The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 31, 1948 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 31, 1948
Page 7
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SATURDAY, JANUARY 31, 1048 » CUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams IT'S A DISGRACE TO RUN JUST BE CAUSE THIS NEIGHBORHOOD HAS A TOUGH REP.' WHY. I THINK. I CANi HANDLE THAT SMALLEST ONE, AMD YOU SHOULP BE ABLE TO HANDLE THE BIG ONE AMP HIM THE OTHER,' NO-GIVE USA. LITTLE LEISURE FROM ALWAV5 THINKINf 'TELL U6 A BIVAL ROMEO LYING IKlTUfc WEEDS FORVOG, DOVOO CARRY SOME COROlER'6 AFTER -/DUNE r<EPT VOORSELF OUT OP THE OLD CLOTH E6 8A.6 ALL, THESe NEARS, VOE'D HWfe TO SEE YOU ANYBODY THKV 6lO6 PUKJCH&6 WITH NVe, I'LL DOUBLE IN VDOR WALLET IN CASE YOU RUM ItfVO A ORDER OP WALKING TIPTOE THIS YJ&&K ? CORNER POCK&T.' THE DIALS 6RIKJG IN A SETTER Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople Bm-HKVlU.E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVEN Move to 'Build Your Home Town' Started in State LITTLE ROCK. Ark., Jan. 31. (UP.)—A "build your home town" plan was formally launched In Arkansas with an address yo.sterdny by C. Hamilton Mopes, president ot the Arkansas Economic Council- State Chamber of Commerce. Speaking before the Greater Little Rock Chamber of Commerce Moses said that the program is being sponsored by the state chamber and the Arkansas Resources and Development Commission, ^to outlining the purposes and ob- j^Vves of the plan, Moses urged «m!?ll towns to expand and strengthen their present industries; to seek and support present industries; nnd to balance their agriculture with industry. He also urged attractive lucrative employment for all citizens and the creation of comfortable living conditions for nil Arkansas residents. Lone Mfe on Backs Turtles will live longer out of the THRILLING! I U'liat a thrill once your ball goe« ipinriim down the alley and make* a atrlkc! Make It a family affair! BOWL TONIGHT! ChitwoocTs Bowling Alleys East Main Street Phone 4929 OFFICE mrse By Adelaide Humphries SKVICt, IKC. li< b, THE prrlljr. lor :rlr Hull,I ink. ru kl. i'lvr f»r ktim. i:[l.-»-l* Mollc Ihr Nl-frrf iirlm. II.-IH hrc *lrn<,K*-ly of IrtTc". Shr hii irnTjil mjMrrluu* lilninr .-till. *nd takrn tfntv nff durfnff Attire hour* villhuut riplnnMllon. Janlr« know* tlml the rturnnn'ji Hill* Kdnn M«r. hn« been III til (hi- thtxt hlld !• i lulk to you," I I hnv<- «. tnlk r. ||ul fbla do. Thru ,,,,. .1 ..... ,.» ACROSS n (able in a corner booth in (he tearoom Janice saw that Eileen was trembling uncontrollably. "We'll have some hot ten, with lemon." she suggested. She wished she could have ordered a brandy. There seemed no doubt, thai Eileen was suffering a chill, or shock. "Wliy didn't f talk to you yesterday?" Eileen said. "Why didn't I go home, as you wanted me lo?" She buried her face in both hands, elbows on the hard table. But in a moment she looked up again. Her voice was dull, lull of disbelief in what she was about to say. "She's gone," Khe said flatly. "He did it. He said he would. But I never thought he would. If only I'd talked to you—to someone— yesterday." "Tell me about it now," Janice suggested gently. "Try to take a sip or two of your lea while it's hot. You're shivering, Eileen; you'll catch a dreadful cold. That's right—fine." She gave the older girl a smile of approval as she obeyed, almost automatically. "Now lell me—who's gone and whom do you mean by 'lie'?" Of course Janice knew lhai Eileen meant Edna Mae; she could not be so upset about anyone else. By "he" she must mean her hus- water, If placed on their hacks. Otherwise, the weight of the shell compresses their internal organs. band. She usually referred to him, when she spoke of him at all, as "he" or "him." lie hiul not supported his family in ye:u s. "I told him to get out," 1-lilccn said. "J should have told him (hat Ions ago. But after all, he's Edna Mae's father." "Yes?" Janice prompted. She could not help feeling glad lhat Eileen had finally taken n Mimil. Ttic man might be Edna Mac's father but apparently he had never felt Ihc responsibility of the relationship. • • • i E cm:l<in ' 1 &et on with Mrs. Burger—that's Ihc woman 1 ve for Edna Mae. Dell took n dislike to her—I guess because she got his number right off. Only I never iliouglil he would be so mean, so low. He said, when I told him to (jet out, that if be did, he'd sec thai I'd live to regret it to the last day of my life." Janice tried to summon a little laugh uf reassurance. She said, "Of course he was only binding." "That's what I thought." It still seemed as though Eileen could not put what she had to say into words, as, though she was afraid that if she did, she must acknowledge the truth of them. "Yes?" Janice prompted again. "He said he'd lake her away and I'd never see her again." There—the dreadful words were out. Eileen said them in the same (lat voice, but there was conviction in her tone as she added, "Thai's what lie's done, all right, ru never sec her again—never. My bab-j—my little girl!" She turned tier head away as though she knew that the grief in her eyes was too much to ask anyone to !&>k upon. Janice reached quickly across the table. Her firm grasp gave the other girl's shoulders a ciuick shake. "Certainly you'll see her again! Don", say such things!" She pur- Read Courier News Waal Ail. [loscly made her lone sharp. "We'll So to the police." "No. no—not tlial! He might do anything then. You don't know him, lie doesn't care anything about Kdiw Mac', us mosl men do llu-ir children, lie wus always jealous—lie said I cared loo much about her. 1( 1 went to the police he might hurt her. All our quarrels were over Kdna Mac. lie said she was the cause or nil our trouble. He said I was I lying lo turn her against him." .liincl considered a momenl. "Perhaps Dr. Holbrook—" she began. "IV 0 ' " o! " Eilccn Protested. "Trial's why 1 wouldn't let Dell come near the oflice. Please —please, I don't want the doclor lo know. I couldn't go back to work day after day, it he knew." "I understand," Janice said. She decided lhal it would he belter, lor other reasons, too, nni to have Eric know. Janice was discovering, since that evening when he had taken her to dinner, that it was no longer wise lo go (o the doctor during odicc hours about anything lhal was mil slrid- ly profession;]]. It was becoming difficult enough lo maintain the roles of doclor and office nurse. There was, of course, one other man Janice could go lo. Eon Archer. She had mil seen Hen since lhat night wlien she had gotten Albie lo take her place. He had nol come lo the Hilary house since. But (his trouble of Eileen's was bigger lhan hurl pride, bigger than any other consideration. Everything else must be put aside now for Eileen McRae. "I know just Ihc righl person," Janice said, getting to her feet. "Wail here, Eileen. Or why don'l yon go back lo Ihc rest room and lj;i(lie your eyes and powder your nose?" Acliun of any kind' was better, she knew, lhan fulile ilis- cnssion. She also knew she could rely upon Ben. She hoped she would be able lo catch him before he lelt his office. Already she fell an immense relief, dialing Ihe number. For Janice knew that if anyone could help, il would be Ben. (To Be Continued) The Right Place To Buy Your Car ... EAST END AUTO SALES 503 East Main Street Clean Used Cars— AM MakesI Phone 4191 •1. W. Lorelady Al I .a r man Grover Frazier Clinic 514 Main, Blythcville, Ark., fhone 2921 SECURITY Savings at work here are loaned to home owners and are backed by one of the soundest types of security known... first mortgages on selected residential property. J *LYTHEVILLE FEDERAL 124 W. ASH ST. PHONE 35^5 MY TIME is 8OTR SPENT WITH THE CHILDREN' TRY NU-WA'S DOUBLE SERVICE • LAUNDRY • DRY CLEANING ALL IN ONE CALL! Devote move hours to Junior and Sis during their formative years. Send both your laundry nnd dry cleaning to Nu-Wa where you get swift, efficient service! Dial 4474-4475 FLOWERS BODY SHOP New Location 118 So. Lilly St. • ALL NEW EQUIPMENT • GUARANTEED WORK • ANY MODEL CAR or TRUCK All Jobs Restored to Factory-Like Condition. No Wreck a Total Loss! Our Work Must Satisfy Our Customers! FREE ESTIMATES GIVEN Wf WILL PICK UP AND DELIVER YOUR CAR Late Model Cars A Specialty WF INSTALL AUTO ACCESSORIES PKHCKIJCS & HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOSSKB H*nt«r's Discovery NOT we/ t SHOULD STfAL ANY BOCXM& ITOM Pff war/ Ant we GOING TO HILDA/ z--. WELL,i TOOK LIBERTY IfTftt. ALL, YO/RB WfiHRlAle. MWE ; .^ SL WdAT W BEENl MISSING Alt •nitSE YfTARS.' i SUCH COMFORT.' ttOV WOULD YOU UIKPT6 SWAP WARDROBES, HILDA? COr*. 1941 CV »C4 ICKMCC. INC. T. «. KCd U. t. PAT. Off "I don't know why I'm so hungry tonight—those lwo bowls of chili I Bte on the way horn* must have been :iii appetizer!" MtlSCU.l.A'S POP Him iiiul John Atilt'ii Mi- AI, VEHMEER That's right, \-f I'm lucky.. a hick out til I\ such sweet Uv MICHAEL O'MALLEY niul KALl'H LANIS f WU KNOW ME, SONVA. Mf AND AV>' ^ SAM (1NO COME; IRIENOS IN 1HIS BUS- k C1EAM.' WIIERt Hf TOID MYN/OKlW. IF1HIS FRIIND HE LWfD \5IRAI6HT. Wf'U COMC AT III15 ADDRtSS lOACK WfRf AND Kill) , I was gelling on Hie scene. UTS GO SlICC- US SOME Of THAI JEWtl PIC. INES5 HAVFNOlPAmC ON SOUTH MLA-J OUt YOUR IIIUE lllERE'SWMOfRK/WK'5 IH.-.Ct. WirHAlllHE MtADES I'lHllD DOWN, "l CAIUDWE <^S STUPID. , EK7 WIIH SWtf N 6O005. JOIAMOHO iVMK YOu'Rt NUKINo" ABOUT HVt-7 WARE. MWO'ISU HOCMHOP. WASH TIJItHS While Iris Slccpa Ity LESLIE TURNER SOK.KH I HAD TO DO THIS, IRIS. BUT fOU WERE WTERWHMED TO UPSET THE LAST STEP IM fM LIFE'S WOR<. NOU'U BE ALL EIGHT IK / FOUK HOURS! O BUTTIN& IM? NI.IES, EMC. SHE'SGWIERNEP VI EWOIIOWS RWHEK. IHMJ INTELLECT WOUID LET C. WSGIHDED SENSE OF Wiri THE WM1ER, ) THE BUSIEST DM OF PR.GWKEKVOuKllUES.EMO! W* 60r TO GET THOSE 5TOPTKEWUEHSOF SCIEMVIFIC SPECIMENS OUT OP THE PROGRESS'. GOMEAD..5LL FOUOW! ftFTERNOUR SISTER NSRIUED LAST WEEK AND By FRED HARMAN CLUE WE'VE Gor TiiAtJK H&AVES55 IITTIE BEAVERlS ____= BOT5-' LET '5 HEAP I ^T^ roa trie T>e«;cOT/ J v> •', Evcr.vhoily's C'ucUoo By V. T. HAMLIN HOOTS AND HKR WJDDIKS By EDGAR MARTIN

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