The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 30, 1948 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 30, 1948
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO. H W HAINKS. Publisher JAUES L VERHOEFF. Editor PAUL D HUMAN. Advertising Manager Sole National Advertising Representatives: Wallace Wttmcr Co, New Vork, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, MemphU Published Evet> Afternoon Except Sundaj Entered BS second clfi&s matter at the post- office at Blythevtlle, Arkansas, under act ol Congress, October 9. 1917. Served by the United Pres» SUBSCRIPTION RATES: By carrier In the city ol Blythcvllle or anj suburban town where carrier service Is maintained, 20c per week, or 85c per inonth By mall within a radius ol 50 miles. 14.00 per year. $2.00 for six months. Sl.OO foi three months; by mall outside 50 mile zone. 110.00 per year payable In advance Meditation This Is the command that we get Irom luni, that, whoever loves God must love his brother also.—1 John 4:21. » W 1 say lo you truly, Oie hearl nf Mm who loves Is a i>ar;i<lise on earth.—l.amcntmls. socialized Alarm Clock Sliuiily after Die British railroads were nationalized, a housewife wrote to the engineer of the 6:20 out of Hastings and asked him to loot his whistle as he passed her house ,in order to waken her husband for work. Her request lias been grouted. When socialism defends state ownership by saying that the nationalised enterprises will "belong lo the people," it seems they are ready to live up to their promises when some of the citizens lake them literally. think of the Russians' ?10 billions reparations (li'niiuiils, Aflcr thai, it is doubtful Dial even they din believe very strongly that tlie "superior" Rimiiin economic system is "set ii|) for the benefit of ;il!," Not that it makes any difference, of course. The postwar spread of communism hasn't been a matter of selling the system on its merits. FRIDAY, JANUARY, 30, IMS VIEWS OF OTHERS -"iece-Work in Paradise The payment for labor on a piecework basis is something that will raise a loud and legitimate howl from most trade unionist. It is a system that bristles with unfairness, and it has pretty well been eliminatd in this country. It is interesting lo learn, then, thai in the Soviet zone of Germany the con- qured people are being reinlroduced to th piece-rate system as part of their introduction to the joys of the proletarian Utopia. The translation of a German broadcast from the Russian-controlled .;> station in Leipzig gives an interesting explanation of this move. The broadcast dealt with a new directive from the Soviet military governor. It marked "a new phase in the economic development of the Soviet zone." Criticism of it was disposed of in typical Soviet manner: "Certain circles remarked with regard to Order 234 that it aimed at an enforced initiative. This was a mistaken attitude, considering that the aims outlined in Marshall Sokolovsky's order were those of the workers and were identical with the demands of the trade unions." (And who do you suppose is running the trade unions?) Then the broadcast got to (he poinl. "As long as the capitalist system existed," it said, "the objection of the workers against what they considered the murderous spstcm ol' price rales was absolutely justified. It would have been a mistake to work voluntarily at piece rates for the benefit of the crazy armaments policy of Ihe monopolists'. "Notwithstanding the justified objections of the workers to work piece rates for the benefit ot tlie capitalists, 80 per cent of the industrial production was carried out on the basis 01 the piece- rate system. Today, at a time when the economic system is set up for the benefit of all, only 30 per cent of industrial labor works on piece rates. This, in the long run, is an impossible state of affairs. The productivity of ihe democratic economy must nol be lower, it must be higher than that of the monopolistic economy." -It is interesting to note that the Nazis are now referred to as "capitalists" and "monopolists," a s theAmerican and British are. it is also interesting that the propagandists do nut justify the piece-work system. H was ••murderous" only because of the products, not the methods. Now a setup in which only 30 per cent of labor is working at piece rales is an "impossible state of affairs." The goal apparently j s ifjo per cent. . The Germans swallowed a lot of tripe dished up by their Nazi leaders for 10 years, and maybe their ability to digest bad logic is as great as it was then. But they still must look about them, if they aren't too exhausted from trying to make a living under the forced draft of piece-work production. They must see where most of their farm and factory products are going. They must Don't Look Now, But Your Slip Is Showing '•••«••••••«•••••••«••••••••••••••••••••*" There Is No Easy Way Formal State Depiirtmenl endorsement ol British Foreign Minister Kevin's proposed nntl- RusstHii bloc of WcMtcrn European nations slnps the last vestige of diplonuUfc polite from our relations with the Soviet Union. The Marshall Plan emerges as an instrument of power politics. But this docs not mean, a.s the Russians have rcpcnlccUy charged, that the United states Is embarking upon a Varccr of nniierial 1st expansion. The melliacli; of Die imperialist may be iisetl in the cause or peace—ami peace itsclt i-s suriicietil reward for ihe sacrifices and the real danger (lie entails. The post-war years have made It clear that the Russians themselves have largely created the great division between Kasi and Wosl. So, In a sense, they have dictated the Marshall Plan nncl all that it now implies. Yet sitnpln opposition to Soviet Russia does not provide the basis for a soimd foreign policy. The negative approach—simply meeting the Russian threat- ot force with n display of slrcnylh of our own- can create no more than an armed truce. There is a pointed moral in (he record' or pre- World War II Rus&o-Gcnnan relations just released by the State Department, count von der Schulenburg, tile German ambassador to Moscow, in n conversation with Ariolf Hitler In 1941 explained the massing of Russian troops in the Baltic states in terms of "the well-known Russian urge for 300 per cent security." If the Ger- nmns lor any reason sent one division to I tic Baltic, Schulcnburg -said, the Russians would send 10 divisions in order to be perfectly sale. As historj has demonstrated, there can be only one ending to that sort or game. 'Die lorniation of a European bloc does not preclude a positive foreign policy. It we approach the problem with wisdom and skill we may yet. fee the creation of a new economic and political unity In that troubled area—perhaps even the United State of Europe for which Senator Fulbrlght of Arkansas has so eloquently nrgucd. In this direction there lies hope or an ultimate peaceful settlement oE our cUflcreuccs with Soviet, Russia, a truncated hope, perhaps, when measured against the all but forgotten I goal of the United Nations, but not a vain one. To a iritfhtening degree our present course Is the product of expediency; we have moved uuly to chcck-riiate Russia, and the Russians have set the pace. There is a pressing need, us Bernard Bamch has said, for "creative boldness." We will not meet thai need by shr.;>ly shoring up the economy of Western Europe and handing its peoples the weapons with which they might launch a war that, woulrl destroy us as well as our enemies. —ARKANSAS GAZETTE. \Unusual Winter Sends Nichols \Nosing About Weather Bureau Simday School Lesson Scripture: Isaiah 53:4-0; Malllicu' I:-'.!; 5:17: 20:2[>-28; Hebrews 4:15- B.v Harinan W. Nichols L'llitcil 1'i' Staff ton esixmdent WASHINGTON, Jan. 30. (UP) — Yes. indeed, this has been a most unusual Winter, In Maine, the bears were so mixed mi they decided not to hibernate, so it'.s A town in Louisiana was ice-locked. California M I sullercd from th worst droughl^n Hy «ilium E. Gilroy, I). 1). I 50 yars anc! p: 0 nda hud to hautflU A part from wnal others said ' ihe smudge pots to warm up iho about Jesus, both m the prophecies ] C mc,n trees. In Alaska, the Army concerning tlic Messiah, before His wanted to try mil some new cold couniit, ami m interpretation of the ; Cither equipment but a heat wava meaning of His life and death, af- j butted m . Thirty-eight above. New tcr His mieitixioii and resurrection, i Ycrt Ltc:ullc 01!t! big i(!loo wtlm 23 .J sus inmsc-li c'cfinnd and described: • inches ol snow gave the city the "'^"'"!°".. al varlous Umes and '" : wlii'es'- Christmas week, in man's memory. various way.s. The two outstanding statements are that in Hike 19:10, "The Son H doesn't make sense and what'* of Man is eonie to .seek ami to save ! l ' K ' <"*««' '' s ", lhc 2 ?- yeilr cycle? thru uhich was" and the de:-- l:iratir>n of Je.sus before Pilate, when I he Romnn governor asked him whether he was a kins. "Thou £un spots j.s it the misery or some- ihing or other kicked up by the BU/III bomb? Who knows? The Weather Bureau.' Or is jt suyest that 1 am a Hug' 'TO th's I mixccl "I' ux)? So l ' vc spent a lot end was I born, and lo.- this cause ! Ol ume b °t""'»'S "^ "cad weath- ramc 1 into the world that. I should ' l ' lm!l " to [ " ld out h ° w lile >' work bear witness unto the truth. Hut in ir.any other statements. and in the parables that He told' ' llaliollal one—is housed in a clus- H- emphasized the nature of His • u ' r of ''"'Ml'iss out near till mission, and the spirit in which He i <Jeol '8c.'town section of Washinston. aixl what they thmk about, it all. The Weather Bureau — the big, ttj-ae. nr.rc lully to reveal G:>d Tnais where the brain work to mi n. He hart not come He de- licmCjl Tllc bureau has S20.000.CCO H clsicd, to ucsiroy the law of the y '' : " Lc s l )=IKl on forecasting whclli- ITophcts, but to" fulfill the truth ' er T0 U llavc l)"a-P'K»''ns or over- tha:. ihev had proclaimed He had j »l>co wtuthcr here ami there tomor- noi conn; to be ministered umo. ' row alld " e:a v '' cek - flie weather man is hated and loved by turns, according to how actuate lie is. Such a mun is Ivan It. Tannehill, in charge of reports nut to numster. and to give His life a ransom for many. He h:i-:l con e t,, show in His life and a-.-is tlia'. true greatness was not, in bc- 'n^ b:;;yer or more important tuan so:r.ebo<ly ehse. but in -service. "I am a:non^ you :».s one that scrvetii." uitl forecasts. He and uis colleagues receive forecasts and rain and snow meas- Ii". hud conic to lie a Friend as well ! un-menls from all over the coun- Savior. -I have called you j lr >' evc: '- v <i:l -V on :l vasl network ot friends." teletypes going clackety-clack on a lint ;.i; these statements center- | col 'P lc ° r floors of one of the build- ed ;n, and were- summed tip in, the i '"5 s - Tlle . v scv -' a " these together Some Decisions by Very important People in State Department Sometimes. Appear Foolish one .supreme fact of His work nl That work of salvation. | and the conduces of God in leari- into a daily weather map—the fore. cast. Sometimes they hit. times, like when the \vinri cl Tl.v Tclci K:lson NF.A UiisMngtrin C'iirtt"iiuinleiil ; cicr for them to list what imports ; ing af CEEC mi=ht be misinterprct- ; they '.vouirl need to re-establish ed by the Congress as taking too men to repentance, Ls the theme j '-b e y miss, aim r,x.;n:,mon of Ihe beautiful par- °»'J' 4 ' CM of llle n .° oa weather ublcs ihiu Jesus told, tlie Parable • bureau employes get pay-checks. ol the host Piece of Silver, the i Tile oilier 7.000 are volunteers, or | Pirablc of the Prodigal Son, and. ' people who are civic minded. Th9 | abov< nil, the Parable of the Ufat i Bureau sets them up in their hob- I Sheep. i by by providing them with instru- One of the sublime experiences of ; merits, like rain gauges and ther- 111 * o, lT«.lr~f I-\*T ...Tr, -<..!*,lun.tji L'U uy LIIL- *-U:i.;lL--^S US lUKlng lOO I *J,i<- wi L.IV. .IHUJ.LIU, IAIJIIH.-HH-O \» - o = — - , ? • <NEA1 — fcome- j thc-.r normal economy. The Paris much for rallied assuming that ' "'•:• hie was as a student when i ! momcters which stick on the up- times the politicians ol tlie world— ! report on European economic co- \vlio are supposed to know how lo j opennion i.i therefore tlic basic; Luc machinery for the KUOI! of the common people — .somcHmn's these important gu}.s show jus 1 , about as much brciulth ol inir'd : i ! ticpth of vision as a buticli O i.;,..- cers' wives in .sonic remote inili'ar>' post's Wednesday afternoon bricigc of the whole recovery : would actually be appropriated lat- j and Nine." which he had improvis- docujnent prfr-inull. Ever since this report was mads puL-hc, of further aid to Europe have kepi up their cries j So the French and Britlih were aid trorn the U. S. was already forthcoming in amounts larger thaii 1 iiiiil hymn, -There Were Ninety heard Ira D. Sankey sing the beau- i grade to record the high temper- er on. French, British Agreed tu ed years betore during his associa- j lion with the great, evangelist, D. . L. Mcxxly. Moody was then in one atuie and clog down low to give tho minimum during the past 24 hours. Ths government provides a shelter tor the instruments too. In the big league there are 400 . ... . _ _, .. his last campaigns, in Toronto, I major stations or "first order sta- Ihat tlieie m'.ist be more European ; advised to cancel their parlev and i and the singer, then old and blind, ' tior.s," as they are called. They co-c.pcv.tti.on. Em-oilcan countries i not do anything to upset ihe apple- j ha:i come for a day. His voice was ! make complete observations with • . -•• •••"••"«"•• "•"'*,>-; <-u-ui<i. .nioi.. Luiuiii'an countries i not do anything to upset ihe apple- I naa come lor a aay. i'°'. T> i y .;"' a PC " V alH ' U ' C - V : "' e nlusl tto I1101 '° |IH Hi"i^rlves. Eur-| cart until" tlie'whole business had cle.«- and beautiful BARBS Peace of mind is what is ruined by a piece ol mind. » • * Even men niuslliave gnu-e and dignity to wear clothes effectively, says a fashion autlior- U.v. Poke wilt t»c pulse! * * m The weather, Uicsc days, is one of the main things discussed—and you can safely drop me "dis." * » * Rioting prison inmates used hand instruments ;is ur.i|KMi<.. n their plan to blow. * * * It'.s much better to be known by your deeds than by your mortgages. A i lo But n catty. But tlicy are VIP's—very important people—so they have 'to be kow-lo\ved to. A case in point Ls now offeied by the deference that has to be shown to the sensibilities of members of Congress who are hostile to the French Marshall plan lor European rccov- .':en:! t! ery. One of their mam ai^unicin.s against the Marshall Plan is Hut it won't work—that no outside aid '. solve Eiuopes troubles—thai, the only .solution is for the European people to go to woik and to polii: start co-optraling with each other, and F like in Ihe United States. . abnnd Well, look at the record. Thj n-.e'jlli Paris, report of the Committee for nciv. European Economic Co-operation Ihe was drawn up last lall, when representatives ol the lli wester". liu:-- oprMin countries got togclhcfi' on their own initiative. They made m inventory or what help they could itive each otlinr and what help the, U. S. Con would need from the rest of the world. rarticiiialiu; Nations Wen- N'cvcr Self-sufficient i These 10 nations have nevei bc>-n ! sclf-su!linor.l in fcuilntnllb or raw i materials. So it waj in perfect or- | despite his I complicated instruments like countries must work out their ; been rircicled by Congress. The Brit- I yeais, as he sat down at a small I diosondes (instruments tied to bal- uv.n ,-Lilvaticn. i ls ], all[ | French took the hint Thrv ! orcan and sang. "But one was out | :ooos which go up and radio back Er.ilv in January, (he French ap- will not co-operate any further un"- 1 on [he hills away, far-off Irom the • atmospheric conditions). These pro- puri'ii:!v ;;c,t the idea that there i til the Stale Department tells them ! Bates of gold." That was the Lost I lessionals are members ot the bu- shotilcl cc another mcotin- of the | It's safe. j Sheep and the quest of the Good ] reau's first team. They send their to : t-ptnt on t on yivogies:;. "The 1 , i;iu does this position taken oy ' the 16 nations 10: the state Department make se-nae? to Paris, n tiler? is goinu to be .- of tlie world! I once heard m:lr 01 French offi-iais went ; cdtidsm o"f condilions"to "MarshaU ' "•>' h "" lu| . Di '- Albert Peel, of Lont til i don. Englanci, tell of a man who - 'i~ \ asked him early in the war how o talk over plans for "iirr^ri;.toh :he L':;b!f?s from be ; :.ui to Inirn. Undcirsec- u! atale Robert A. Lovett nltil-.r.itrd that the Britisli nch c -,ii oil tiu'ir talks, and l any plans tor another materially cut down, it will lie all [ J of ti.c Kj-nation CEEC jusi. ' the more necessary thr.t the Euro- | ? S'uepherri. 1 stull in every few hours, coded. How dificient are the conception I The doggondest code you ever saw. At the last International Weather Conference, delegates from around the world argued for threa wc-.'ks about it being too compli- ated. They revised it. Now it's proix)rtion! But Jesus was oncerj'eri fibout the loss of one. J:CL-.II nations co-opeiase. Ever\ da\'s ; eason? It was feared that [ delay in mutual .son.e Ainencan con^iT.v,;nen op- pcKcd to the Marshall Plan mignt not like it. Ii -.vas feared that sonic European .str.tcstiinn .'-:iy lu- did not h hill, a pleasant little gray-haired man who rolls his own cigarettes, v' world will never be safe for the says that we oughtn't to make Inn '^,'_~ i many until we learn the Jesus way of grandad and his bunion fore- j ',,, ] o; concern lor the one. That is the "" ! C'v.sinci; of salvation. n-ht get up 1 ihe way the his the And ii" now the 1(3 nations nui.;t i ):e expected to si' on their hand:; j llr.Ml Cc-ngrrss makes up ir.s mini I TS.', was proposing lo io April or June, then Europe is in 1 L 1 m ihe internal affairs of a hac] way indeed, ntr-s. 'Ihai in turn migl:", t IF any ciiti:'i'-m is leveled :u Ihe ic 1 c i :^ir-.'^s:nen. who would . lei :j.t;ion.-. it should lie that CEEC .•:i ckcide lo call the whole ; li;;s not bien in constunt si's.-.o;i :i. \s ; n.--o l.,st lall. It:-, work v.a.s not •..m"n\ it was th.'.t | [m:.-hcd wiicn tl:e Pari.s report was •re of another meet- m. de public—it wa.s merely bc::uii. 15 I'cars Ago in Kiyilieuille — casts. \Vhen rain is comine, he said, the air gets moist and shoes get tignt. Sore leet. Tomorrow, we'll go into the ac- tuni business of forecasting and nn.ybe even make it so simple v» caii all play the game. Curious Plant The skunk cabbage, which dosen't IN HOLLYWOOD refusal to a the bidding, .fotith's The Friendship Sunday School slliel1 likc a sku " k ' but more 1ike Ci' ol -c" TU i3-uitist Cnurch el mustard plaster and raw onions, is c-ct'e'd the'"e officers in tlie home of c "»°» s in olhcr * ni " s - Its nowels .Mrs. Leslie Moore; Miss Lois Luns- " llct fr " it appear betore the leaves. ford, pre.sidem; Mis. Erby Priest,' lllc I vice president; Miss Susie Richards :u-.iy; Miss Ciara Kinlon re- SO THEY SAY TJic adni in us tin lion seems to want lo take (his country in Iho direction Soviet KiisMa is fcoinu as fast as posMblc.—Gen. Josopli U. Ii;ill (R) of Minnesota. * * * Workers can't (rlcvision sets.—Albert J. Kit/gei-ald, president of the UBW, coimnenting on GE price cut.s. » » • Jl is absolutely cw-ential to have (r\x reduction this year.—Rep. J. \V. Martin Jr., rR> ol Massachusetts. * » * The Russians certainly arc not blameless for tlio cold \\fir. nut even ;£ we -should accept every charge n^.dc against the Russians It rioc.s not excuse an American policy whirh rims contrary to American pi•iuciplcs.—Henry Wallace, outlining a program lor European rcii>vcry. * » * It appears n u>>t cioubtlul. if there arc now any courses open to the united Stales which can give to our people ihe :ort ol security they have known in ilic pa:-t.--J. Robert Opucnhcimcr, cJiairnian, Advisory Cunnniltce ol the Atomic Energy Commission. * • « We cannot, tush to diaper every squalling problem all over the lace of die earth.-Sen *Ai£cne Minikin at) of Colorado. IIOLLYWOOD, (NEA> — E.xclu- linf.-r: .sively Yours: Dennis Day's secret " Iho ambition these days is to star in a horse-opera. He's learnins; riding and roping tricks with his horse Stardust. . . . At-G-M is plotting a big new musical, "Exchance Student." in which Carmen Miranda will play n Brazilian :;:\y w ho comes to the U. s. to so to c.'!I"-:c Jimmy nnranlr-. n[ .,]] people, will play a college professor Watch for a quick eai; in "Krv Largo" when its released. Lauren Ii:ieall slipped in a pho:o';r.n>h ot Humphrey Tiogart as a 10-\ -ir-vl holding un a string of fish! T.ICIT'S a of Lam en looking at I lie photo, pasted on a hotel room wall, I Another reason Hollywood has to BC-t back to film-making in a big way: during the war. plenum had from three to five week rims Xo\v. it's down to two to four werks. Profit Miarini; New trend in Hollywood: Fotir- Ucn ix-ople. including four of tlir crew, will .share in Ihe profits of "Tlie ;\rpy!c Srcrols." I'roduc.-rs Alan Posncr and Sam Ab.ubiinrl figure it's a .sine way to eel a picture on schedule and on' buucrt . . . Producer Seymour Nchrn is looking for a good horror story as a Peter T/>rre- starrer. Ttir ^^l)lllr•l^s iint ninnur.u turInj: imhivtry lu\ assls«rd Krn- rlh Hopkins to talk innvir iiurrns Into \vcariu? huts 'Ihrir b.iltrss- »css scU a bail rxanlplc' for the women of the luilion, and is n;;ik- inc sonir h.ll mar.uf.u-lurcrs shirllcss. er won \\itli the ace. N r ow when led tlic king of clubs, West won. cainc out with another diamond. and Souiii never had an entry niL i oitnuny to cash the good clubs. n-son w:is more careful. Ho Early Smoking An ancient form of pipe smok- JIIE was to insert the two horns of a Y-shaped pipe into the nostrils and inhale the smoke directly through the nose. porter. Mrs. Moore served cake and hot chocolate for refreshments. Graf ton formerly of Viera and now of Little Reck has re- o. hearts and led the king of clubs .-o hr was bound to make lour M'!U:> tiicks. tv.o diir.nonds. a heart turned to his home after visiti : and two spade.s for nine tricks. with Mr. and Mrs. Rupert Crafl- ] It's Ben Bards Moiy al»u; thr mother who asked her tcca-ape | d; tighter i[ she'd likc to I lie ;i!road«ay hit. "A strcvJcar Named IDcsiie." "No. lhanks." s.iid dauch- ter, "I'd much rather see 'A Named Johnson."' this? In "Up in Contv.,1 EVnk." Dcnnna Durhin wMblrs ••* ^!.ti« Uu' pi-AiiCs Ainenca. along nv I:KSIU.\E JOHNSON fnlUs look so lii'alttiy and pay. I'lic Drmiirr.ils tell scl tint way 1'rcin eating Kcjinblirans tlircc linn's a ilay. "' U ick wth tnc ace re in ovdor [or Hal " [Vary. cc-Ifb:atitm in. r:uiiu. Johnson A ! : A 6 .'; A 5 2 K Q J Tovirnamcnt — Neither vul. outh Vi'cst North East Opera Guild Founder to c:-,i- at th;Kul Carmen there. of tlie Aineri- iy sox- and ni!,i" Hay:;-L-s in 'Loves -J.' i>j:A;C .Ti'l'TvJE HOi;r/ONTAL US VliKTIC.M. 1 Iliixhi L 1 Oil 3 is T. Pars I'a:;s Openins — V Q, ev.s: n 'can worth i!.i'. e of Carmrn, A ! O.I I1UMSU1 C '> Hlrd's hrinir is wrltinc he says When lumsc-if. . . . Marry correct! 1 . .i;ig ihno California A: f p;uiiio:i=; for cianc- I.DWC.M point f;c\'O!-;igc .12 Heredity units -H> Hor.-r 1 ir.lifa ;~e 11 B.i rden ;",:.-; point 1'- Instrnrtion citled lev N'o. un; at of Ihr rjiii':'n of hc^ltF. East phiy-! " E:i5t l \\'r-l's l" had hfld the kill;; of tl>r quern. If West ! McKF-NMEY ON ER8DPF. t • » *>• > + »# + «* » »«• e •'<•*«*, Fliifl Sif/nal Cues '•> i\o Trvinp I 1 ;a;/ Hy Uilliain i:. MrKcincy ,\m rjt-.i'v ('an! Authci:-ity Wrillrn fur XKA Srnirr- '1 in ;••> ;t'-o m.f.iv inn • ii.unrs thai niu-' be ii'lnc :nh:-:i\: in tlie play Wonder who will get m:*d about of the h.uui. \\v < :mnot take a i-;ile with the of bi apply ii lo t very case. In toil md P.T. >-Mm O. -I' 1 'n>nti iburj, S. C., gucs a suod . East put on the queen and

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