The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 30, 1948 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 30, 1948
Page 9
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FRIDAY, JANUARY SO, 1918 BLYTHEVII.MC (ARK.) COUUIKK NKWS OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams! Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople PAGE N1NB / SURE,I HAD A HARD TIME 6ETT1N' L'SEP TO STORE TEETH--BUT 1 WASN'T FOOL ENOUGH TO GET BIFOCAL 'YOU THINK V* TK' TRUTH IS X OTHER PEOPLE'S ' SHORTY COULDKT TROUBLES CAMT APFORDTOGET BE AS TOUGH A 'EM ALL AT CTJCE AS VOURS. SO \l --HE HAP TO SOU GO 'ROUND IV SAVE UP PER TRyiN 1 TO FIND I/ EACHOMC-- HOW rr w\s / ( NOW HE SOME GOY VJITH A. WILD OP RA8IES MISTOOK A\E FOE. VbU AMD STOPPED M6 LAST rJIGHT,POP/-~-Ht WARNED ME TO LET 6THEL ALOMe OO I'D THirOK I GOT KISSED B/ ATROCviLOAvDOP PlfM-iOS-'— AMD WE LOOKED TO VJEftR A SPIKED COLL/M2 / vuu nn BIRD SO HfKRO VAe'LL 6H(5liUD POT A&ID6 CUPID'S W rr w\s NOW HE \" SO EASY > V. GLOATS/ )* FORTHEM'J ^- -- ' '- Practical Joker Gives Sheriff Run-Around BROWNSTOWN. Ind. (UP) — Sheriff Geoi'go Abel and Deputy Ob Green wasted no time in getting to the scene or the crime u~cn a hunter called Lo report a blood- •tatned corpse In a deserted cabin • nd a kntfe sticking out of Us chest. But it wa.s only the work of somebody being lunny. The officers found an old quilt rolled up. with a hat over one end and a pair of shoes stick out at the other. The "gore" turned out to be cranberry juice. OFFICE wrse By Adelaide Humphries > bj AJtlo.J* Huflipt.ii.ti' Dlil'it.*!,,! b T ME A SEUVICf, INC. Ho/c in Sock Leaves TnTroi/ of Evildoer FORT WAYNE, Ind. (UPi—Mo- tor Patrolman George S/.ink followed a trail of kernels to recover a sack of prized hybrid seed corn for the owner. W. A Zimmerman complained that the'sack had been stolen from his garage. Szink discovered n trail of corn leading from the building and followed it for .several blocks to recover the properly from a 16- THRILLING! What a thrill once your ball £oes spinning down (tie alley and makes a strike! Make it a family affair! BOWL TONIGHT! Chitwood's Bowling Alleys East Main Street IMione 4929 'I' J I K S'l (> H V i J » n K-c 1 1 1 1 t»r*-lly, rthi-lrnt ynUHR mi me l>upulnr and hnndiiuiur nui-li-iy il lor t:rlr llulkrook. rutik hl» ul for him. Dr. lIuUjriiiifM brnikii jfti(lnl>uu i vtlfr kn* Ju»( Irfl i'k mttrr MIIUIF |i rn * i it i' '1'li rturc ibr Junior, foni-li, n<.k* Jnniot- |<i hav* dinner with Mm. II JN hi- b/rlhd*?. Jjnilrr. Mftrr * mnmrnt 1 * heal rat I on. wt'crpln—*il- lhni4K.h It mrctriM hrrnkliiK « Ur*lr v»Hk Urn i-HJ Idtxiuil fri.-nd who IK vrrjr iMiirh in low «llJi her. The rvrjiln;; |» iierfrrl nnd Iinl It Jtinli-r mid Mr!.- «-nJ,,y t-vtry m 1 ii ill c of It. \V [ I h u n r f 11 h F r ini-iinhii; ll lo hii|>i>rn. they ki»». Krlp n|to toe 1 !*?!*. TSon hr nriri* he* In Ik n ho ii I this, .In nice." HE XI switchboard in Dr. Hol- bfook's offices WHS kept so busy 'J' throughout most of each working day that it was t;u»;ly understood by all employes that no personal calls should come through unless absolutely necessary. There had been several calls I Mrs. MuKae during the past week. Miss Willows had made no clTort to conceal her disapproval, even when Mrs. McRae had explained that was Edna Mae, her little sick. Janice said that Mrs. girl, McRae need not come in until the child was better, but Mrs. McRae said that Edna Mac was not that ill. "If you ask me." Miss Willows said, "it's she who's not well—nol thai child. She's worried hall lo death, arid not over her litllc girl. Didn't you notice how her hands were slinking when she IniiiR up the phone? Her face was white as o sheet of paper, loo." An hour or so had passed before Janice had time lo think further about Mrs. McRae. Then, during what the office called a breathing spell, Janice noted that Eileen McRae had gone out. No one ever left the rlfice without letting Janice know. It WHS a hair-hour before Mrs McRae returned. And then sh< slipped in, her pretty plump face lushed, and she did not oiler nny -xplanntion or excuse. When it vas time for the ofllce to close aiTicc drew Kilcen aside. "1 don'l wan I lo seem like a tusybody," she said, wilh her varm friendly sn.ile, "but I :ouldn't help noticing your going ut this Afternoon. If something's vrong, iclp." Eileen, maybe could 4 -T HAD to meet someone—someone who couldn't come here," Mrs. McRae returned., "There's nothing wrong—nothing you. or inyone, could help." She did look ill. More Hum that, there was a frightened look in hoi eyes. "I wish you would slay home tomorrow," Janice said. "We can gel along." "J can't stay home!** "But if Edna Mae is sick—" Janice did 1 not mean to insist, or to attempt to pry deeper into whatever lay behind that apparent fear in Eileen's eyes, but she was really concerned. She thought, If I had not been so immersed in my own problems lately I would have known something was worrying Eileen. , "She's jusl got a little cold," the look nf fear in Eileen's eyes, -She siiKKtislcd Hint Miss Willows lihone r'ilecn's home nncl inquire iiboul Edna Mae. A1ISS WI1.I.OWS seemed lo con- itl sidrr ll,:,l ,-, root! i t ) Mi Haw- ever she (old Janice n short ^^'hilp later that she had bi-cn unable lo "The superintendent Just snid (here was nobody home n( the Mt-Kaes." Mi.^ \Villo\vs reported lokl him I kni-w very well tl someone had lo be—they'd hardly take the little yirl out in n dri?.- 7-ling cold rnin. Hirl he jusl said, rcnl curl and cross-like, he j*nc he knew what he was uil about—no one WHS homo." "WeM, 1 suppose we'll have In lake his wont fot it," Janice said. But she was far (torn satisfied. Some of the fear that had been in Eileen's eyes the day before seemed lo have entered Janice's heart. The worr onllnm-d to nan her Eileet have isn't returned, keeping "The woman I her in bed. It necessary for me to stay home. I'll be in tomorrow, Janice." There was nothing mote Janice- could say. It seemed odd t "Eileen insisted upon coming in. and that she had said so forcefully that she could nol slay home. H was odder still that Eileen did not appear the following morning. There were Iwo phone calls for her that day, one in the morn' ing, another after the lunch hour. Miss Willows reporlcd this to Jnn- ice. She did not say so, but it was evident that Miss Willows was worried. Janice could not help feeling uneasy. She kept remembering as she walked home. It si ill was raining, n sleady autumn downpour. Llut Janice was piotceled her white raincoat and inn- Jt'ella; she (lid «ol mind walking in (he rain. Her head and her umbrella were bent forward (he slant of Ihe rain so that she almost collided with someone coining toward her as she rounded the corner into her street. She did not know why she was not more surprised lo find it was Kileen McUnc. She tried to hide what she felt \vilh n casual enouph greeting. "Why, Eileen — Sorry if f practically knocked you down." "1 have to talk lo you." the older Kirl sniil. "1 have to talk to someone," She made no pretense now; her eyes were naked in Iheir fear. "Of coin-so." Janice strove to keep her lone and manner natural. "Do you want to come home with me? Or perhaps you'd ralhcr K° somewhere we wouldn't be interrupted. There's a little tearoom around the corner on Third Avenue ....... " "Yes, yes. Let's go there!" It must be even than 1 thought, Jnnit-e derided. Poor Eileen, she looked de.*i>crnte. ITo Be Conlinucil) KS & HIS KRIKNDS By MERRILL BLOSSEI Kirsl National C4H&YINO ) I'VE MOtJEY OF WATER IN THEIR I ON DIE KNEE-GARTERS 6UT CASH FOUND AT U4T,' A USE FOR. I.ONI& BESIDES / SAID UP /ARE BOW LE6S/ L HID? AS RED HIOIN6 IIOOO SAID 1O niC WOLF. (V HAVE FASHION 'MIEN MOTHER 'blockings in th* bathroom Hgain! The trouble we're married 5 'v« »tarte<J to art like youwerea is smco e at home!" I'UISCIl.l.A'S I'Ol AL VERMEKR / bJug'it one <>! those fuuse p/aus! hteif til/ you it! t/te swimming pool, right behind I he tennis courts. we're not millionaires! l\'e can't afford a /-.r—- thing like this! cost 30 cents more than the other Hy MICH A101, O'MAI.UCY mul RALPH LANS & guy lea 1115 I tow (o gel tough in ttie Marines. 1 never laid a fin^r on Grayling, but he broke down inside of an tiour. • *u RIGHT. JUST STOP SHOU1IHGATME MO fit IIUK. I'll TEH EVEBYTWNG I KNOW,> ABOUr VON PER >, F"L \V?l»lc 1 w,v> grilling Guyling, Sony, Malaire t>ccn nuking a liltle investigation on her own. JlolDW, SAM.'f BUT, (inirR Ycxicrr mis (WNW. tins COPC TOR MI-Oft VWJ'Rt i tTOt I GOT rHHOUM IH THL' / SOMC MltVS WASH T1INNS '1'iiiie Is Shurl l!y MCSIJK TURNER WE'RE D01U8 X DR.ADWWS'BOW WA* FOUND fkFTER/1 [WE'RE WORKING ON 1WR. TlHE OIRL I TOID) ( WE'RE (tfTER.HER.iWO. IHERt'6 / SHE COULDN'T HWJE VIE WANT TO f\SK ABOUT/ IT MM HftME BEEN DUM?EDOfFftWIXX BUT WHV UhUL IT - . (SftCK HERE? MO...I .<%>A TOlMklTUEMER. year-old youth. There wns a hole In the suck. Read Courier New« Want Adi. The Right Place To Buy Your Car . . . EAST END AUTO SALES 503 East Main Street Clean Used Cars— Ad Makes! Phone 4191 J. \V. I.ovelady Al I.ainian Grover Kra/.ier SECURITY Savings at work here are loaned to home owners and are backed by one of the soundest types of security known...first mortgages on selected residential property. , BLYTHEVILLE FEDERAL MY TIME 15 BETTER SPENT WfTH t £ THE CHILDREN/ W TRY NU-WA'S DOUBLE SERVICE • LAUNDRY • DRY CLEANING ALL IN ONE CALL! Devote more hours In Junior and Sis during their formative years. Send both your laundry and dry cleaning lo Nu-Wa where you get swift, efficient service! Dial 4474-4475 124 W. ASH ST. PHONE 3545 FLOWERS BODY SHOP New Location 118 So. Lilly St. • ALL NEW EQUIPMENT • GUARANTEED WORK • ANY MODEL CAR or TRUCK All .lobs Ueslored lo Faclory-t.ike Condition. No Wreck ;i Total Loss! Cur Work Must Satisfy Our Customers! FREE ESTIMATES GIVEN WE WILL PICK UP AND DELIVER YOUR CAR Late Model Cars A Specialty WE INSTALL AUTO ACCESSORIES ML WE C&M . AFTEE. M-L.TUBBSHUS BEEN MISSING LEGS TH(\M 14 HOURS'. THREE DM5! ftMt) J BELIEVE WftSlI IS IU IKE HIVU05 OF THE SMME MM>MAM! OLI«TK. LEW> ABOUT HIM...IT SEEMS MOJ fAOW MM GRUSEK OROPPBPOUIA HWE BEEN UPSET SI6MT AFTER IEWING THE PlCWSf SKE KNEW lie WAS usius JIM WSP1C1UKE.WEUFIND W. V WJOW TO U)KE SMOTHER UICKM VJE 5^W HEE. WITH'. By ['RED HARMAN REP'S HlWTilO ATRAlrt ROBBER CURVE'.DUCHESS' HE SWtoi! SHOULD GET L1T1LE DEAvER Off to STHOOL / ^ TOD°iY.' -^ HOOTS AND I1KK lUIDDIKS Wlial lo Ho Hv EDO AH MARTIN

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