The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 2, 1948 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 2, 1948
Page 3
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MONDAY, FEBRUARY S, 1948 Congress and Public, Too,Heads Of Heavy U.S. Tax on Margarine For Showdown Seeking Repeal WASHINGTON. Feb.' 2. (U.PJ-.Tlie battle of butter versus margarine Is headed for a probable .showdown round in Confess this voiu The oleo people nre more optimistic ,han ever ovor their chances to repeal or educe the restrictive .axes and license fees on artif.cially colored margarine. «, all> rinc for 30 to 42 cents, margarine makers are hopeful that the nation's housewives now are on Iheir fiae in the campaign to willtdriiw the color line. The butter stale folks are just, as confident that they can hold the line. y Federal laws tax colored margarine 10 cents a pound nnd uncolored only 1-4 cent. They impose high license fees upon manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. The result is that most margarine is sold uncoloi-pd, and the housewife has to add the color if she wants it. The battle which has been waged since 1886. centers mainly on the color question. "Margarine has a right to be yellow." asserts the National Association of Margarine. Manufacturers. an organization represent tin; 12 of the pre.sem 21 primary makers. "The issue is that the people who buy maigaiine want it colored; they don't want to have io color it themselves." Merely a Baltic nf Color "The Leslie here is clearly whether, the law protect ins the color ot butter shall be observed." the dairy state legislators reply, "or whether another product is to be colored so that it, looks like butter." In addition to the tax of 10 cents a pound on colored margarine and 1-4 cents a pound on uncolored, there are license fees covering every phase of margarine manufacture. MiiiHUaclurets must pay an annual license fee of $SCO. Wholesalers handling yellow margarine pay *«0 tax; those handling uncolored margarine pay $200 tax. Retailers who handle yellow margarine pay 643 in taxes. Those who deal In uncolored margarine pay SS. Pan! Truitt, president of Die f argarinc association, asserts: "The oils and fats used in margarine contain some natural yellow color. Federal regulations demand, however, that these be bleached on:, or that otherwise the yellow margair.e pay a 10 cents a pound tax. "On the other hand, artificial color }.s added to butter Ito reinforce the natural color). It is known as 'dandelion butter color.' " .Twelve bills arc pending to repeal the present tax and licensing law;. or to modify them. One measure would make margarine, available to tiie aimed forces when butter is scarce. Opposition to Uie margarine bloc's moves are summarized by Sen. Alexander Wiley. R.. Wis., and Rep Merlin Hull. R.. Wis., who represent the nation'.; leading dairy state. Tax Considered Discriminatory "The issue here j s no t repeal of the tax :;nd license fees," \vilev told the United Press. "The issue is whether a 50-year-policy of pro- tectini; the color of butter shall lie legislated out the window. If such (•femes to pass, margarine will be Volet ai higher prices than it is today. The purpose of its manufacturers is to color it so that it looks like butter. The present statues are for the purpose of seeing that no frauds are perpetrated." "The first laws restricting manufacturers of oleomargarine were enacted In 1S38 after numerous complaints that oleomargarine has been sold ns butter." Jlull said. "It was not marked as oleomargarine. "If Ihc sales of margarine are as good now as the manufacturers claim, why don't they quit worry- ma about the taxes' and license fees?" Sen. J. William Pnlbriuhl, 13., Ark., one of thase who has introduced legislation for the [nil repeal of lets on margarine, asserts that "the basic principle of such a discriminatory tax is absolutely unjustified." i Rep. Aiviu E. O'Konski, R., Wis,. j although from a dairy state, agrees i with Ins senatorial colleague. | "It is undemocratic to have a tax ; on any one commodiiv." he said. | "H it comes down to n votf. 1 think i 1^ will vote lor repeal of what 1 ""iisider a discriminatory tax." BIATHEVILLB (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Appearing before the Senate Por; cign Affairs committee in Wa-sh- ' ington, Bernard M. Baruch told ( Senators that the U.S. and the , Marshal! plan countries should mutually p,uar:,ntee the participating | nations against aggression. Barucv I also advised that a program ;.i ! stabilize American cconcmv be i made part of the Marshall "plan. ' (NDA Telcpl'.oto.t, Coal Miner Killed , LITTLE ROCK. Ark.. Feb. 2. tUPl ! A Paris. Ark., coal miner was crushed to death Sunday when n ; rock fell on him at Dixie No. 2 coal 1 mine six miles Northwest,' of here. John Francis, a 33-year-old machine I helper, was cuttini; walls in prepar- I ation for today's operations | A physician said lie was dead j when he vvaa brought to the surface. Judge Aufen Dies In Friend's Home Little Rock Official, Just Out of Hospital, Suffers Relapse UTl'LB ROOK. Ark.. FVI,. •> _ 'P PI Mineral services were helnc I Planned today for Pnbski Circuit 1 Jtiduc Lawrence c. Autcn who died or a cerebral heinori'lmw late yesterday. He was 51. ; The judRo had just left Baptist! Slate Hospital where he had been i under treatment for several days ' Ho hml lunch with his dailBlu'er nt Camp Robinson, and was visit- ins friends In North i,itt| 0 Rock i on his way home. ; Aulcn complained of recline III and nxked to be permitted to lie ! down. ,,e died arter doctors ar- I IMG. attended the Utlle'Ri^Diii" ' | he schools and studied law at Vandel-bill university. lfe volmitccmt for military .service dnrini; World War l and was commissioned n > first lieutenant in 19ia. [ After the armistice he bc"an > .the practice or law in 1922 He was I appointed circuit judRc- by Gov ! Carl Ilailey in 19:18 lo serve out 1 the uncxpired term or the late • Richard M. .Mann. To this otrtce he was elected the folloivinp year ; and was rcclccfd in irna and 1344 OIK> Jailed Aldermen ! in 1910. he sentenced H members nf Die la-mrmbrr ijttle Rock City I Council to 30 days tor contempt of • court for failure lo pass an ordinance in compliance with a court I order. The aldermen were released J a few hours later and passed the : I ordinance levying an assessment lo j ; pa.v for a Little Rock underpass. j The judce was elected a member of the Little liock Democratic Com- ! i mittce !>> 1928 nnd became chair- ! • man two years later. Ue resigned i In 1931 lo accept the appointment ! as chief deputy prosecutor under i the then prosecutor Carl Bailey ' I One of his major ICRAI accom- [ phshments was the winning of 1 i suits to collect delinquent frail- | ; chise laxes from the Missouri IM-I cific lines. i The Judge received nationwide publicity by meting out corporal i ' punishment to two soldiers early i last year for misdemeanors lo' which they had pleaded guilty, with j |B physician and court attendants' ! ns witnesses. Rilaski law enroicc- ! ment agents whipped the lw-o men ! | under the court order. Autcn was a member of the 1 ! First Pr.sbyteriati church, the i\fa- ' sons, the Shrine. Delta Sigma j Kappa Sigma. Delta Sl?i«a Pi Ihc ! Elks, the Eagles, the S. A. M. and the International Brotherhood of! Magicians. j Surviving arc his wife- two' 'daughters. Mrs. W. R. Ariel-hold of Birmingham, Ala., and Mrs P. H. I Troulman of Little Rock: aiid one I brother. Frank tf. Autcn of Little Rock. Truman Rival Read Courier News Want Ads job MKHTHOLATUM TWINS Wlien liead-cold misery makes 'oii gasp for air, nnd nose feels aw and lender, reach forsoolliiiifr Morilholatmn and n-K-K-A-T-ll-K! jMeiilliolatnm cniil.iin.s curnforl- ir.': Camphor anil initity Menthol, - - enls help Ihin out thick JniiciJS, reduce swcllinir, soothe cold-indnriicd mcinbrnncs. .Soon Siireiiesa cases up, head starls lo clear. Don't take hcml-cold misery lymj; down — use Mentliolntnm. ciiEsr-cmo nisHTi:tss KASAL ISRITAflON UNO CBAPPIHB Streamliner Hits Freight; One Man Dies IOWA CITY. la.. Feb. 2. (Upi — Wrecking crews cleaned up the '. wreckage today of a collision in ' which the Rock Island Railroad's "Rocky Mountain Rocket" ploughed i into the rear of a Ircicht train i last nip,hl. killing one person and Injuring 22 others. : The streamliner, en route from ' Chicago to Denver, hit the freight : as Ibe latter backed into a siding ' to get out of the fast train's way i Clifford E. Hull. 62. Silvis. lli.. conductor on the freight, was killed. He was standing in the caboose [ when the Diesel engine of ih" | streamliner smashed It like a match box. None, of the injured was hurt seriously. Six Towns Pool Equipment to Fight Big Fires PAHAGOUUJ, ArS.. Pcb. 1 (UP) —Six northeastern Arkansa.s citlei have worked mil. plans to combine [ their fire fighting equipment in I ca.sfc nf major blazes. 1 Councllmcn and firemen from i Poiahonlas. Walnut Ridge. Jonr.s- ! born, Newport. Tuckcnnan and i Parayould discusser) the r.oopera- . live rltort here yesterday. In case r GET REAL 'HIGH OCTANE' SERVICE for Your Car! Ask about our three point auto service for smooth- cr. .safer, economical milcaRc. W, check vov from bumper U> bumper . . . change oil, and lubn-, adjust controls anrl tune up en K ine. Awl let us soe to it (hat your M1 - st;tl .,. s ;„ U ,<. cnldt'.st wciithcr! • SERVICE • PARTS • REPAIRS LEE MOTOR SALES Your QLDSMOBILE Deafer 307 East Main Street ' Phone 519 UriR.-tjcn. Herbert C. tiolcliiclije, retired, hns iinnuunrctl hhmcll n riindKlntc lor !|ie l)cninrr;illi! pi'csi< noinlniuion. His sl»- Ki"i: "No innic tk'prcssinn, no more war and no compromise witii oapiiinlisin." lie snys lic'll \\'i esl iht- MoiniiKJlioij frdin Pi-esirlciil Triiinan nt (lie party's rniivrnlion next July. 242 Receive Degrees at Arkansas U. I''AVKTnovil.l.E. Ark.. Rb. 2 - IUIM—Tin- .Mld-Wiiitc-r com- iiii-i-ccjiicni cxnciscs nt ihr Umvi-r- Ml.v of Aikunsn.s were helil vcslcr- (fny A iplnl „! 2.|.. sdirieiits received baclielor ,!cj!rcOf: nnrl 50 Bradlliile .student., received llieir nmslers <lc- srce.s. Hie (iiiiloniiis \verc prcsenled by Hfrbci-i, [.. Thoinns, chairni;, o 'f tl>e board d[ trustees, nnd Hi. dc- Riws wei> eonferiTd l)y Or. Lewis Webster .lomvs. university iiie.siilent. 'I'iie naccahiurciilc seniuin was delivered by Dr. Samuel S. Mayer- here, rabbi of CoiiEiVKntlnn [i'-Nni Jehuda of City. Mo., and tile i omiiiriHeiiu'nt .speaker w.j.s Hi. Henry Ci. llnriiion, pre.slilenl or Drake Uulveiiitv at nex Moiiics la. Yesterday was the .sccmid liine Illat Rabbi MayeibeiR preaclieri Ilic n.iccalaureaie sermon to n University of Arkansas erndiialjni; tflass. The last time was In June or 1330. Venezuelan Government Threatened CARACAS. Vcne-niclii. Feb. 2. (UPi—President Rramilo Bctau- conrt ebarBcci today thai n movement to overthrow the Venezuelan Rovcnimciit and posfiljly b.jmb Caracas \vltli two American Litaevatur Iwinbcrs was taking lonn In NLcn- rngiia. '1'he chai-Rc was contained in n tcleernni sent by liclawonvl lo President Gen. Anaslasio Sninaxa oT Nicaragua at Ma!' .gtia. Belnncnin-L sairi lii 1 . (.•ovcmiiicn! hi\d obtained information Hint the plot, headed by three former Venezuelan air force olflccrs. was aimed at preventing the inausiuation o[ Die rr^;' VciK.-^uelan pn'shlcnt-elect. HonutiC) Gallepos. The plot, is spearheaded in- 27 Venezuelan exiles wlio ajrivcil at Puerto Cnheais. Nicaragua, nn Jan. 27. Bel.incotni said 1:1 his meraai;c. Hctancnnrt saiti the plam\s that broUBht tile croup to Puerto Cubeziis nnd which may be u.seti lo btimh Caracas, came from the United Stales on Jan. 27. One left from Dayton, O.. nnd the other from Au- Stlsta. On., he said. "The arrival of the croup nf Venezuelans at Nicaragua is coincident with information, obtained through reliable sources by the Venezuelan covcrnment. that two planes have left recently inleiidm ( ; to hriinb the capital of onr republic." IJetan- cotn't .sai<l. Gallcuos. the prosldcnl-pject \v:is elected liy a four lo'one maiovitv in Vencxucl.-rs first popular presidential election Dee. M. Hf is founder and president of the Action Democratic.!, n moderate Pany which won 38 seats in Hie Senate' nnd S3 in the Chamber of Deputies. will meet Wi'dr.c'-dnv In fix the dale for the proclamation of Gallcf-os as pre.sidcnl. U.S. Delegate to UN Urges Deeds to Convince Russians 1-Vf 2 clll'i 4. Warren H. AiiMin. U. s. ivti.v.senlu. live in Ihe Unllril Nations loil-iv lured Ihe milled ['.tales to demon-! shlllr "I>V deeds" to Ihe Soviet l)n-l ., i tn i KH t ,,,L,I i i . . . i r iilHTHi l'>n Hint any (curs she hiis ,,f an Ameiican a<lack or InvusUiii -uc 1111- vs for Mary Krl- ... ,1101:11' Friday, 10 pin., will be- con- In an article written f,., Ihc I I.'.'"' 1 '.'" ''' l "' Mlllv - l;lln I 1 '»• "I lh<- American I'oreisn t-Vrvl,-.- .lom-n il ' , '" ll "•'I'tisl Chinch by Ihe he outlined ihls rivc-pol-* pruui-mi ' V' "'ivenporl. paslor. ilunal for Ihc Untied .states In Us , m( , st vv '"' "' *"' ' / ''"" <>i'»'irry, for collective security: i >s »c I'' survived by three <iau;-h- 1. Work "patiently'and lU'ixKtenl- • ln '•'" u " r "' Hin-bei, Lnla M Ixv-'-m Iv" throu:;h Ihe Unllcil Nadons til ' :111<l l>!llu ' "• SU'Vi'll.'; jind <m<> .<o'l, keep all Ihe conlcndini! parlies nt ' ''-'nK's Kelly. the conference table. | <-':iM«in I-'mn-ral Home t\ m 2. "In my personal opinion we ! l ' ll; " 1;( '- dcmnnslriite by doed< that! "",' any fear nf invasion or altack that i ,.,.,, .,. N '' ll ""'. v ''-"tcil may be hm-ljured by the Soviet llu- ' ., , ,, ,, ,' N ' /' <U , I>> ,' T " 1HMI "' Ion Is nnfmmdcd " : '"" lu " 1 '' 1 '" :1 •'-Indent tea nt •i /-. ....,, l l'oriu-11 Ih ivciKily. Ihe conuni'tleo : Vi CALL 4627 l''or Lower Cost Insurance • HOME • AUTO • BUSINESS Arkansas Mutual Agency I,. Tiirnkc, . ,. , gr "'' Isnncs Bldtf., niytlievillc, Ark. •I Join Imre.s with th< K e nallnns nnileii In lln- |.:,m,, K .iin rcroverv prourain. j S. Develop the kind of tradin,: | , world whore rccoiMriirled niiili>i).s I j can KO forward to real piospcrlty ! I'oiiltitiinlloii nf the reciprocal trnd" " pn:i:ram, pailiclpatiK in (he inter. ] i' minimal inuie m uani,-alion. I AllMin did not I'liibi.i-alr ,», hi-. ! I'oliit No. u. lint by Hie way he j flamed it ami by mldiriK ihc \v<ii-.l.; ! "in mv ])orvnial opinion." he sccmr.! j 10 indicate Unit he did not feel thill : the Uniletl Bt;ilc:i iilvvnys lias drill- i onstruied beyond doubt that II, deeds weie not dim-led arainsl l!us.-,ia. ULKS WHO OFTEN SUITER FROM fff you* Still & Young Motor Co. Lincoln-Mercury Dealer I'honc IH79 Illythoville Ark. 112 Walnul JJC J I.Ifp Avcrapr.s L'p I PAYETI-EVILLE. Ark ,un-Th, avriasc ase at the Umvcisny "I Arkansas lias shown a decided ciiop . according to a survev by E. Buil:<1 fUilier. director of (he central i houshiK office. Hntier found tin; ; instiTicrl veterans living m, the I campus have a total of 296 children. of a bi.l lire. 17 pieces ot rriuipmen; ' coiikl be called out from the six MIGHTY FAST Relief For Sore, Stiff Muscles WJirn you're .«)jfl>rinc from rliDin;.-»rir, ItmibsiKO or neuritis p;un^ frnm ^ijd J-trn** muprj^s- ruh nn MUS^TI,^ for last, Inn^-lrvstini; relief. Mii!ti*-rol<« olTors AM. HIP ailv-MJaers oj a WAriMJnp, stimnl.iiinp mu = i:tr<l pi.t'- lor ycl ia so nun-h p;i^i^r to ajvfily - ju-t TAKE A LOOK AT YOUR IKSiDES ._. M.cnnt lirtESTIMF j Eituilv Uic fttiovc dm* Inj: tor n frw m!n- Utps Nollcp ])nrllC(iltirly ILDW Ihc Inle ; lious rrorn cllr (Ivor Inco aud ovil ur [he. k^n-blnddfr and ll\ri-.i-i' Imn llio ^uiall Inlp.MIno ulirri- it inlvcs uliti the imrlly WKrjlct! roorl Jxnl hclow thp Mciiuacli , ilUc 1s a neccssnry .-nljiinrl tn pro;H-r ilt- CCMloil. Il« ahM-ncc Ii-fiin thp Inlcitlnr* lilcvlinblj- ciulsta inilrclnctlnu niul ler- NATUKE'S IM.VGrK SIGNALS When your stomach, liver, ami pall Madder have been upsel by Improper eatliii! or drlnkine. «r when they nre not workiiiu well because retained nlld putrcfyiiiK food matter in your intestines is [loisonini; your entire bcidv you, rooner or later, be«ln to fcci some of the following symptoms- Your brcatb may neroinc unpicas- ant thniilosis), your tungue coated, a b.-nl Insle In your month, your coffee 'and tobacco) lose their natural Ji.'tvor. your food does not ai;iee wilh von: you may have lie.iillnn n, cm nnd <\\i7y .sficlK. you may be tronlnetl with ln-VliiiiK; at nluht the i;as In your bouvls may press upon your ilitildiT innkliiK yon B ei up frequcnt- ly, thus bri-aklni; Into yom sleep. In Ihe inorntiiK you arc lln-il In- sk-ad or refreshed. Cradunlly your health Is lni|ial)-cit. Your riniiplo.vlon may bncome snU low or bilioi!;,; dark riii|';s mtiv appear under your eye's, yon m«y feel liny, dull nnd Irritable or him; nnd mrtaii- i-hullr. You may have frconent colds u-aliirihi or dull hcnd-uchc: your bowels .stop their free, lull and nat- nctlon; you Imve ransdpaKon t;as. pntrefiicllon inn! celf-pol.'.onliii; ("mteslinnl toxaemia" or "ucutc was- tritls" us many doctors call It). now TO GKT HI:LII:K You can relieve this condition, usually ovcrnlRht, by taklni; Calotnbs nt bedtime nnd drinking witter freely next day. % The beneficial ellccls o! Calotabs lie In the fact that they arc (I > la\a- uve, ('21 antlsciitic to the Intestines CD diuretic to the kidneys. <•!> effective in relieving symptoms ol biliousness and ucule KaMrltir, due to consll- palion or faulty diucstion. Calolnbs nre pleasant lo lake lsiH;ar coatcdl, promji', and effective' 'I'ry them jind sec. {••allow label directions. At your druneists'. I have purchased Hie interests Of J. 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