The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 26, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 26, 1947
Page 5
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TUESDAY, AUGUST 2G, 1947 (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FIVE Army, Navy Plan Joint Project Bomb Assembly Plant- Going Underground Near Albuquerque WASHINGTON, Aug. 20. (UP) — The War Department, announced today that it would make public no ir.fcn iimion about construction work near Albuqiu>i4juc. N. M.. because op-' u-ratiou.s there "fall Uv tlifi category of restricted data umier the atomic act of 1940." There have been persistent re- 1«» Is iliat the Army is digging atomic bjinb assembly plants and storage duirfl.s underground near Al- 'JuciiiTqui'. The reports are based cliietly oi\ a Denver newspaper story earlier this week which said hundreds of commercial airline pas- •si'iigei's had sighted excavations on a mountainside n?ar Allniciueique. In a statement in answer to numerous cilleries by reporters, the War Department rejieuted an announcement made last July 24 tlial Sandia base near Albuquerque is "the principal field installation of the armed loreeii' special weapons project." This project Is the joint Army- Navy organization handling all military functions relating to atomic energy, "Cniistmri.iijii and operations at this base fall in the cateijory of restricted data under the atomic act of IQ4G and are also classified military information," the War Deriart- mesU said. '•Therefore, amplification ol the above quoted statement is considered imder.sirable." Here is the text ol the joint Army Na\ r y announcement of July 24 disclosing establishment of the armed forces .special weapons project: "Today the War and Navy departments announced the approval of On. (Dwight D.) Eisenhower and Adm. (Chester W.) Nimilz of a program and plan of operation for the armed forces special weapons project. "The armed forces special weapons project has been established as a joint .Army-Navy organization whi:h will discharge all military service functions relating to atomic energy. "The .project has assumed the responsibility of carrying on those military service functions of the Manhattan Project which were retained control of the armed forces at the time of turn over of the Manhattan Project to the Atomic Energy Commission. "The program of-the AFSWP includes training of special personnel, military participation in the development, of atomic weapons of al! typos, and developing and effectini joint radiological safety measures in coordination with established 1 measures. The .project maintains ; close liaison with the Atomic Energy Commission through the mili-r tary liaison committee." Vondenberg Rejects Argentine Proposal Stronger Words Used in Korean U. S.-Sovier Row .egionnaires to Meet Members of Dint Cason 1'ost. 24 >[ tho American U'»lon will hold lii'ir weekly meeting, til a o'clock ,onl|>,hl »l the Legion Hut. Genc'i-ul view of Uio Inter-American conference where Senator Arthur ViimU'iiliei'g- ol' Michigan, extreme! left, rc.ieclixl an .Ai'Kenlihe proposal to limit the tU'fonse treaty to aggression from outside the hemisphere only. -'NKA Telopliolo). Fight at Strike-Bound Plant SFOUI,, Au B . -26. I UP) An Asiwr- lean-Kovli'i word bnitie mmmted to ft dniintlre clip today when MuJ, Clou. Albert K. Urown eluuged the missluiis with deiemlint; political Bumps In South Karen which were disloyal ID the yovernmenl and hostile lo ilic United Suites. A broadside by Ilrown before tin; Joint Commission followed closely ii statement l>y l.t. lien. John U. Undue aiTtisint; the Soviets of sup- pintlns Ninth Korean lenders Biillly of "seditious iictivilli's iilinril ul the destruction iif Hie consliuilod u< crnmciu, and ],, w utut order In the American /,owv" Hoduo is ii. H. commnnder In Ko- I'liii and Uro\vn i.s chief of the American du.let;:iiiun un the Joint Commission uhiih is bonded down In Its efforts in a provisional feov- ei-nmeni r<ir Korea, Diown accused the Soviets trying lo usurp Ihe functions of the Joint Commission, abusing (hul BiK'sl slums in tin- u. S. i&one b; liinnriui; die die-tales of coiumoi courtesy. ralsiiiu Indisfi-linlmili chan;e.s for prapnijiinda ptn-posL's mid ihi-mviiiK up a smoke scroen Ii ii<le c-eriiiin .slrutc^Io liUmdeia b; Sin-lcl di'li'iiutton, Pickets rushed to the rescue of one of their fellow members when TIJBVIC Lund, superintendent of Ui Heddon Bait Company plant al Downgiac, Mich., tried to drat; him Into the-plant. Here. Lund, in th doorway, struggles with pickets, one or whom brandishes a rubber hose. Latter pickets dragged Lund on feet first and police had to foe called to rescvie rnm fvom the screaming mob. <NEA Telcphoto>. Navy Hero Plans to Return To Far East as Missionary Wets Try Repealer BENTONVILLE. Ark.. Aug. 26. 'UPI — A local option election will be held Sept. 23 in dry Benton County, folloiving a hearing held yesterday by County Judge Joe Brasley. The Judge set the date after ruling that petitions filed Aug. 11 were sufficient. 8 oz 'A' Grade All White Duck 9' and 7y Bemis Bag Co. COTTON PICK SACKS By JOHN I!ASI,AM (United -l*rcss Staff Correspondent) tiranent. Dr. Wassell asked Episcopal Bishop H. Bland Mitchell of HOT SPRINGS. Ark.. Aug. 20. | Little Rock if there were some kind <OPi — Dr. Corydon A. Wassell. I of '.voik lie could do [or the church. the Naval hero who defied red I - . tape to evacuate wounded service- ! vi c-^ t . . > f men from Java early in the war, j NefifO Students to Give is eeitinu ready to return to the Comedy Tomorrow Night Pacific its a missionary. lie and Mrs. Wassell plan to sail j from Los Angeles Oct. 18. for the Hawaiian Islands of Molokai -xhetv ! , lie will serve without pay as a p!,y- i sician in the 32-bed Episcopal Hos- } pital. | Dr. Wassell was the man who at- I taitied nationwide fame when the laic President Roosevelt told the story of his heroic rescue of wounded from the Cruisers Houston ar.r! Marblehead off Java in 194.!. Dt:r-- ing the Java campaign, D:. Was- iell remained behind in the path of: advancing Japs to care foi 12 se-' rtotisly wounded men. \Yho:n he; later evacuated to safety. j Dr. V/assell, a former doctor- i missionary to China, holds the Navy j Cross lor his heroism. He studied at Johns Hopkins University and later took his medical degree Iroin the University of Baltimore. The story of his life was written by the Author James Hilton, and later filmed under the title, "The Story of Dr. Wassell," with Gary Cooper playing the leading role. Dr. Wassell is a former Little Rock Physician, but he and -Mrs. Wassell have lived in Hot Springs! since his retirement as an admiral in the U. S Navy. A part of the 40-mile-long Island of Molokai is a government leper colony, but Dr. Wassell sai'd the Episcopal hospital is isolated from the fenced-in colony, and has no connection with it. Restless after several years' re- Negro Deaths Funerni services for Kolu'ii I.ns- sUer, Ni'Bio wlio died last Wi'ilHts- :lay, will be helil tomorrow i\t 'J art Plrsl lliiptisl Clitirch In- steiul of totUiy n.s previously planned. Hev, T. A. Ilinywoud, pastor, Will grflcl.iiU 1 . liorne I'tmeral Home In c|utritc. *riie llu'i-iiioinclor Is m(smvminl. Its name comes from Hie Greek thermos for heat and mulruii for niea.HUie, but tiotually It measure U'WIH't'iUure. not hcnl. TaH«l Ciun Whiiles, like birds, are by selentlsts for mtcralUm nil In nunklng wholes, Die num-1 tubes und fired into bers are placed In stainless steel | thick; blubber, a. study, fine aiialn, but U'ls liini- ls one Instead of two ranchisc Delays Bring Better Deal for Citizens urn.i; KOC:K. Ark.. Ann 'if>. Ul'' l.itte Rock re.sident.s held .he iiroimso today of ti'eetfm he inen-iisi 1 'ents. The C'iiy Counell lust nlj;ht ap- )rovcd un enici-gou-y fare luureaf; "rom si>: to seven cenl.s for the }rtpltal 'rrans]>oi lalion Co. tifler -he nldermen sustained Mayor Sam Wasscll's veto (tf a resolution ny lor an to elyht ce.nls. Wassoll vcloed the earlier on Ihe ndviec ol CHy Attorney 'I J. dentiy \\-ho contended .rollcy Ini-e could be chatiBed only l>y ordinance. IL is uiulerstood that the new fare will nut be effective until similar increase Is approved In North Mile lffl[-k. In other action last night, the council Ijt'^au a program of re- dlstrlbtuini! Ihe tax load by Increasing the tnx for profession"] men Iroin S10 to *'J5 a year. Livestock Minor Tropical Storm Strikes On Texas Coast A three-act comedy, "Young and Lively", siwnsored by the Parcnt- Teacliers Association of William D. Harrison Negro School, will be presented tomorrow night, S o'clock, at Bethel A. M. E. Church. Participating in the ptny will be 12 Harrison students. OA'LVESTOiV, Tex , Alljf. 2G. (UP) —A minor tropical hurricane blew itself out in the interior of Texas yesterday 'after lashing Galve-ston and Texas City with hijjh winds and rain. Coastal areas had prepared for I these Split Leather Leather solc.s arc made from thick, iinslil, liides, but a hide is split into various thicknesses to produce most oilier leather goods. a much stronger storm after it was first reported 150 miles southeast of here Saturday afternoon. The full force was disslpatetl, however, as the storm center hovered off the coast for 24 hours. Only one person was known to have died as a result of the storm. Joseph M. Taber, Oalveston,' was electrocuted when he tried to move a live wire ydlli a wet stick. A fishing boat which left Houston for Galvcslon liny Friday still was imreported at' Gulf ports. ST. LOUIS NATIONAL, STOCK- CARDS, Aug. M. (UP)— USDA'i — Livestock: )loes. 9,300; salable O.nnQ; 1 AhuiKhlor barrows and gills Hilly 53c lower llinn Monday's avcr- a!;c; top 27.75; billk 180-240 Ibs 27.50-^'CTft; some choiccc 250 Ib.s included !n 27.75; but 'most lols 250-270 IDs 20.50-27,SO; little dene on hrnvlcr kind; 1CO-1BO Ibs 213.25-27..V); 130-150 Ibs 23.RO-2a.7r); 100-120 Ibs 20'.50-22.5C; sows SOo'lo Si lower; -some bids off more: early sales mostly 19.00-24.00. Cattle (i.OOO; .salable S.SOO; calves 2.700 all salable; about 40 loads of sU;.TS offered; 22 cars of southwest range steers; approximately 35 per cent of total receipts cows; market opening with stronger undertone on vlr-j tually- all classes; choice medium I wti^ht steers, 32.50; several loads: medium to good steers. 24.EO-2fl.-j 50; lighter weights, medium flesh | but good quality $20; little donq" on Western grass steers; [jood heifers and mixed yearlings 24.00- 2C.CO; medium 17.5u-23.00; common. 13.00-1G.5C; ;cw cows n.OU- 111.00; common to medium 13.50- 1C.OO; cannci's and cutler 10.7, 1 )11.00. ^ , Larry Kneas & Co. Announces New Location Room 200, Isaacs Building \ The I.;UTV Kncas Co., PtiUlir Accountants ami Audi- tors wishes to announce a change in location from 10!) Kasl Main Street to Room 200, Isaac's Building. The firm specializes in Public Accounting, Auditing and Income Tax problems. NEW PHONE 3490 For COMPLETE SERVICE Bring Your Car or Truck to LEE MOTOR SALES Complete Line of Parts -Oldsmobile, CMC Trucks Complete Accessories See Our Line of Form Trailers Easy Terms Sales Dept. Open Nights until 9p.m. Large Stock of USED CARS '46 Ford—Radio and Heater '41 Chevrolets—4 in Stock '41 Chevrolet 5 Pass. Coupes '41 Pontiac 4-Door — New Paint '40 Chevrolet Club Coupe And Many Others New CMC 48 Passenger School 'Bus Ready to Go We Buy Clean Used Cars Sales Dept. Open Nights Until 9p.m. Phone 519 LEE MOTOR SALES Oldsmobile CMC Trucks East End of Main St. YOU'LL SAVE MONEY AT TRUCK HEADQUARTERS Of all the trucks built, the truck that will last longest on your job is a truck that BIYTHEVILLE MOTOR CO, .217 S. Second Street Phono 422 QUESTION: How Are Size and Shape Retained? ANSWER: To niako every garment you send us look brighter »m\ wear longer, each iirfielu is cnrefiilly finished and measured l«)Vh before anil after denning through use ii f steam electric irons, presses and other spt-cial equipment. Try us today. New Telephone Number Auq. 28, 4418-4419 BLYTHEVILLE AND DRY CLEANERS Phones 418-419

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