The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 26, 1947 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 26, 1947
Page 2
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(AHK.) COURIER NEW? TUESDAY, AUGUST 2G, 1947 Trieste Bishop Charged Communists With 'War' On Church by Beheading Priest Conducting Confirmations in Yugoslav-Occupied /stria TRIESTE, Aug. 26. (U.P.)^Tlie Yugoslav press reported today tliat 33 persons have been arresled in conj.ifcti.on with the beheading of a priest nnd the brutal boiilint' of" another in Istiia Sunday. The Arrests followed a charge by Msgr. Antonio Sanlin, bishop of Trieste, that Com- .munists in Istrla liad opened "war" on chuivli activity in connection with the weekend cmtoYeak-in the Yugoslav-occupied territory,. The Yugoslav Ne»'s Agency, AU. + —— - Uon at : Mmle 'aid those aftested would be tried in the Peoples Court, A \irlual comrnuincations "an was imposed today by Yugoslav authorities, making it: impossible for persons in Trieste to reach Piuine nnd learn the condition of Msgr. Jacob Ukmnr wjio suffered a- fractured skull and kidney- injuries In the Communist mob attack in'.which Father Miro 'Buselich was beheaded. The Yugoslav, agency blained the attack on the allegation that stones had been hidden in the.belfrey of the Linische church where Buse- lich was cqnducting connrnioiion ceremonies. The stones, the Yugoslav nsency alleged, had been hurled ol "Partisan peasants" who were trying to participate in the ehurcli .services. • •• - . 'Die victim ol Ihe. .beheading was Father Miro nusellch, Croat ussist- anl director of the Pi.s!i!o Seminary, a Communist mob attacked tl>e , church ui Lanls;lne wlierc Buselich was conducting con- firinalion* ceremonies, cut his head off with two slashes of a big knlft'. nnd beat Alsgr. Jacob Ukmur, 10. a Slovene priest specially delegated by Ihe Pope to conduct confirmations. First Attack In June Visibly .shaken by reports of tin? anti-clerh'al violence, Sanlin ehurg- ed Hint "this is war against confirmations" nnd cried, "whom .sluill 1 send to. confirm the children?'.' 'Hit bishop himself was attacked by a mob at Capoilistria in June. chinch. 'Die Giorntkle Trieste said edi- tomliy today- that "the only safe way fur Christian worship In V'u- goEluvia to continue Is to have it redcSct'hd into (he t-alacombs a,inJ hupe fcr a new resurrection. "It. is a gveal pity the delegates cl ihe .American churches nre no longer ;in Yugoslavia. They could set; for themselves no\v the value of Tito's assertions of freedom of worship ^ansl respect lor religions Institutions." SanUn said the outbursts of tmtl- clericnl-.violencR iti Yugoslav-occu- C.-ied 1st via were links in a campaign against churol| influence in Yugoslavia. A few hpurs after,the decapiU- lian of- one priest was disclosed, Trieste newspapers reported the discovery in an -Istrlan wood of the mutilated tody of Father KrisLlan. parisli priest of Golazzo. The priest dlsapp?arcd last week, the .vress reported, .speculating thai lie \vas kidnapttl DS he wus reLurn- ing from giving doctrinal instruc- Siinlin said lhnt the mob bent UK' pi'.rlsh priest's mother when it was unable to rind thy priest; Prlar Cok. ••'riic events ure an obvious link in a cleur pattern of orgunl/"d Communist opposition to church in- llucnce among the youth of Yugo- slav-oc-npicd (etrilory," the bishop suld. year Jvjsgr. Carlo Margotti .was stoned and chased Irom the Yugoslav zone'where ho hud gom: on a confirmation tour. Santin him- M.41 wa.s the next victim, and the attack brought a Vatican declaration ot tile c-xconmi imitation of all who took part in it. £:nilin said the auxiliary bishop ol Ljubljana. -Ms^r. Vouk. recently Wa.s stoned and char;t'd while tryln:; to carry out conllrmations. .Santin said the Vatican had 'DIH-I Informed ol Busellch'.s death. II .said lie "considered It useless" to ,?sk the inihtjiry j;o\TL'nmi'nl for ol Istrla. .support becims,. "on previous of.-n!!.' said Ukmiu 1 was liked by Kions Ihe AMCl illd not (leh;n lo ac- Catliulic Slav peasants nnd "I be- knowledge our written complaint." licved he wa.s persona grata, even The AMG said it hud no Infonn.i- to the Yugoslav authorities." Ruse- lion concerning Iluselich's dealh, lich accompanied Ukmar of I and Die mailer wns not tinder AMd bis position with' the Plslno tiemt- j or allied jurisdiction nary in Ihe area where the conilr- . •— matlpns were to take place. | Another I'riesl Hluln . In various parlsnes both priests; ROMK. Ant;. 1!G. cUPi '.In nnl- mel crBanizcd hostile groups wlio ' denlttied priest \vhc> bad beeii beal- pe'.lcd them with ripe totnatoos and I en on the head, robbed and shorn rotten eggs." the bishop snid. "'1 he i ol all marks of Idenltliculion wius Via AplHa lo- Postal Pussy 'Herd Instinct', Designer Says As Women Object to Long Skirts Pity poor Kltly. the Philadelphia city lull's net cat. who tries lo snatch letters, as they drop down the mall chute. Glass purtilion frustrates her, but also keeps her out cf trouble with postal lunhorilies. rlots were ellumxed at 1/misdiic. where a Comnumisl gang with re<l i'ags attaeketl the church." 'Despite the disorders, the priests bncl managed to complete the con- firmalion of about 20D clillilrcn. Santin said, before they had lo take refuge in the parish priest's house. The mob .stormed Ihe cottage and dragged the priests out.slde, be :;aid. Tells of Execution Both men were ucaicn badly, and then Busellch's head was cut off. The crowd .scattered, he said, when , Ukmar collapsed, suffering from I blows about the head nnd over the 1 Joinul de.vd on the day. Near the .scene police found letters in Slavic laltf,ua[ie.s and olhf-i 1 documents. Another Ice ARC A ten-degree drop in the temperature of the earth as a wholr would, in time, cover Canada, the Scandinavian countries, and much of the United States with p.real lc< sheets. Read Courier News Want Ads. IN MCMOIUAM S. l-'.\t Austin, Junior DiMl August 2K, 1S4:, lAller tins lile is over 'And all i.s luip])y and free We'll !>;• toi;elher. my darling. Jusr. you and Jesus and me. H'.s lone!v n f ,v; at njiti-night. Tlii- uioon is shining .so bright, The .'.l:\rs in I.eaven. my darling, •Aie v/alrliin;; your mother lonisbt. f can see >our .sweet fnce hi hei'.v<Mi As I w.itcii the moon and And t know you lire thinking ol mother And wisliim; T was with you tonight. I know thai Jesns will love you As you v/alk tln-t>ui;]i heaven so Ijrighl. Rir lie knows that I'm still praying For my durling boy tonight. Two years ago you left me I'm s'> lun;;c-ly now without Ihee iVVi'.iling and watching for Jesus To send my darling lor me So afler my life is over '.'\nd tne louon an<i 'star.s are mi inci'(s You and I will bD in heaven Where paiting wil| be no more. Your Ixmesomo Mother. Mrs. S. E. Austin NEW YORK. Aug. 20. iUP>—-It's* Die woman herself who will decide be fate of the new fad, the longer skirt. That was the consensus today of leading dress designers who W3re polled by the New York Dress Institute. Here Is what Adele. Simpson had to say: "While I believe women are going lo change their minds and love the way they look in Hit new styles, I think it's silly to carry on about it. Alter all, most women have tlropjMxl •obey' out of Iheir marriage- service. Whal niL'.ccK them Ihink a fasl'.loii desi[;ner would try to dictate lo tin-in?" E.iid J:> Copeland: "No fashion designed can force her ideas on Ihe consumer. We merely suggest n new way to lok. The final judge Is Ihe woman herself." Nettie Kor.cnstein said: "You can liuve your choice, as always. This is a Iransition period. Again, women are trying lo assume that everybody way lo look. The final judge Is the must like again. II must be the herd instinct. Skins will find Hieir own evel, I hope." Harriette Harra: "All this talk of obsolele wardrobes is unfair lo fxsli- on design. No designer in his right hind would want women to throw iway all ol her clothes and .start over." Norman 'Norell: "Skirls aren't r>?t- tjn;4 lonycr. They are longer. -Hut some women are getting unnecessarily alarmed." June Derby: "If women don't like longer .skirts, v.hy don't they quietly turn up the hem? 'But don't cut .hem olf, because as sure a.s they're born they will drop them again." FBI Enters Audit Core •MKMPI1IS, Tenn.. Airg. 20 (UP! PHI agenUi joined the search lotliy for a cot'.pje wiio disapprared urhr to an audit whloh .showed shortage:; of $102.000 on Ihe hook; of an automobile iinmice firm. Gland A. Tempieicn. 31 niui ni'ir- ried, ft partner in the !if:ti. ami M s lUiby Gresham, a bookkeeper, were wanli.'d loj' questionitig, ptjiiec- s.iid. THE NEW EASY SP1NDRIER THIS TUB WASHES A FULL LOAD WHILE THIS TUB SPINS A FULL LOAD DAMP-DRY YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR I HRRF IT IS! A new 19-ifi Hasy washer with ail the lutcst improvements, and yet a washer you know you can trust! Easy Washers have been home-tested and proved by over 2,000,000 satisfied owners. And they're made by specialists with 68 years experience in building home laundry equipment. The Hasy Spindricr is designed to help make your washing easier... and faster! It's a miser "with hot water and soap, yet your clothes are snowy clean. And it whirls out up to 25% more \\aicr than linlu- set wringer rolls so clothes dry quickly both indoors and out. INFLATION Continued from 1'uge 1. Ill the economic council sny, however, that the price rise will only accenlnnle the possibility of a slump. Mi'. Truman's new appeal will bo in general term. 1 ; to :ill Imsini'.'iS but tlie major target will be big industries whk-h "administer" pi ices-that is. fix them on ;\ !UIM J , term ba- .si.s nnd not in day-to-diiy rc-spunsc to the market, it was salti. Most lai K''-:;cale industries sueli as automobiles operate; on Ibis basis. Their kiuli-L'.s. v.'hom the- economic 'Council's report-; U-rin "busi- ngs bureaucrats," will \x: ur;;i'ii niie\v to liokl (lie line nnd if ijle to cut, prices. Tile administration regarded its voluntary price cut program last .Sprint; ns a success. Several large concerns, including the Ford Motor Co. and International Harvester, shaved their prices slightly. The retail trades made an elfurt to cut where they conid until again. Ford, however, recently raised 'prices following similar action by virtually all other major automobile producers. The outlook far holding the line in food utid clothing admittedly is ilurk. ('kilhlng prices are expected to s<> up between five and 10 p*r rent this Fall, Food prices, lire still toi»t up anil probafely will advance further because of ihe poor cgrn crop. | Administration economists concede that food costs make up the major portion of the average per- I son's budget, but point out that , prices are subject to con- trol and are likely to stay high a.s lujiH a.s consumer demand remains high. Even at inflated prices food consumption is now at a near-record high. These experU add that food and clothing in'ices are more sensitive lo the- market and will tend to fall' in lime of recession whereas "ad- I ministered price" goods will stay hit;!) because Industrialists will cut production In order to maintain prices. SELL Your Car While Prices are HIGH! to SH ELTON Motor Company 119W. Ash Phone 438 t*i BOTTLES AND AT FOUNTAINS Read Courier News Want Ads. I price rises forced then! to go U| Pfp:i-Cola Company, lang Idtuid Oil)/. N. Y. Kriinchiwri ttnltter: I'tpsi-Cola Kottiine Co. i>f Klytheville KROEHLER FURNITURE Drop in and sec this miracle machine work. Once you've seen an Easy Spindricr in action you'll never be satisfied with less, WASHES MORE CLOTHES FASTER 1 Spindncr'i twin tubl do the I *Tcngc family wash in kss than «v I**T. One (ub w»ba white tbe Z Easy's patented Spiralator washing action is gentle as a baby's handclasp. Washes *»//die clothes in fll pans of die tub—a full 9 Ib. load. Noold fasllioncd wringing! You can rinse (it whirlsout upto2Sfi on water) and darnp-dr)- cloihcs ithout lifting in Spinuricr basket. tno\ wuhi * Faster ironing, too! The Spin- T vlricr's whirling; action can't put dccji-crcascil wrinkles into fabrics. Cin't break bimonsorruin .-iicrs. I ih c.; CHARLES S. 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