The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 2, 1948 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 2, 1948
Page 9
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MONDAY, FEBRUARY J, 1948 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams BIYTHBVILLK (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Our Boarding House with Moi. Hooole PAGB NIN» NO, NO.' VOL) RE CUTTIN' ME IN TWO' WH6M -«U PULL IT "- WAY, IT TIGHTENS THE OTHER WAY.' VvfON'T LET GO CLUCK->*5- THEM'S SPRING STEEL.' I'VE A NOTION TO SET VOU THINK POP COULD HANDLE THAT FOOL TIP WITH OKie BOT6OAH6AD GOV 8& OMLV A RABBIT FATHER IS DOT THERE f*V:iMG TO AND FRO LIKE AM AWGR.V PO IF H& ACC06T6 THE OLD WAN OM THE WAY lei, FATHER MfW HAME A STROKE.' "~J OUT IN PROMT. 'i'\ SO OTHER KIPS , Tvotees.' I'LL DOM A A, TRUCK- FUL OF OLD Production Loss Blamed For Huge Cotton Demands NEW YORK, Feb. 2. fUPJ— The continued demand for cotton goods since V-J Day has been caused by th e enormous diversion of production in the war years to military and other essential needs, g survey by the Cotton-Textile Institute revealed today. The loss of cotton goods during that period amounted to 13.728,000,000 linear yards and Hie si!t>- Mquent heavy demand, arcorc' »g to the survey, Is the most sur|i. j,- ing development in the business situation since hostilities ceased. It Is now clear that the forecasters, both government and private, seriously underestimated the demand for all goods, but In no area, did estimates prove to be as erroneous as in cotton textiles, the Institute's report declared. The study points out that in 1942. when cotton textile produc- S n reached an all-time high of 108,300.000 linear yards, only 51 cent of this amount was available for domestic civilian use. In 1943. the report ndcled, only THRILLING! What a thrill once your ball «rots jplnnlne down the alley and maken a «trlXe! Make It a family affair! BOWL TONIGHTf Chitwood's Bowling Alley* East Main Street Phone 4929 OFFICE mrse By Adelaide Humphries . siivict. me. .S't'OUVt ldc llll.rjr. illrtr «o . poiiufnr a »>*•'ar i:rle Hi>ll,r,,,,k, run. kl. <,«, , '«' him. KlJrrn Millar, »iir ol nrlr.. kn. !,„„ urllr,* l of Jnl . Sh.- hii ,,fr ,l,,rl,, roiindr. In Jnnli-r ihnl her *i>- c««il niiKUanil. whom urilrrrd fin* of iSr hAu«*. hn» nrtanllr FJirrlrd nut hi, frl K hlrnlnK lhrr.1 I« ifldnup fhrlr Hill* irlrl. felrfnii -in.r. Sh,- I. n ,,,,lu 10 ".Mil, Ihr l»ill.-». Jnnli'r think. o« l!r» Ari-ht-r. llr ivlll br »!,]< In h«-lw, If Iliiviinr I'lin. shr Iflrnhimr* lilm , """'"» »' "'"r "Illl lif niisry •illli hi-r fur hr.-.-iLInc IKrlr In.l d«l« without ulrlnic nii7 rrn/ii>n. XIII he heard Janke's voice over the phone. Ben thought, She's calling up to sec if I'm sore, to see why I haven't come around since she stood me up and gol her kid sister to do a stand-in on our date. Yet he knew lhal lhal was only wishful thinking on his part. He knew Jan better than that. She must hnve a much better reason for calling him, especially at his 'ob. She had. Only atter she had "hushed telling him that a friend, i girl who worked in her office, vns in trouble and that she /anted Ben to meet them in a lea- oom on Tliicd Avenue, did she ay, f "Yolfre not mad with me, .re you. Bengy?" "I'm not glnd," he retorted. "I'M try to explain—" *h» began. Which he cut short with, "Why bother? Isn't it a bit lale?" "I hope it isn't," she answered "Hurry over. Bengy, there's t dear. This is really important." It turner! oui to be. Den iras a softie when it came to kids, anc added lo that, any man would have felt a tug at his heartstrings seeing how that poor young mother looked. She had 3 bealer: look, as though she dared not hope for hope. He lold Mrs. Mi-Kiie that he 43 per cent of the output of mills went into normal domer'ic channels while only 39 ,)er cenl or 1944 production wns solii to civilians. The Right Place To Buy Your Car . . . EAST END AUTO SALES 503 East-Main Street Clean Used Cars— All Makes! Phone 4191 J. W. Lovclady Al I,arman Grover Frazier Clinic 514 Slain. Blvtherflle. Ark.. Phone 2911 SKURIIV Savings at work here are loaned to home owners and are backed by one of the soundest types of security known...first mortgages on selected residential property. J BLYTHEVILLE FEDERAL artingtA. <£ I2AW. ASH ST PHONE 3545 ouldn't promise anything, but hat he would do his best. "1 have i pal," Ben said. "He works on a icwspaper. He's really good. He las a faculty ot ferreting out odd mp.les. And 1 promise you, Mrs. cRae, he'll keep it mum." Eileen McIUle seemed to need no more convincing than Ben Archer's word /or it. You jtisl knew, ooking at him, that Ben played straight and square with everybody. "All riijlit," Eileen said. "Thank you." Hope had not come back nto her eyes, but she could hold up her chin. "Don't thank me," Ben said gravely, "yet."' "Ben will find Edna Mae if anyone can," Janice said. "It may ake time. Bui 1 knew you would ;now how to go about it." She hanked him, too, with her eyes. * • • KN thought. That's it—she doesn't know what she ran do :o a man by just looking at him like that. Of course, her not know- 'ng was what did it. But he would not lake her thanks, either, until >e hod earned them. He was just a shade pleased, though, and compensated, that Janice, as well as (hat plump little Irish gal, believed in him. "Keep your chin up," he told Eileen McRac, with his broad, confident grip, that would have put heart inlo the most desolate. "I'll get in touch with you just as soon as I can " They all walked to the subway entrance where Eileen would tunnel down to ::,n(ch an uptown express, then Ben walked Janice home. In front of Ine house, Janice said, "I'd ask you to come in, Ben, only I—" "Haven't time," he interrupted. "It'll take enough to run down Ed. lie's an elusive guy." "Thai's wlial I meant," Janlc* replied. "I'D gel l» loiu-li willi you us soon as there's anything to gel in touch about," Ben (old her, as In had Mrs. Mcllae. Junicc's eyes Ihankcd lilm again. She seemed to hcsilule a moment. Then she said, "I'm sorry, I3en, about (he oilier night. 11 was Dr. Holbiook's birthday." she explained. "He asked me, at the last minute, to have dinner with him. You see, Mis. llolbrook had just left (or France, niul well, 1 suppose he felt rather at loose ends." • • • TAN1CB had thought this was J a reasonable explanation; it sounded, however, like a lann exc-use. lien accepted il, however. He ?ave her his wide grin. "Skip it," he advised. "As I said, it'i 'water over ihe dam' now." "You didn'l mind, then?' "Why should I?" His grin broadened, but lie felt ralher woozy inside. So that was who it was—Ihe doctor she worked for, Ihe guy she was with day in, day out, even afler working hours, it appeared. And his wife was In Kiance. which made it all just dandy. Ben would have lilccd lo .ive Ihe doctor a punch in the jaw. "I'm glad you understand," Janice was saying. Her voice, so warm and vibrant, held relief. Her eyes lold him lhat she hod not wanted to hurt him, but that she could nol help herself. Jumping Jupiter! Ben was «ir- prised that thai had not come out in a groan, instead of just echoing inside him. She might as well hnve said. I cannot help it, Bengy, that I love someone else. I'm so sorry, truly 1 am. Bui there's nothing I can do about it. Her eyes said it for her. Janice had lhal kind of eye?, direi-l and honest. So Ben could not blann her, either, lie had no rishl lo, since he wns in the surne kind of sea-going vessel. He knew that when you loved someone you could not help yourself. You had (o sit tight even if the V>o;il went down. "1 understand," he said. (Tn B* Continued) TRY NU-WA'S DOUBLE SERVICE • LAUNDRY • DRY CLEANING ALL IN ONE CALL! Devote more hours to Junior and Sis during their formative years. Send both your laundry and dry cleaning to Nu-\Va where you sret swift, efficient service! Dial 4474-4475 FLOWERS BODY SHOP New Location 118 So. Lilly St • ALL NEW EQUIPMENT • GUARANTEED WORK • ANY MODEL CAR or TRUCK All Jobs Reslorcd to Kactory-T.ike Condition No Wreck a Total Loss! Cur Work Must Satisfy Our Customers! FREE ESTIMATES GIVEN WE WILL PICK UP AND DELIVER YOUR CAR Late Model Cars A Specialty WS INSTALL AUTO ACCESSORIES FRECKLES 4 HIS FRIKNDS By MERRJLl£l CAN LOOK AFre*. ITSELF! FOR THIRT-f f£ARS tv dt£M BOTH (JM- AMD FROM NOW OH , I'M r lEA,sr GONG TO . BE COMFORTABLE / JT/1 ^R?.^, E ^ Y,L«?, WHAT you _M« N T AMD Trw YCARS YOUMGERl M) - .' COMPARED To THAT H'G.THE IPOM MAIDEN WAS A LACE MORE ABMQg. PLATE FOR Pr , C .!, ty lle ? lth y community. Clem—It'll b. n long ra I'll need „ helicopter to get around to see all my patients!" pitiscn,i,A's roi The Hcst-l.niil By AL VBRMEER fbor Hazel! She nor/cs •d <?// day arxJ what far her' You know, tioney, j f hM we ought outwore often! know fy I try to be i good husbdnd. Who's Stupid Now! By MICHAEL O'MAI.LEY unrl RALPH LAN! 8t didn't take me long to ohcd my overcoat, climb the bacVi Wdli', and drop in on Van Der Hank and Dirk through art unlocked win dow. 15 THIS THE WAV YOU WflCOAlE A VISITOR? GET YOUR HAND! KIGIU.' I TAKE PLEASURE ... :I5, VAM OCR FtrtNK. IT WAG JUS1 FfW HOURS A5O 1HAT YOU C/UIED " STUPID. REMEMBCK 1 NOWIF VOUTWOWI1L Y" H OU> A PUT ON YOUR OVERCOATS / /yilNUlf.WV FRIIHD WOlENOMfONE, WS'tt I Ifr OS TAIK THIS P«OCEEO TO THE NEAREST V OVER, YOU ANPI. WASH TURHS By LESLIE TURNEH IF WE'RE NOr PREPARED-IRIS \ T HWCU'T WILL EHOMV EXPERIMENT OM \UCT Vmio WR.TU8SS (W GOING-10 THE 1AKEN 61EPS 10 SEE THM SHE WILL SLEEP FDR. 1-V HOUR-S. ^ WEN We kW5I HE «M>4 fOR. MtVTHlUa! SET NOUH MftSOU'6 TOOLS) HOLE IN THE CEllN5.J*rMlJW MEN EWER* MUSE COM. &IN .OW5 ASblSTAWT TOT.IECEUAK; T he Posse Closes In By FRED HARMAN JUSJ AFIER 7HE VUCHfSS Of LITTLE BEt(W frt£Re's A f»OSSE COWS)', AW ONE TIP OUTA YOD WOULD D r •ms is_Lim-r XHEL WAS stRAViso'cuT THS CAGE-' IOOK5 AVI RKsvvr/ ^/ LI-fT-.-T BEW£R /-NET UP WiTr| trtAT -— 1W$ RIGHT/ AN)D 'S OUR CMI6F-5USPEC" Nol Too Awful By V. T. HAMLIN BOOTS AND HBR RUDDIES Bv EDGAR MARTI!*

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