The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 31, 1948 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 31, 1948
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR ,THE BLYTHEVILLB COURIER NEWS •not oouitra mwa oo. H W HAINES, Publisher JAMES U VERHOEFF Editor PAU1 D HUMAN, Adverthto* Mau«er ^^—— — - — - „ _ •ate Nation*! Advertising Representative*: W»llmc» Witmer Co, New Vork, Chicago. De troll, a. Memphis. Published Eveiy Afternoon Except Sunday Cnterea «* second class matter at the post- office at BlythevlUe, Arkansas, under act ol Con- crcu. October 9, 1917. Served to; the United Pren "" SUBSCRIPTION RATES: By carrier in the city ol Blythcvllle or any •uburban town where carrier service U maintained, 20c per week, or 85c pet month By mall within a radius ot 60 miles. 14.00 per fear. $2.00 far si* months, 11.00 lit three cnontha; by mall outside SO mile cone. 110.00 per year payable Ln advance. Meditation They said to him, "\Ve have nothing here but live loaves and two fish."—MntLhcw U:17. * • • Such a small amount seemed or no consequent* ID feeding * multitude. Each mun Is •lore than a mere individual; he Is an individual plus the Ideas he .stands for, and he can have ideas on which the world's salvation depends. The. Power of Abstinence Senator Wherry of Nebraska \vitnts to see this year's political campaign devoted to a full-dress review of American foreign policy. Afterwards, he would let the American people decide if they "want to tighten their belts" to carry out a program for European aid and world peace. Time being short as it is, the people might like to look in the meantime at what a belt-tightening little man named Gandhi was able to accomplish toward making peace in India—all as the result of a five-day diet. Mr. Clark's Visa Vetoes The saying that "we grow to resemble what we hale" seems to fit some of our government's dealings with Communists embarrassingly well. We refer specifically to the Justice Department's dealings with alien, nonresident, non-Russian Communists and former Communists. The situation is not new, but it doesn't get any better. Attorney General Clark is armed with a 30-year-old law that bars alien anarchists and others advocating overthrow of the , government from this country, except at the Attorney General's discretion. We recall that a correspondent of a French Communist paper was admitted to the United States on a very short leash. He could cover the UN doings, but nothing else. And he could not travel farther than from New York to suburban Lake Success and Flushing Meadow Park. Later a Greek and an Indian corre- ipondent, Communists or suspects, •wound up on Ellis Island. Oscar Niemeyer, a Brazilian architect, was allowed to enter as a UN consultant, but 'he couldn't lecture on architecture at Yale. Now, Miguel Acosta Saignes, dean of Venezuela's School of Journalism, has been denied a visa on the grounds that he was once a Communist. This, in spite of the fact that the American consulate in Caracas has his statement that he is no longer a member of the Communist Party. It might seem that Mr. Clark might make some exceptions in the interest of good sense and good nciffliborlini'ss. Our government has reasons to stay on good terms with both South American countries. Brazil, the southern continent's largest country, has outlawed communism. Yet Mr. Nicmcyer is not only at large, but apparently in such good graces that he i s being permitted to help plan the UN headquarters. Venezuela is an important source of oil for this country. 11 j s a l HO die closest thing to a U. S.-type democracy m all South America. Her Communists form a small minority party. Mr. Clark's treatment of one of her "prominent citizens seems short-sighted as well as high-handed—especially since Dr. Komulo Betancourt, who was Venezuela's president until the December elections, also is reported to be a reformed Communist himself. Mr. Clark's attitude would not seem BO awkward except for O nr government's treatment of American Com- imjnists. Their newspapers operate . under no restrictions. The foreign Com,; friunist press is restricted severely O r • birred. ' •v - We • read the books and applaud f iuch •s the American Louis Budenza and the Russian Victor Kravchenko. We do not even permit a Venezuelan ex- Commumst to set foot in this country. These contradictions give the impression that otir only source of danger is visiting Communists, which is silly, and that American civil liberties are only for Americans, which doesn't jibe with our world position as champions of freedom. Our attitude cannot fail to create some international ill will. Communism is a mil ami obvious danger, at home and abroad. It must be fought. But surely it can be fought with strength, dignity and logic—throe qualities which are not very evident in Mr. Clark's vetoes. BLYTHEVH.LE VIEWS OF OTHERS There Will Be a Slight Delay SATURDAY, JANUARY 31, 1D48 Let's Think About Profit The demagogues have misused thc word "profit" (111 they've given it a bad flavor to many people. They've done their Ircsu-or their worst—to corrupt the meaning of thc word, and make il a synonym for "exploiting" and "gouging." And some business men have ably assisted thc demagogues by grabbing for (he highest profit they coulrt rake in. There arc business men of that type, just ni there arc greedy luljor leaders, and specimens of the same rapacious breed in every other occupation. It is time we all did some clear-headed thinking on this matter. For we cannot allow the honest, respectable word, profit, to be slandered and brought into disrepute with Imperiling our free enterprise system. Prolit is the drive, the vitalizing lorce, of free enterprise. Most men will toil, and create, and lake risks, only if Ulty have thc prospect of making a profit. Humankind is built that way. There has never been even a widely successful religion which did not oiler rewards for the elfort and sacrifice it asked. Just what is profit, anyway? A Democrat reader in Little Rock, Edward F. Baxter, IHLS a thoughtful answer, profit, he says. Is the wages of capital. It Is a clarifying view. Without, capital, little can be done. For capital is tools, machines, buildings to house them, transportation facilities, nil the myriad means ot production. In American industry today, about Sli.OOO must be invested In such equipment, on the average, to make just one job. Obviously, nobody will put money into tools, machines, railroads, or anything of thc kind, unless he Is paid for ;i-or, at least, has' the hope of being paid. That is itic inducement which leads people lo save money, and Invest it in productive equipment. Without profit, or. as our friend calls it wages for capital, the flow of savings into factories, railroads, farms, and all the like, would dry up. The nation's economy would suffer as » crop suffers from s. drouth. Wages are now high, why should not thc wages of capital be proportionately high? These dollars buy lew. Just as the worker's dollars buy less. The Investor, who averages small holdings of stocks or bonds, also has lo live. Let, the American worker compare his living with that of the worker In any other country and he will sec |,ow much he owes to our capitalize, free enterp,i sc system. And profit is to that system what the worker's bread and meat are to him. -TRKANSAS DEMOCRAT. Weather Forecasters Insist That All Reports Be Accurate THE DOCTOR SAYS By Kilviin p. Jordan, M. I) U'rlllen for NKA i'crvicc Glaucoma u. a serious disease of the eyes and an important cause I of Blindness. It is estimated that of Ihe _'oa,000 blind in the United' - ~ " — ""* States, about 20.COD have lost their ' way 01 weatl ' c '''— ir llc knows how. vision because of glaucoma. I , "" ','. Glaucoma is rather rare before' "',, , a °° Ul SS CaS ' V the age ol 40 and ccrtainlv comes i e " 1C ol >- w " ! >t°ry in on. increasingly often with the ad-! e '" s Ml ' Schmidt In vancnig years, when Ihe diagnosis By llannan \V. Nichols Unilcii I'ress Slaff Correspondent WASHINGTON, Jail. 31. (UP) — TIu man said, for goodness sakes, let's got this dope straight. If there's unyihjng thc weatherman hales it's a mistake. R C. Schmidt, boss of forecasters here, s:>.id there's nothing t^ it. Anybody can look al maps atlB tell what'* coining tomorrow In thV Well, fir, 1 looked into the matter. It's aooui as easy as balanc- ic hand and -ig Mr. Schmidt in the other, lake the area this station covers. South and West to Tennessee ; do it alone. He gets help from' hun- Dewey, Taft Fayorites Among Old Guard GOP But Stassen Bids for Support Among Liberals Bv Prior IT r , cnn By Tclcr Edson NEA Washington Correspondent , WASHINGTON - (NBA - - Most Political clopestcrs In Washington probably figure that General Eisenhower's self-scratch from thc presidential rnce leaves the Republican nomination open for cither Taft or Dewey. But a few free thinkers here are wondering if t) lcre may not be some wa v for the progressives in the Grand Old Party lo . grab th e elephant goads and go places. U Is an intercstins even if rcn of California- or any or ''he progressive Republican membcis of Congress. It was all Taft or Oh, yes—and John Brlcfct-r of Ohio. It's a (iOP tradition the party leaders—not the people pick the candidate Wendell Willkie's nomination in 1940 was just a onc-in-a-century accident, p.ntv leaders are already dedicated to the sacred cause of seeing that their steam roller is never again wrecker! in Ihe dltcn (hut way. So Senator Brickcr is th c man many party big-wips would really like to see as thc radiator ornament on their machine. Brickcr is not opcnlv n candidate. He is openly supporting Tart. But If Taft and nrwry ftaiu each other to a stalemate at Philadelphia next June, don't rule out Ihe possibility of a deal to put over John Bricker. the handsome silver-haired knight from Columbus. Progressive lirpublicaiis May Gel { h:v:ire There t that there Is no or- if progressives In the Is the making of movement i n Republican other blow for freedom. They take hope In the fact that Gallup polls so far have shown Truman can ?™J'. Taft and Dewey even with canllSe-'S^s-lhv'lSiS! 1 -^ "> »* *«»*• progressives are beginning to hope they put over a candidate. be impossible to laugh off » combination including Aiken and Flan- party such congressional delegations, particu- If they moved together, H would in the Ilcece. They can tell wind direction and velocity, now and tomorrow, without having to put, on a wind breaker or wet a finger. They can tell you how cold it'll be tomorrow in Bear Station, Tenn. And how docs the Weather Bureau do it It's about as easy a* making a three-point landing In a hurricane with all motors conked A large crew of trained men and "* ntv VJC. I here is, of course, great lass of vision. The increased hardness of the eyeball can usually be felt easily. Ihe pain is extremely severe ami is often felt all through the I head. Tlic hardness of the eye is i caused by blockage of the flow of fluios within Ihe eye, so lliat liquid accumulates in the eyeball. There are medicines available R'liicJi are extremely effective in I " «"-ge crew 01 trained men and most cases ol acute glaucoma. Of- i women receive reports each hour ten, however, patients have to con- from stations throughout the area, untie to use them thc rest of their i stuff °n temperature changes th« Jives. Sometimes an operation,! tv P e of clouds in the heavens 'how which makes new paths for the i Iast 'he w '"d « blowing and which drainage 01 the eye fulids, is nee- ' wa J'. the so-called ceiling, visibility essary to preserve sight. i etc. Beca,^,' I' 3 " N ' ecdetl Then tne ex P* rtJS start *° 'ark <iJ»i , S E1 ' eat da " 3er of! on what tne >' ca)1 lh <: Presur. rii^h. 8 ? , * an im P° r «ant chan § e map-drawing lines kTin- disease which must, not be neglected dicate which direction the air mas!- and which requires individual at- es and moisture, if any, are trav-'fc cling. .^ When "F" forecast hour arrives the place looks like a cross between a newspaper art department and an architect's drafting room. The maps are on drawing boards slanted up toward the indirect, lighting. Parked beside them are cloudy water glasses containing pencils oJ QTnroTmv 1.7. . j j ' a1 ' colors ' jVIcn in Si'een eyeshadas •?™kriO.;_^!! at docs diastol-, draw arrows showing the direction tention. Each patient must have the special care which his particular case demands. Failure to follow advice, or to continue conscientiously with the medicines or other treatment, recommended, may result in blindness. Diagnosis should be made and treatment begun at the earliest possible moment. and "systolic" mean, physician takes one's blood prcsure? Which is the more important? ANSWER.: The systolic pressure is the pressure of the blood in the arteries after the heart has con- a oi the wind, and shade in moislure Here ,, a real opportunity for, dens of Vermont. Tobey of mid 5 ' exiJ| h el, VO fhclr 0f prc- Hampshlre ' lxx! 8 e a "d Saltonstall ---- esults'might startle tOf Massacrmsetts, Vandcnbcrg and the paunchy party leaders right off; E<l re , us °' 1 °l_Mie.hican. Cooper of areas in colored crayons. After they have it all drafted can see moisture moving up and down the coast, or maybe a cold wave. Taking temperature, the wind and everything else into considera- » . «* . that BARBS A New maid and $5000 In jewelry were re- PJrled missing in a New York home. She really cleaned up thc place. » » Tax lollcclors !„ !Uly went on slrlke— ami, with March IS sneaking up , 5 u U - rc u,inkin B j.iM whal «c arc: • • * The man who hoarded money use to be known as a miser. Now he's a marvel! * * * Klrclridly travels U.GOO.OOO miles a minulc —arriving j» seconils behind Inivn gossip. Side-stepping only gels you farther away fro,,, where you hope you arc going. Vanricnberjr of Michigan: The pro- ; tention of slighting I o "ir lHmr'on Ia hi =1 T'?. mL ^ bccn '<™«W be a pleasure to welcome oth- hung on him m his earlier years, ers to the clubhouse. More might but he can wear It today. HP ..„,> rather definitely told his Michigan backers he is not interested in the presidential nomination. He will be ti'S years old on March 22. Thai's pretty well along for anyone to joint the movement if there were real progressive leadership. NeW 'co,i^enri^ U ^ii S toi!: I™' ^< r c\,™a7S=: is probably^mc^ significant, j & n l s y±'ia fnd'\ew SrTdur- ing the. next day or so. """"" ' ' Meanwhile, up in the Soft, away fiorn the clack of teletypes, is an- olhcr corps of scientists. An important part of thc brains department. One man studies what is known as e. triple register. It records wind velocity, direction of same, and how 15 Years Ago In Blytheville — 1 millions of n -^, unbuilt! IO -»~~..^ .,...- j., vfjj L.JOJ > start being President—though Har- - ln * le Party. There are i ry Truman will be 64 on May 8 ' Americans who would like to see teamed with Stas- the Republicans step out again on The important point Is thai there j Mrs . Marvin Robm50]1 rc rtVpB * SC T " le °' [ ' TilC °~ I tl ' rncrt rrom Litcle Rock wl «*e she dore Roosevelt progressivism alive! was the house guest for several But Vatirtcnbet_ .SPJI or Warmi, ticket to beat. iciucuy. airecuon oi same, and how Goah Barnes lias gone to Fayette- ] much sunshine or rain is on hand, yille. Ark., where he will enter the| There is a do-dad on the roof. loaned wilh mercury. The sunshine, if any, hils the piece of machinery jumps makes Slate University. days of Mrs. John P. Weinman. Word has been received here of the appointment of John W. Snyder wotiM be a hard »> T. k pathf They'™ be^ „£ %£?^SS^^^SS. ^ 0 Roos^,r^,7St^ c ^!-- Nati -' -- "« « -' race. If Vanrleilbcrt: is out of the progressives feel that, the country inishl fare much worse than by sell ling for Stassen and Warren. if it wanlerl vigorous young leadership. It would make much difference which headed Ihe ticket. Their biC'.Tst drawback i s lack or Warh- inpton experience. Maybe tln'.'s an advsntaae. lir-finnlnirs of GOP I'l-iicrcssive Bloc in Senate Wliat spoils the chances of !h<\so will never have a better opportunity !o rejoin the party, as progressives, for two closed St. Louis institutions. The names of the banks were not learned. H is exactly this prospect which' two candidates more than anyt'lng than right now. ^ The one thing that seems to make | to'the Saturday Bridge 'oiub~vh7n f^-nTi Tr'tT 1 - th ^ . wiu } cr -t>°ok:Mrs. Joel Chandler and Mrs. Sam- f!»o,ite that he is today is reac-]ucl F. Norris were guests tionary Republicanism. Truman's | tireatf-it political assets arc men i like Taft and Wherry. Taber nnri ' Knulson—the Republican "leaders." That's why progressive Republicans are beginnln<r to feel that they have a fighting chance. IN HOLLYWOOD" BY ERSKIXE JOHNSON N'K.A Slaff Correspondent HOLLYWOOD iKEAl— Marilyn. Itlisscll. Maxwell Is collcc-tlng 51500 an hour (pass the smelling salts' for her warbling stint at the Colonial Inn in Miami. Her salary is S 10.000 H>r a 10-day c'lpa^fnicut, but i-lie's singing only -10 minutes a night. M-G-M- is paging Brian Donlcvy to sign a seven-year exclusive cou- Iracl. Aftrr (hal divorce settlement. I astray. There is no rule in bridge that docs not have to be broken at times, f am referring: today to thc old expression. "There are thousands of people walking the Pust Office Doing Well INDIANAPOLIS (UP)—Postmaster Adolph Seidenstiskcr reported that thc 19J7 postal receipts were S1.032.905—nearly a 100 per cent increase over 1G27. the top year in the post-World War I period. was their two high diamonds and a iiivu.™nun ui iJtiupie waiting ine club trick, as declarer discarded one .streets of London because they fail-(of his losing clubs on the ace of' ed to lead trump," I spades. j If thc declarer leads trump In ! Wiih seven trumps in the combin- today's hand he lores. : cd two hands, do not depend upon Let's discuss the bidding for a ,* three-three break in trumps. You f Armstrong learning French lyric Jack Benny had 'cm in the aisU's for "Ain't Misbehavin*." "Bas'n 'naEinr Brian could use a little | minute. I tio not particularly like j arc mi ill-. . . Sound of the week: l.o'iis North's bid ol two no trump. He ' ~ — . - to find them four-two, i The mercury jumps to alienUon, goes up and makes an electrical contact. Down In the warm office a little pen makes a mark. The same thing happens, by modern miracle, when it rains. The triple thing also tells which way the wind blows. Thc weather man has all the dope. Measuring the height of clouds :s done by another department. Ths men use a ceilometcr recorder. Down on the ground U a machine which shoois up a beam o/ light. When the beam bumps inlo the bottom-side of a cloud thc mechanism in the tower records it—and the scientist who knows his code system knows how high the cloud is. Another delicate thing is the weather rarlar detector, perfected during thc war. An antenna on the roof sends out a radio pulse, bit- ting any dew drops within 100 miles, it shows where precipitation is. hurt which way it's headed. Speaking of mistakes, as we did up ahead: Tomorrow, we'll tell you why the weather man predicted "snow flurries'' the. day before New York got 25 inches. And what lie thinks of the atom and the sun spots as th-ei' affect the weather during this most unusual is tnkhi™ a big chance I hat the club j suit is wide open. Tie has Rood din- | «.nr. ..tun. ii.iu tin in uif juMt'.s i"i ..iii i .\iisufnavin . tiavn SUIL is wioe open, lie has Rood dui- nt that S!00-a-plate March of D'mos Stiecl." and his other ton hits for moiul si'ppsit. so il would not hurt dinner ill neiivrr (Hpsniff PVnH Al_ ' lli<; iiTinn-'t-^n^i. nc .t.,,- nt M,~ T,.-... liin. ... :.^,| *:. ~ j;.. -i- SO THEY SAY ( The cost oi doing nothing would mean living in an armed camp, in a society isolated and relatively alone, mid with thc necessity lor a variety of. controls.—Lewis Douglas, American Ambassador lo Great Britain, on the Marshall Plan. It is a poor wind that do»s not hi ow some good. It took the Marshall Plan to call attention to the poor starving Navaho Indians.—Hep, F c Smith iR) of Ohio. Either undertake lo meet the requirements of '.he problem i European aidi or rion'l under- lake il at all—Secretary of state Maishall. In the long run, the volume o! investment opporlumiics, and hence expendiunes lor capital Boods, depends less upon the level ol Income than upon the rate at which technological discoveries arc creating new needs for capital- Sumncr H. Slichtcr, prolcsior of economics, ' Unlvenlty. dinner in Denver i despite Fred Allen's crack that ihpre wasn't a (lime minted that onild m-rcli pint Jock i. Introducing Phil Harris. Ber.- n V said: , "lie's been my musical rlirrrlnr , for 12 years and hr knows notli- | Ins ahoul nnisir. Hut stmw him a iialrnl mrdlrhie and lir'll lell .vim Us alrohnlir contrnl." Dancing Dan WatchliiR Dan Oailey sine and dance in "You Were Meant for Me." 1 couldn't help icivH'Liibi'rinf | what M-G-M did to the poor guy I before the war. Mr camr out from i Bn.adway as a s/mc ;,, u | tia, 1; . c 'nun and M-G-M pe :unl him as a villlan. Rrmenilicr that naslv N ,,-i with Ihe shaved head m "The M-ir Mai Sinrm"? Tlwt «r.. s [Jan. f hate MO think about u. but the fellow wlio finally e,»M hj m as a Min- aml dance man |,iobiblv II.T IJTII lalctl a "Renhis" A ".liter al ( iro's won on Ihr iionir-, tlir nllirr rii ' bis Mslrm to lime basis ulir xnrk i ili.lii-l. SMO arid In put > full- hi.s aup^iiiance as star of the Jazz Festival in Paris next month. Xniv Showing M'lvii-Bot'r.s can have hish liopcs for two film, I'niTcnlly before the cameras at Pnramoiint. One is "Abi- pai!. Drnr Heart.' soil of a "Wuthnr- inc; HciBhls" :\s;aiitf! a Connecticut bac'-.sronnd. Ill it. Wanda llendrix is nniriod to Claude Rain.s, bill her .\'i»',ithful hear! yearns for Macdnti- nld Carey, raramounl is giving \Vauda a Mar build-up in this one, and Carey tells me she'll blossom out as a combination of Janet Gav- m>r and Sylvia Sidney at the peak of their careers. Tlic other is a celluloid version uf A rnes Maorehcad'.s fatuous ra- • tiio skii, "Sorry. Wrong Number." in which Barbara Stanwyck hears her own murder plotted on thc i Telephone. B:ul Lancaster Is Ihe' fellow she marries. It's a dress-1 up role for Burl for a change. He wr.irs seven tailored suits. Including tails. I hear thoy'ic even think- ini; of making him" comb his hair. The pirture h:'s a 1038 background and f:v::hion designer Edilh Head is Miil chuckling. hill: to bid three diamonds. Whfi) South bids three clubs Nortii is correct in avoiding three ni) trump. He has heard his partner hid three dilicrent suits inrii- calins !hat Ihe most that South can have m spades is a singleton, and he :V.:LV even bo void. West -natre a very good opcninc when he Icrl a trump. Declarer Discoverer Recommended: n :ulnv Tlinnnv eomrdy putter al Hh,,Ky Mi-n-,, ' Hfs Ihf- Kir.ues.l niKlil-,-l-'il,' per, lormrr II,,llya,, Ol -| has -,-„ [„ • veais. Or .,.„,, (< . , r • '' '" j "M VV| ''U-V Kll " c ""• 'cira e of I M.v Wild In:h H-J r." w-uur r i Ihrcc times h"r'prcMoJs''; a'urv'a'.u! vo-Mamnc role v.itli Idinl 4k None V A Q J 8 6 » Q J 109 J. A Q 7 3 Tournament—Both vul. South 1 V 2 » i A. West Pass Pass Pass Pass North 1 * 2N.T. 3 » Pass Opening—V 7 Pass Pass Pass Pass 31 suit. If trumps I -Vol In lials arc (In. rii't: '"llifM- Ir. I frrl UK,. | liaik in ,„, k!(I ,,. 11S if far mu'lv Only „„„ fe»tlitr« on them"—nos llic.v ON BRIDGE )'o// Can't On a Trump Urea lly William K. ,>I Kcnncy A-n-'iiia's Car ( l Authority Do not let an adag« lead you best thst East ana West could get realized that he would have to take the c.nb finesse. :ind t. at he wouirl \ have to set thc diamond suit. he look another round of before IK- set tl-.c diamonds. .... ( ci:pononi.s would be able lo tuff him i down and gain control ol thc hand. So he correctly won tlie opening lead hi (iiiminy. le.i a club and took the fincfsc. His nex! piay was the queen of diamonds which East won. East's best deleusc at this point w.^s to c?sh the hi^h diamond aMd lead the king of clubs. However, the HORIZONTAL 1 Pictured discoverer of Ihe X-ray \Vilhchn _ 9 Hoarder 14 Phonetic sound 15 Angry 16 Greek letter 17 Puds up 19 Gazelle 20 Pertaining to religious r.lcs 22 Isle I!4 Near 25 Daybreak (comb form) 26 Cudgels 2S Kixcd look 33 Boat paddle 34 Nothing 35 His discovery \vas a boon to mankinrj 3B Test •10 Pronoun 41 Him 42 Soften in temper 46 Kind of cutting tool 50 Mineral rock 51 West Indian clingfish 54 Yale 55 Scorch 57 His X-ray is considered science's greatest aid to medicine 39 C=—« in 69 Reaffirmed VERTICAL 1 Knocks 2 Bones 3 Heroic 4 Symbol for nickel 5 Handles 6 Bile 7 Seventh Greek l«itcr 8 Seine avails lo hit 10 Symbol for iridiurn 11 Icelandic tale 12 Short jacket 13 Peruse 18 East Indies (ab.) 21 Rodent 23 Land parcel 2G Quagmire 27 Auricle 44 Spring fast 28 E;xist season 30 Blackbird o£ «Symbol for cuckoo family , c ^ Uunum ,, ,.. . , -16Skates 31 N arrow mlel 47 Denomination 32Cloth measure 48 Wings 36 Reverential 49 Savage fca >' 52 Society f or 3. Camper Physics] R c 38 Want of water search (ab ) 39 Corded fabric 53 Article 42 Flower 43 Ireland SB Earth goddess 38 Medical suffix m. si 51 'tS

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