ON THAT SCREEN SHE TOOK THE KX!< AW.V> RY MICHAEL O'MAl.l.EY and RALPH T.ANE FUKI) HARM AN ,_ dctectf« watching the Brief's front door looked lonely in the eafly morning. ~~~~ ^ BOm-8 ANP HSR BUDDIES 0c IS fll GO ON OP ANWAY. SUPPOSING YOU WAIT TOR Mt, /AAGU1RE, THE LAW.' GO IN AND WATCH HER. I'LL HANDLE THEM SUES TRUSSED UP \ LIKE A THANKSGIVING I TURKEY. YCXJ'Rf SURE < YOU CAN KEEPTHEA\ rROH SEARCHING NOW: WELL, IT'S RINTf JUST IK TIME FOR BREAKFAST, " V VICTOR ' OOM'T VOCRRVf-O t TO D»O WO SEE A ROW GET OUT OF TOUT YEuowcrxvcffr-^ SORRY, IBU WTIIAST N16HT/R.WT,)TWASN'T BIONPSI HAD Mf fYKOWM FO* THIS TIME. YOO- HOO 1 . '• 're^^v- *VV f • ^t-i

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