Santa Maria Times from Santa Maria, California on February 5, 1987 · 19
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Santa Maria Times from Santa Maria, California · 19

Santa Maria, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 5, 1987
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Friends affectionately recall the flashy pianist LOS ANGELES (AP) - Friends and fans of Llberace remembered the diamond-bedecked pianist as a man who matched his flashy showmanship with kindness, generosity and warmth. . "Lee was one of the world's most gifted popular pianist, a warm soul who contributed years of pleasure to millions," said comedian Bob Hope, a friend for four decades. "He will be sorely missed." Liberace, who died Wednesday at 67, had been gravely ill for weeks with anemia, emphysema and heart disease, according to spokesmen. He lapsed into a coma Tuesday and never regained consciousness. A published report that he had AIDS was denied by the spokesmen. . "It really doesn't matter how it ends for any of us," said fellow Las Vegas entertainer Wayne Newton. "The only thing that truly matters are the hearts and souls we touch along the way. And Liberace touched many hearts. I had great respect for him." . Singer Frank Sinatra said, "That he was a consummate artist is not really as important as my telling you he was one of the finest human beings I've ever known." "He was gentle, friendly, warm, and he cared," Sinatra said. Comedian Red Skelton said Liberace was the personification of show business because of his ability to deliver performances that delighted audiences. "He was the P.T. Barnum of the symphony halls. I hope the cynics don't make a circus of his death. God wouldn't like that," Skelton said from Chicago. "He was too good a man. He was very gentle and kind and sometimes people mistake that for weakness." Liberace died at his Palm Springs home Wednesday afternoon, surrounded by family, his manager, housekeepers and friends, said Denise Collier, his spokeswoman in New York. "It's a great loss, but a great addition to heaven," said fan Kathy Mays of Palm Springs as she stood outside Liberace's home. "I'll remember his humor, compassion, showmanship and talent unequalled anywhere." His friend and fellow entertainer, Phyllis Diller, in an interview from Hollywood, Fla., said Liberace appeared ill when she saw him during his final performance in October at Radio City Music Hall in New York. "I had a feeling he was ill," but did not ask Liberace about his appearance, she said. "I felt he would be sensitive about it." "He was the greatest positive thinker you could ever, ever know," she said. "He loved ! life, he loved to laugh ... he loved people. He was a terrific showman. He was a consummate showman." "Lee was one of a kind, like all the beautiful treasures he collected," said Debbie Reynolds in a statement. "He will always be Publicist describes the showman's final days By United Press International Friends and family of entertainer Liberace gathered this week at his palatial California desert home to say their poignant goodbyes, and one observed, "If the streets of heaven are made of gold, we know he'll love it there." Liberace, the man Red Skelton called the P.T. Barnum of the symphony halls, came home last week to his beloved Casa De Liberace in Palm Springs to die, and those closest to him gathered for a final reunion. The pianist died Wednesday afternoon at age 67. Jamie James, the publicist who watched the man from Milwaukee capture America's musical heart, choked with emotion Wednesday as he talked of the entertainer's final days. He said those close to Liberace knew he'd been sick for a year but were unaware just how sick. "Gladys, the housekeeper at Liberace's Las Vegas home, told me he moved his III iiiiiiiw t WEARING a white fur coat and many rings In this 1985 picture is the unrivaled king of glitter. r SHOWN beside his trademark candelabra in 1947 is Liberace. AP Laserphoto treasured by his friends and his fans. He should only be remembered for his humani-tarianism to ' all charities, and his great talent. I shall miss his sweetness and smiling face." Paul Anka recalled that Liberace shared his showmanship secrets with a newer generation of entertainers in the neon glow of Las Vegas. "He has helped many young artists and worked hard to develop their talent," said Anka in a statement. "He'll be missed by all entertainers and the millions of his admirers throughout the world." Frequent Las Vegas headliner Suzanne Somers said she considered the pianist's entertainment skills to be dazzling. "Many entertainers that have performed in Las Vegas couldn't help but be awed by Lee's extraordinary talent and professionalism," she said. "The galaxy of entertainment lost one of its brightest stars with the death of Liberace," said Barron Hilton, chairman of Hilton Hotels C6r. "He was one of the most popular entertainers ever to grace the stage of the Las Vegas Hilton showroom." Singer-actress Shirley MacLaine summed up Liberace's standing in the entertainment community simply: "Lee was the nicest person in show business." favorite car from Las Vegas to Palm Springs about six months ago," James said in a telephone conversation from Los Angeles. "She said she knew then he would never come back; he would never see the house in Las Vegas again." James was called down to Liberace's Palm Springs home on Monday. "He was lying there, his eyes open," James recalled of walking into Liberace's bedroom. "His nurse told us to talk to him. She said 'Maybe he can hear you.' We talked to him. I was hoping he could watch it all and say 'God, they really do love me.' "I did not know what to expect when I went down there. They were trying to honor his wishes, to let him die with the dignity he wanted to die in. He was very brave. He took no medication. He definitely was not afraid. His body did not want to go. "He had an English nurse. He called her Florence Nightingale II. She would announce us: We would talk to him as if he could hear. There was maybe one or two winks. "He had the rosary wrapped around his right hand. There was no jewelry. The rosary beads were his jewelry. There was music playing in the room; just beautiful music. One was a Barbra Streisand tape he loved so much. "He chose the dignity of dying in his own home, without the fuss and bother of being in a hospital with all the tubes and the oxygen and stuff." James said Liberace's housekeeper came down last week from Las Vegas and fixed some of the entertainer's faorite foods. His requests: meat loaf and chicken and dumplings.- - " . "I think he knew all of us. The nurse said he can hear and remember a lot. We all held his hands and touched him. He would move his hand sometimes, he would react sometimes by blinking his eyes." Liberace's housekeeper had nursed ah ailing rose bush in Las Vegas back to health. She clipped a stem that held four roses and put it in a simple vase, then placed it in his room among elegant floral sprays from friends around the world. Before he lapsed into a coma late Sunday, the housekeeper asked him which flowers he liked best He pointed to the roses, James said. , . ' In November 1983 Liberace nearly died of uremio poisoning. He told of a vision of being .visited by a small nun, and a miraculous, "recovery followed. ' crr.,2 3 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. ttoccy ttu Friday Rom 5 CEat. CgHTcHFtm 54M747 After 5 P.M. CflH 823422 c::::ti:xi Corrections molt be In The Santa Maria Time! office by 10:00 a.m. to be corrected for the next day. CAXSELUTltXS Advertisement! cancelled before 1 1:00 A.M. will not appear the following day. Advertisement! cancelled after 1 1 00 A M. will appear the following day and will be charged. REFUNDABLE CANCELLATIONS must be picked up m person at The Santa Maria Times office 3200 Skvwav Drive. Santa Maria, CA between 8:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M. dally. Refunds must be picked up within thirty (30) days of cancellation. BARGAIN BOX ads nave a courtesy cancellation only NO REFUNDS. ERRORS The Santa Maria Times will be responsible for the FIRST INSERTION ONLY In the event of an error, and will rectify ; any error not the fault of the. advertiser) by republication of advertisement In error, as deter mined by the Classified Advertising Manager. Errors continuing beyond the first publication shall be I the responsibility of the Advertiser. PLEASE CHECK YOUR ADVERTISEMENT DAJLYI The Santa Maria Times reserves the right to correctly classify all advertisements, to delete objectional words or phases, or to edit or refuse any advertisement. It is our Intention that every advertisement clearly specifies a bonaflde offer made in good faith. 2-99unoicasm 1 Butlnm a Service I Promotions 4 flnoncioi Directory f Free Ad I Cord of Thanks Funeral Directors I Lien Sole 4 Lodge Nonces lost a round Notices T Personals f I Personal Service Fl People to People M Social Clubs Travel 100-1 99 SERVICES IM BuildlnorConlrocllna 10 .Appliance Repairs I Buudlng-Controcting II Business Machine Repair I If CfHW Care II Cleaners I If Data-Computer Services I General Services I if Income Tax 1 44) Loridscapino-Gorderang I4f Movinj-Houling-Stofoge I f Pwrrnog-LiecoroTiriQ If 1 Plumbing ft Heating Iff Radio-TV Repair !( Rest Homes 4 .. 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Supplies 4n Radio ft TV 41 ...Sporting Goods 41 Stables ft Saddlery 41 Stereo-Equip, ft Service 41 .Computers 4 Swop Column M Wonted To Buy 600-599 IEU ESTATE in ..Acreoge Ml Buildings For Sale f f Business Property n comm. maus. property f I (dominiums For Sale f If .Forms ft Ranches fa .....Houses For Sole flf .. .income Property f .. LOR Real Estate Exchange I f4f Reeorts-Beoch Properly I f n .. Townhouse I If f f . Out OT Town Properly I IM Wanted-Real Estate I 600-699 fieucul 44 ...usmes Opportunities !.. .insurance I. Investments a... .Investment Dealers . Money To loon 444 .Mortgagee-Trust Deeds I . Wonted To Borrow I 700-799 R3T1LS . Apartments For Rent I 7f. .... .Beach Homes Resorts .DuiinoM Property Space ..CorxkyrwvufTn For Rent .Forms ft Acrerge fl, fa.. tm. rf- Motels ft Hotels I Houses For Rent I . MacaOoneous For Rant I Office ft Desk Space I Rentals To Shore I 744 . 741.. . 7f -Room ft Board I Rooms For Rent I Space Far Rent I 171 74... 7f ....... ..Townhouses I Wonted To Rent I FT. Worehouees OuMdmpsI 771 Personal storage I tsse&Krais M Airaanes-SoieeSerMce I HI Campers I I a Motorcycles n - -Sond-Beoch Buggies I 4. Vans 4-wneei Drive I .Antique Con I .. a.. af n. .AiM Leasing I .Auto Repair I -Auto Sound Equipment I Autos For sale I Engines ft Pens I -J Perwrmonce I muB-Camper Sheet I Ml. SportHmport Oars I Tees Wheels Krrtm Tncks ft Pickups I -Wonted Automceve I it CLr.::::::D v;.",7f.:3 c:t Tin iZ3 c:::: 020-2GQ1 Lffl Notice FICTITIOUS BU8INE88 NAME STATEMENT . The tallowing person is doing business et: CLEAN ft COAT SYSTEMS. S4S Weil Belters-vie Road. 8nte Merle, California. S3464. Full name end addrees of Registrant: ROBERT L. WILCOX, IO Julllen Drive. Santa Maria, Calllornle. 03455. Thla business la conducted by an Individual SIGNED: Robert L. Wlleoe This statement waa tiled wilh the County Clerk of Bentr Barbara County on December 29, 1B8S. File No. 52277. Thla la a new fictitious business name statement which expiree December 3t , 1 891 . CERTIFICATION I HEREBY CERTIFY THAT THIS COPY IS A CORRECT COPY OF THE ORIGINAL 8TATEMENT ON FILE IN MY OFFICE. HOWARD C. MENZEL County Clerk By: M.M. Kuntrelman Deputy No. 4765-Pub. January 29. February6, 12. 19. 1987 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT The following peraon la doing business aa: AIR TOOL SYSTEMS, 543-0. Weat Belleravia Road, Santa Maria. California, 93455. Full name and address ot Registrant: DONALD M. COX, 1430 Marilyn Way. Santa Mar-la, California, 93454. Thla buSinese is conducted by an individual- SIGNED: Donald M. Cox Thla statement wes tiled with the County Clerk ol Same Barbara County on December 31, 1986. File No. 33421 Thla la a rellle atatement which expiree December 31 , 1 991 . CERTIFICATION I HEREBY CERTIFY 'THAT THI8 COPY IS A CORRECT COPY OF THE ORIGINAL STATEMENT ON FILE IN MY OFFICE. KENNETH A. PETTIT County Clerk-Recorder By: Sandra C Lopez Deputy Clerk-Recorder No. 4762-Puo. January 29. February 5. 12, 19. 1967 NOTICE TO BIDDERS Notice Is hereby given that the Board ot Education of the San-la Maria Union High School District will accept bids lor APPLICATION OF ASPHALT EMULSION SLURRY SEAL TO RUNNING TRACKS AT SANTA MARIA AND RIGHETTI HIGH SCHOOLS. Specifications may be obtained from the Purchasing Office. 301 West Stowell Road. Sinta Maria. California, 93454 Bids must be enclosed in a sealed envelope addressed lo the Purchasing Agent on or before February 17. 1987, 2 00 p m. at which lime and place the bids will be opened. The Board ot Education reserves the right to waive any Irregularities, accept or reject any or all bids, and to accept or reject any items thereon. LARRY G RUTTAN For the Governing Board Santa Maria Union High School District Santa Barbara County California No. 4767-Pub. January 29, February 5, 1987 YOU ARE IN DEFAULT UNDER A DEED OF TRUST. DATED October 18. 1977 UNLESS YOU TAKE ACTION TO PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY IT MAY BE SOLD AT A PUBLIC SALE IF YOU NEED AN EXPLANATION OF THE NATURE OF THE PROCEEDING AGAINST YOU. YOU SHOULD CONTACT A LAWYER NOTICE OF TRUSTEE S SALE No 110665FMC On March 2, 1987. at 1 1 00 a.m., in the office lobby of Continental Land Title Company, 200 East Carrilio Slreet. in the City of Santa Barbara. County ot Santa Barbara. Stale of California, CALIFORNIA RECONVEYANCE COMPANY, a California Corporation, as duly appointed Trustee under that certain Deed of Trust executed by PEGGY GIRARD. en unmarried woman, as trustor, recorded on November 23. 1977 as Instrument No 77-58288. of Olficial Records of Santa Barbara County. Slate of California, under the power ol sale therein contained, will sell al public auction to the highest bidder lor cash or check as described below, payable at the time ot sale in lawful money of the United States bf America, without warranty, express or implied, as lo title, use. possession or encumbrances, all right, title and inter-. eal now held by It as such Trustee in and to Ihe following described property situated in the etoreaaid County and State, lo wit: Lol 86 ot Tract No. 10003. Unit No. Two. in the County of Senta Barbara, State of California, aa ehown on map tiled In Book 52, Pegea 1 3 and 1 4 ol Mapa, In the office of the County Recorder of eaid Coun- he total amount of the unpaid principal balance, interest thereon, together with reasonably eatimatad cosla. expenses and edvancea at the time ol the initial publication of this Notice are $40,452.23 Currently dated Cashiers Checks or Certified Checks peyeble to the Trustee or bidder are ecceptable to Trustee provided proper identification Is available. From Information which the Trustee deems reliable, but lor which Trustee makes no representation or warranty, the atreet address or other common designation of the above described property ia: 3034 Montano Drive, Santa Maria, , California. 93454. Said property Is being sold for the purpose ot paying the obligations secured by said Deed ot Truat Including fees and expenaea of the Truatee and o( ' Sale. - .! , DATED: January 15, 1967 CALIFORNIA ' RECONVEYANCE COMPANY. aa said Trustee By: Suzenne Kelly Executive Vice President 9451 Corbln Avenue Norlhrldge, Ca. 01 328 Telephone: (816) 701-2575 No. 4756-Pub. Jenuary 20, Februarys, 12, 1087 . FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT The following persona are doing business aa: COMPETITIVE CONCRETE, COMPETITIVE PAINT, 251 Eileen Lane. Same Maria, California. 03455. Full names and addresses of Registrants: ELIAS LEE AGUt-IAR II, 251 Eileen Lene. Sente Merle. Cellfornla. 03455: PEER DAM-MIKKELSEN. 370 Alherly Lene. Benta Maria, California, 03455. This business la conducted by a lolnl venture. SIGNED: Elles Lee Aguller II Peer Dam-Mikkeleen Thla atatement waa filed with the County Clerk ol Santa Barbere County on January 26, 1987. File No. 52211. Thla la a reflle aielemenl which expires December 31, 1902. CERTIFICATION I HEREBY CERTIFY THAT THI8 COPY IS A CORRECT COPY OF THE ORIGINAL STATEMENT ON FILE IN MY OFFICE. KENNITH A PETTIT County Clerk-Recorder By Kelhy Richmond Deputy Clerk-Recorder No 4712-Pub. Februery 6. 12, 1. 24, 1917 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT The following person ia doing buslnesa aa: ATLAS CUSTOM GIL'S TV, 740 East Oak Street, Sente Maria. California, 93454. Full name and address of Re- Rlatranl: F ARID GIL, 1640 orth Gunderson, Santa Marie, California. 93454. Thla bualneaa la conducted by an individual. SIGNED: FarldQII 1 Thla etaiamenl was Iliad with' the County Clerk ol 8enla Barbare County on January Id, 1087. File No. 52476. Thla Is a new fictitious bualneaa name atatement which explrea December 31,1 092. CETIFICATION I HEREBY CERTIFY THAT THIS COPY 18 A CORRECT COPY OF THE ORIGINAL STATEMENT ON FILE IN MY OFFICE. KENNETH A PETTIT County Clerk-Recorder By: Sendre C. Lopez Deputy Clerk-Recorder No. 4736-Pub January 22, 20, February 5. 12. 1087 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT The following peraona are doing bualneaa as: ROYAL THEATRE. 646 Guadalupe Street, Guadalupe, Calllornle, 03434. Full names and addreases of Reglalranta: JUAN JAIME, 4491 Elm Street, Guadalupe. California, 93434, OLIVIA JAIME, 4401 Elm 8traet. Guadalupe, California, 03434 This buslnesa la conducted by husband and wife SIGNED: Juen Jaime Thla atalement waa filed with the County Clerk ol Santa Barbara County on January 22, 1987. File No. 52527. Thla la a new lictltlous business name atalement which expires December 31 . 1 992 CERTIFICATION I HEREBY CERTIFY THAT THIS COPY IS A CORRECT COPY OF THE ORIGINAL STATEMENT ON FILE IN MY OFFICE KENNETH A PETTIT County Clerk-Recorder By: Sendre C Lopez Deputy Clerk-Recorder No 4768-Pub. January 29. February 5. 12. 19. 1987 NOTICE OF DEATH AND OF PETITION TO ADMINISTER ESTATE Alice Grimsley Case No. SM52563 To all heirs, beneficiaries, creditors, contingent creditors, and persons who may be otherwise interested in the will or estate Of: ALICE GRIMSLEY. A petition has been filed by SHIRLEY KERSCHER in the Superior Court of Santa Barbara County requesting that SHIRLEY KERSCLtLER be ap- ted as personal representative to ad minister the estate of the decedent. The petition requests authority to administer the estate under the Independent Administration of Estates Act. A hearing on the petition will , be held on February 19, 1987 at 8:30 a.m. in Dept. I located at 312 East Cook Street, Santa Maria, California, 93454. IF YOU OBJECT to the granting of the petition, you should either appear at the hearing and state your objections or file written objections with the court before the hearing. Your appearance may be In person or by your attorney. IF YOU ARE A CREDITOR or a contingent P.0.C3X4C3 Smi mil, CA 93456 SANTA LUAniA TRIES ?S. Inboe yoor cbeck or VWMMterwd Number. Thaf'i rigrrf...fTl And lh acta w3 run I of two Hithm providing ttwy ar in ktoptng wttn our simpi ruli: 1. The mi AOS must be 7 words or less, including the phone number as one word. 2. The price of the Item must be Included In the ad and must not exceed $50.00. (No, Garage Sales or Animals). . , Baby changing table Obo. Call 343-1827 $40 Baby crib 928-6919 complete $40. Bike ladles 5-8 pd Schwinn Collegiate $50. 937-7342 Black and white darkroom $50.929-1115 Body glove, 3 mm wetsuit surfing 937-1551 Bog en RP-60 stereo receiver $35. 937-2750 Canon Excel. 7059 35 mm camera, cond. $50. 037- Carpet 9x1 0' & 11'x13' $50 both, tan. 937-5017 Cassette stereo warrvfm radio $40. 937-1621 4 chairs & dinette table gd cond $25 obo. 934-2061 Coffee table, solid maple, unique $50. Call 922-2853 1 2' cu refrigerator 934-2083 $50. 2-door medicine $15. 934-2083 cabinet Enkei rims $20 each. Call 937-6103 Front bumper '73 carlo $35. 937-5103 Monte 19" G E. B & W TV $45. 937-2750 20" girls Schwinn bike4 blue $35. Call 343-1827 2'4 horse power chain saw $50. 928-7579 Huffy basketball backboad whoop$40. 937-1621 Large Table lamp $25. Call 937-6809 Lge capacity Ward's dryer, works, $25, 934-2348 MANUAL Hospital bed, $50 922-3931733-0358 28 mm lens, mm. $35, like new. 349-0097 135 mm min. lens, like new $50. 349-0097 1972 Monte Carlo bumper $35. 937-0343 2- Legal Notice creditor of the deceased, you must file your claim with the court or present it to the personal representative appointed by the court within four months from the date of first issuance of letters as provided in section 700 of the-California Probate Code. The time for filing claims will not expire prior to four months from the date of the hearing noticed above. YOU MAY EXAMINE the file kept by the court. If you are a person interested in the estate, you may serve upon the executor or administrator, or upon the attorney for the executor or administrator, and file with the court with proof of service, a written request stating Roses are red, Violets areblue, Send a Sweetheart Ad to sayILoveYouF Write your Sweetheart Ad on this coupon and send or bring it to our classified advertising department betore February 12-11:30 A.M. Each ad is 3 lines (about 12 words). Examples: Bob, you mean the world to me. Love you, Mary Daddy, I love you very much and hope that you'll always be my Valentine. Love. "Your Little Poo-Dink" P.S. Mom loves you, too! Sweetheart Ads will be printed in a special classified section on February 13. Cost is $5.00 per ad. Each additional line of copy is $1.00 extra. Print your message hefe: Mustang If RT side door, no dents $50. 937-2306 . New GE deluxe toaster Oven $25. 934-1083 t" NEW HARVEY Custom wet suit, ex. kj. $45 937-0781 NORDIC A men 7'i ski boots, $35 922-3800. 14" P19575R tire chains new $20. 937-2662 Phonemate $25 obo. Call 937-3106 PoJoroid camera, flash & case $50. 925-6270 Raichle hiking shoes 1 1 n, like new $50. 934-2397 ; RubberCarpet pickup bed mat $50. 925-5207 J.; Sanyo stereo spkers, ex- cel. cond, $40. 937-4202 6' sliding close doors $30 ' nice. 1-489-6066excel. 1- 489-6066 10-speed bike. 27" mens' $40,937-4202 Stained glass swag $50. 928-7579 lamp Step-style end tables $35 each. Call 922-2853 Ten speed bicycle, excel.' cond $50. 937-2306 Tony Llama boots $40. Call 929-1115 Truck bed tool box wlocks $50. 937-2294 TV 12" B & W Mont-Ward like new $40. 934-2397 TV - 9" B&W Hitachi AC-DC $35. 937-7342 T.V. portable 937-3106 $25 obo. Typing table $1 5. Call 925-4119 VW bug front seat excel. 1-489-6066 $30. VW rim's Baja obo. 349-0619 style $40 Western belt buckle, $50. sterling silver, 925-3694 2- Legal Notice that you desire special notice of the filing of an inventory and appraisement of estate assets or of the petitions or accounts mentioned in sections 1200 and 1200.5 of the California Probate Code. JOSEPH C. GALLAS Attorney for petitioner JOSEPH C. GALLAS A Professional Law Corporation 401 E. Orange street Santa Maria, Ca. 93454 No. 4749-Pub. January 26. 30, February 5.1987 50- Lost & Found FOUND: Young female Tortoishell cat. Lakeview School area. 937-441 1 . LOST: Gold expansion bracelet, Woodsid' Pk area. Reward. 922-25''".

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