The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 26, 1947 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 26, 1947
Page 8
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BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, AUGUST 2C, 1947 Hartley Proposes New Labor Curbs Wont* Mora Teeth Put in Legislation By 80th Congress BV GtOEGE E. REEDY Jr. United Prrss SU(f Correspondent WASHINGTON, Aug.-28. (UP) — Choiiman Fred A. ..Hartley, Jr., of tho House Libav Committee said today on effort, tOf'ilrenglhtn the Tart-Hartley act "to give llie public real protection ^ugaliist, natlon«ltlp strjkes" m»y .be' irjade at the next session of .'• • '"The Taft-Hamey act was ncc- essjirlly a compromise and could not handle all .problems adequately." the New Jersey RspubHcan said In an! interview., "We definitely need something wjth teeth in it lo settle UiLs question of nationwide strikes." The'measure, as it finally liccnmo la'.y, contained a provision authorizing llie federal government lo se• cure 75-day court injunctions against nationwide strikes that ini- periL_j>tibllc . healtli .and safety. Hartley said this "does not KO far enough." * *AL the very best it only sUlls a al\liks off for TO days," he snid "True, there may b? some means ofexteiitiing the Injunctions for additional 75-day periods but even ithjs is doubtful." 'However, the major inadequacy cl the provision, ho said. Is that "it (Iocs not have enough tectli in it." Hartley said he would advocate the enactment ol the "monopolistic strike" section of the original Hartley bill. This measure, before it was modified by the Senate, would have classified a nationwide strike im- perilling public health and safety as a "monopolistic* practices strike." Unions engaging in such strikes would have been subject to three penalties. Stiff Penalties Proposed They could have been: (1) sued by the government under the antitrust laws; (2) sued by their employers for civil damages; and <3> taken off the list of accredited un- iops maintained by the National Labor Relations Board. ''Of course it will be extremely diTficult to get such a measure tly-ough Congress but I heiievc tlml an attempt will be made," Hartley said. "It is altogether likely that lift: pressure of events will force . suf.-h legislative action." Hartley also said he was studying the provisions ot-4he Taft-Hartley act lo determine - *irhether a strong- eij ban could, be" written" against mass picketing.' He said this prac- tii'e has caused widescale bitterness. "All over the country people are getting tired of being kept away from their work -by massed picket Urtes, usually staffed by oiitsic|?rs," he said. "They want something really strong done to stop it." ;Har(lcy cited the case of the strike at the Haddon Bait Co. in Dbwaginc and Clinton, Mich. Here, he .said, sx majority of workers Guatemala Honors Texan Arkansas Goodwill Party Arrives in Quebec City QUEBEC CITY, Quo., Ant;. 25. <Ul>> — This ancient capital was host lo 1C1 Arkansuus who arc lien 1 because (heir governor "likes lo get about nnd see what other people are doing." A special train parrying (ho "fiooilwlH" tourists pulled into Union Still Ion hpi'o yesterday. Hcrut- »'<! by Arkansas Oov. Ren I.aney, the Lrouj) int'lnt's a cra^s-secl'on of the strttc.'s population — business men, jn-oics.sional men ami plant- ns with liu'ir famUk'.s. They li'fl Utili" Hock nine days ago ami lire due buck next Friday. The Broil]) has visitor! Cincinnati, Washington, N(-\v York City and Boston. The parly will leave for' Montreal tonight, on the way hack to lh6 United Slates. Price Probers Schedule Hearing in Little Rock WASHINGTON, Aug. 28 (UPI — The first hearings of the Midwest subcommittee of the Joint congressional group Investigating prices will bi> held in Cleveland beginning Sel>t. 2:i, it was'announced lodny. Similar hearings will open In Unl- cago on Oct. 1; Minneapolis, Oct. 7; Kansas City, Mo.. Oct. 14; Dallas. Tex., Nov. !>; Little Rock. Ark., Nov. it), and Birmingham, Ala.. Nov. is. United Slates Ambassador to Guatemala, Kdwin J. Kyle, former Texas A. & Jif. dean.); .shows his most cherished present from President of Guatemala, .lunn Jose Arcycle, t< Ur. Joseph S. Werlin, prol'L'ssor of Sociology at Houston University. Ambassador Kyle at left, was ifivoti tlu> einl)lem "in recognition Tor his exeellent services". (NKA) Tele- plioto). CITY LOANS Repayable in Small Monthly Instruments Low Interest Rates Quick Service wimlrd to return In their jobs. 'Hut they liuve been iwvviiti'd Ijy linc.s of pickets reciuitctl largely from other localities," lie- snid. "This SOLIDS to me to be deliiiiU'ly ft case \vliere tin- workers need protection from tlicii 1 union leadership." Legion Commander Okays Aid to Greeks MOW YORK, Allt. 28. (UP) — The American I.cgion endorsed President Truman's program of mil to Greece nnd Turkey 100 per cent today and its national commauder, Paul H. Orimih, udvocalcd sending troops to Greece, at, the risk of a shooting war, If that country is Invaded. Griffith announced his stand at a press conference and urged President Truman to summon Congress into special session to enact universal military tralnlns; to bolster our armed forces. Manila News Mrs. Mnry Joe nhortes of Detroit. Mich., is spending two weeks with her parents, Mr. nnd Mrs Frank, Nowlin. Mr. ninl Mrs. Elmer Phillips nnt daughter, Donnell of Webb City Okla., Imvc been the guests for lew days of Mr. and Mrs, L. Mobley. Hobcrt Griffin has returnet home after spending several week in Benton Harbor. Mich. Mr. niul Mrs. Fred Pleeman lia\' returned home after spending scv eral weeks In Minnesota. Joyce nnd David Bnrrcnline ( Flint, Mich., have left for the home nftei' .spending two inontl YOUR Family's Welfare Tomorrow Is OUR Business Today ill) their •grandpnrriits, Mr. nnd 1 Spcm-cr tliis week .*• Irs. Elmer Tl.relkeld. | Al ,, s (il , 0 ,.,. L , M ,,,,. Ls h . ls ,,,„„ ,,,, (i ; $ Frank Spencer of Cherry Valley ' lumie alter spi'iiding a few diivs 1:1 ! '} vLsitliiK Mr. and ,Mrs. Frnnkiin ' Poiulat. Mii'li.. with relatives. W:»:»:>::c A ROTT-CrnON lor those you love, wlicii you are no longer nearby to act ns llieir constant eafe^uard, {3 of vital concern lo you... and to this company. Foe more llian half a century, LIPH INSURANCE COMPANY OF GHORGIA " as ptoviacj prolccliou for niilliong of pet- eon* throughout llie soulli. Proven slaliilily since 1891 enables iis lo serve llie cleinauils of a 'l 'rom tlie lieginniiig wage earner \vlio pre- lerg to pay Lis premiums wctLly, to llie cor- poration executive iu llie upper income nr.icltcls. Our agent in your coniinunily c.iu provide tlie policy you nccil... for your f.iinilv's prolccliou in the years to come. HE OLD REHABbE • SIHCF. 189 INDUSTRIAL LH=H . D i HHALTII INSURANCE! CO. District Office Bonim Building, 203 W. Main Street Phone 3607 BLYTHEVILLE FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN ASSOCIATION 124 W. Ash St. Phone 3543 /K^%?ttS^n '•\fc^£^^ 1 ?,-**^vr^ it - ** Does a cross word make you happy? ACROSS 1 Prepares food by heat (Electricity does it) 6 Mote clothes (Electricity helps) 8 Radio entertainments (Electricity brings 'em) 13 Wire that brings Electricity to you 14 Seventh note of th« scale 15 Accompliih or pet form ( Electricity can) 17 Trade or excliango 18 Front end of elephant (Watch out for this one!) 19 Toward 21 Two-thirds won (Excuse it, please!) 23 Suflir meaning rendition or state 24 For instance; like (Also D Roman weight of 1 pound) 20 And not; or I ike? wist? not 25 A mile person 29 he it ever sc» humble. there's no place like it (Ami electricity doea n lot lo iiclp) 30 Always, (Frequently mod to d«scrit>e electricity's reftdinesO 32 Electrical energy (And it does n lot of jobs) 33 The ELcclrir Hour"Hour ol Charm" — comea to you by tiiii 35 When your elecliic alarm wakes you up 36 North Dakota (ahbrcv.) 38 A useful material Cheney which exhibits JRaRnetic. chemical nnd thermal effects - nnd you use il in every room in your house 3*9 Postscript (nbbrev.) 41 Indefinite nrticle 42 Low in cost •---nnd electricity certainly is 47 Bnnishcs darkness by cleclricity; and, lilrc your elnctric bill, isn't heavy 52 You got one every mnnth for eleclric service — and think of nil the jobs it covers! 53 Whal electricity helps you do to tho laundry 55 Light-Power (initials) S7 The bpsl place in the world to live — and it has the most nnd best eleclric power, too 1/initialsO 53 Nniionnl (nbbrov,) 59 Plural of "I" (And it • isn't "eyes") 60 To turn «way in disgust {Scottish). Sorry, this is a tough on* C2 On tr.r-cf 67, Half an t^i 6-1 More t!ic.n cue guy ' ] G5 Trip laily \U;o makes • liiff ri:Mls - • m;jke it •• t^s>- for r : rr with an [ elci:trii- rnn;." C7 To s-.i-h ;» (k-^rro or extor.:. Ofl-ri followed by the v.-crd pl v;fiat?" -69 Tinrd prr^on ^in K ular; ; prc-it-n'. t. •:;-,,,, G [ [[ lc 70 An oven for burning \ brick -I, rol brcrnl (T3u^ nolKKly burns bread in- ' rm elcrlric r.inge with* tticr^iostnlic control) 71 Crrrk letter; ,-tlso GrecV tyrr.bol (or 20 (Did . you know y;m*re Rot I ing for ycur r 72 A ga.lsi'l li--ce--e b 73 Prepared, v.illmi;. hnndy ( lik,- electricity) m;es a DOWN 3 Single (abbtcv.) 6 A river in North China. AKo Sp.inUh for "yes" (Thi^ i^ very unfnir of us, wo know) 7 Wnr Dcpatlmpnl (obi) rev.) 9 High Sclmnl (nbbrov.) 10 Office of Wnr Inlorma-" lion (initials) 11 What electricity tielpa you do-on MoJid:iy, or cny other day of tho v.-c-t-V, for that matter 12 R;<pid rate of motion (Eltctricity comea to you that way) 14 A tall, slim structure 16 P<-: 5 uti who possesses (You're probably one, where, your electric light nnd power conk' p;iny is concerned) 19 Heavy book (Usually very dull reading, too\' 20 A useful material agency which exhibit* magnalk', cheinicnl and thermal effects. It also helps you clean nnd cook find sew, telis you ,the lime, and in general m:ikes life very comfortable For you 22 1-atin v,ord for "new" ( Hn't Um puzzle educational?) 25 Favorite Indian greeting. Hecomcs American when preceded by the word "nnd" 27 A person who doesn't heiievc in FTCB Enterprise 2U A call to excite nttffntiun. Used by Santo Clans 31 Rhode Ulnml (abbrcv.) 32 Any tinie between noon nnd midnight 34 On tap of 35 A prncticrtl unit of electric current strength (We'ro just showing off!) 37 To put on •10 South Carolina (ubbrev). 41 On, upon, close to, by, near, in or within (Surry, (his is nil the liclp we can give you) 13 Hnril-boiled (nbhrcv.) 44 Tbrco very well-known vowels (Really, Uy this lime we were <inito 45 Likewise, furthermore 46 Designs, devices or plots 47 The system of wires by which electricity reache» you 4U Pariin •1^ Acquivert 50 How nicul (ini(ial»>\ 31 ft. gadget to tell time. When run by electricity," it tells the most clcpondnble time in the wot lil ; 54 A small coin, practically valueless tiicse days. But when you spend it for electricity, it becomes the biggest ontxcnt bargairf in your budget £6 A swift Malayan vessel (Will it hc-Ip if we tell you it rhyme* with "Noah"?) * 59 To unite healed metal (Electricity did n lot of this Jiiritig tlie war) 61 The upper portion 64 Itnlinn for "my" (Well, nothing elt* fitted in) 66 A domestic duty loved hy soldier* (alibiev.) 68 Hohinginf to 69 Within 70 Knight Errant Ubbrev.) hope you had as much fun solving this crossword teaser as we had creating it. The puzzle comes to you as an amusing reminder that electricity docs manyj mnny Uisks for you, y, swiftly and at very little cost. GIVE UP? ARTOPOWERCO. //a OurSu3in*3i to Srrrg ty>it Are You Planning to Move? We offer yon lliis piece of equipment designed for .safe transportation in all types of weather. Ample Furniture pails and other equipment to insure sale handling. 24-Hour Service on Notice BOTTOMS UP! It's time to gel that Fall wardrobe out and prepare yourself for the future. Check ynur shoes; liriiii; them in for new soles or heels, denning or dyeing. HALTER'S Quality Shoe Shop For Electric Work Call 2397 BOB'S Electric Shop • Farm Wiring • House Wiring • Motor Repairs • Appliance Installation 500 N. Fifth St. Blythtville, Ark. Plumbing For Sale Bath tubs, Closets, lavatories, GO" inch all-metal Acid- Resisting Cabinet Sinks with double drain board. Automatic Oil and Electric Water Heaters. Also Septic Tanks. All Pipe & Fittings necessary to install your complete balhropm. Osburn's Plumbing & Heating 1920 West Main St. Phone 875 ATTENTION GINNERS Let us supply you with all your gin needs! We Feature B. F. Goodrich Belting ZiaVVESTMAINST. PHONE 2015 FOR SALE Concrete Building Blocks Aquella Wafer Proofing Paint 12- 48 inch CONCRETE CULVERTS plain or reinforced Osceola Tile and CULVERT CO. We Deliver Phone 691 If blue Monday plagues you on Sunday, call 474-475 NU-WA LAUNDRY CLEANERS FOKRCAL MttCUty $£KVIC£ ALWAYS sec you* StilI & Young Motor Co. Lincoln-Mercury Dealer Plume 3.179 Blythevilte Ark. 112 Walnut St. KEROSENE & FUEL OIL CALL 2089 The OU G. O. POETZ T«T s.». ^ p 555Si5H? I>epcnd»M« Mcrrto* PKOInJCTS

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