Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 18, 1896 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 18, 1896
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JOU VOL. XXI. LO&ANSPORT, INDIANA,' SATURDAY MORNING, JULY 18, 1896, Clothes up to Date Have been in great favor at our establishment. Fact Is no one IIRI ; a finer line of woolens and. worsteds to select from than onrp. We are Important Features ... in the make-up' of our clothes work their superiority.- not the|oheapest tailors but claim .to be the best. Carl W. Keller, Tailor and Draper. 3n Market Street. I LOST $15 By Paying $100 for your bicycle when you can get OUTINGS for $85 and $65, We have an assortment of SECOND HAND MACHINES which must be Sold, Call and make an offer. CYCLOMETERS LAMPS OILS GRAPHITE CEMEXT REPAIR KITS . ENAMEL SADDLES TIRES XOE CLIPS ENAMELING BRAZING BELLS LOCKS VULCANIZING OLD TIRES Made Good as N ZINN & COMPANY. 202 Sixth Street. Straws That Show Which Wa> the Wind Blows Show that It must bare blown a tremendous gale towards Fisher's, fo they hare straws of all the new shape and sizes, straws In straw color anc any other color you wish piled on thci shelves and waiting to be called "the last straw" In the newest style bongbt at Fisher's by every pleased resident of Logansport Light Derby's, llgh nobby straw hats and Jaunty handsome bicycle caps are what we have a big run on now. HORRIS FISHER - THE HATTER. Invitations. Are always appreciated and especially so when they aro tastefully gotten up. THE JOURNAL|Job Printing Department is making a. specialty of ' , • ; ,. .' - t * \NVITATION8, PROGRAMS. LETTER HEADS, ' MOTE HEADS. BILL HEADS, STATEMENTS, CARDS, CIRCULARS, ETC. ETC. jatest Styles in Fancy Type and Material MEWS IN BRIEF. The Htunber bicycle works at Coven? , England, were burned, the loss being $500,000. .The populist convention ot Little Ark., nominated A. W. Files, ol ?ulaski county, for governor. John Wallace, city marshal, of Oglen, In., was shot and dangerously rounded by tramps during a fight. Grnnt Cownn, of Bloomington, 111, I bralceraan on the Chicago & Alton, iras killed in a wreck at Godfrey, 111. An unknown man was found dead icar the tracks at Sepo, 111., with an rmpty bottle of laudanum by his side. There were 495 fresh cases o£ cholera .eported in Egypt Wednesday and Thursday and '419 deaths from that Disease. The nineteenth annual meeting 1 of ,he American Baj- association will bs wld at Sn-ratog-n. Springs August 10, 30 lud 21 next. Julns Guischard, one of the associ- ites o£ Ferdinand de Lesseps in tho iuez uanal project, died in Paris attha ige of 70 years.' Eenli/ation, the well-known race lorse, was shot at San Francisco as a- re- ,ult of nn incurable disease which af- ected one of his legs. The Woman's Relief corps, of Paxton, 11,, is giving a series of socials to pro- ide a ,$1,500 fund with which to pur-, hasc a soldiers' monument. Leroy H. Do<ld, or Buchanan, ilicJi., has been unseated by the county. tjurVand his opponent, J. L. Richards,, leclarcd to bo the rightful mayor. A receiver has been asked for the jOtt'm Snidex's Sons Paper company of ;incin»ati. The ,'assets are stated at 54,000 and the liabilities $115,000. ' Benjamii Fen ton, a farmer, living icar Columbia, Mo., was'overcome by i bpiit. njid fejl tlirouffh a larffe Dlata -,' ' < .•••: .••••'.. i. - - . glass, window and 'was fa tally hurt. The Higgins faction of the republican party in .Delaware met at Georgetown nnd nominated John C. II iggins for governor and K. C. Houston for congress. Negotiations for the sale of the Great Chhio ranch, in California, which contains 52,000 acres,- to an English syndicate are about complete. The price ii $1,000,000. NOT READY TO SPEAK. Senator H1U Ii» .Still. Deliberating Over the Folltlcal Situation. New-York, July 17.—Senator Hill, ao- companied by James W. Hinkley, chnii^ man of the democratic state com- 'nittee, and ex-Lieut. Gov. Sheehan, panic up to the city,from Xormandic- by-the-Sca. The senator will return to the seaside late in the afternoon and re- .main there until next Tuesday. He has not yet. decided when he will declare himself on the political si tuation.HJi says he realizes that a great crisis confront* the party and it must be met in calm deliberation. It will, perhaps, be several days and even longer, before Mr. Hill will state his position in the coming- campaign. He has been advlsed.^y a number of his closc.frlends to repudiate the Chicago ticket, and while H apcms clear from his expressions that the nominees of the democratic convention will not receive his support, hi has not said so openly. • Carrollton, -'0., July 17.—The post office safe was blown at an early hour and a large amount of ni'oney -and stamps taken, in addition to a number ot registered letters. The burg-lara escaped. . ,,,-. Fell from a'^Trapezc.. • • .Winnipeg, Man., July 17.—While do-, .ing n high trapeze act nt tbe Wallace circus hero Mme. Natalie, a -well-known performer, fell and was terribly injured. She will-live, but will bie a crip- A BOAT SINKS: Many Workingman Lp.&e..;'Their Lives at Cleveland', 0/' ;; Sixteen ered- Bodies Have .Been Reco'v- -The Disaster -Was Caused •by a Panic, Cleveland, 0., July 17.—TJ,, . phlliug 1 disaster which IiasotKjgurrcd in Cleveland, except the vinduaf jjorror last- winter, when a loaded .~s.$ri><?: ear plunged 1UO feet into -.the. .-river,- ,qe'-j curi-ed Thursday night rit,eighU) ; 'elock. While a tint-bottomed-- ferry -boat, loaded with between -10 niid 50'-lii-borers, wus crossing- the old i-h'creWft-nJi^l-, it was capsi/ed and nil the'-'Jhien'ilirowii into the channel, and between J.'5- and 1 £0 drowned. 14 bodies having-'-ateJiid'y been taken from the water'.'"-' •„!'<•-•. - - l>uo 1" ii'T*a'iit«. •' '••'.' The accident was due to -a- panic nnioug tht men. on bonrd."''.•'Tfie^bont was loaded so that 'tho ; 'giVn\viil.> was only three inches ubove ilie wiite.r. and i:-passing nig made waves w.hic'ji came into the boat. At once there was !i r'lisli" to llie other side,-mid the, boal '-went iniiler anil spilled the ineik.'.'T,l»''y.«'ero ;ill members of ;i jfiuig: of piv-vJuMuliurs, uml were coming to their A Wllil Sirilirirln.,, The scene in the FLAGS AT IHA^F-MAST. "The Death of B*-Gov; "Kuwtoll Ciiunen . L"nlvon»l Sorrow. Boston, July 17.—The news of Gov, Kussell's death caused general sui-prisn in this city, and, iri'fact,.throughoutthe state.. On all sides-flaga-'were |>ut at liulf roast, and the''daily-newspapers printed'the brief announcement of his death and the long obituaries and tributes in turned column, rules. Mayor Quincy has called a special meeting of the city government'for,to-day to take action on the governor's death, and Acting Gov, \Volcottwill issue n.proclama- tion. ,-.-..;-,;•' : ; Manchester-by-the-Sea,!.Mass., July •17.-—The family of ex-Gov. Ihisseil, in- cludingMrs, Unssell and the three children— Warren Eustice, .. Jr., Richard Manning and Margaret—who arc spending 1 the.sumnier in a qniet eottag-e ovt-r- looking 1 the biiy, were in ignornucc of the cloud of sadness overhanging them until a telegram from Col. H. K. J7.:issell was received annmyicing flic death of 3fri I7usse)l. Jlrs. liussell was pros- (ra'te'Cl by.'the announcement.' Profound grief'is expressed at ttie:nows'on eveiy side here. de PaboRl Quebec-, July THE BAPTISTS. Proceedings of the Convention in Session at Milwaukee. Sunrise Prayer-Meetings in Many . Churches — Conference*, State Rallies and Song Exercises. ilih by tlii •iuon-oji 1 tht; tug add the steamer 'LlniJufei'.-XliU'll- wei-e passing, wv. one and nt •c . lifij-snvfiij ''' (lou-n-'iji. th;. 1 lieroe i and lite preservers from both;, /.vessels piillud n board, mites \vereni:es (1 some sv(urn cre«' was . ' of sparcning-fo};,-bodjes ii liulecont Ulnplay. k of identificn ^ 1 slowly.' owing 10 the bodies, having to. various roorg-jiijjs.^Ths. by 'the unOertajicrs were .disgusting. i« the extrinne.- They al-' niost. (iiijife.to blows in their iinxiety to pain p'psfiession of the bodifcs^a«d;tha policcvJio'd.'to interfere in the inteprc«r ol deeencj^and threaten to arrest.them 1 . The bod i^Sj found are: ,.>-. -;,-vu •• ;'i/Vi- . Tho Vlcttm«, ' CharlbsVlSprocko. 28 SeMon Btrcct, married seViSn'^hlldren: William Saunders, 179 Loula, rtiftrtlod, one child: AUffUst Hasten. Gage street, .married; Michael Lynch, 96 Hanover Street; Fritz Borjels, 43 Prim •troef ChriB'.Qerlach, 46 Seldom avenue, married; '-^-Frolrap, residence _unknown; Charles 'Borfermelster, 20 Seldon avenue, married; JnUus Erkhe, No. 8 List court, marrle*; Chris. Qehcron, Hydo strcot, married,' unknown man at Qallajner » morgue; unknown man at Hogan & Sherer's morffue'; Charles Kraus. Brooklyn vtl- teg-e, .widower, three children; Edward Ryan, Wavorly avenue, married. , '-/..Sliteicn Bodlen Found. •'' OaC'motf body has been recovered from thVilver, making the total number ofiflci'd' removed to the morgue 18. It is believed'tbnt there art ^ still several more bodies in the river, <as at lenst three men who were on the 'boat; h«vc not yet been accounted for.' '•" ••'•> •'•'•• ' — — • - - J!.? 1 ''' She Fenrert » Cyclone..;, j; ' Zanesville, 0., July 17.— Kosaixna; the. ten-year-old daughter of Mre.-.^nwcs,W.- Foutch, died under • pecnliai: .-.ciruuni- Btances. Sh<i was n bright girl, rend everything she could find, and after the St. Louis hurricane was the-ivictim, of nervous prostration. During: th> .thunderstorms that prevailed here 'Wednesday she said there was a hurricane coming, and suffered nnotherprostr/itiou of nervousness, from the effects of which she has since died. . ..;. . . .A Shrewd. TrlcJt. ',' , ( ., Marquette, Mich., July 17.— It has developed at tho custom house here that this country is being- flooded, with low grade teas through the ports of "Sault Sto. Marie and Port Huron. •, These tens hod all been rejected 'at Nevy York and Boston on account of. -'.their, 'inferior grade, bnt were promptly .''repacked mid worked into the country through the above named ports, wher^ there are no expert testers and appraisers. yultl tho Xlelcet.' : ' Fuirbnry, HI., July i' 1 ?)— C. A/Windle, the nominee for lieutenant governor on the prohibition ticket, has forwarded his resignation to Chairman Gere, and declared his intention to support-Bryan for president. Mr.vWindle, who Jpiib- lishes' a paper here," 'tli'inkB-' the prohibitionists erred in 'adopting a single plank platform at Pittsburgh"; • : Six Votes Decide, %.€,bnte»t. ./..• Dccator, Mich., Jiily,,i7 C T7.Mayotle- Toy H. Bodd, of Buoha-naj),, who . haa lieJd;the offlce.eince )o«tv^)>nj,.h4ui been udjHxfr. by, |tl^ Berrlcn*C/3iun,ty. . circuit COM* and iw .^opponent atjthejpfJls, J.L. KicaHrds, 'hp8 V been declared the. rigrht- ful- .holderiWSix quesiiomable ballott >'. V- it. Jllii-_x^«A . •''£' • ... : caused the'W&itest. v ,-, i..,-, '»'»' Duct Krioxyjj jei ! '.T enn., rr_,.'-ujjL'*.A~«"G:wi4+Yi •< \VashJnfe ; ton' 1 femlth arid Deputy Sheriff' DaveW.'^Eog-ers, of Union county,- set- tlcd^aSi'pldlfeiid here by-fflgSittag a'ducl- and^Smlth was -Bhotptag death, and rvO£fjaa ; p4MrifuU'y wounded. Sm'iiK was ^ .. ESit.i.'of-14 children, including four shoot a M*ihihi»I. ne,ila;,, July IT.—tnr'jMj.-enconnter.' ilace ciiy marajial | - * tii- of -ppflm, was i shot v an, ; , woiii>d)Bd: ,. A posse of citizens captured the''tramps and would -hnre- -lynched thenvafr'once if the marshal,had-not ki mS eli'>equested .that la.w";|fid. ordei *.._n.'v. 1 .' • V-l *,• ' • •17,-^Tli.e remains of (he late 1 ex-Gov.Wil- linpi'TS. -IvHsscll. of Massachusetts, were taJi'c'Tf fi:om here on the steamer Admiral and'transferred to tho.trairi.for Bos'.on at Dnlhniisit:. ....;, ,,.-, THE ST. LOUIS.CONVENTION. £eruq:tjJu l!or«-< l «n Oppi.Hlii£,,roj>nllKi; l-'nr: :. ..',; lions Grown IVnrm. ' .St.... ton is. July 17.—The. battle be- 'tween the fiictions.oC the populist party is growing fiercer ami by next week will _Oii: at white he:i't. On one side it is a fight fur the life' -of -the-or'gani/ation. On the other'it is ti.stnjggle.to secure ii compromise in favor,of the flemncratic sta.ncliii-d-hean.-r. So far no state convention has declared in t'ayor of an nil- compromising stnijd.-The best thathas becJi done has buori the seciirmgqf 11111!)- st'nicted delegations...- In spite of the strong showing- made by the anti-Bryan "wing, tlic prediction is freely marie t.ha.t it will i!0 down to quick.defect when the main body of the delegates reaches Stj, Louis. - : . Only n few leaders' have come hi yet. ami delegates are evidently timing their departure from their., homes NO us'.to reach here just in.'time to go into the convention. There \VIll-lie 1 -lip marching clubs, iio brass builds and very little of Tiniisua!'excitement. T H RONG OF- .IIVliyH£RA N TS. The UnUeit -Slutoii. .Recol.ycrt 343,807 • During tho Limt I r li»oal 1'onr, . WasjHiigton,. .Tuly 17.—A sta<temen-t preparedly the conimissiohe;' of .immigration shows tlie.,n.umber- of immigrants who arrived in this country during the last; fiscal year ended June ,')0, 18UG, to hnve.'.lieen .'i43,2G7 as compared with 2S8.530,during the fiscal year 1895. Of tlie'.'whole number 212,446 were male and 130,601 Jemnles. The countries from' which the immigrants .caine are given ps follows: "nustflticHong'avy. 03.103; Italy, ,08,060; ,liuss'i.a, 52;i36; Germany. 31,885;. United Kingdom," 64,037: nil other countries, 61,446'.'•'•. The whole number debarred und returned during the. year was 3,0;s7. against 2,o%, in 1805.,, /' CurlM* Off f or n Trip. Washington, July .17.—Secretary and Mrs. Carlisle, accompanied by Mrs. William ,K. Carlisle 'and';.their children. Jane, Laura aond'' Muftter John G. Carlisle,' have left the'city for n.n outing. They .embarked;'-upon-'the-, lighthouse tender Viola for,a sail down Chesapeake bay. They will ;; btf gone:'several days, Flunn a Coop. New York, July 17.—Maximo Gome/., commander-ln-chief of-the Cuban army, !s preparing a grand-coup, to be mark •.ns-.soon as the- rainy season is over amJ circumstances will permit. It is believed that a simult'u'rie'oiis attack upon tlie'.c.ities of Havana -iinil Santiago di; Cuba is contemplated. hvuukce, July 17. — Sunrise prayer meetings in all the Protestant churches opened the second day's proceedings of the Baptist Voting People's convention. IntheforenOon,bi>ghmingattai o'clock, four workei'-j' conferences were held, tho g-eiit'ral topic being-.- "Tho Young People's Society as a \Vorking Fore.?." ,The first of these conferences was held at the Cjrund avenue M U. church, Kfv. William 1'. McKec. of JLinneapolis, presiding. A conference ou junior work was held at (-he Jjnuiajiui'l I'ri's'siyifrinn church, Kev. 13. ]:. SjniUj, of J/ui-l.ci-sburgf, W. A'a., presidiiijj 1 . TheoDiil'er'.'iicc at Calvary church con- sidt-ri'd speciiil work uiulyr the head of the gciHM-ai lujjic. Tbi? attendance was very large. At flu: Plymouth church the fourth conferenco discussed missions. Afternoon ^cKHloti. The afternoon sos'aioii at the exposition hid! wu* !i,tiL'iidi;d b'v'a large crowd. Praise survici'S werc.l'cdvby l\uv. K. JI. Shanks, oil SI. J'.r>uis.-' ; -.TI>c salutation of fi.'igs |i«rtic'ipated i)) by K-i .slates was an interesting si.iectae.lo. J.'rovincial unions then made ruport of their work. At thu closi: ol the g-ciieral meeting at 1 convelition Imll (;)»• delegations marchr.d from the ' cxjiosifion bnil'ling to the places of hoitiing l.he state rallies, and song 1 e.vei'cist'js were held. Go to Denver Next Time. Minneapolis )5a.ptist.s -came here 300 strong' n-ild made a gallant tight for tlic '»b coiiveii-t-ion, but at noon gave up tha coil test. It is learned that the boarc of maiwigers at their irieeting decidei! upon IVnver. This conclusion \va.s tc be kept secret until it was announced ii the convention, but the Minneapolis managers wormed" the secret from members of the board. The election of officers ivill take place. in the ' iind will probably Indorai) tlic Tloho^t. St. Louis, July 17.—After a debati- 'that lasted-nearly four hours, the Jcl- ferson club, the democratic organ of this ..city, -'-indorsed the • Chiciigo• plat- •rdfni" and the Domination of Bryan and Bewail by a vote-.of G2't6'3'-i. President Holla Wells has ^resign^a from the clulj In consequence. Vlft 9Ia>io Hume Fnlln. ' Chicago, July 17!—The.Hallet & Davis company,, 239-\Viibnsh avenue, piano and org-an dealers;'•made an assignment in the county court to- George C. Aldrich, vice presi'den't of the company. The assets are scheduled at $283,000, with-liabilities'of $140,000. - i Think Tho'y WIBPB; Drowned. •Muskegon, Mich.VNJiily 17. — Just before Tuesday's big. storm broke Frank June, his wife atfd 'child left Grand Haven in a small saloon: /-The boa-tha-s been- 'found- upturned- 'on- the beach, at Lake"' Harbor andviti-Js-'supposed that ' .—Iri theiv con- .--Atlers, lWyoW.—I thev convention at Goo?ljIiaBi4;;tbe intermarried. white eitUens.of-'Jgjanuchi .county have organized a leajjue .t4.pj)sh their iiiter- esta in the nation>aJid'have planned nn active movement looking to their bct- '• v f *fi' ^v«s- t- '' ferment. •..•,.•-!;.',•,',, I ' . Clirlitlan* Hpld. Tlmlr Own. .London, J uly^lifof A, _dippatch irom Cnnea'says tiflt -.tfi%i'3ghting; in the Apokrona district - o^jtiiejBland of-Crete continues and .the; Turkish troops make little progress, against;;; the Christian Cretans^ ; ••"'•-v;-', !'<,.: -,'• ' .. York, -July"'^7'.^rG6rnelius Vanderbilt pasaed;"'a' restful, nig-ht and il d , to be 'improved; in condition. • result in'the selection of those serving at present. ' ' : Fine Nltht 8«»«lon. The amphitheater of the convention hall wan filled' Thursday night before eight o'clock, and the galleries were overflowing whon the convention was ' caUed.to ordT.Kfor the'Arst,night session Fully la.ftOO-^rWKNW.the hall when Gov. Upham uppivu-e'd on the platform and welcomed the delegates 'in behalf of the stats, ami de.clarcd-thut all Wisconsin 'wanted '^as more Baptists. Rev. H. F. Colby, of Cunton, 01, spoke on the strength of the union, nnd urged the young workers to know their strength and to use it to spread tbe Gospel. President 'John H. Chapman, of Chicag-o, the bend of the union, delivered his annual address. THE 'AMERICAN PARTY. The MlMOuri Wins: Selocti Judge John Jli,Stone for Governor. ,'Kansas"City, Mo.;-:July 17. — The executive committee'.of the American party tendered the nomination for governor to Hon. John B. Stone, presiding judge-of the Jackson county court, and he at once accepted in a brief Jotter. The nomination- was effected without the formality of a convention by cii-culatirg petitions all,over (.hestate asking Judge Stone to head the ticket, each signer promising to vote for.^u'm.' When the petition* were returned in sufficient numbers the executivgjcommit.tee waited upon Judse Stone |nd tendered him the nomination. He has been prominent in A.-P. A. circles ever since.rhe order was founded. His campaign is expected to cut an important figure in Missouri politics this fall. Wreck of » "LoBlflnit Train. North Conwny, Mass., July 17.—A logging, train 'on the Dry Eiver railroad became unmanageable and was 'wrecked. Woodward, the engineer, and Jack Murray, the brakeman, jumped and were killed. Charles Hanson, postmaster at'Carrigan, and Marshall Walk-, er, a lumber contractor, of Fryeburg, Me., weare badly injured. Dlmltroun Tour for Labor. Columbus, 0., .Tuly 17.—The annual report of the state shop'and factory inspector shows thatf 56,952 fewer persons were employed doiring the year just closed in the shops and. factories of Ohio thj,n were employed in 1894. Tbe Inspector estimatce"the yearly loss of wage earnings on'this account to be $22,991,230. • Win* HI* Bait. • . New .York, July 17 : —George J. Gould .hos.won'his suit to prevent the collection of;ah inheritance tax on $5,000,000 bequeathed to him'-by liis father, the late Jay Gould, ilt was claimed that the'bequest was compensation for services .rendered.' and.thi<3..contention was sustained by the couTt.V PnUodelphia, July ITJ^-Judge YerX«. Ijas refused to grant a'new trial for James B. Gentry, the'''Convicted murderer of Actress Madge Yorkc. Counsel for the condemned man at once took an. appeal to. the supreme court. • '•-" ' ' Wants I<ew OBlccn. Washington, Julv 17.—In his annual' reported. John MljWilson, engineer in charge of public buildings and gi-oinid^ recommends the, erection of suitable offices "outside the executive mansion for the president. NO. 172 HOOSIER HAPPENINGS. News by Talcgjaph from Various ' Towns'In Indiana. A Clever Swinille. 'Shelbyville, Ind., .luly 17.—A neat piece of confidence work was exposed here when Adolf Wreit related how he had been induced to purchase a small piece of property of Ernest Schmidt, Ii iw employer. Wreit w:u-- known to have about S3.000, and to think a great deal of Mrs. Schmidt, whose husband wanted to dispose of his properly. Accordingly a trap was set for Wreit and last week Mrs. Schmidt secured a divoro? from her husband in l.he circuit court, alles-iii" cruelty,- Schmidt making r.n defense. Before applying for the di- vorcp. however, the" woman agreed to marry Wreit. if he woulil purchase the properly and household effects of Schmidt. This was .i^-rccd to. and when tho divorce was granted Wreit limited up Schmidt and offered him 52,000 for his place. $1.000 more than its value. Schmidt refusal, wanting S-'.-lOO, which he was finally given a check for. .This ••vas the next day after the divorce had Ijei.'n pranced, and thntovenbiR-Schmidt and his wife look :i H-ain for Cincinnati, where they were remarried and nre now on route to Germany. Wreit threatens niicido. 31iiii*l-K Nt'Ofl Urrnil, Cincinnati, .luly 17.—William Shelter, of f.inton. Jnd., is here soliciting- a,id for the suffering minors and their families-, in the Indiana bituminous coal regions. There has been- a lockout {here since if ay 1. causer! by-.in attempt to reduce wapvs eight and one-tiiird per cent. Said Sln'fTer: . "Three thousand minors Arc iflJc R'.ifi 12,- OOi) people art ill want. Thore have been nnrnurous families, men, women, and children, •• living on Ijre.id and w^ior for the ]nst two %veeks. Tlio only relief was a ]i(>r capita 'jlstrlbutioi. of 27 conts by the state secretary of Indiana miners." Holttinn for Comrrcmi. Columbus, Jnd., July 37.—The democrats of the Fourth Indiana congressional district met. in convention at Xovth Vernon, Ind./Thursday after- nonn and nominated Hon. W. S. Holmnn, "the Watch Dog of the Treasury," as their candidate for congress. Judge Holman set-cured the nomination on the eighth bullot. His opponents were 'Hon. F. -M. Griflit.li. of, Switzerland county, and ii'on. Joel Matlock, of Jackson courty. Llchtnlnpr Fl™" • •»«•• WrtL Muncie, Ind., July 17.—Lightning i-truck a gas well regulator house on the farm' of .Michael Whitney cast ot here, and tho house was set on fire and the big pipes tVi? J ed to pieces. Tho whole output from tho. well was ignited, abla7,e of fire leaped from the well at the ground more than 50 feet in tha^ air. All efforts to quench the. blajgr^' have proven fruitless. ., Peculiar Death of a Woman. Columbus, Ind., July 17.—At Edinburg Pleasant Pruitt was handling a shotgun, which was discharged, tearing off the top of his wife's head, killing her instantly. Mrs. Pruitt was a cousin of Congressman Cooper, of. this city. The husband claims the-shootiug 1 was accidental. No one saw ft. The coroner is investigating the case. Drowned While Boating. .Teffcrsonville, Ind., July 17.—Miss Fannie Howes, aged IS, the beautiful daughter of Dr. Eber.vzer Howes,.one of the most prominent men in this vicinttv. whs drowned in the Ohio river. She wo* cut boating in company with a gentleman friend, when the mail boat going cast struck their skiff. The young man miracuously escaped. Spiritualist* Convene. Indianapolis.Ind., July 17.— The sixth annual camp meeting 1 of the Indiana Association of Spiritualists began at Chesterfield, the home of .spiritualism in this state. The attendance is much larger than usual at the annual gathering. and is especially marked by th-i presence of many people living beyom! tbe Mtn-te confines. Fouod Guilty. Lebanon, Ind., July J 7.— Joseph Conrad, who'bas been on trial in the circuit court here for the attempted murder of John Marte, a't Zionville, was found guilty and sentenced to two years' imprisonment. Conrad escaped the fury of a Boone county mob about two year* ng-o when arrested for the crime. Tracew«U RoDnmlnated. .Tcffersonville, Ind.. July 17.— It. J. Troccwcll, the present incumbent, has been renominated for congress by the republicans of the Third district. Resolutions were adopted indorsing the national republican platform. Mr. Tracewell was opposed for the nomination by W. W. Borden. No langet • Myttery. Gravelton, Ind., July 17.— George Crandnls, of this place, confessed on hi» dea-th-bed to the murder of John P. Tarnhcin. The murder was committed ten' years ago and has always been a mystery. - • the Scftlo. Frank ton, Ind., July 17.— The Boiling 1 Mill company here has signed thc-seale Rnd the plant- has been started, with 150 men. Tho plant has been shutdown teveral weeks. A Murderer Captured. Juneau, Wis.. July 17:—William Zell< Iner, wlio murdered Mrs. M.-i-ria.Bochow in the town of Lebanon, this county, on th<,' morning 1 of July S, has been captured at the home of Jus brother-in- law, Charles-Habeck,-, in that town. ., -.-'- • --'f- • •-, . ;. .. ,--,-/•. .-i-.v 1 . ',/;..-^

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