The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 2, 1948 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 2, 1948
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Forresfal Plans Chril Air Defense Permanent System to Include Dispersal Of Key Industries By WUUm F. McMenainln VmH*i Pnu Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, Feb. 2. (UP)— Defense Secretary James Forrestal plans to announce soon a plnn for a permanent civilian defense system to protect the nation against atomic bomb§, germ war/are and pUded missiles. Borrertal'a aide* said the pUn Is the result of an exhaustive study of ciTillan delense problems by a board o* five generals headed by G«B. Harold R. Bull Bull'i report received the closest Jcmttoy by the Army, Navy and Air yore*. It was written with the nd- rtce of iome of the nation's top Industrial, civic and slat* lenders. Th« United States, as the center •f the world's industrial power would be the fattest target for any aggressor nation bent on world domination. Military leaders say the nation must be prepared not only Jor atom bombings, but attempts to poison water, crops and the population with bacteriological weapons The report 1» expected to attack iuch knotty problems as whether American Industry should be dispersed to reduce bomb damage In •rent of war. Such a move would cost billions, the experts say. Other problems Involved Include how to camouflage cities; effective use of radar counter-measures • prevention of Industrial sabotage; damage and fire control of Industries- evacuation of civilian Injured, and air alerts. The civil defense measures are •mpected to be Integrated Into the already existing pattern of the National Guard and Organized Reserve Corps. The counter-measures probablv will be patterned after those used by the British and Germans under heavy air bombardment In World II. Suicide Note Tells of Dog-Eat-Dog Affair But- Nobody Gets the Bone ELMER, Minn., F«b. 1. (UP) — A 32-year-old storekeeper's suicide note told today how hi killed three members of the Emer town board and wounded another In an attempt (o wipe out the board because it refused to Issue him a liquor license. "I'm sorry, I'm very gotry Oil* tragedy had to happen but th« Elmer town board asked for II," the note, written by Jo* Constnnii, said. Only one member of the board escaped death or Injury when Con- stanzl ran amok Saturday. He wa? Albert Bernsdorf, town treasurer, who owns the community'* only tavern. Constanil had charged that, the board was protecting Bernsdorf's business by refusing to Issue him a license. Constflnzi appeared before the board Saturday to repeat hlj re- quest for permission to sell beer for off-lhe-premisei cczuumpllon, He •rgued that ne should be permitted to »ell beer because the tavern was competing with his «U>r« by selling cigarettes and xasollnt. The board turned him down on grounds that one tavern was enough for th« town's 100 population. He glared at Bernsdorf for a moment and asked: "It that final?" The board member* said it was. Constant! stalked out to hts truck, grubbed a 30-30 caliber deer ride and began shooting as he re-entered the 14 x 14 foot school build- Ing where the board was meeting. He fired 17 shots. Each of his victims wns hit twice. Frank Svo- Ixxia, 35, town clerk, and Sujwr- vlsor Albert Dupac, 86, went down first. Bernsdorf managed to get past Coiutnnil and hid in a snowbank Texons Buy Battleship from Navy For Use as Memorial at San Jacinto NORFOLK. Va,, Feb. 3 (UP)— • The Battleship Texas, suh, will never show up In the fender of your postwar car, or even in the steel of R Texas oil rig. The folks of the I.onc Star stnle saw to Hint, the Navy said today. When they heard that their warship wns being turned out to pasture. they figured it wasn't flltln 1 for her to be hammered Into scrap. Other battleships— the Idaho, Wyoming. New York, Nevada and Now Mexico— have gone to the scrap pile. But the Texas— No. suh. "We'll buy it." said the Lone Stiir state. "We'll bring our battleship home to rest in Tcxr.j." The startled Navy said Texas was the first state to buy a battleship for a \vnr memorial. Mississippi turned down a chnnce to buy the man-o-wnr nnmcd for her. The seafaring life O f the doughty Texas will conic to an end on San jRclnto Day, April 21— the 112th anniversary of the day 600 Tcxans surprised twice as many Mexicans In the midst of their siesta and won where »he will rest bentde the towering which stone tower pays tribute and museum to den. Sum . Houston and the Texas Army. Thais the lallc-at stone monument In the world— Texans saw to that, too. outside th« Khool. Supervisor Louli Rlnghoffer, 60, was shot through th« elbow as he ran outside after Bernsdorf. He also hid in the snowbank and escaped further injury, Constanil shot Board President Emit Makela, 3i, through the body. Makeli tried to flee to an upstairs room but Conntanii shot him through the head at he clawed frantically at a locked door. Then Consttuizt drove to the homo of a friend, Elmer Carlson, TO^H« told Carlson of the shoot- Ing, gave him ill hU cash—30 centi —for hli only child, Barbara Con- stanil, 6, and left a cigarette lighter for hts wife. Thtn he walked 100 feet from Carlson's farm house and shot himself to death. Hl» note, which authorities b«- lieved he had written partially before he appealed to the board, accused trie members of "trying to pull the wool over my eyes." "They alibied to beat the band that I was all wet," It laid. "I told them they were merely pacing the buck to protect the beer tavern in Elmer. They .laid I was a liar. They said one tavern was enough. "I got no mad. I couldn't take It arijmore," A postscript, added as an afterthought, said: "All In al), It was a dog-eat-dog affair." Woman, 100, Still Likes Sledding in Winter LEOMfNISTKR, Muss. (UPI—Mrs. Mine Stock Vendor Loughs at U.S. Efforts to Bring Him to Justice MONDAY, FEBRUARY 2, 1949 By Albro B. Gregory United Fr«*s Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, Feb. 2, (UP) — Albert Edward Dppalma, a suave and dapper Canadian gold mine promoter. Is In Toronto laughing al Uncle Sam's effort to get him back to the United States. The government ha» a number of thlngi It wanLs Depalma to answer to—principally a grand Jury Indictment charging him with selling worthless stock in the United States for millions of dollars, Depalma was caught once—In bed In a New York hotel during the 184? Christmas holidays—allowed to go free on »50,000 bond, and then fled to Canada. The »50,000, he said, waa peanuts'." Depalma, n Canadian citizen, Is safe as long as he stays In Canada. Canadian - American extradition agreements do not Include stock fraud, despite this country's efforts to Include such fraudulent operators In the group which can be brought back for trial. According to the Securities and Exchange Commission, Americans are fleeced of about. $50,000.000 a year through Investment* In phony Canadian gold mine slocks. Tile Securities and Exchange Commission sajs that Depalma cleaned up $3.000,000 oirthc sale of stocks In Ihis country In three years without, once setting fool on U. S. soil. He used the telephone lavishly. Once he spent MO.OOO for a single mailing of "literature." Dcjialma once lived in Brooklyn and was known u Edward Zuker, the SEC said. He is believed to have been born in South A/rlca « years ago. old. Sarah Z. Cogswell, 100 years goes coasting every winter. Her daughter, Mrs. Nellie Graves, with whom the centenarian lives, said it was not unusual for her mother to take a sled and go sliding on pleasant days "If the crust Is hard enough." In her younger days, Mrs. Cogswell's favorite pastimes were skal- I»K. (InnclDg mid driving horses. Read Courier News Want Ads. YOUNG MOTHER _ tres., or's cold wlll^he^Meeifs" n: j lliroat, cliesl ami back at bed- lime with ivBTinlni tholr Independence from Mexico. The program undoubtedly will bo closely coordinated with the fed- s , •Mncl B es Vernment< Sl " te " nd dV " m ° re Some of the steps that tuny be P " 1 " 1 proposed by Forrostal «re- I. Dispersal of key Industries. z. Bomb proof shelters provided with material heat, food. 3. Underground power pinnts communications and water lines *• Mobilization of the civilian a^ attack mWt """ dlsn5ters ° l The Tcxnns will go to the s)x>t where the lini-d-rldlng Tcxans swnrmcd over Santa Ana's legions than century ago—a grassy beside Buffalo Bayou, Just South ol Houston. Tlie Nnvy will decommission the "BlR T" at Portsmouth, Vn., where she wns commissioned March 12 1014. Then Nnvy tugs will tow her to the San Jnclnto battle ground. Airport Ne\v 'S Burns Fatal ---—. activity at the Municipal Airport last week wns held to n minimum by cold weather, snow ana Ice. The city scraped one-hnir el the North-South runway ncnrest the ^ ramp to accomodnte nonnn) ••mail-plane traffic. PINE BLUFF, Alk., Feb. 2. (UP) —Mrs. Amnnda Mullikcn, 48-yeur- old Pine BHiff matron, died Saturday in a p| ne Bluff hospital from j burns suffered last Jan. H wlicr. llcr clothing was ignited from an open stove. Surviving are three daughters lluec sons, her mother, three brothers and two sisters. it was ruuiounci'd yesterday. ~' " Pilot. here dur- . lon-.rrorn Fort Worth, where . , thev ' '"^ Harvey Ban Jr. of Helena, In »tt»ded , R>urth Reg tori c, A con- i \ ? lp " £ ub: J', 1 " Reason of Icrence. They returned via Wichita Asnporl ' Ten » • P>P« Cub. K«n., where they visited the Cessna aircraft plant. Ttey reported that the possibility of ending the a. I flight train- Ing program July. 1 was discussed «t the meeting. They also said that talk, with CAA officials indicated that there was a good chance that full use of the field llghl.-; here at night would be approved. RCTersing a usual process. Lee Richardson Jr. and Paul Lloyd, who attended the conference by car, where held up by the weather and dm not return until Friday, while the three who flew returned Wednesday. Th« meeting to organize a pllota, cancelled two weeks ago bee»u*e of. weather, will be postponed until better weather arrives Belief At Last For Your Cough Creomulslon relieves promptly be- r;smsc it goes right to the seat of thr Trouble to help loosen and expc a'erm laden phlegm, an,d aid natuir to soothe and heal raw, tender, In- aamed bronchial mucous mem- iranes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulslon with the understanding you must like the way it lulckly allays the cough or you sm. o have your money back. CREOMULSION v Coughs, Chesr Cold's, Bronchiti- Morcury Mike soys: WE MAKE OLD CAR! LOOK NEW AGAIN Bring your cor fo us for ^ IXMKT IODY AND FENDER REPAIRS >*COimiT| FACTORY- QUALITY REPAINTING For REAL' Mercury 'Service always see your/fe*£ Dealer Still & Young Motor Co. & Walnut MIOMS 3479-4333 Blytheville W« Will 8* Recommended to You' MATTRESS IN ALL ITS SPARKLING BEAUTY AT THE SAME OLD PRICE! It's a dream of an innerspring mattress ... and Serta's HOLDING THAT LINE: You'll pay the Sitme amount for the GOHGE- OUS NEW SERTA that you paid lust year. And when you buy Serla you buy cotton mattress your's right now is low! in the ultimate comfort. Order 1 . . . the price ^»» Other Innerspring Mattresses . . .39.50 — 29.95 — 24.95 Feather Pillows 25 up Fieldcrest Double Blankets '50 Bedside Cotton Rugs--$1.50 Metal Beds $9.95 90 Coil Bed Springs - $9.95 up Small Coal Heaters $12.95 up Peppered 25% Wool Blanket '95 Genuine Chenille Bedspreads PLASTITONE RUGS, 9x12 Bedroom Size - - - $19.95 -We Buy and Sell Used Furniture- JIMMIE EDWARDS FURNITURE COMPANY 301 East Main Street Phone 2487 JIMMIi FIRST\ ^^^^^^^•^mm^mimm^mmBm Notice to Our Friends and Customers BLYTHEVILIE GARAGE 21« UCIerle Street North Robinson Gin *\ Complete Auto 4697* and Tractor Repairs PHONE L _ Frank Ashby and Eric Hall, Owners Cotton Moore, Tractor Mechanic STUDEBAKERS T U D E B A Now In Our New Modern Service Department (Steam-Heated For Your Comfort) • ONE STOP SERVICE • WASHING & LUBRICATING T u D E B A K CHAMBLIN SALES CO. K rlf Sales Studchaker Service Jtl R Railroad & Ash Streets ~D Lex. Chamblin, Phone 2195 Hill Chamblin ^ STUD EBAKE RS FARM £ LOANS Homi Office, Ntwark, N. J. tOH« TUtf nOMFT GLOCINO LOW HAT« CAI.L. WRIT! OK SEI RAY WORTHINGTON US 8. Thlrt 8t, BljrtheTille, Ark. Serrlni Thb Section T, Iran AuOtarltti Mortiat, Loan SaUdar tar THE MUDF.NTLM, INSURANCE COMPANY OF AMERICA "Shucks, now that he's had a winter overhaul at T. I. SEAY MOTOR COMPANY, we'll never get to miss any school!" iKOWY WHITE LINENS • SPARKLING DISHES AND GLASSWARE • Soft water take* the drudgery out of wash day-. .. makes dishwashing so much easier. . . for it gives you quick suds... more sudl. Soft water makes bathing a joy . . . keeps hair soft and lustront . . . makes shaving easier . . . keeps hands soft and complexion! clear. Soft water it in economy . . . saves an amazing amount of soap . . . makes clothes last much longer . . . keeps plumbing from clogging. You can hav* loft water ... all you -want . . . and at low cost . . . with a Modern Water Softener. In fact, it will actually pay for itself through direct saving*. There's < lite »nd type to fit your needs. Let us tell you more •bout them. HARDWARE CO.Inc. HOME OF FAMOUS BPAMDS 126 W.MAIN ST PHONE SIS

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