The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 25, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 25, 1947
Page 10
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PAGE TEN HLYTIIF,VIU,K (AUK.) COU1UKR NEWS MOiN'DAY, AUUUST 25, 1!M7 Rail Brakeman Dies in Crash In S. Arkansas . R1SON, Art, Aug. 25. (UP) —A Mi^rth bound Cotton Belt passenger tnin crashed into the rear-end of a i side-tracked freight some seven miles south of here Salurdny, idtline the brikeman on the freight. The dead man \vss Identified by J. .H. Yaney, Cotton Belt agent nt Risen, as J. C. Oarrett of pine Huff. He was pinned beneath the wreckage of the freight's i»iboose • wbk-h was torn from the rolls nnrt thiown £cross the main passenger trick paralleling the siding. , A more serious crash was escaped by seconds when a Southbound passenger train, which the two Worth-bound trains had sided to meet, rushed past Just before the passenger engine over-took the rear of the gravel train. ,'The good Lord was with us on \ that," a Cotton Belt official breathed la division headquarters at Pine (Bluff. The officials said no other injuries were reported. (Yaney said the freight.train was I ari extra and was headed -North. He said it pulled in at Saline siding where it was scheduled to meet, the Southbound passenger. The second passenger train, trailing the freight and cnroute' from Dallas to Memphis, pulled into the same siding, overtook the gravel train and demolished its caboose. Another car on the gravel train was derailed and the engine on the passenger train was slightly damaged. rcigedy War Wound Fatal .HOT SPRINGS, Ark., Aug. 25. Slinkcn with sorrow, Mrs. Woodrow Young seeks comfort In the arms of her husband, while rescue crews search the ------ • • _..... daughter, Mary. crews search the waters of Leulmun Lake, ne;tr St. rclersfouru, F';i., for the body of her 12-year-ohl The father tried vainly to find the girl, but gtive up when his strength was exhausted. Later rescue workers found the drowned body. BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE (UP) — A German bullet has brought death lo a Hot springs soldier, more than Iwo years after Ihe end of Ihc war. James O. Grenmin, Jr.. 25-year- old son of Mr. and Mrs. Jnmcs Grcnnan of Oaklnwn, died during nil operation to remove a German his heart nt nn SI. Louis, Mo., bullet from hospital In terday. He was wounded while !i lank with Uic fourth nrmorci! (llvlfiion. 'J'ho wound caused :i growth to form iirauml the heart FlCE —NORTH TE^TH Phone 3151 "If you own a merry-go-round when you grow up and I'm a doctor, I'll take your appendix out free if you'll let me ride any time I want 1 ." Read Courier Hews Wl.nt Ads. FRECKLES & HIS FRIENDS .By MERRILL BLOS3ER Friction Diction iS- NW SERVICE. IMC THE STOHTi fop k,i,- »lt»t Cklrl of .stud, x i),c • IntrliTllj lorcrd on him 117 ji •Mrllallr parnlrr.lnc >Imkr. Mr ttlli Or. Malcolm Clrnn. tup .,].; •4tlrira1 •arcroH «H« Actlntz Cblrl. ; that WoodtvMrd. Ihc nrir Kinfl dm-l Inr. IM due f« nrrlvr nimn. l>r. Mnr: HH dm*. MnlcolM'N hrolhrr, l« In .-I*TC vrlfh Simnn. .Mnlrnlm'* office • K*r*c. Nnnrr IB Mnlcnlm'* wife, PH» «»d Jrrry nrr hi* ."MI. Ani *r*»» \VnorfiTard nrrlv'CA on n Sunday.-Makri. • lour of tfc* hnn|ifu«l • •• "M wrdlnnry TlHltor. *y]lliimc : Making himself fcnoiTU tv Ihe . • till. ' "."H*- VII ( THE operating schedule was tlic . heaviest of the year. Those : Who clipped schedule shcels lo boards were aware oZ this crowri- .ing; the nurses did the extra dutiej assigned to them; the doctors frowned at their schedules and followed them, moving briskly; Ihe interns hurried a litlle foster. 'i There was no confusion, nnd no patient knew that the Hospital •was especially busy. By eleven o'clock the beds were changed, baths given; the \vnrds stretched out in shining efficiency. The ;whole Hospital reflected lliis air of competent management, and Andrew Woodward was especially [conscious of that perfection. It like fresh icing on one of his mother's round cakes, tempting a small boy to touch the smoothness, :to leave a mark or so— ! v*- *l e ven, .a young man who tfimjicd' bligriily, cain_ and'asked £Dr. Woodward if he would accom- ipany him to Dr. Glenn's office for jan informal Staff meeting. "I'm (Brack, O.B. Assistant," ihc little Jdoctor with the club foot explained. H TPU worV with the great and [wonderful Malcolm?" risked An- jdrew, running a comb through his jalready polished red hair. [•: He turned in time to see the [frown upon Brack's face. "1 think ihe is great and wonderful," the iyoung .doctor said soberly. "So 'will you when you know him. "I have a horrible habit of seeing an idol's feet of clay," the new doctor said pleasantly, opening his office door, standing back for Ihc olhcr man lo precede him. « * • A DOZEN white-coated men were gathered in Dr. Glenn's jig office; (hey luniccl as one man .o look at the new Slaff. Andrew jrinncd widely, his blue eyes crinkling uj> behind bis checks, his 'icavy nndcrlip dropping. He nishcd up the tail of 'his coverall and plunged his hands inlo Ills Irouser poclccts. "Well!" he said. 'A reception." Dr. Glenn came forward.' "It we had nol been so busy, we would lave hnd a band out on the front steps this morning," he said in his Jeep, good voice. "Dr. Woodward, 1 am Malcolm Glenn, O.B., and—" Andrew stretched out an eager hnnd. "No need lo identify yourself, sir. With so many techniques bearing your name, the greenest Medic knows who Dr. Malcolm Glenn is." Malcolm flushed, hesitated "Thank you very .much," he said stiffly. In Ihis hospital, where he worked as hard ns anyone, fulsome praise was not considcrci necessary. He turned lo indicate Ihc dark man al his side. "Ms brolhcr, -Dr. Martin Glenn, diagnostician." He went around the circle—Andrew had a warm handshake, a smiling word .or cad one. He was talking cnlhusias- IIt-ally lo Kramer, his own assisl- ant, when Susan came in from the hall and stopped short, '.ier eyes widening. She pressed her lips, lighlly logclhcr. went over to Malcolm's desk, and worked with th papers there. She heard '">:: Mai cohn introduce Ihe new Stc.(t to Miss Huppcrt "Superinlcudout o Caroline Lchr nurses, Dr. Wood ward. Your boss, as she is lo al of us." Miss Huppcrt bridled; And iiigticri low in nis throat, "i thm.i ve shall gel along," he said. Dr. Alalcohn looked at his wris*. I have a clinic—1 am asking Miss iuppcrt lo lake you around the lospjtal. Doctor. He sure In take lim in to Dr. McAn, Miss llup- "Ycs, Doctor," she said briskly. She smiled at the now .Staff, felt t her back hair, nnd led the way Ml of Malcolm's office. The illicis trailed away. IJALCOLM wenl lo stand al the window, his shoulders unclicd. Susan threw a glance in is direction. Should she lell him hal Woodward had already made is inspection of the Hospital? Vhy hud lie come here, the day bc- ore, posing as a slranficr, and iskcd all his questions? Susan ricd lo remember what she had aid lo him. She had an uneasy eel ing lhal one must be careful vith Dr. Woodward. He had the ir of a innn who would remember casual words, store them up. As Huppcrt led Dr. Woodward !own the hall nnd n cross Ihc obby. she was explaining In Ihe :iew Slnfl Ihc general system ol the Hospital Group. A Manager —not a doctor—was in Ihc main office. Each scparalo hospital had ils complete Slaff, us Caroline Lchr Women's and Children's did. The Staffs met occasionally in joint session; none had jurisdiction over the other. Dr. Malcolm Glenn had served as Acting Chief of Slaff nt the Lair since Pop AlcAn's stroke. 'Are Ihcy going to appoint a new Chief?" Andrew asked. Huppcrt shrugged. "Not imlil McAn himself KUCKcsIs it. He tot Ihe Lchr Foundation for the Hospital group. Nobody will put him out while he's alive." "I sec. And he hangs on as Chief?" "The gossip is that he's wailing until Ihc new orthopedics wing is finished nnd slaffcd. It's possible dial Ihc new Orthopedic Chief will be Hospital Chief. Though McAn is a podiatrist. As you are." Her blue eyes darted lo Woodward's face. He met them boldly. "Thank you lor the lip," he said frankly. (To Be Continued) iT^U Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 2043 1 ()•!! Chiuknsawbti INSURANCE dial 2311 For Complete Protection O Accident & Health • Hospitalization • Fire • Automobile • Liability • Burglary • Plate Glass • Tornado • Surety Bonds • Aviation First National Insurance Agency 108 N. 2nd Chnrlc* Q. BlltncrW, M. (BUI) Wilson HE AND W5 DUk'E OF- QlilLUTV |5 THOSE OF THE FMIEM ARCHES TlAE OWLS/ WHO WOK WITH LAK AT THE TRESPASSIM& .CM HILDA'S , TERRITORY; i- CAM MAMAS E, BUT ITS SWEfcf OF YOU To ASt I YOU SURE ITS NOT TOO HEAVY rOR. YOU, MOW YO'.I BIFM 10 ME . LAr?.O, SMITH ; YOt-l OUT SULT ME AND-- PAROOW \ DOM'T YOU ME.k'ID, I BELIEVE (MJT IN SIcJMS. YOU'EET I HILDA GETTING IrJ k OUR WAY / J:?,, —-n :(/•- GOTH. 19*7 8Y NE* SERVICE. • \/ ^ WHATS Y BROTHER.. SHE IM I THATS KO A HUPF HUFF; ITS A ABOUT? I 16-CVLINOER. op,- \TANTRIJM- GATEWOOD GROCERY Phone 975 ArJt.-Mo, State Line on the left al ihc Arch 7 Crown .............. 1.35 Culvert ............. 1.35 Schcnlcy ............. 1.35 Three Feathers ........ 1.35 Hill & Hill ............. 1.40 Old Taylor ............ Four Roses ............ n. 2.65 2.65 2.65 2 65 2.7S 4.35 2.85 Hb ^.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.40 6.90 4.50 5% Beer per Case $2.88 GAS ' rc 3 17.5c; Ethyl 19.5o All Brands Cigarets, ctn. $1.35 STUDEB AKERS \J JD Siilc.s — Stiuk'liiikcr — Service IIoai!t|ii;ir(L-rK for Ciun ;int€C(l New and Used Cars ;m<l Trucks l:>;7 New Inl. l!i Inn Sliurt Wheel It;iSD ISI17 New Flint \\'± Ion i.cniK Wli'-cl B:\sc: 1917 ,\'«'« Inicrn:ilion:i1 t!~ Ion i.(ill(; \Vlitt-l K. inn; Doiljie Ji Ion I'ickiip lUlii Chevrolet '.= ton Vicku|i 1!I10 (J.MC !i Uni ritkllp 1!)4I Chevrolet '•'•', inn lillt Clicviolel !(. Ion I'li-kiin JMII) liilcriiiitiimnl 1 ton ]!!47 New Ford "8'' Coiipe .l!)Vi Na«li 2-llonr inn riynuiiiiii a-iio.n- * I !)1l .Stlldclukcr .1-lliH.r IU3» DcSolo j-]Jui)r Htdun STUDEBAKERS WA§H TUBBS No [Mitiuiinu 1 &A1D I'VE SEEM HER A WRECK MAMV TIMES FR SHOPPIN'. BUT NEVER THAT BAD BEFORE.' WELL, YOU LOUT. WHY IX?M'T YOU HEL.P HER IM TO TH 1 PAVE M PORT? 1 HELPED MY- ^ SELF IW TO r C5 THIS A V_ OME-,VV\M JOKE OR. BOTH CF YOU? , ' WHY MOTHERS GET GRAY FLINT UNCLE TITUS! HOW NlCfi! DID WLI I\SK DiXDDV TO DROP 8V TONlGWTiWASH-: VOUCL DCvD BACK .'CAROL. HE SMS HIS EEOrHER.. TITUS IS COMIN' t-'OE. ft UlSIT GOOW! HE QWt GET \ HUM. 1 , m WORRIED SV... HE MUMBLED \ ftSOUT DADDY. Wf\5H U.WIM ABOUT ftNOTH • OF TH' OTY A STCi\H6L= GO;>JS OM PLRNM1M' ft ftDV.IT HE SEEWS '"<f 1 LEf.RWEP TOCM, BV KIHPA B'M8ftRf;ft?stro / (XCCIDENT, THRT THE IWELV VJMEWiitWWiESl PLMJM1MG PDAKD VJA5 HIS EXCUSES, BUT— ^\plSSOWEP ft MOUTH ^SO! KKD NHUE fH= SHERIFF •PEFS J!ICK \TO CRO55 OCCUPIED IW TROMT OF . PA^CMOS ,Aroe>E HUT. RYDER CLIASS Tr( = Wlr^D- fAHL Al tH£- RS.AR. i Sudden .Visit J reported my missing car to the police, and ] Just about dawn they located it. THATS MY BASV, AS AD-- AND OUST A BtOOiFSOM THE BRIEF'S fM AFRAID DOUY WENT OUT IOOK- INC FOR TRO081E. \ Bill Payable UY MICHAIJL O'MALLEY and KALPH LANE ABOUT ? SHE WAS HOLDING A OIN ON YOU. WASN'T SHE ? SHE'D HAVE KILLED YOU, f AND I WQOIDNT WANT TO SfC VOD KNOCKED OfF JUiT YET. BRIEF. re>U HAVE A IIITLE 8IIL TO SETTLE 1 J1!H iKE !OR THE KlUI.IGOf HER «Y MARTIN 'jTi'Ml Al..l,KY OOP Von WHEW/ sue SURE EU&TED IIM65UP DIDMT AFR-MP ME . '.'IL-'M i i^tbM 1C? LAKt FOR OOP'S MENTAL PICTURE CF RO8IMSCN CRUSOE \^i A PROJECTED Ct-J THE OCRtEW CF CR. WOMI-UXh'S LATEST I3y V. T. HAML.IN YOU LAVOMEV LOOK.' 1 DU.^J^JO JUST \VH< FIN&ER OM (THINK YCLJ AEE T'B= &IVI.V TH-ST BOOK /ME CKDER&..BLmH.\TS I AMP ILL... , SA ^ , _ M y BOCK AND I'M /, BOOTS ANP HiDR Kind ing Ouf FRKI) IIARMAN I V\t WROTt WtVt (Vt. I (3%TTl^& CAMPLt 10 RhiD Wb BEO ' COMFORTftBVt . - 1 SOOO VM'i , OO GOOD \_FsD P\ f -> /-J KbiOYi TO RON

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