The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 21, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 21, 1931
Page 3
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THURSDAY, MAY 21, 1931 RLYTIIEVILLE. (ARK.) COUltlER NEWS DPIDGf Bible and Co-ed Pajamas Issues in Fight on Diehl PACE TTmRl • HV WM. H. McKENNF.Y Sccrelur)- American Bridge 1.t»fu* When iniiiier ojxms wllli an original cue no trump, lie advises you Hint his hand contains general EupFOiting iircngth or al Icnst two ami one-half quick tricks, therefor." any two of a suit bid v/llli which you lake partner out sticivs weakness rather limn strength. Partner has practically snld that 1-1- f:">i support almost" any bid that yon make, or lie can continue \vltli tile no Irirnj), Ihcrefoi'i? if you hold a strr.»i7 five-mid major suit, you Flio"lrt bid three rather lhan t\vo inicl partner will either go back to l>li no tr:»nip or will support your bid to fcur. If you were to bid cnly t\vo hearts, you would say to partner. "I really believe we will lose It-is tricks playing this hand at two hearts lhan you will playing It 'it one no trump." Of course, if you were to bid Iwo hcurls and that 'vns the only weak spot In partner's hand, he would gc two no trump, 'or he might even Jump tlic contract to three no Irump as he knows that ymi liavc denied any renl supporting strength and he cannot depend np- k en you to raise Ills contract of live no trump to three. Howerer. there are very few hands that it pay! for partner to go back to no trump as you have denied with a suit, ant more especially he should bt warned aguinst going to three n trump ever your two of a suit bid. WJien you ovcrcall partner'. ordinal one no trump with three ol a major, you advise him that your hand contains a good five-card suit or a very strong four-card major suit, and at least a side ace or king. You further inform part- ivr that you wish him to take you to four of your suit, or if this is (Continued from pane one) the weak spot In Ills hand, to go to sin. "I cm charge-.', with i;!llng three no trump. young ministers there Is n> 9to:i>- \Vhen yon take partner out of ment," ho says. "1 told t'.-.:m tin', his original one no trump bid with 1 believe In vicarious ;iu.ieii!e:n three of n minor, you .show a Ions but that 1 have found no tltfary of minor suit or at least a slrong nloneincnt which satisfies in. 1 m'.m\ (ivccard suit with u side ace or co:»pletely." , kin?, and you ilemiutd ihai pavi-. u promises to hi n imfd an 1 tier carry tl-. ? contract to three :io pi ct u 1DS(1 ,. c nght. Swinishly Lclihul trump or to support your minor. '„„,,. vreMtM stan( , n w suidenl While il Is very seldom that hauls ^ of a,^,^;,,,,,, „„, ,.,„,„ of this type will produce five odrt. nml „(,„„, of directors. At a recent with a minor suit whore-they will, iicirin" b"fore the dire-tors ni.-'ii -^sss as ± : l £«' i «- - ™-" that game can be made onlv In. ' , ,. , the minor suit. " Hearing lliis, l:ls opponents an- If'your hand contains jus! a fnir I nr ' lmTOtl - " We > lnvfll 'l begun lo five-card minor suit and sufficient " shl >'° L We wl11 ""'>' lll!s to <''" ;muU for three no trump, it Li ruri Ocnei ' al Assembly of tile church." L . , !:,,,..?! , l°l*'at ! .iiB tempera In re will Ihln nny Srk'iiH- hdllor, NhA M-rvice , oil. y..; Us hiuricullng nuallly may Faster speeds In motor cars have slill I*. Intact. Loose pistons or led oil engineers to u much more rln,:s may permit eii.solln;.' to filler serious study ol ihu tlshl kinds of da-.Mi into UH> crankcaw nnd lubiicanls lo offer for our iiutonio- ' biles today, l-'or no motorist woulJ have much paliencc with (he oils tiial used lo be supplied for Ihe , lions on Hie kind of oil yon orli-i- slowor tunning cars uu lo n fcwlnnlly had boughl J years ngo. ' ........ Today, research Into Inurlcallon has ]iroduce<l much more effective lubricants. Still this rest-arch Is go- inj; on for the Improvement of Iho luL'ricallng qualities of nil the oils greases offered. BAD BREAT may be due to biliousness *My brealh would get bad, and often I would get up in tlie muru- Ing wilh an awful taste iu my mouth," saya Mr. alias Hamblin, of Cambria. Va. ' "My skin was yellow, and I felt pretly iioorly, generally. An old friend recommended that I try Black-DrauRlit for tills. I found it an excellent medicine and have used It ever since, when I needed anylliing for consllri:Llio:i. I L find a small dose, takoa occasionally, ^& kccp.s me In D| A f*f eoc-a shape." bLALK" DRAUGHT A purely vegetable laxative. better to raise partner to tlireo no u ump then to show the weak mln- i or suit. When partner opens with an or- jrlginal one no trump with three of wncnl puts In an intervening nuil •;id and your hand.contains u f'ucd Tour or fivo card siiil niul sufficient strength to support parlnev 1 .; 10 trump but does not. have the uit of ihe opponents stopped, you hould show your suit. This will how partner a hand ctmlainiiiK Irength and he can select whether o su)>|»rt. your suit or, of he has he opponents' suit stopi>ed, to con- .inue with his no trump; e. g. jartner bids one no Irump. oppon- nt overcalls with two diamcnds. If yo:i bid two hearts, you .show •artner not a weak two-of-a-silit :ke out, but a hand containing at east one ar.d one-half tricks, but not having the damonds sloped and furthermore, your h:,-id is not strong enough to go to three hearts. If partner were now to respond with two no trump, hi would be denying support of your Vcail bid and would le further elating thai-he had the diamonds stopiicd. Now if yon have sufficient count for three no Inunp abandon the heart suit and bit :hree no trump. The faculty of Southwestern has issued n fCrmal .sialemenl backing Dr. Uiehl's administration. The slu- dcnts at u public rally e;wc.w;l themselves in accord wllh their president.. So the Issue stands. If (he sliu- ation nl Southwestern develops into a church trial ns now sterns kely, there is reason to belbve II ;ay exceed Tennessee's "inonlidv" cnlroversy for warmth and expb- tve exchanges. Both shlos are pre- wrcd to fl^'it it out 0:1 l!:e line of parties if II lakes all winUr. bo:l!ed oil Unit will do well for high sjH'ixl driving nnd for long con- llinsi'il o|K>iiitloii. nnd will still ]>er- foim eilk'lenily during slower driving in thu city, wilhout excessive formation ol nubon. Heavier oils arc necessnry nowadays, bin ihelr ILSC may fool us If we lire Buldfd solely by Ihe oil gauge bi-fiirc us. We iimy be used to Hatching die gnuge jioliilcr go mi thin HHiiuid nil Ihe Hiuiicnllng oil, lll , Bl ' 1 vvl " 1 ''"' USL ' o( lllt ' s(; '"•»»>' ht:t Ui.ii .should be remembered be- • iim '" ''""Unue;! Miminer dnv- fuie y.i-.t tc^iii to cast any relK'C- in|f "' hl|;l1 S I K1 «'' «'<-' w111 fll ^ "«• IMVHIITO drop considerably. 'nun shouldn't, concern us inucli, lor the oil has thinned down from the heal of Hie engine nnd. hns llu'irforo nrpdeil less pressure'lo lie linnijKd Ihroiigh lo Iho various beaijngs niul other luhrluitcil part The UIIUEO inexely sliow.s how Imrd It Ls for thi! oil to circulate. Therefore, If (he gaiiyo |>crsWs In flmwlns a high oil pressure, nf- lei 11 loiig run nl high sliced, you . , If yun go on a long trip, keeping the car at a constant hkh spri-il. yim'll flnil the oil not, only IhiiihiiiK out bill liei-rensinu In volume rather quickly. F.Us'lneers ha\'c lieen working on Ihe problem of producing an oil that will nol cvaiwinle nulckly. "lie- sides. «jih present high s|x>cd drlv- se should be watched at all llini'S, but II-should be Intcrpreled iro;iw-ly In ti-.e light of the kind and length of driving done. Ash "Los An?e!cs" to Briijg President AKRON, Ohio. iUl>> — A pro- I.OSL! Iliul- tin' XI. S. Nnvnl ill' ji Hilc "l.cs Angrk.s" liriirj I'rcsl ricnt Hcfivrr here lor the dealc,\ of Us ntw iincl Inrgrr slste. by Shorty Fulton, manascr of . the Akron airport- Fulton, suggests the president", could nuke the'trip from Wash-'- inglou niul return' on the sums day and thus earn tin dls'.lnc.lon of being the first, president tince liocsevclt. -to fly whilcv In office. A dale for ilcdlciHliv; the "Akron" lias not jet been iUcr- mlned. "Akron," lins b'_':n iidvimccu angc. The tangerine is not. a hybKd. H Is (i variety of the iiianJarin or- How to gain NEW STRENGTH in the Spring TODAY IS THE-/? ANNJV-EIW <'DOM.AR BKEF" On May 21. 1317, beef went to n jollar a pmmd in Paris. This lh? reaction which followed the Beginning of the regime of Uv meatless days a week. Vegetable uul fish also followed the upwan enii?ncy. The rush for moat supplies to •rarry consumers over to the next meat day swamped the butchers, although Ihey had laid in extra This study has brought out one Important fact-yon can'l tell an oil ............. t ...... „ ..... „ ........ . by its louts. ! in g . (in- engineers face the Job of m »S' sus|>ecl something «'ion« with When a service altcndiml drains piodurln,; an oil Hint, will resist tll(! rlrciiliillon of Ihe oil. oxiiinlloii niul eummini;. 1'or the heavy-bodied oils tHnt are so necessary for present high speed driving must not gum up so , as lo vtog tlie oil pnssascs and re- 'slricl the supply to Ihe bearings, I'iiil I'linoK-. Hie euiilnt-ers face the oil from your crnnkcnse, lets It How between his fingers and tries lo show you how Ihln and inelfcc- live It is. you can'l believe by this nlon; Hint Ihe lubricant has not iK'cn iloin'j Us work, or that, il •isu'l of nuy further use. It nil depends on the s]>ceds nl which you have been oncrmlng, on l^e te:upornturp of the engine, on Ihe condition of Ihe motor anil even uu Ihe weather. he l Crowds c " r!y " stermed "**' io the ~ . $0 Look (ask of milling a heiivy- The trouble may lie In n gummed and reslrlcled oil passage. Such diirk'iiUy rcmilres more pressure on the p:irl ol His pump to clrculnle the oil, even lliouuh Hie Inbrlcnnl nvny h;ive (hlniied down considerably aflcr use. Thi? Is Hie reason why Iho ci'. told,, An and ikktuu p!»r kitoc wilh Ihf rrd-blwd-rrlts inrt Ihe fcody lliirf- fvro has lci» rrsl^lanre araln^t furlhrr Kvcry sprlnp countless thoosands take S.H.S.— Ihe purely vegetable tonic— to liuild back their red-blood- cells so Unit they may have that iitiu ' itHtiulh which makes for a keen appetite, firm flesh, a clear skin and greater resistance against infection nml disease. You, too, will want to take S.H.H. for thia very reason. Select tlie larncr size us it liulda,. double Hie quantity and represents a l>rlc« saving. OS.3.S. Co. ivcry Spring take S. S. S. Tonic A great deal of protest was i •oiccd ngalnst rich buyers who paid I any price thn dealers nsked. This MELI.O-GI.O. Hie new face rxnv- p:actlcc, naturally, sent the quoin- ,ter. will ke;p your skin from rx- tlons much too h.lgh for the mod- ! pos'.ire nnd prefer vc Us youth. Tlie est P llrr -- [ new Prcnoli process by which H Is Beef on the hoof at slock yards made makes 'It slny on longer. were also advanced In price. 1 spr-nd smoother, nnd will not clog WholKKleis appeared to lake the the pores. Its special lint is youth- ilew Unit the IKW reeulatlons fill. No flakinesi or Irritation wilh '.vculd net npiircclably reduce con- g MELLO-GLO. Try tills new woii- umptlon. - ' clerful face powder. —Adv. 0 uoun W oj J^gf'/* Don't Rasp Your Throat With Harsh Irritants "Reach for a LUCK Y instead" For Graduation GIFTS TiiaL Boys Have Already Approved of Handkerchief and Tic Sets or Individual Pieces Wilson Htm Sliirls Blended Shirts and Shorts Golf Toggery Pajamas and Lounging Robes . Hirkok Belts Wilson Bros. Hosiery All are Priced Moderately R.D. Hughes & Co. Striking Values r that help you Save ^ Spend! Black Dull Kid 1 This attractive model is trimmed wilh yilcnl Iciillict acid rc|>:i'. Black KM Outstanding Value Imagine fuuliiR »s -ssnartly styled a slwc—in patcnt Icathc' —for only B*ack Dull Kid \Viili co:ilrastiiig trim o( blacV gray lizard grain. Sea Sand Sandals $3*98 Peni-Arch" Tlic new arch-f«arurc shot wilh narrow liccl, combination lasi . . . glove-like fill RUck calfskin. Remarkable value at this low pried Semi-soft box toe, leather \\clt $2.98 Mens Sport Oxfords W^ ^J>^ x«*fflCV-^ '^^,'^k/eKK^ '•<'_ y Klack and White n,re the cor- vci-t color (.omlVpation — \vc have the style you want at the .price you want lo pay. $2.98 J. C. Penney Co DEPARTMENT 220-222 W Main St. • toe. STOKE Hlytheville, Ark. Now! Please! — Actually put your finger on your Adam's Apple. Touch it— your Adam's Apple— Do you know you are actually touching your larynx?-This is your voice box — it contains your vocal chords. When you consider your Adam's Apple, you are considering your throat—your vocal chords. Don't rasp your throat with harsh irritants - ^each for a LUCKY instead-Remember, LUCKY STRIKE is the only cigarette in America that through its exclusive "TOASTING" process expels certain harsh irritants present in all raw tobaccos. These expelled irritants are sold to manufacturers of chemical compounds. They are not present in your LUCKY STRIKE, and so we say "Consider your Adam's Apple." It's toaste Including the use of Ultra Violet Rays Sunshine Mellows—Heat Purifies Your throat Protection— against irritation—ogainst cough TUNE IN— ThtLucityStrike Dance Orchej- tro, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday •vcnint over N. B. C. net•onto.

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