The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 26, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 26, 1947
Page 9
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TUESDAY, AUGUST 20, l'J-17 BLYTHE.VILL1! (ARK.) COURIER NEW8 NINB Decline Forecast In Home Prices Gradual Levelling Off in Costs Due After a Few Months BY HEX C.:IA\I;Y lUnitrd Press Sliiff C'nrr«s|»m<iriil) WASHINGTON. AUR. 2ii. (UP) — •Raymond M. J'oley, he:id ot Hie gov- cnmient'.s recently reorganized hmis- iiiK agency, pi'ediL-tixl today t.tiai llic price of houses will decline enul- ually cliirii]" (he noxl few monllis and will .stabilize at a lower level next year. Foley said in an imerv;e',v he originally thought the cost of homes would show a. more Kcucru) decline this year but, he added that Conni-t.s- tiional action in removing most controls on industrial tjuikllny probably BETTER HOMES (justuni Before marriage, >, ^-.-l j s w'cll puarded in Sicily and Calabria She is never seen in public will her finance and ;\ chapcrone is always present when the finnce calls 1 Wise Use of Scatter Rugs Hides Unattractive Floors Few tilings detract, more from* the appearance of a home Hum shabby floors. Conversely, low items do more to ndd elinrm and dignity lhan attractive floors oak or other hardwoods. They rcftiiirc only a few strategically placed mas to lend that air of elegance which has helped make IhDin the inilvcrsa! slandard for dwellings. The economy of this fcatiire.i incidentally, is something tlic budget minded lioine lakes into consideration. Even though llic center area be covered, as is usually Ihe ease. a. i well polished, glistening oak floor ser\'es as* a frame enclo-sini- the furnishings and displ.-.yintj them' lo the best advantage. ] Neatness and cleanliness of a : hojne bespeak the character of the home maker, and that applies to lloor maintenance as well as to I oilier pans of (he fortunate enough, to have hardsvood floors can keep them in li]) top shape with relatively little clfort, considering the big dividends received in satisfaction and home bcaulirication. Regular care, makes the task easier, but even long neglected floors can be re- tinned to their original luster. Neglected floors, cspcc:a'.iy if they have been discolored, may require removal o! old finish by sund- Building Permits ' I Totaling $41,300 Issued in Week Nine building permits for construction of clghl residences an;l _ one storage building to he bulll planner i a total estimated cost of $41,30') i were issued last week from the office of City Engineer Joe Carncv. Tlie perinUs \\erc issued to: A. K. I.estur, for a four and a half-room frame residence at 111 V . 1 West Kooscvclt; estimated cost S" - Some Landlords File Voluntary Decontrol Forms I'liiKllnrils whose housing accom- odatious a ro freed Irom renr" control by Die Housing iiiul Heiit Act ',,. "° '""nor are required lo (lie reports o[ decontrol wilh their nrea rent offices, the Office of the Housing Kxjicdiler announced today. This docs not apply to operators of hotels and tourist homes who must still file decontrol forms. The report form mny be filed by the landlord If | lc wlshc.s. but Uie filing will be purely voluntary, OUR .said. 'Hits and several other changes In the rent reisuhillons were made by amendment, effective today. following oiK'iallni; experience Slow-Growing Trees Started On Home Sites P.nnlhcs whleli !uive iiurehnscil building plots will i;nin vuhmljlir time by plnnnhiK and oai-ryluii out part ol the landscn,i)ing while waiting to l>;illd their dream home. Trees, shrubbery mid hedges can be .started before the contraclor 000. W. E. Young, for a live-room residence in the Weslgatc Addition; esllmalcd, $5.000. , Lcndcnnlc Fowler, for a six-room Ihosc i frame residence In tlic rear of W> good I Kast Missouri; estimated cost, 53,000. 1C U. David, for two brjcx veneer, five-room residences at 150U ami 1512 West .\<Viin; estimated under the new Housing and lienl KOI yea std hi:i ry. l lei work and Ihe months ami s llms Riilneil will afford con- rable satlslaction when tin: so Is finally ready for o^'ciipan- onc walls innII Act, of 11)11 whleh became effective on July 1. Types ol housing accomodallons for wlilch no report need be filed are mills whose construction or conversion was complelcd on or after February 1. ion d mills which were in existence bill not, rented ul. any time between February 1, 1U-IS. and January 31, 10-11. However, by cost ' slllll ' lc ""it* constructed with prlnr- '|i_lics asMsiance under the Veterans are nol holme Is ','H''<d before planllni! stow- viug fnili and shade trees. Hie e will have a prelly blue ap- ancc for u long time. The landscape* plan inuM. be cure- fully llKiiight out, however, and cure taken Dial its elemenls are nol placed too profusely or where th'oy will Inlcrfere with llic building workmen, or fK'come damaged during Ihe course of construction. Read Courier News Wi.nt Ads, Odd Bourfary .• •- • Uclcware has'a portion of a circle' for Its northern boundary. It is, drawn with a radius of-lZ.mlles, from Ihc center of the town ol. New Castle. •' •"." ' ' '" .'• Wm. FRASER Plumbing & Heating Co. Now Handling Commercial Refrigeration Walk In Coolers Meat Display Cases Limited Supply Qil Space Heaters • Reach In Boxes • Frozen Food Boxes SK.OfJO each. . - .— U. Simmons, for conversion of I Emcrisenry Housing I'rogram a garaBo Into, u four-room frame i <<<*°"lrol]ed. residence in the rear of a honso: M "".v landlords whose units are »l 9th and Walmif eslhnatcd I «™ontrnllcd liave Indicated 11 wish cos I. $1.000. James Kainbo, for a four-room ing or scraping. Application of new | box-type residence at 11110 West finish will then lind them like neiv. ] Sycamore; estimalcd cost. $1,000. Among the recently developed fin- | 1'loberl Weldman, for a five-room Techide conies form. Can be juit a jiffy. ^3^1 .ViHpe*. _>; Absolutely no meisl No nted to scrnpc ol shabby old vvnllpapcr. Tech'de watU may be quickly wnslied willi mild soap anU walei. IT'S WASHABLE! Dries In 1 Hour Here are four advantages of Pittsburgh's Tccliidc Wall Paint. .^ 1. Oac coat of Tcchide is usually sufficient — mny be applied right over walpapcr, dingy plaster, or basement walls, etc. 2. One gallon covers an average room. ' 3. Easy to apply and quick to dry. ! "~ 4. Washable — stays spotless with ordinary soap and v.-ntcr. Redecorate your rooms at small cost with Pittsburgh Tcchide. Made in 8 Colors ' -and White Paint RIGHT with COLOR DYNAMICS Pain? BEST with PITTSBURGH PAINTS ishes which have proven highly efficient are floor seals which pcn- elrale Ihe wood, becoming part of it rather than forming a separate coat on the surface. Stains which bring out Ihc lull natural beiiuly of the wood also are available in various shades. Specialists in floor maintenance. recommended daily .sweeping with an untreated dust mop and runniiig ' * - ......... - . — a weighted floor brush or electric . \ polisher over the floors occasion- . 1/fllVCfSlf V Enrollment ally. Cleaning and waxing several ' - lime.s a year then will keep the floors glistening. Many experts ud- frame residence at 411 East Missouri; estimated cost. $3.000. T. I. Seay, for a seven-room brick veneer residence In Ihe 1500 block on Chicka.sawba Avenue; estimated cost, $10.000. George Saliba. for a one-room concrete block and brick storage room at 103 West Main; estimated cost, $300. 213 WEST MA IN ST. PHONE 2OI5 i THIS is THE fatteo£yetvi TO IHS7A1LL '' LJNUKE awnings, Shts-o-wooil give year-round protection and service. Yet innny folks insist on vatting until spring to tnsUtll these triodcrn wm- <loiv hoods, pore!i canopies, and door hoods. So if you \iill let us know about you now, we give you mticli more prompt and service lhan if you wail unlit the hot weather. \Vc can help you select from among the. many graceful styles, interesting designs, and lively colors. \Vc can install SUts-o-wood on your home \vlicn YOU want ificm, rather than when xvc cati get around to it. And you will not have to wait for summer, by any means, to begin enjoying the beauty — and the many practical comforts — of Slats - o - wood.' Budget plan available. Please phone us today for consultation, or an estimate if you wish. You arc, of course, under no obligation to buy. vise the use o[ sprjciiil li([uUi flotn 1 ! i cleaners which contain a wax ' Soap and. water, they point out.' | may h^na the fitnsh. - i Work Ncars End | On New Manila Store Buildings Six new business buildings ar<? in the lasl stages of construction on Main Street in Manila,and tlieir occupants will move into, them by early next tr.onth. I-'ivo are being constructed by Ur. V. n. -Fcx and arc cf concrete with yellow brick fronts. When completed they will be occupied by : Riehard Jolliff's Grocery, Mrs. Lilly Daub's cafe. Southern Auto Supply, Mult Blackwood's pool hall nn da photographic studio. E. C. Piceman is adding a concrete and brick filling station to the block where he recently completed five new business houses. Two resiliences are Hearing completion in Manila. They will Ijc the homes of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Llen- ton and Mr. and Mrs. Billy l''cx. | Hanncgan to Surrender Democratic Party Post WASHINGTON, Aug. '26. (UP) — President. Truman and Robert. E. Hanncgan will meet within the next. '.'A hours to discuss a .successor for Hanncgan as chairman or the Ucin- , ocralic National Committee, il'was I learned today. j Presenl plans arc that Ihc mccliiii; j ! will not be announced. There is u good chance that a more or less final decision will ]>c made. There are two leading candidates —Gael Sullivan, vibrant, encrwctic executive director of the Democratic National Committee. :iml Clinton I'. Anderson, easy-going. politically wise secretary of agriculture. Hanncgan is understood to favor Sullivan, who also has support within tlic While House. Other adrnin- r islralion elements arc backing Anderson. ! Hannctian. who is due back from a Hawaiian vacation for llic hiyb- ly-siKiiificaiU meeting, is definitely j going to ([uit his post as l>cmo- i cralic chairman for reasons ol ! health. for '47 to Top 5,000; Session Begins Sept. 75 FAYKTTEVILLE, Ark.. .Mig. 2C.— , More llian 4,903 students have been , accepted for admission to the University of Arkansas at Faycttcvlllc for the opening of the Fall .scmcs- ! ter on Sept. 15, it was revealed to- I day by the registrar's office. j Present indications are that Hie I number of applicants admitted will | pass the 5,000 murk early in the j first week of September, it, was said! i In order to provide for iiie admission of qualified Arkansas residents and former students of the. Uni; vcrsily, it -was necessary to turn i down the applications from more | than 1.000 onl-of-slatc residents j who sought to enter Ihc Univcrsily. Lriryest coastal frcsh-walcr sound in the world is said to be in Al- bermarie Sound, N. C. lo file Itiu report of decontrol lurm for the |Hii|)oses of clearing tin- record. l-'or this reason Its use on a voluntary basis Is being continued. OHE explained. In Instances where the decontrol rcpoil Is on file at Ihc rent ollice, it will make easier the Government's Job ol handling tenant complainls nnil will obviate (.he- need for a special invcsllgalion in such ciiscs. There will, of course, be no vcnally for failure lo file, officials said, Architects Note Design Changes For Bathrooms Design ot bathrooms Is undergoing a change. Architects, builders and home equipment manufacturers .arc working out ideas to end Ihe'morning traffic jam that generally exists in the average home which Inis only one bathroom, fiyj making the room slightly larger, the tolllet. tub, shower and lavatory' can be partitioned off for privacy. I Some house plans now call for the | toilet to be set off by walls and I separate door from the room hold- j inj; ttib and lavatory. | More bathroom storage space, to utilize hitherto waslcd wnll | areas, likewise. Is included In the ' newer house plans. These refine- " ments do ncH add greatly to construction costs, but they eliminate one of the greatcsl annoyances experienced by the average American family. KILL JOHNSON GRASS Use ATLACIDE Chlorate WEED KILLER E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER COMPANY 319 W. Ash St. Phone 551 Trio Much Liltr Work Although jiccuslonuMl to CIXIT.Vinf: Irnnks ,and other liravy ar- licl(;s on his back, the luunal, or nor ter. will Mincn wlu-n asked to carry fi Mnsill bundle under his arm or in liis hand. AL'S PAINT AND WALLPAPEK STORE "Your Wallpaper Style Ceniet" 109 East Main St. Phone 469 A Good Driver?, Maybe llic other fellow li.ta more u'ilncss- cs. A few dollars premium can give you the protective coverage that pood drivera 'deserve. If you take no chances on the ,road—Like none wilh your savings!/ ,^-3;, NOBLE GILI; A.GE N C Y CIENCOE norm We're Always On the Run! CALL US NOW FOR WINTER NEEDS . . . AND PLAY SAFE If yon plan to have new plumbing installed . . • duii'l wail! Call 2731 now and Icl "i'KTK" «ivi: you an csliniiilo. Uy doing .so, you're insured fo gdling Ihe job done well al the right time. We use only the best in fixtures and materials. liASY FHA TERMS AVAILAULE ON ALL WORK "PETE" the Plumber 109 N. First Phone 2731 .vow ulcclriritl nrals) now and liuvc tliciu willi our cxpcriuiiccd woi'lunon. CoiinliuiL use ol' appliances in tliiw UDiisiiiil hoi t.luil c;iro slionld bu oxcremud ' lu insure con- liiniud Ki'rvkis. Cluirliu's KlccLric Sliop do Ihc » joli well! CHARLIE'S Electric Shop 116 N. First St. Phone 2993 He Rates High in Labor's Ranks- one of llic millions in hibor's ranks—who DO Ihc IhiMK-'i which nuikc il possilik- for so ninny Americans lo enjoy MII aliumhmi life. And jnsl DM this Labor Day is dedicated lo him, .so is he dedicated lo Ihc constant pro- duel ion of Ihe cars and appliances; furnishings and practical "j>mlj;cl.s" .which make for everyone's bctlcr living .,, .- ....for him ;i heller life. Blytheville Water Co. BERNARD ALLEN, "Water /« your Cheapest,

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