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Morning Post-Telegram from Camden, New Jersey • 3

Camden, New Jersey
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I 84 a 4 1 to MORNING POST TELEGRAM, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 11. 1906 ISAGREES ON OF KETLER After On Immoral Show Trial CHURCH NAMES OFFICERS Grace winos not of 10 send 000 of aments I nowhere INE F. M'CANN AT GLOUCESTER the fashionable 41 Mary's whet 186 el. Olearerter, 7 a aleter De Anthony I might about the bride a Net La left late In the ETERINE LLE COUNCIL SES ITS BUDGET Feb 10 -When spell met tonight the 1. calling for an 1.806 was approved.

larger than The borough plane to of the budget by I system in operation for ecided to accept the traffe and to Install another Ire street and Broadway. went on record an 4 bridge across the between Red Bank and adelphia. cation was received from or asking for permita for which he proposes to etween Brooklawn and The application fled. as the required fece ttached. LLE COUPLE ARE RIED AT ELKTON Feb.

borough surprise tonight when the and wedding of Miss Floreatherby, of Olive street, D. Shields, of Olive announced. therby is the daughter of a. ool Calvin Weatherby and teacher last year at ark. started Miss Weatherby and 18.

Instead for work yeaterof going to yment they boarded the ed. express for Elkton and Both are 21 years old. RY COMPANY NEW TREASURER Warner Underwood as treasurer, The company Cooper, of who the W. trial other establishments in the nderwood, officers are: Dr. vice president; secretary.

Feb. UnMIll elected president of the al and meeting Lumber Company was in the election of yesterday. The VISE RULES OF H. DUCESTER BOARD M. Black, of of Education, the Gloummittee of members will ap- to lolicitor to draft Evans and new Superern the board a set of of three and schools.

30 zens to be members of the to figure appointed along school in the the city. valuaserved on the contractor Nohe of the Ridgway Street School, ape at once. gymnasium must OFFICIALS dinner TO DINE iditors of the of the Brooklawn direcLoan evening Association will will in the auditoshort talks. be The music, harge of affair comW. Shoemaker, Jules connd Forrest Thomas.

Bridgeton Recorder, Former Detective, Cleans Up City Baldeston, Fall See tie the ate of a she Son See 6 1066 for SHe Conned de fine am met own 4 00 ORANG moves Ste of APPRE HO SONE NO DECISION MADE IN BROOKLAWN UPSET Seventeen Citizens, Deprived of Vote, Want Court Ac tion On Election The sendidetes autost bald a She Severe of stages Homer here sot Gee ended as yes whether they The vie vale Some of Close seas for the 40 la cond De and ah the general belief vale ens despite The the Shel the it there the and be reelater rotes coveted est Murphy. the entered a for the election Exon the eight rooms. WATER OFFICIAL GIVES TALK AT WOODBURY their members he another clerk because of ble the election. also recent special election. being the Partisans leader.

The attempt of fer to appropriation new school posed strumental for the the Present directors, who election. A circular sent out the with names of the candidates attached clarine that they were opposed to the appropriation and this caused votes in their favor. Mra. Mina leis, one of the successtal candidates. declares that she 414 not elen the letter nor la she opposed to the propriation.

Action will be taken af the next meeting of the board to erect school previously planned for Woodbury, Feb. 10-Harry Shenton, president of the Philadelphia Water Meter Company, wan the main speaker at the meeting the He spoke Rotary ethica of Rotary and bury Club yesterday. stated they could be simplifed in simple way, "Honesty In Business." Mr. Shenton showed how the actiona and the ideals of the members tend to make the organization ing in the city and their examples are followed by the members will Join in the future. The meeting WAR in charge of William Sutton.

chairman of the business methods committee. MISSIONARY CIRCLE TO ENTERTAIN The Missionary Reading Circle of First M. E. Church, Collingswood, will hold Lincoln's Birthday party in the church social hall on Saturday at which time the ladies will entertain their husbands. Supper will be served at 6.30 o'clock, which there will be a program of games and music.

BOY SAWS OFF THUMB wood today at his home, on Red Bank Woodbury, Feb. sawing avenue, John the Behmke end a of his 7-year-old left boy, wed off thumb. He was taken to Underwood's Hospital. do PO Diaries do Sac Pic clila WOODBURY RULERS APPROVE BUDGET Railroad Promises To Improve Crossings As Soon As Weather Moderates Surest for ShiP Chez Phos warp tee an ez art la the Trace af ate he conE She ant So and She ant Re De maces 6446 A 41 Seal 4P shel Sole feel, we the santo of the port Gent Fire She type Sir lionel Are the Gotta to be motors, for spots device applied to engines tot feet of will be pear felare. the Are TO START WORK SOON ON FINE PAULSBORO SCHOOL Pastebora, Feb by the Hoard of for the graded school cell for an diture of Work en the school will be started to that be ready about November.

will measure 240 by 650 feet. and be built of two stories high. will accommodate 1.000 pupila There will be a cafeteria and a age room in the In the upper rooms there will four wash two for the teachers and frat-ald room. The plane were drawn for the posed school building by architects, of Philadelphia. GIBBSBORO MINSTRELS ARE MUCH IN DEMAND Gibbeboro, Feb.

The Gibbebore minstrels have proven a success since their debut a few weeks Ago. They will make their nth appearance on Haturday night at the Lucas Hall In an entertainment given under the auspices of the Gibbaboro Clover Club. Clarence E. Sharp and John T. Pine are directors of the organization.

The minatreia played last Saturday evening at the dedication of the Clementon Fire Hail. DUES PAYING SOCIAL BY COLLINGSWOOD W.C.T.U. The annual dues paying social of the W. C. T.

U. will be held in the Collingswood Library on Tuesday evening, March 2. The speaker for the evening will be Dr. Martha Tracey, dean of man's Medical College of Pennsylvania. Mra.

Nina Franz, New Jersey state president, and also the Camden county president, will make short addresses. This meeting is open to the public and a special invitation is to the clations. STORM CLOSES SCHOOLS Because of the slim attendance in the Pensauken township and Merchantville schools, yesterday, due to the snow storm, the pupils were sent home at noon. The attendance was fifty percent in the Pensauken township, and sixty 'in Merchantville. Aaron Bryant, Pioneer of Collingswood, Dies Aaron Bryant, one of Collingswood's oldest residents, died yesterday at the home of his Penn grandson, avenue, Bruce Austermuhl, 213 The deceased was 85.

years old last Cellings wood. November and had resided in 1 Collingswood since he was two years old with the exception of a few years in his early life when he moved to Camden. He is the last one of the pupils of Judge J. Tatem, who taught in the Newton schoolhouse, West Collingswood, seventy years ago. His wife, Laura Bryant, passed away last summer.

(HADDON HEIGHTS TO HAVE CHAUTAUQUA Prominent Citizens Spenser Program to Be Given from March 3 to 5 She nite 4 to an Seine he dasher Nic. of Dane Lloyd George, de Gased Doran eati4 406 Chaise 14 SCOUT TROOPS ATTEND BIG RALLY Life Saving Demonstration and Contests Feature Pitman Meet 86 bondint Drey end Shall doo Nots he on She 4 Me So hE note vole sustaint 40. Bet. Hunt 4190 we 0010 wire end Sane and hate and SALEM FREEHOLDERS WANT MEMBER OUT Demand That Weldon, Who Lives In Baltimore, Resign His Berth Baleen. Feb 10.

The delared the monthly session She bat County when the Freeholder: today started the got No. 4 and bor 74 to bare convened ten o'clock In the morning but 414 not get Into action until one o'clock tale afternoon. The clerk called several members on the phone to scrape up The Breworke started when Chairman Heron, of the brides committee. introduced resolution 1a Increase the membership of that committee from three to four members He sald that Freeholder Weldon. of Upper Penna Neck Township, hed moved to Baltimore bot was still holding bership in the board and desired to remain on the bridge committee.

Freeholder Gavanna Bald that Wheldon has attended but one Ine since January 1 and la not dent of In Halem county. He said that the Upper Penna Neck Township committee should demand his resignation. The vote was taken on Mr. Heron's resolution and it was defeated. the chairman himself voting against It.

Director William Reeves then moved Freeholder Wheldon from the committee and named Freeholder J. Morris Reeves, of Salem, his suocensor. Mr. Heron announced that the spproaches to the Penna Neck bridge will be paved with asphalt or slabs of concrete. County Engineer Keasby said that him office had proceeded 80 far with the plans for the bridge that bids could be asked in March.

The board decided to advertise for bids for gravel for the new Fort Elfsberg road. The committee on charities and agencies reported that new R.C• counting system will be Installed at the county farm. It WAR agreed that the farm could be run on a profit A.A (two hundred tons of pork had been killed there this year. The board decided to improve the Johnson Building for offices of the county nurse and county appraiser. Alterations were ordered to the third floor.

Captain Erwin G. Oaches, superintendent of soldiers burials, said that number of graves of soldiers and sailors in Salem county are unmarked. He said he is asking the government to erect tombstones over these unmarked graves and asks that relatives, organizations and the newspapers aid him in locating these graves. Big Election Beat Is Scored By Post For the first time in the history of South Jersey complete returns of school elections were published yesterday in a morning newspaper. The Morning Post-Telegram yesterday morning published complete returns from thirty-four boroughs and townships in Camden, Gloucester, Salem, Cumberland and Atlantic counties.

The returns were of interest to renders of the Morning Post-Telegram in at least 120 towns in South Jersey. The big news-beat wan accomplished by a COrDA of more than one hundred trained correspondents In the southern counties. All of the Philadelphia morning papers sald that elections were held on Tuesday night, but carried no returns. Candidates Again FINES IMPOSED BY WOODBURY COURT Paulsboro Man Pays $150 for Selling Liquor Others $50 W' iris, fie On 4440 tunes cad Agues piece seahut Cleanse wit ON shel of tie he 4 pet She a VIe wed ord Sat on g1 collate wife treat 11 ceiling guts Hemat but pleaded Judge Al to unable judge ordered to par ties Officer Coliti BAIL ALLOWED AUTOIST Facing WHO DROVE of DEATH manelasebter, CAR Charles Vella. stare ei4.

of charge who killed caret Waytani years old. with his automobel InJured her Rote, 14 70 014. was released def late yesterday The ball was need by tor Wescott. Fella lost control of his car when the radius rod broke The machine dashed up on the struck the younger girl, pinning her against a porch and cutting her head off. older sister slightly injured.

The accident occurred on Monday night near the home of the two children at 2456 Bouth Seventh street. Given hearing in police court yesterday. Felix was committed to the count Saili without ball. Wescott Cleary requested Prosecutor to Ax ROMANCE BLOSSOMS AT LIFE'S MERIDIAN A romance of middle life, will biossom after several courtahip in few days, when George Kern, 55 years old. of Mooreatown, marries Mra.

Rose Turner Sharp, 46 years old, of 916 Cooper street. The smiling couple secured A riage license late yesterday at the permit clerk's office at City Hall. Mra: Sharp's husband, Daniel H. Sharp, died in Philadelphia in May, 1916. She has four children, the oldest 19 years old.

Mr. Kern has never been married. EMIL KNORR Emil Knorr, aged 76 years. for many years a realdent of Egg Harbor City, died at the home of his son in East Norwalk, February 6, five days after he had been taken there to spend the winter months. Mr.

Knorr had been ill at his home here, where he lived alone, for quite some time. Last week his three sons, all of East Norwalk, visited him and took him to their home town, intend- ing to have him remain with them for the winter. The trip, however, is believed to have proved too tiring, and he passed away several days after his arrival. During his illness at Egg Harbor he was attended to by his daughter, Mrs. Adolph C.

Goller until she, too, WAS taken seriously 111. The funeral was held this afternoon in Wimberg's parlors on Liver- pool avenue, Egg Harbor. Antioch Castle, No. 44, K. G.

of which Mr. Knorr was a charter member, conducted services at the grave. Besides his daughter, Mr. Knorr 1a survived by three sons, Edward, Emil and Henry, and sixteen grandchildren. BURIAL OF CHILD KILLED BY AUTO The funeral of Margaret Mayiand, 3-year-old child who died from inJuries suffered by being struck by an auto, will be held on Friday afternoon in charge of Mrs.

George W. Kephart. Burial will be private in Union cemetery, at Gloucester. The child was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs.

George R. Mayland, of 2456 South Seventh street. SCHOOLS TO BOOST TOWN Riverside, Feb. Signs bearing the slogan "Think and Speak Good of Riverside Each Day" have been put in every classroom in the Riverside schools. The signs were donated to the school by Walter L.

and Earl Bowen. C.OUCESTER V.ITS ON PRIMARY LAW Meyer Andersen and Former Mayer Motial: Candidates Again shite 41 040 SN 4. Ch SALEM'S NEW CODE STARTS COUNCIL ROW ulayor Gayner and Council. man Ayars Clash Over Building Rules ate Co A She of Sho suits AN the sane auto of portend Sv some the send us See 6 40 WAve 4900 Cinctimea thef aunt for el af SAve ens do to Dele ether Sards lion. 6 wilt fie their would permit She 4 we 04 mE Sis 4 which The rote voting In the negative Both opponent of the Firer proposition GLOUCESTER ASKS FOR MORE WATER Trenton, Feb.

10-The State Board of Conservation Development today conducted a hearing on the plication of the City of Gloucester for permission to dig more wells in that municipality to Increase Ita water supply a million and a half gallons dally. Representatives of the engineering Arm of Remington 4 Vosbury, employed by Gloucester, to advise on its water plans appeared here in behalf of the municipality's application. It was explained that the city's normal consumpion now la two" and half gallons day, but that ita ply does not meet this need. The present wells fail in their supply at times, requiring Gloucester to gO on short regions of water. This has duced the supply at times to a million eight hundred gallona a day.

The pressure for Are department service is also too low. it was explained. Decision on the application will be the board at a later date. Commissioner Albert W. Drake, of Plainfeld, conducted the hearing and no opposition was offered from any sources.

STRENUOUS MAIDEN UPSETS SHORE COPS Atlantic City, Feb. Carter, 18 years old, of Millville, was sentenced to "gO home and stay there" by Recorder Joseph A. Corio here yesterday after police testifled that it had taken four husky membera of the force to "get her the patrol wagon." The girl was arrested at Baltimore and New Jersey avenues after she had leaped from the running board of an automobile and aroused the neighborhood with her screams. Testifying in her own behalf, Miss Carter said that she had gone with friends for a joy-ride and, after taking one drink, was 'unable to recall what happened. Names of others in the party were not brought out in court.

SALEM WIDOW DIES, GRIEVING FOR DAUGHTER Salem, Feb. Ida Gaskill, widow of George Gaskill here todey following a lingering illness, which was brought about from broodover the death of a daughter, Margaret, a few month ago. The daughter was 26. Mrs. Gaskill was 55 and lived at 26 West Broadway.

Two daughters survive her, Mrs. Florence Long, of Camden, and Mre. William Jordan, of Salem. WANT STREET VACATED Merchantville Board of Education has made request of Pensauken Township Committee for the vacation of a part of New street, where it rune through a plot recently purchased in the township by the borough board. The tract will be used as a recreation ground for school children.

Will Deeline 44 6 SCHOOL ATTENDANCE Gloucester Superintendent Asks Parents To Co-operate With Teachers Uh of of a he Com She A and ado Sand for chid Schee v. and the Sine she isle Some NotE 6. MOANS HE Set Shots, and the National Park Rulers Say P. S. Urged High License On Horner 16.

The hue bat wisen peak and a 199 The el and 41 calte who walk declare par license Wet here of that 1 00 at the Troller epic Elliots of the Sterner with the troller care admit that but they that should pay the fee reduction will he likely conference AFTERES trolley elate to discuss the question. people Verta do sot want the line stopped. ASKED POLICE TO HELP GET CAR OUT OF SNOW Woodbury, Feb, 10-While on duty the City Hall. last night. man McGee received a telephone from man, who said that he was "Major" Stone and asked him to send assistance to Mantua to help him get out of the snow with his car.

The officer was unable. to send anyone. This is the only one of the many messages which are received by the police. DR. HANN TO ADDRESS WOODBURY BIBLE CLASS Woodbury, Feb.

Edwin F. Hann, pastor of Central M. E. Church. Bridgeton, has been secured An the main speaker at the annual dinner of the Buay Men's Bible Class to be held next Tuesday evening.

Dr. Hahn bus served In churches in Trenton. Camden and Atlantic City, The dinner will be served by the Young Women's Auxiliary at 6.50 o'clock. SNOW HALTS RUNAWAYS ON WHITE HORSE PIKE Almost exhausted by their strugglen in the heavy snowdrifts on the White Horse Pike, two 11-year-old Philadelphia boys, runaways from home, were picked up by State troopers last night and sent to the Camden detention home to await word from their parents. The boys snid they were Edward McDonough, 2402 North Manning street, and' Daniel Hackett, 2417 N.

Naudain street. They told troopers they were "hiking to Atlantic City." Woman Candidate Receives No Votes Shiloh, Feb. -The voters of Hopewell township apparently did not want a woman to serve on the school board. Mrs. Annabelle Bowden was a candidate for re-election last night, but she did not set a single vote.

Residents charge she had failed to attend the meetings of the board and was not at the polls Inst night to vote for herself. Mrs. W. W. Sheppard, Mrs.

Alice Lupton, Mrs. Leona Du Bois and Mrs. Chester Bonham each received one vote. Edward B. Hepner, I.

Wesley Horner and William 0. Miller were chosen. WaN contended that Horner In not entitled to a Sent on the board because he has net been resident of the township three years, required by law. His friends will ask the county superintendent of schools to ADpoint him. Horner did not neck the job, he declares.

GLOUCESTER FEELS SHORTAGE OF FUEL Poor Families Suffer Because of High Price Cake Due Te Strike Sue dis any SidE nuDies Chia ch He survived by two daughters, Mrs. Walter Charriere, of Cuthbert road, Collingswood; Mrs. Clemens Scheibner, of Camden; four grandchildren, Aaron Scheibner, of Audubon; Jean Charriere, Bruce Austermuhl and Edna Austermuhl Sharp, of Collingswood, and three great-grandchildren, Margaret Scheibner, Harriet and Blanche Sharp. Funeral services will be held at Frank H. Foster's funeral parlors, Haddon and Lee avenues, on Saturday afternoon at 2.30 o'clock.

Rev. W. S. Booth, pastor of Collingswood Baptist Church, will be in charge of the services. For A she cod anginas of she She and the A wail Chines of SiS 4 avail 4 Re ARE do fool WOODLYNNITE AIDED IN ANTINOE RESCUE Alfred J.

Keenan is a Junior, Officer on Hero-ship Roosevelt the whole word me she of me de aunts we of shed sense ghe of me to Alfred and ERNE 101 00 who de Sis penkol cactuses the Rants Seed He esters shout yore Serine end bat he affar twe He made one sia the bertolhan and Some he Sefere seta Pete the free. the 487. frets belly in witS not deceived Gloucester Plans Rigid Enforcement of Soft Drink Law 1t de the aim Police Commit tee of Glescester City and the Police Department to etesetty enforce new soft drink ordinance SE More new ate about to be opened would sot be each of these Niaces refused a City Connell will ever the carefully 12 refuse license to those placer which been opened this win. ter and which have caused most of the complaint. 18 rumored that some the places will refuse to take out cense on the grounds that they do not sell soft drinks.

Mayor Ander con will take action as soon the ordi. nance become effective. WEST COLLINGSWOOD WOMEN IN COMEDY Social Union of West Collingawod Presbyterian Church reheareing for a comedy, "Mira. Jane by'a Wax Works" which will be presented the latter part of the month. Mra.

George Mormann la chairman of. the committee on arrangements, PAULSBORO MEN LEADAT BRIDGETON REVIVAL Paulaboro, Feb. men of the pastor'a Bible class of St. Paul's M. E.

Church will motor to Bridgeton tonight and -take charge of the rerival service in the Fourth M. Church. The pastor is the Rev. John B. Adama, father of Coroner Atlie R.

Adama. Rev. Mr. Adama in the former "raiding parson." He founded Parkside M. E.

Church. Camden, he was pastor of Eighth M. E. Church. TWO GLOUCESTER MEN HELD FOR LIQUOR SALES.

Peter McGinley, 114 Powell street, and John McLaughlin, Market street, Gloucester, who both live' in the boat housed istrict, were held under $300 bail each for court by Mayor Ander son yesterday, on the charge of selling whisky. The charge was made by Mrs. Margaret Quinn, who claims that her husband purchased whisky. FAMILY REUNION HELD ON HIS 71ST BIRTHDAY James Griffith, of 100 Ellis street, Gloucester City, yesterday celebrated the seventy-first anniversary of his birth, at his home. There were present his sons and daughters and grandchildren, they coming all the way from New York City, North Merchantville, Magnolia Heights and Gloucester City.

Mrs. Griffith served an oldtime chicken potple family dinner. FINDS ABANDONED CAR Policeman James Smith discovered Buick coupe, 1923 model, abandoned in the snow at Broadway and Warren street. Gloucester, early yesterday morning. It was towed to nan's garage at Broadway and Mar ket street.

It bears a Pennsylvania license, 514,008. 40 coke 0066 to Cha she we 1 at one Ole sis with ch ONE SHE Seas of Fat and for of motte a enter most in and.

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