Casper Star-Tribune from Casper, Wyoming on June 26, 1977 · 31
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Casper Star-Tribune from Casper, Wyoming · 31

Casper, Wyoming
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 26, 1977
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Drilling report Wyoming wildcats and Important extension!. Development welli reported ai first reports and completions only. Wells listed by counties snd fields or areas. The following abbreviations are used: Sunday, June 26, 137? JOPH birrelaoUperhour DtA barreled! perdiy C6T CjJOPB 1 cubic ft, guperday DT 5 i Ughlly eU I, gu cut mud JW h"vyoll4ueutmud MOT BPWD binvli waterptrday OTD dry and abandoned OWDD drill mm uit OWWO Initial peUnUal Oowtd POP Initial potential pumped HURT moving In rstary (Mil WOC old total depth WOCT old weUdrilled deeper old wed work over pulonpump rigging up rotary teoli wilting on cement willing on completion tooli CAMPBELL COUNTY Completions Dol Resources 1-26 CUIes, ne nw 2M3nfi9w - TD SIM. IPF 144 BO, 606,000 efgpd, 2064 Ck,, from Muddy 8764-72 In Thunder Creek, Davis Oil 1 lone-Fed, se s 1 43n7Sw - TD S780, PB 0094, IPP 130 BO, 63,000 efgpd from Shannon 8614-21 In Hartseg Draw, Davis Oil tUWFed, n nw5-44n76w - TD B626, PB 8661, IPF 887 BO, 259,000 efgpd, from Shannon 6444-76 in Hartsog Draw, Woods Pet 14-1 ailberU Fed, ne nw M44n7Bw - TD S600, IPF 1148 BO, 380,000 efgpd from Shannon 8410-33 from HarUog Draw, Reading & Bates O&S 2 State, ne BW 38-44n-75w - TD S788, IPF 282 BO from Shannon 0688-97 In Hartsog Draw. Davis Oil 1 Kramer-Fed, ne ne31-46n-75w-TD 11,770, D&A wildcat, Shell Oil 12X-27R Unit, sw nw 27-48n-69w - TD 8634, D&A In Reel fid. Davis Oil 7 Fed, TD 6954, PB 6881. IPP 190 BO, 6 BW, 59,000 efgpd from Muddy 6791-97 In Qulnn fid. New locations Woods Pet 28-1 Blrdsong-Fed, ne se 28-42n-74w - 11,650 Frontier wildcat. Amoco Prod 1 Slnadln, sw se 31-43n-73w - 9350 Shannon wildcat. Davis Oil 4 Jacobs-G, nw sw 26- 44n-70w - 9450 Muddy test in Hillghtfld. Diamond Shamrock 13-18 Warren-Fee, nw sw 18-44n-74w 9500 Shannon test In Hartzog Draw. Michigan-Wisconsin Pipe Line 1-2 Fed, sw sw 2-44n-75w 9590 Shannon test in Hartzog Draw. Michigan Wisconsin Pipe Line 1-4 Fed, sw se 4-44n-75w 9740 Shannon test in Hartzog Draw. Davis Oil 1 WHG-Fed, ne sw 10-44n-75w - 9700 Shannon test in Hartzog. Cities Service Oil 1 Chrlstensen-D, nw se 32-45n-75w 9550 Shannon test in Hartzog Draw. Southland Royalty 1-33 John Christensen, nw sw 33-45n-75w 9470 Shannon test In Hartzog Draw. - Woods Pet 14-1 Christensen, nw se 14-45n-76w - 9600 Shannon test In Hartzog Draw. Diamond Shamrock 12-19 Lacoy-Fed, sw sw 19-47n-70w 10,000 Mlnnelusa test In Big Hand, M&T Inc 1-26 Gray, ne sw 26-50n-C9w - 8110 Mlnnelusa test InRozetfld, Davis Olll Sail le, sen w3-55n-72w - 6950 Skull Creek test In Pinnacles fid. Williams Expl 1 Robert Pavlovlch, sw se l4-50n-69w -5800 Mlnnelusa wildcat. Davis Oil 1 Relnauer-Stato, ne se 16-56n-75w - 8000 Skull Creek wildcat. Wildcats Buttes Resources 1-33 Brown, nw nw 33-43n-75w - At 9846, rng csg, Cities Service Oil 1 Fed-AU, nene22-40n-70w-Drlg 7915, Exxon 1 Barlow, nw ne30-48n-75w-Drlg 3188.. CARBON COUNTY Completions Davis Olll Ruttor-Fed, c se 3-10n-Blw - TD 9077, D&A wildcat, New locations Texas O&G 1 Fed-N, wMi se 27- 14n-89w - 2200 Steele wildcat, Michigan-Wisconsin Pipe Line 1-27 Creston-Nosa, 10,600 Steele tost In unnamed fid, Polumbus Co 26-1 Fed-Melton, nw sw 26-22n-86w -3050 Morrison test In Melton fid, CONVERSE COUNTY Completions Amoco Prod 1 Etchcmendy Unit, nw so 18 3,iiv67w - TD 6607, PB 6522, II'F 80 BO, 13 BWl'D from I'arkman 6414-43 (gross) In Well Draw fid, New locations 114 M oil Producers 2 Lowry-Skyllne, nw ne 20 Mn-OBw -7150 Teapot test In Well Draw, H&M Oil Producers 2 Fed-Land Bunk, no sw 32-:iiln-6w -7150 Teapot test In Well Draw, Wildcats Null Coop lU'f Assoc 1 Corey et al, ne nw l -!Mn-74w Drlg 4651, Woods Pet 1 Hardy Ranch 2 Unit, se nw 28-38n-73w - Drlg 8600, CROOK COUNTY Completions Polumbus Corp Thompson, se ne 4-49n-68w TD 472, PB 468. IPP 1 BO, 6 BWPD,from Fall River 423 S In Tomcat Creek fid. New locations American Petroflna 1 Sehurleht, sw nw 3l-6ln-67w 6300 Mlnnelusa test In Prong Creek, Broneo O&Q; Terra Resources; Aquarius Resources; EMC Energies etal 2248 State, se nw luan-Mw-7400 Mlnnelusa test In Ammo fid, FREMONT COUNTY Wildcats Southern Union Prod 1 F, nw nw8-27n-85w Drlg 4200. GOSHEN COUNTY Wildcats Amoco Prod 1 Kenneth H. Yorges, nw sw 12-22n-64w - TD 8600, PB 8565. Preptofrac. Amoco Prod 1 H&T Ranch Co., sw ne 15-24n-64w - Drlg 7668. HOT SPRINGS COUNTY New locations Ashland OH U-123-14-P Unit, ne se 24-44n-98w 3260 Phosphorla test in Hamilton Dome fid. JOHNSON COUNTY New locations Beren Corp 2 Elm-Fed, se nw 22-43n-81w -" 7250 Tensleep wildcat. Phillips Pet 1 Jepson Draw ST-A, sw nw 16-44n-77w - 9950 Shannon test in Holler Draw fid. Wildcats Davis Oil 1 Texltgo-Fed G, nw ne 2-44n-77w - At 8652 tripping. Davis Oil 1 Table Mountain-Fed, se sw 35-45n-77w - TD 9820. IPP 183 BO, 40,000 efgpd from Shannon 9711-9. Shannon discovery, new field. LINCOLN COUNTY Completions Davis Oil 2 Black Jack Unit, nw se 10-22n-113w - TD 11,450. D&A wildcat. Wildcats Shell Oil 29-1 Govt., sw ne 29-20n-l20w - At 9595, prep to perf . Atlantic Richfield 1 Windy Gap Unit, sw se 28-23n-115w -Drlg 7619. NATRONA COUNTY Completions Davis Oil 1 R K -Fed, se se 9-43n-87w - TD 10,858. D&A In Wallace Crkfld. Richard A, Harnett 3 Grace-Fed, nw sw 6-39n-79w - TD 2000, PB 887. IPF 25,000 efgpd from Flshtooth 795-820 In Salt Creek fid. , Wildcats American Quasar Pet 20-1A VI Sheep Co,, nw ne 20-40n-77w -Drlg 10,265. NIOBRARA COUNTY Completions Marathon Oil 12 Converse Sheep, se sw 32-36n-05w - TD 5535. IPP 204 BO, 4,733 BW, 133,000 efgpd from Leo 4836-5394 (gross) In Lance Creek, William C. Klrkwood 21-34 Fed, ne nw 34-36n-06w - TD 9440, D&A wildcat, PARK COUNTY Completions . Marathon Oil 8 Sonncrs AC 2, nwne8-Bln-100w-TD3819, PB 3705, IPP 91 BO, 6 BW, 120,000 efgpd from Embar 3400-78. IPF 453 BO, 111 BW, 27,000 efgpd from Tensleep 3647-3736. Dual completion In Oregon Basin, Continental Oil 140 Unit, nese 23-58n-88w - TD 3407, PB 3368, IPP 30 BO, 800 BWPD, from Tensleep 3130 318 (gross) In Frannle fid, Wildcats Husky Oil 6-69 Walllker etal, nwnw34-5,1n-101w-Drlg 6557, SUBLETTE COUNTY Completions William C, Klrkwood 11-2 Fed, nw nw 2-30ivii3w - TD 5800, D&A wildcat, New locations flclco Pet 98-4 Saddle Ridge Unit, nw nw 4-27n-ll3w - 2150 Almytest In No La Barge fid, Belco Pet 21-13 Unit, sw aw 13-30U-H3W - 3800 Almy test In Ruben fid, WUdcata Davis Oil 1 Lumen Road Unit, nw sw 2127n108w - Drlg 10,482. Davis Olll Ferry Island Unit, esw2B48n-109w Drlg 8608, SWEETWATER COUNTY Completions Champlin Fet 12D Unit, senw lMQlriOlw - TD 11,730. D&A In Brady fid. Reserve-MeFarland 1-18 Amoee-Champlln, n1 its 19-20n 89W TD 3620. D&A In West Desert Springs fid, Davis Oil 1 Jackalope, e sw 2524n-88w - TD 10,285, D&A wildcat, Amoco Prod 74 Unit, sene3 26n-90w - TD 8310, PB 5265, IPP 184 BO, 288 BWPDfrom Tensleep 4746-5133 (gross) In Lout Soldier fid. New locations Champlin Pet 20N Unit, senw IMOn-lOlw - 12,000 Nugget test In Brady fid. Marathon Oil 1-23 Tlerney 11 Unit, c sw 23-19n-84w - 11,250 Mesaverde test In Tlerney fid. Amoco Prod l Champlin 438 Amoco-A, c se 5-22n-96w -12,955 Cretaceous test In Red Desert fid, Wildcats CIG Expl 1 Haystack Unit, se ne28-14n-96w-Drlg 12,994. Great Western Drlg 1-1 Polumbus-Fed, sw sw 1-I5n-104w-Drlg 5559. Amoco Prod 2 Salazar Unit, se nw ll-16n-95w RURT. Amoco Prod 1 Champlin 449 Amoco-A, ne se 31-16n-98w -Drlg 5520. Davis Oil 1 Quealy, c se 29-19n-104w- Drlg 4830. Amoco Prod 1 Champlin 441 Amoco-A,. c se 21-20n-95w Drlg 8006. Davis Oil 1 Dines Unit, nw se 7-20n-105w-Drlg 13,868. Amoco Prod 1 Champlin 359 Amoco-A, ne sw 9-20n-lllw TD 12,762. Ore mud. Amoco Prod 2 Unit, nw se 33-21n-lllw - TD 11,900. Prep to frac. Amoco Prod 1 Champlin 446 Amoco-A, ne sw l5-22n-90w Drlg 1665. Amoco Prod 1 Champlin 448 Amoco-A, sw nw 13-22n-95w Drlg 10,641. Davis Oil 1 Big Wind Unit, c se3-22n-106w-Drlg 9644. Husky Oil 10-17 Fed, nwsel7-22n-107w-Drlg 6670. Michigan Wisconsin Pipe Line Co 1-4 Lost Creek, c se 4-23n-94w-Drlg 12,702. TETON COUNTY Wildcats Rainbow Resources 1-35 Fed, sw se 35-39n-114w - TD 16,711, T tst, 500,000 efgpd from Upper Frontier, Cln. out bridge to test Lower Frontier, UINTA COUNTY -Completions Amoco Prod 1 Champlin 370, 66 se ll-17n-U9w - TD 6000, D&A In Ryckman Creek fid, New locations Amoco Prod 1 Champlin 469, nw sw 15-12n-120w - 5500 Cretaceous wildcat, Amoco Prod 1 Champlin 467, nw nw 25-13n-118w - 4800 Weber wildcat, Mountain Fuel Supply 8 Unit, se nw 8-18n-ll2w - 11,700 Mowry test In Bruff fid, , Mountain Fuol Supply 7 Unit, se nw 20-16n-112w - 11,920 Mowry test In Bruff fid, Wildcats Gulf Oil lWyuta Cattle Co, sw nel4-13n-120w-Drlg 2899, Gulf Oil 1 Blgfoot, se se 13-14n-120w- Drlg 6300, Chevron USA 1-6 Fed, se nw 8-15n-llBw- Drlg 8390, Amoco Prod 2 Amoco-Chevron-Gull Wl Unit, ne se 18-17n-119w - At 228, prep to run csg, Reserve O&Q 1-36 Mohawk State, nw ne 30-l7n-ll9w - Drlg Amoco Prod 1 Champlin 407, sese 918n-l I6w- Drlg 3078. WASHAKIE COUNTY Completions ' Jerry Chambers-Oil Producer 1 O'Conncll-Fcd, sw sw 25-48I1-92W - Tl) 10,578, Temp abnd In wildcat, New locations Altus Expl 19-2 Wlllwood-Govtnwnel9-47n-9lw-10,850 Phosphorla test In So Frlsby fid, WESTON COUNTY Completions Union Oil of Calif, 3-Dl Gulf-Fed, nw nw i-45n-68w - TD 7842, PI1 7545. IPP 26 BO. 11 PrudhoeBsy CO Stau rn ; L t l U C A N A DAA fA '. WL....L 1t J-Omihr-vt JS-JJ ........ - SJntlCCn A , AUAntlW f V " i I 1 1 r a , , - ---J -v T:--" r V V Star-Tribune. Casper, Wyo.-31 Teton test eyed JACKSON - A leal of the I'pper Frontier formation by the lone Teton Countv wildcat yield 300.0(10 cu. ft. o'f gni per day. according to a spokesman for Rainbow Rciources, 1 Rainbow's S3 million. wildcat has been testing for more than a month The spokesman smd drillers are preparing to clean out the bridge and lest the potential of the Lower Frontier formation hit by Rainbow Resources 1-35 Fed. OIL flILD RINTALI lei) tendinis Travel Trailer! Olllte lleeeina Quartan lit Per mare Inlermetlem WESTERN RVS Ph. 2)4-1 It-30)8 CY PACIFIC OCEAN Sin Francisco BUSINESS MEN I Q Alcan Plpallni Project Ck Arctic Gas Ploillm Prolact 0 El Paao LNQ Projicl SjXj V,E UC would be liquefied and carried In tankers to southern California. The Arctic THE DECISION on how gas should be moved from Alaska's North Slope Is up to President Carter and Congress. There are three choices. One, from a group of firms Umha) Kit Alnnn DlnallnA motr hflVA tho Inside track. The El Paso project would to Alberta, thence to the American mid' move gas to southern Alaska, where It project cans for a pipeline 10 run mrouun the Arctic National Wildlife Range and the Yukon Territory's McKenzle Valley down to Alt west. Carbon dioxide gas in demand WALDEN, Colo. - You can't burn it in your kitchen range. For many years it was simply a nuisance in Continental Oil's McCallum Field In North Park, Colo. , just south of the Wyoming border. But Conoco has developed an expanding market for the once despised carbon dioxide gas, which is so plentiful in the high altitude field discovered in 1926. Oil and gas wells often yield small amounts of C02, but In the McCallum field the gas volume runs around 10 million cubic feet dally, 92 to 93 per cent carbon dioxide, according to Petroleum Information. Several years ago Conoco built a pilot plant to liquefy the carbon dioxide gas in North Park. Some of it was trucked to the Sussex and Meadow Creek fields north of Salt Creek for experimental injection In low pressure wells, to boost output. The liquefaction plant near the town of Walden was enlarged two years ago to turn out 50 tons of liquefied carbon dioxide dally, Conoco has estimated It has more than 100 billion cubic feet of the gas in reserves in the field. Daily . production runs 10 million cubic feet of C02 along with 350' barrels of oil and condensate. A ton of liquefied gas Is processed from 17,200 cubic feet of C02 at 250 psi at a temperature of minus 10 degrees. Other companies like Amoco Production, Fuelco, Atlantic Richfield and Shell Oil have found they can transport the liquefied C02 to oil and gas wells which need "stimulation." Thus there's a growing market for the product in the Rocky Mountain region. You can buy the stuff for $30 a ton, liquefied, at the Walden facility, or get It delivered for $50 a ton within a 100-mile radius. Every additional 100 miles costs another f 10 a ton. Conoco reports sales ranging from 300 to 600 tons monthly, and anticipates sales ranging to 700 and 800 tons a month this summer. It has three 23-ton tanker truck transports for delivery. About 160 tons of the liquid can be stored In the Walden plant. Most of the carbon dioxide from the field has been used In the southern Wyoming-northern Colorado area. Amoco Production Is a regular user of carbon dioxide for treating gas wells in the Wamsutter-Rock Springs area. Fuelco and others have used it for treating gas wells on Colorado s western slope. It has been trucked as far as the Havre area in northern Montana gnd-Hhe San Juan BaW-ilfnorthwestern New Mexico. Others are looking at carbon dioxide gas with renewed Interest. ARCO Is evaluating a carbon dioxide drilling program on the Sheep Mountain Unit In southeastern Colorado's Huerfano County, Shell Is conducting a C02 program in the McElmo Dome area of Montezuma County, Colo. And Amoco has drilled a number of carbon dioxide gas wells In northeastern New Mexico. The output will be used for enhanced recovery projects In West Texas oil fields, PI sald.Thus a gas once considered useless and something of a nuisance. has found a role to play In helping to overcome the energy shortfall, TIXACO PRODUCTS ANY QUANTITY . ANY TIMI Phone 266-2505 WE DELIVER HEDGES OIL CO. Operated by T. E. 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"It's a long shot," reports Paul Jones, public relations officer for YVestlnghouse Electric Corp., of which WMC Is a subsidiary. "There are no uranium mines In Idaho." Jones said two exploratory holes 40 and 60 feet deep have been drilled west of Halley -partly to test the geochemistry and partly to test a type of portable drill, "We are trying to determine whether there Is any reason for us to embark on an exploration program," Jones said. There are three persons at the site, He reported preliminary Information Indicates the geology Is favorable for uranium and that the preliminary Investigation for favorable sites to explore for uranium In Idaho Is part of a BWPD from Muddy 7522-34 (gross) In Quest fid, Davis Oil 2-1 Bicentennial-Fed, sw se 20-40n-G(iw - TD 7705, PB 7705, IPF 808 BO, 4 BW. 440,000 efgpd, from Muddy 7083-703 (gross). Muddy extension of Quest fid, New locations Accidental Oil 21 Arnold Englo, sw sw 31-45n-8lw - 1500 Muddy test In Skull Crkfld. Union Oil of Calif l-UU State, nw sw 36-4(in-(iflw - 77;)8 Muddy teat In Quest fid, large-scale project to develop advanced technologies for Impel names drill chief DENVER - Jim F, MC-. Cormlck has been namod drilling superintendent for Impel Energy Corp, The announcement was made by Joseph P.D, Hull, president of Impel, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Great Western United Corp, McCormlck Is a graduate of the University of Wyoming whore ho received a degree In Petroleum Engineering In HKS0, Hull sold thut McCormlck will be responsible for the multi-well drilling program Impel will conduct Jointly with Coseka, The 15.2 million venture covering 154,500 acres In the Northern Ilockles was announced by the two companies laxt week, The drilling of seven exploratory wells ranging In depth from 4,500 to 12,000 feel covered by the joint vonlure with Coseka will begin next month. Wells ure projected for the Wllllslon, Big Horn and Wind Klver basins In North Dakota, Eastern Montana and Wyoming. The Initial well will be a 11,500 test In Fremont County Wyoming, McCormlck Is a Casper native, Ho and his wife live at 5400 Smith Clnrksnn, Denver, uranium extraction, He said WestlnghouBe supplies reactor systems for nuclear power plants and now wants to be able to supply uranium for fuol, He said WMC Is now perfecting a "solution mining" technique which uses Injections of a non-toxic leaching solution to pump uranium ore out of the ground In liquid form, Wostlnghouse built a production plant near Brunl, Tex,, where tho uranium In a 50 percont slurry solution Is processed and concentrated Into yellow cake, But the company Is not yet producing uranium for nuclear fuol In large enough quantities or marketing, Jones said the Investigation in Iduho is one of many that Westlnghouse Is conducting In search of uranium, He said uranium has been discovered In New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Utah and Wyoming, but not yet In Idaho, CnNCN decline ATLANTA (UPI) - Reported cases of syphlllls dropped during April for tho i:ith consecutive month, with almost 20 per cent fewer cases of tho disease reported nationwide than In April, 1V70, tho Center for Dlsesse Control said Friday. The CDC said there were 1,522 cases of primary and secondary syphilis reported In April, down 19.7 percent from the, previous April, For the flrsl four months of l77, there wero 1,540 fewer casos reported Ihnn In IH70, r FULLY HYDRAULIC HAND PALLET TRUCK Modal BTL-20O0 4SOO Lb Capacity 4 A. t. .. Tht ruggtd quality construction and functional dtilgn of BT Hand Palltt Trucki It known all ovr tht world. Ovtr 225,000 BT Trucki art currtntly In uit reducing coiti and simplifying work whortvtr goods art handltd on palltti or skids. CONTACT WYOMAC FOR DETAILS ON THE NEW BTL-2000 CASPER CHEYENNE 6TH I PAICl ST, ''OOJINOHJIIO. MOUNTAIN VIEW ADD, BEHIND POUT OF iNTBY 307-234 1527 307-434 1 561 ' A DIVISION Of WYOMING MACHINMY CO. V ) i

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